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The lightwork experience

3 Avenue Marie Amelie
Chantilly 09 , 60500

J'aimerais partager avec vous mon expérience commencée il y a 8 mois avec Doris par l'hypnose. J'étais angoissée par l'avenir, par la peur de la mort des autres, par la peur de l'abandon, par la peur de la solitude... A chaque séance, qui se font la plupart du temps par WhatsApp, Doris avec beaucoup de bienveillance m'amène à retourner sur des événements qui ont marqués mon enfance et dont le ressenti, qui peut être visuel, auditif, physique, etc...s'est imprimé profondément dans mes cellules, dans mon subconcient de manière douloureuse ou négative. Grace à ces voyages internes, j'appréhende aujourd'hui de façon beaucoup plus sereine, le futur ... Les angoisses du temps qui passe disparaissent, je sais ce qui me fait du bien ou pas, je peux verbaliser à l'autre ce qui ne me plait pas si besoin, je pose mes limites car je n'ai plus peur de perdre l'autre et plus peur de la solitude. J'apprends à me faire respecter et à ne plus tout accepter à cause de mes peurs. Je sais désormais reconnaitre une personne toxique pour moi. Ma vision du quotidien se transforme petit à petit, j'écoute mon corps, je gagne en sérénité, je vis au jour le jour sans me projeter trop en avant. C'est moi que je protège désormais, moi que je calme. Je n'ai plus peur non plus du regard des autres, je suis en accord avec moi-même, zen et heureuse. Ne pensez pas que j'en fais trop...c'est vraiment mon état d'esprit 😊aujourd'hui. Et je continue mes séances, car ce bien-être intérieur, cette paix avec moi même me permettent de mieux appréhender les années à venir (j'ai 51 ans). Merci à toi Doris 🙏

There should be a 10+ Infinity star rating for The Lightwork Experience! I met Doris in March 2018 at a singing bowl meditation class. At that time, I was looking for answers to my pain and direction in my life. The universe answered my call by bringing me to Doris, and I am eternally grateful to have her as my healer, mentor, teacher, and friend. Her energy healings are the most powerful I have ever encountered, combined with her gifts of channeling, made my experience with her enlightening, full of love and compassion. During the healing sessions, she was able to realign and resolve the area where I was experiencing chronic pain for 7 years. I felt a tingling flow of energy up and down my body. It made me feel like I was in a womb of nourishing energy. I felt light and whole. I love, love, love receiving energy healing sessions from Doris. Also, I had many sessions of hypnotherapy with her. Her techniques were able to resolve old traumas, inner child issues, anxiety, changed and realigned my core beliefs and perceptions. She helped me through my own awakening process and discovering my own gifts. If you are ready to work on yourself and your shadow-self, Doris is here to support and guide you through this process. She is a Beautiful, Gifted Light Being here to help you as she did for me!!!!

it has been a wonderful journey with Doris , her softness, wisdom and healing energy has helped ground me through a very tough transitional period of my life , I have met her in Doha and am very glad to have continued my sessions with her in Paris, her peaceful energy has helped me regain my inner peace after being burned out, u could feel her heart open while working through the sessions which brought me back to life :)) I highly recommend you begin you inner journey with Doris :))

I have experienced Doris's healing at many occasions. Each time the energy healing sessions brought me a deep relaxed and trance state, with the sensation of being nourished, in a soft magnetic luminous cocoon of light and love. Feeling the energy opening and amazingly at peace and centered. I am definitely recommending all Doris's work and teachings. Her work is beyond a modality and will help you reawaken your inner potential, love for life itself and excitement to be your highest best version. Thank you beloved Doris and many blessings.

Must know !!! During the healing session you will be surprised that you will remember some old memories that are holding you back from lightening up your life , Doris will tell you what are the toxic attachments from your past that are still holding you back and are not allowing you to move on , to love yourself, and forcing you to be judgmental , and sarcastic. At the end of the healing session , you will feel big heaviness like a big rock fades away from your body , your chakras are aligned , you are surrounded with a good energy and you will leave the session happy , smiling . I'm always grateful that i had the opportunity to meet Dorris that helped me to explore new paths in my life and removed a lot of patters that i used to have . Love and Peace !

Ma rencontre avec Doris a eu lieu à un moment clé de ma vie, un moment où rien n’allait et tout devait changer. C’est avec beaucoup de chance que j’ai eu l’occasion de faire une premiere séance avec elle alors qu’elle venait tout juste de commencer ses séances en region Parisienne. Quand on la rencontre, on remarque tout de suite que c’est une femme hors de ce monde, une femme qui rayonne et qui transmet une énergie positive sans même avoir besoin de parler alors qu’en est il lors d’une séance... Les différentes séances que j’ai pu faire avec Doris ont toutes été très différentes et pourtant l’une plus marquante que l’autre. Un travail des énergies qui se ressent réellement et surtout une connexion avec Doris perceptible tout au long de la séance. Pour les personnes qui essayent pour la première fois, pas d’appréhension, Doris saura vous mettre en confiance dès le premier contact et vous mettre en sécurité. Je ne peux que la recommander à tous!

