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The MindWatch Company

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Exactly as advertised!

This is exactly as advertised. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's just great! Easy to operate and very reliable. Love, love, love it. Plus the customer service people are very responsive and friendly. Couldn't have been more helpful! Would highly recommend this to anyone!
And another wonderful surprise: the charge lasts for literally weeks!!!


A great reminder for my son! He is having some great success in keeping up with some stuff! I am thinking of getting another for myself!

Does one thing well with minimal set up required

Every scatter brain or ADAD like me needs to know about this.
I set it on 15 minutes. This helps to remind me what project im working on. With out this mind watch, me trying to change a light bulb, ends up with me 'starting' to clean out the junk drawer, then greasing it's runners, and maybe 3 more 'things' but never getting to the light bulb.
I used to have a small timer that l wore like a necklace, and it worked great. Though l didn't like advertising my uniqueness to others.
This mind watch looks really cool. So far no one has asked me about it, but when they do l will say it helps me with my memory.

Simple, effective, great value

Great product
Wanted very simple way to work on my posture and not hunching - this is (almost) perfect
I didn’t want some complicated Ap that is also a free big-data, big brother read on my mind and body......
It doesn’t look bad - gives a fitness/techy look but is way simple and price was very reasonable
-would only add more time increments - I sometimes use 10 minutes or 15 minutes but seems like 12 would be perfect, and the strap retainer could be more tight as the strap will often pop out.

So simple yet so powerful

Like another reviewer mentioned, I also have inattentive ADHD. It's to the point where having it vibrate every minute is so useful to me. (I lose my focus that easily!) At least with this, I can plan for the next minute.

When it vibrates, I focus on my breath for a few seconds, and I check with myself whether I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Normally, I'd be so lost in my head and lose hours of my day to nothing in particular. As someone who practices meditation every day, this device helps me to be mindful and present.

The strap material is also quite nice — it's sturdy yet soft to the touch. I haven't yet used it long enough to confirm the battery power, but I'm hoping it'll last the day at least.

Awesome Tool

Perfect tool for "practicing the Presence" or "staying in the moment" and many other uses. Very versatile time settings. Highly recommend.

Best invention for busy teachers

I have students that require positive encouragement on a set schedule - the watch reminds me so I can just give it and keep teaching without interruption. It is quiet and unnoticeable by the others.

Helpful for Fighting Distractions and Staying Present

I've really liked this product so far. It's helped me stay mindful and learn how to judge the passage of time better. It holds a charge for a long time, and the numbers are easy to see, and it's also really comfortable to wear and looks cool, doesn't stand out in a weird way.

I would have given it 5 stars, but it loses one because you can't change how long it vibrates. Like when I'm using it to wake up from a nap or something, the 4.5 second vibration is good, but there are times when I'd like it to only vibrate once or twice, especially when I'm using it in 1 or 2 minute intervals. (If there's a way to change this that I don't know about, let me know, as that would adjust my rating.)

if i had one other critique, it would be that I don't think it's necessary to have it vibrate for 4.5 seconds every time you turn a reminder on or off. I think it should be enough that it says "ON" or "OFF" when confirmed. to have it vibrate with every single change.. in addition to when the timer is going off.. for 4.5 seconds every single time.. can get a little annoying.

but the benefits outweigh the critiques in my opinion. i'm a young adult with inattentive adhd, and it has been useful for keeping me on task and also for interval training in the gym.


