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The Leader Inside You, Inc

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Thanks for providing a very good opportunity for me to get outside my comfort zone, bringing in my prior expertise in other areas and then building on a different skillset. It was a very good learning curve to face the modern hectic world and professional life.

I am so thankful for this opportunity and I am truly grateful for guiding me and working with me to achieve this next level of success. All the valuable nuggets of information and training that I attained from this program helped me with my interview prep immensely and gave me that confidence to step up and be at my 100%.

Looking forward to a wonderful new chapter and last but not the least - Ravi taught to me be am awesome person for life!!


When I first talked to Ravi about LIY and how it would help me with my career progression, I was quite unsure about the program. I did enroll and that is only because I truly wanted to invest in my career growth finally. It had been a long time for me working hard towards targets, helping build applications and working on analysis and design without thinking of or taking that next step and carving the critical career path that I should have been doing. LIY helped me with shaping that all the way. It helped me develop the mindset, be more confident in my abilities, be able to come out of my shell and express an opinion and be in the present moment focusing on what I needed the most and what I could achieve at that moment. The grooming sessions with Ravi and coaching with Alison were wonderful effective adds to the training program that gave me a tremendous push. Lastly Michelle's expertise with resume building helped me work on mine so easily and quickly and my resume came out shiny and succinct that I absolutely love going back to and reading every time. This is a great program for anyone who is willing to invest a little bit of their time and energies and are keenly interested in their career growth. Thank you Ravi and team!


In any Discussions people will poke you with some phrases which challenge your emotions.
The Best thing i learnt in this program is SBNRR and it helped me to apply it efficiently. In one of the challenging calls i could able to apply it and some of my colleagues called me and appreciated the way i handled the call and how appropriately i have provided my response. SBNRR has to be practiced and applied not only in the management calls, it can be applied in other situations as well. i would thank Ravi and Alison for their excellent coaching.


I started my The Leader Inside You journey with Ravi and team just a few weeks back. I was initially skeptical about the journey and was having limiting thoughts about the outcomes of the program. However, within a week of joining the program, I realized that this program is really more about changing your mindset about yourself than gaining anymore new skills. You already have the capabilities within you and you just need the right coach who can help you show and meet the leader inside you.

Working with Ravi and the leader inside you, with a little shift in paradigm about way I see myself, I am now have the confidence, courage, and clarity that I was lacking just a few weeks before!

This turned out to be a life changing investment compared to any other personal growth programs I have tried in the past.

A great thanks to Ravi, Alison, Michelle, and entire team of The Leader Inside You program.

Akash Khare


Ravi is an excellent coach who is very dedicated and person driven. He thoroughly enjoys coaching and elegantly customises coaching strategy for different clients. In my journey to be a leader, he brought lot of clarity in understanding my shortcomings and provided a structure to address the areas where I need to focus more on. I would highly recommend Ravi to anyone who is interested to grow up in career ladder.


I attended The Leader Inside You Program last year. It has helped me bringing tremendous changes in professional and personal life. Ravi provided simple, clear, and immediately implementable solutions for all the problems that I had been facing. And I am seeing significant positive changes happening in my career. I am seeing that this program has helped me skyrocket my growth, and that’s why I recommend it to all who want to make profound personal economic growth.


I have been working with Ravi over 2 years and with our constant engagement on topics like Time management, career development, adopting leadership skills, and progress towards life goal, Ravi helped me draft an actionable yet accountable plan and transform my outlook and approach yet allowing me to create a balance in my life. Indeed, Ravi has a capability of exhorting people to greater capacities.

Some of his techniques to achieve goals like creative visualization and making money work harder than yourself are unparallel, I could not be more happier implementing these in my life and experience the changes around me. A big take away from the coaching session was to figure out how I can best manage my 24 hours and how my spouse can play an active role in fulfilling our goals.

Ravi often brings light to a negative situation and lifts my mood with his witty and spontaneous feedback. He has this rare ability to quickly evaluate a dynamic situation and seamlessly transition to action plan, backed-up with can-do attitude and accountability.
Looking back, I can only be proud of some of the choices I made as an outcome of brain storming with Ravi. The wealth of experience and sheer enthusiasm that Ravi carries truly helped me materialize my plan.

Ravi is meticulous in drafting strategy. Ravi with his co-active coaching techniques helped me find answers by asking powerful yet thought provoking questions. Ravi is an effective, professional and encouraging personality who is committed to help you reach your goals. I would recommend Ravi to anyone who wants to improve their ability to articulate a compelling vision.


If I could put this program in one phrase that would be: life changing. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this program. Ravi has a unique way to finding answers to the challenges we face in daily professional lives be it fear of public speaking, not able to develop executive presence, self doubting one’s own capabilities/limiting beliefs and overall lack of focus in work. His philosophy is that you are not limited by your current circumstances. As the name says, it’s all about finding that leader within yourself. Personally, this program has helped me in clearing a lot of impediments/ self limiting beliefs towards achieving professional goals. Ravi and Alison worked with me personally to make it happen. Thanks to Ravi and Alison for all the support and encouragement. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to transform his/her career and willing to push themselves beyond their limits.


This sessions by Ravi was an amazing He and his team is truly invested in bringing out the best in his students. He helped me discover my inner leader, boosted my confidence and taught me essential leadership skills. The technique revoking Inner leader is immense and bring the enlightenment within you will create huge difference in life. Thanks for all your support



Before I joined the program, I was in a situation where I was not able to progress myself in a career due to a lack of communication skills and I was depressed that I didn't know how to improve them. This program helped me to identify myself, helped me to identify my strengths and weakness and area of Improvement. Now, I am confident to talk on the stage without hesitation. Thanks, Ravi and Alison for accepting me into this program and creating this transformation in me.


Ravi has been invaluable in my search to find the right landing spot as I pivot careers.

He is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader.

Ravi has a unique knack for knowing to invoke various skills to achieve clarity of purpose
and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own.

He has a way of repackaging your thoughts in a way that adds meaningful context in interactions.

I would definitely urge all business professionals as well as those who want to jump up the career ladder to work with Ravi via this program


Ravi is an amazing coach. He is truly invested in bringing out the best in his students. He helped me discover my inner leader, boosted my confidence and taught me essential leadership skills. I especially enjoyed his group coaching meetings and networking with other successful professionals. He helped me develop self-belief and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Ravi's coaching program.