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The Joshua Tree Company USA

Po Box 175
Mandeville LA , 70470
United States

Literally just tried this for the first time last night. I got it because; 1. I love the Joshua Tree Company. All their products are 100% all natural. 2. My fiance has bad RLS, twitches, and leg cramps. Especially at night. We noticed a significant difference in just one night with his twitching & no cramps. Also his hands were all bitten up from ants, rough, and cuts from work. This salve gave him some relief. I've never been let down by their products.

I love that your company includes product knowledge & information to read. It’s great to receive additional information & help to further educate your customers. Such great info to keep on hand & refer back to when needed. I’m looking forward to using the Magnesium Lotion !

Quality product that is truly a value.

Wonderful products - great to use

Love Joshua Tree products! I swear by the elderberry to keep me and my family well. The blend of spices added gives it a unique flavor. It’s the only elderberry my 6 year old will voluntarily take! I also use the deodorant-after intense workouts, I still smell pretty good! With my last purchase I received a sample of the goats milk soap. It lathered nicely, rinsed clean and smells amazing! Will definitely be purchasing a full sized bar soon. Looking forward to adding more of their products to my collection! **update** purchased the Fun in the Sun Lotion. Family and I went on a hike yesterday and it was overcast, I was too lazy to put it on beforehand and lo and behold I got a sunburn. After I showered I applied the lotion and by the time I woke up my skin wasn’t itchy or sensitive to the touch. This lotion is a miracle for sunburned skin! Next time I’m gonna remember to put it on before I go out in the sun tho (pictures are in the same lighting exactly 24 hrs apart)

Haven’t bought much from them yet. I did purchase the ear oil and only used it twice so far. It did improve the problem I have. I also used the soap sample they gave me and loved it. Very pleasant smell and my skin felt soft after using it.

Tooth Powder

I recently purchased the tooth powder and I love it so much already. I have sensitive teeth and the powder mix is perfect and does not feel aggressive at all. I am looking forward to seeing how it make a difference in regards to keeping my mouth as healthy as it can be.

I have been using the Lavender Bliss soap since Nov 2018. It is a great product! I love smelling it in the morning. My skin is soft and smooth. I was given a sample of the organic Shampoo a few days ago, and I just used it today. My hair feels clean, shiny and it smells good! So Christine, I want some more of that!!! Thank you for your products. Cannot wait to try the oils

These products are the best on the market all natural organic and full of nature I love to use these products because they make me cleaner then anything else and they make me smell and feel good like a fragrant energy booster definitely do your body right and check them out you won’t use anything else I promise.

All great products that I have tried so far. Today I am really thankful for the VAPOR RUB. Woke up with a cold and still can breathe well just because of the Vapor rub.

I LOVE all of their products!

Very informative and friendly company. Their products are very well put together and are premium quality. If you're a lover of all things holistic these people will not disappoint.

Organic Shampoo

Bought the organic shampoo a couple of weeks ago and I can tell a difference in my hair. Love the smell and my hair is soft and shiny. All of the products are top quality and organic. Two other products I bought are pest away and beat the heat. Used pest away this morning and no mosquitos bites when I went out in the yard. Beat the heat on my neck cools me down. Thanks Christine

So far I’ve tried the bath melts, which left my skin silky and soft, and the lavender soufflé which feels amazing! It’s almost been a whole day and my skin still feels great. I can’t wait to try out the ultimate detox bath salts!

Miracle in a bottle!

Dear Joshua Tree,
I just started using your products about a week ago and OMG they are amazing!!! I started out with the Colloidal Silver spray for my dogs skin issues she was having. I could not afford the vet visit plus any rx's given so this product was given to me to try by a friend and within 2-3 days it was starting to clear up. The second product I was given to try was the Anxiety & Headache Relief Roll-on. I kid you not I was looking for Ashton Kutcher and the film crew of Punk'd because as soon as I rubbed the product headache was gone!!!! I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and my son "has" ADHD like your son so Im eager to try out some products that target my areas plus try the one for my son to get him off the rx meds. My mother lives in Reno and is a huge fan of the holistic movement so I will be sending her the Colloidal Silver spray for a wound she has on her toe that wont heal up. 
Thank you again for these amazing products and dedicating your life's work in helping others.
Jen Turner

Fun in the Sun

Dear Joshua Tree,
I just wanted to say we tried out the sun screen and it is FABULOUS!! Over an hour in mid day sun and not even a hint of redness!!! also using it for diaper rash it is my new favorite product. You have a wonderful product here and i am SO HAPPY to say i will keep purchasing it and my regulars. I will also share with all my healthy moms wanting good sun screen.

Just tried out my first products and my skin feels amazing!

I LOVE this company!! I had eczema flaring up on both my legs, had tried so many things and I couldn’t get it to go away!! Started using only this soap and only her Shea butter instead of all the other lotions... my legs are completely clear! She is upfront and honest about everything she uses and she’s so transparent. That’s hard to find today! Just ordered the Castile soap and shampoo to try also. I have loved everything I have tried so far!