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The Everyday Shaman

308 Scenic River Drive
Columbia Virginia , 23038
United States

The Negative Energies are Gone1

Jeffrey really helped my family . There was so many negative and heavy energies in my home and he was able to clear them all in just 2 sessions! It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders . My family and I are truly grateful for his help and insight!

Bless you!

I never thought about Entities or Spirits until I was attached, not once but on Four separated occasions! I was a lost Soul looking for not only Help but someone I can Trust! God sent me Jeff! I would never have Survived this experience without his assistance, encouragement, and Wisdom. Now that my eyes are wide open I want to learn to Help others that are going through the same thing. Bless you Jeff!!

Jeff Genuinely Cares!

Wonderful Caring Person! Jeff has helped me so much. I was going through both physical & emotional issues at the same time. He is so intuitive. and genuinely cares about helping people. He was able to help me through a really rough time! I look forward to continue learning & growing through my interactions with Jeff!

Thank You Jeff!

Like a lot of people, I never knew anything about entities until I experienced one myself. After a lot of on line research for someone to Help me, God sent me Jeff! After numerous conversations, he was able identify and Free me from everything! I can not express enough how Grateful I am for his Devine Help! Bless You!

The Real Deal!

Jeff is the real deal! With his knowledge, expertise and genuine giving soul, he helps you to raise your awareness and have new insights of things you didn't even know existed.

When Jeff works on your behalf or of others, he gives it its whole, with the best intention of healing and giving you peace of mind with whatever you are facing.

His amazing journeys when tapping into your spiritual world, and the detail of it all in his writings will absolutely blow you away! The unconditional giving of his time, the caring and the help to solve whatever problem come about, is legít!
The best part of it all is that you will see that unconditionally he follows up with your well being like "a doctor" :) The feeling is like he's forever part of the family. For his work, his knowledge, his time, his intention, his help and selfless giving, are more than a good reason for donations of the heart.

My mom and I can't thank Jeff and Pam (his wife) enough for their time and their beautiful giving hearts.

I Eternally Thank You!!!
from Orlando Florida

Thank You Jeffrey!

Jeffrey did a shamanic healing for me which I was so grateful for because I am such a curious being and know life is beyond the everyday elements we see! His work was thorough and genuine. He answered any questions I had and really let me know what he saw with such detail and precision. I loved the insight as it did give me a lot of clarity! I will be back. And definitely do recommend Jeffrey and his great work!

Thank You!

I have had Crohn’s disease for over 35 years, my entire body inflammation levels are very high to the point I am potentially losing my vision. My retina specialist told me I have to get this under control before I go blind. Consulting with Shaman Jeff, he told me he could help. Two healing journeys later and my updated medical visits have improved, Significantly.
I had two blocked chakras and was in the road to further muddied waters of health. I felt much less emotionally burdened, more energetic and maybe even a tad euphoric with this change from shamanic healing. The combination of modern medicine and spiritual energy healing has helped me immensely and I could not ask for a better combination of improvement for my mind and body. Jeff is easy to work with , very responsive, thorough and spends the time explaining his journey. Try it, you only have one healthy life to achieve. Like our vehicles, electronic devices , Our body needs tuning and updating also :)
Thanks Jeff

Always a Healing Experience

Jeff is an incredible light worker, and has been a positive addition to my life since we first met over a decade ago! He has been working with me for years with spiritual and physical healing, each time leaving me feeling healthy, happy, and optimistic. He has done multiple journeys for me, as well as some reiki energy healing. I’ve dealt with issues such as anxiety and depression through my teen years and into my late 20s. Jeff has always been there to help clear the darkness in my mind and soul, and bring me back to my whole, pure, authentic self! It is an honor to have him go on spiritual journeys on my behalf, and come back with incredibly descriptive and enlightening recollections of his experience. While he does some healing like cutting negative cords and clearing chakras, he also helps by teaching you how to maintain that spiritual cleansing and apply it to your every day life. Jeff has even done a journey for my cat who was experiencing signs of stress and anxiety! To my relief, he informed me that my beloved pet was not ill, but instead very sensitive to the low vibrational energy in my house. He then taught me how to raise the energy in my house on my own! I recommend seeking out Jeff’s guidance and assistance in improving your quality of life. Even those that are skeptical at first, will quickly understand the benefits that Jeff’s help will bring to their lives. My general mood, motivation, and relationships have improved almost instantly with his help! I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for this opportunity to work with him.

Jeffrey Changed my Life!

Jeffrey, what a great person and healer! Jeffrey has performed healing for me and my entire family! Myself, my sisters, my mom, my niece, and some friends. He has opened our eyes to healing in immeasurable ways in both the physical, and spiritual perspectives. My life of pain - PHYSICAL PAIN - has been overwhelming at times, putting me in the position of needing to have multiple surgeries, none of which ever helped! I was diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, frozen pelvis, and fibroids! My pain never would stop to the point that I couldn't get out bed on many days! Jeffrey did a journey on my behalf and discovered the roots of my pain, not only healing my pain, but opening my eyes to follow the right path on my life’s journey! I no longer have pain physical, and have a different outlook on my life and what I want from my life! These words are not even close to expressing how grateful I am to Jeffrey for his service of healing. In addition, Jeffrey has become a part of my spiritual family!