No gimmicks, no weird apps, just charge and function. Which is amazing. What's more amazing is how easy to use and simple the device is, so simple in fact, I had a surprisingly difficult time finding something exactly like this, with a million and one devices that look like this, but full of gimmicks that may or may not require some weird app to set up or access special functions. The only other non-gimmicky function it could have is ability to tell time, which another user mentioned as well, but if I wanted a watch, I would have bought a watch, but I didn't want a watch, I typically have my phone for that, but not all the time, which leads into my next paragraph.
 My main goal was to find something that could be on me at all time that would create a subtle reminder, which in this case, as a dream totem, something to remind me to check if I'm dreaming, to lucid dream, something I've been trying to do for the better part of 15 years, but still can't do it out of will, and nothing has worked yet, and I've tried everything. The ones I do have happen at random with no real pattern to associate. I've tried using my phone for this, but apps on the play store (to keep it short) either half work or don't work. I've tried setting alarms with the built in clock, and having to acknowledge the alarms every hour got super annoying super fast, and became inconvenient after a while, as sometimes I'd have to go to the other room where it was charging, and disable so i could sleep, defeating the point.
 I was about ready to buy a tiny micro controller, a motor, battery, 3D print a case, strap, learn to code, etc. to make something that would perform exactly what this thing does right here, and look janky while doing it. Suffice to say that I am so happy I found it, as it works and functions better than anything I probably could have made myself, and looks good doing it. I have it set to go off every 15 minutes, and the vibration strength is enough to be notable, but not so much that it tingles or is audible, unless you're in a totally silent room. The AC is enough to drown out the sound of the vibration. The vibration may bother people who are more sensitive or hyper sensitive to touch and vibration. I do roll on the more sensitive side, but it's not anything that explicitly bothers me
Something I would like to see in a possible V2 of this is actually vibration strength setting, which would sit just past intervals, with a low [1], medium [2], high [3]. This could help save battery also if kept on medium or low. Another thing is vibration duration, something I thought I would have had an issue with. I thought it was a continuous vibration for 4.5 seconds, but it's actually a pulse. It personally isn't too much an issue for me, but may be for others. A shorter duration is something that could also save on battery life. I'm sure something like that was considered, but they opted for simplicity, something I actually do like a bit better. But if nothing more, vibration strength is something I would love to see.
One final thought, if there is to be a V2, or maybe just a slightly larger version to accommodate a slightly larger battery would be great also. The thin profile is amazing, but a tad wider wouldn't hurt either. I've only received it today, so life between charges is something I'll be testing. Durability too, as I'll be wearing this during sleep to hopefully induce lucid dreams.
Other note. It's not mentioned in the manual thingy, but pressing the bottom button will tell you minutes until next trigger, which I thought was neat.


This arrived quickly and was well packaged and came in a nice presentation/ storage box. I’d searched all over for a timer which vibrated to signal the end of my meditation sessions. The great thing about this is it also doubles as a reminder for mindfulness too. Definitely glad I searched Etsy for this. I’d definitely highly recommend to others. ????????


Since getting the mind watch about a month ago I can honestly say what a truly inventive and needed product this for people of the modern world. I can also say that I believe the idea to be one of genuine simple genius that deserves as much as any product out there to go global and become a huge worldwide success!!

So what do I like about the mindwatch?

As a Life Coach I am always looking for ways to grow and become more mindful and also find ways for my clients to make life as easy as possible to become mindful in the shortest time and easiest manner.

I have found it incredibly effective for conditioning my awareness to new levels of mindfulness and present moment living. I also use it to remind me to live in the heart, use Buddhist/ spiritual concepts and use the law of attraction (through affirmations) to programme my reality. It really is as great a tool as you want it to be!

If we are living in a world where technology cannot be avoided anyway then we may as well use it to our advantage to help ourselves!

The simple ideas are always the best and there is nothing more needed than a device that conditions people to do the things that truly matter and live in the moment. It also helps people use personal development tools and simply reminds/ conditions them to use what they already know in many cases!

I wish Paul the best of luck with this and would 100% recommend this product for anyone (at any level of personal progress) to initiate or improve progress even more.

Lastly, I also genuinely think these are the best possible presents you could buy for you and all your family for christmas and birthdays!

Mark Williams Bsc, Prac NLP and Life Coach of 8 years


I got my MindWatch 2 weeks ago and I think it's great little tool for getting my jobs done. It's helping me to stay focus and remember my goals, every time it vibrates I'm saying my affirmation and bringing my attention to present moment. I helps me with my work and parenting but also just to be more mindful.
It's very easy to use, it's charging very fast and keeping battery life for a long time. Overall 5 out of 5.
Great idea, such a little thing but can be so beneficial.
It's a shame the only colours are black and dark blue. I would love to see light blue/ sky blue mindwatch


It shipped pretty quickly to Australia. It is light, comfortable and easy to use. It works exactly as described.

I like that it doesn't need an app or phone, it's just simple to use.

It looks just like a fitness tracker so nobody pays it any attention, but it is just working away silently in the background as a reminder to be calm, present, breathe, relax, be mindful repeat a mantra or affirmation (or however you want to use it- remind you to drink more water if dehydration is your problem, the possibilities are endless).

Anyway, I'm enjoying it and am grateful for it helping me to leave auto-pilot mode and to be aware, engaged and present.


Excellent product, beautifully packaged. Simple to use. Perfect.


I have just received your product today and must say I am absolutely delighted with it. It’s exactly what I wanted and work’s perfectly. Probably the most useful purchase I have made in a long time.
You can introduce any affirmation and the one I’ve started with is- “I’m creative,confident and completely superior to negative thought!”
Good product!
Well Done!


Thank you for making this! I have ADHD and have tried other products but I love this for not having an app associated with it, or a screen with lots of useless functionality. Just a regular virtually silent reminder to check your intentionality.