I initially met Doris through group meditation sessions at a time when I was looking for some answers and direction in my life. These sessions gave me the space and ability to connect to internal guidance, and consequently helped me to start exploring new paths in my life. I have since completed the Sound Healing Level 1 & 2 trainings with Doris, both of which were an incredibly fulfilling and enlightening experience. Doris is truly a very special soul - her commitment to her work, her knowledge, her authenticity and her experience all combine to create a wonderfully unique and powerful experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Doris! I am forever grateful.

I met Doris on the group meditation. I believe that it was not a coincidence. From the first meditation with Tibetan singing bowls I felt deeply connected to something bigger. Every class was amazing experience on the way to myself. I was so sad when I missed the last class of Doris and was thinking that will never meet her again. But it was meant to be in different way. When Doris posted the information that she is going to do a sound healing course I had 0 doubts. I signed up. It was decision that brought me on a new level of my spiritual development. I always was thinking that I m connected to sound, but never expected that my element is metal. And my vibration is align with Tibetan singing bowls. I m extremely grateful to Doris for her light, power, support and guidelines. She let me feel and experience a lot of amazing moments in connection with higher power. She brought clarity and clear idea, that I am just a tool in the hands of God. It made me feel protected and guided. Since the moment I finished the training with Doris I got my set. She was very patient to help us to select it. When I hold the bowls in my hand I knew, my practice will change. I like how Doris were guiding us through intuitive and learning to tune to the Universe. I m grateful I have such amazing guide in this life. I m regularly practicing my on group meditations and private session and getting amazing feedback from the students, who is coming back and with help of sound healing their body, mind and soul

My experience with Doris was divine and life changing. With Doris i learned how to love myself , how to protect myself when I'm surrounded with negatively charged people , how to express my thoughts and feelings in peace , how to detach myself from people who i used to think they love me , how to control on my mind effortlessly. I recommend Doris to bring light and peace in your life .

Un grand merci pour la découverte de ces nouvelles techniques qui m’ont permis de me libérer de mes tensions psychiques et par voie de conséquences de mes tensions physiques, amenant un bien être rapide et profond. Ces techniques nous permettent de se connaître mieux et nous aident à avancer dans la vie avec plus de sérénité. Merci également à toi Doris, de nous livrer les clés de la sagesse et garde toujours ton bel optimisme.

I met Doris through a mutual friend at a time in my life filled with darkness and simple terms - I was lost and nothing was working in my favor but just with the first session she helped me to understand more about how everything is energy and how it works, gave me information that has guided me to a more free way of living.

I plan to continue with more sessions in the near future!

So should you be in a state of need of direction, understanding or just looking to create balance I recommend you open yourself to what light work has to offer!

Thank you Doris.

My experience with Doris was exceptional. I had never heard about holistic techniques Doris uses, but was very open to trying something outside of traditional therapies and treatments for my issues. Doris was patient and thorough in her explanation of how the methods worked and why. She answered all of my questions and was completely committed to the work we did together. It is extremely important to understand the science behind these modalities, so you can understand how they can work for you. She was able to break the information down into a totally user friendly way, so that I could continue the work on my own, which she encourages for maximum results. Not only is she extremely bright, but she is also incredibly intuitive, which is critical in identifying the issues and then going to work on them without wasting a lot of time. I truly felt I was in a protected and safe haven in her presence, and found her kindness and gentle demeanor a rarity. I can also say with complete confidence that I saw a tremendous amount of progress with my issues in my day to day life, and was completely blown away by some of the things that she uncovered. It was a truly enlightening experience, and as we are all a constant work in progress, it is very reassuring to know I can go back to Doris to work on other issues as they arise.

Doris has opened a door for me that I didn't even knew existed. Now that I've entered I can not stop walking deeper and deeper into.
She is so authentic and honest in her teachings and sessions and I can't thank her enough for showing me this way into myself.

Serendipity brought me and Doris together initially and I thank my lucky stars for that! I was emotionally devastated over a broken heart and I was also dealing with stress at work, but Doris and her healing touch helped me get back on my feet again. I felt calmer throughout the session — as if a load was taken off my shoulders — and I was able to learn things about myself through Doris that were instrumental in getting my life on track again. I cannot recommend her services enough! She is a wonderful human being who truly cares and opens her heart to you and guides you to find place of peace— exactly what I needed in my life. I would recommend Doris to anyone, she is a true gift not only with her gifts to heal but also a wonderful human being.

Thank you all for your feedbacks and testimonials. with all my love, Doris

Amazing!! I strongly recommend Doris to bring inner knowledge and peace in your life. Doris will add another dimension to your precious life.

Sessions with Doris are life changers! Spiritual, intuitive and deeply knowledgeable, you feel connected to the universe when in the hands of Doris!! Thank you so much and looking forward to our next session!!!