I have watched him heal my sister from the loss of her child. She is now pregnant with has confidence of having a successful pregnancy and delivery - something I wish for one day! I have also been healed from this trauma and am confident in my own journey of one day having a family!

He battled darkness on behalf of my other sisters, and retrieved parts of their souls. Jeffrey helped them to see that they have all rights to control their lives! Jeffrey has brought me to a place in my life where I no longer have pain, and have gained self-forgiveness. I know I will be happy from this point on!

Thank you Jeffrey for every journey you have dedicated yourself to for me and my family! Your work has done so much healing of ancestral trauma that I am forever grateful!

Real Hope and Healing

As someone who has no real knowledge of the spiritual world, I was guided to reach out to The Everyday Shaman for help with healing the pain that was coming out in my struggles with my husband. My experience with Jeff has astonished me in every way possible. He is an incredible being who asks for nothing but an open mind. When he took a journey for me, he committed not only to the journey itself but to lengthy communication with me to help me understand the meaning and significance. His power to heal is like nothing I've experienced before. As a result of his help, I have a clearer intuition and freedom to pursue my life's path. My journey in life is tied to a strong spiritual connection with my husband and after working with Jeff, that connection has become much stronger. I can't really express in a few words what it means to find a person who is as dedicated to helping others as Jeff is, but it is truly life-changing.

Genuine and Authentic Healer

I know firsthand that Jeffery is a spiritual healer.
I’ve known him for years, watched his journey, and, we’ve done light work sessions, in person, and from afar.
I found his book uplifting, inspirational, and easy to read.
I trust Jeff.
He’s very intuitive.
He’s called me, knowing things were wonky, and I never said a word! He just knew.
My first light work session helped me untie some serious, hurtful attachments that plagued my psyche for 30 years.
It was amazing.
He’s really a guide for those of us
who never stop asking questions, and you won’t find a more genuine, honest person than Jeffery Brunk.
I knew when he mentioned that money was not his motivator, that he was a true healer. “Money does not a healer make”.
I spent my career in public health, working with the disparities of poverty on the human body, and spirit. I watched how money was the catalyst for apathy, and despair, if you “don’t” have it.
Poverty steals hope, and I’ve
watched healers turn away broken humans over money. Not Jeff.
Jeff is willing to help, if he can.
My first session, we bartered my art creations for his light-work.
I’m proud to call Jeff my friend, colleague, and spirit guide.
I can vouch for his work, and positive outcomes, and I feel confident that you will be impressed as well. Get to know him. ????
You too can benefit from the light and energy that binds us to our creator!

Powerful Experience!

Finding the everyday shaman was perfect timing. I was in need of help to get my personal healing started and was unable to find where to start until he completed a remarkable healing for me. I look forward to reading his book, and to working more with him in the future.

Helped Heal Ancestral Traumas

My experience with The Everyday Shaman was unique and unexplainable. I was in search for answers for ancestral trauma and what he had found was astonishing information. As a result of his service, I was able to heal myself and break the barriers of my past. I regained emotional and physical health. I learned a great amount of invaluable information to help my family and I move forward. I highly recommend his services. He is a trustworthy, patient and kind hearted. You will not be disappointed.

Life-Changing Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jeff’s book ‘The Everyday Shaman’. I appreciate how open and honest he is telling his story and I like his sense of humor. In addition to being a fantastic author, Jeff is a true light worker, a healer. I have experienced first hand invaluable help from him including Journey work for myself and my children. His Journeys provided wisdom and revealed answers to my difficult questions. He also performed a cord cutting which freed me from an undesired psychological burden. He performed a smudging and blessing on my home, creating a feeling of well being and welcoming. I recently received a powerful light work session from Jeff during a very difficult time in my life. I was filled with unbearable stress and anxiety. That energy healing was life changing, life reviving, life saving. There was an undeniable change, my spirit felt lifted and renewed. Jeffrey Brunk is a Reiki master, an extraordinary Shaman, a truly gifted healer. I am so grateful to him for all of his help.

Thorough and Professional

I have never really considered myself a religious person, more spiritual than anything. I believe that energy runs throughout the universe and continues long after we are gone. Positive energy for me is essential, especially in my home. I always want my home to feel warm, welcoming and a safe place for my family and our guests. When you look at a new home, more than likely you have little to no idea of its history or the history of the land it sits upon. Sure you can get an initial vibe, but you don’t know what energy has attached itself there if any. That is where Jeff comes in. I have had Jeff do a cleansing and blessing on our last 2 homes. Our current residence most importantly because it is our forever home. There was nothing bad going on in our homes, but I wanted to make sure that all the energy there was positive. After Jeff was done, he told us that our houses were in really good shape. No dark energy at all. Especially our forever home. That is a great sense of comfort for me and I am truly grateful that Jeff did this for me and my family.

I highly recommend Jeff’s services