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I am amazed at how well you are able to see(read) the issues im dealing with right now. You and the spirits are clearly at peace with eachother!

Amazing as always!!!

Extremely enlightening and absolutely what I needed to hear right now! I've always felt called to the healing path and started grad school for educational psych to be a behavioral analyst last fall, but then I had my huge psychological breakdown which I'm now pretty certain was a dark night of the soul, and I've just really struggled to have even the littlest bit of confidence in anything I do since then. And I've been feeling so pressured to feel like I need to know "what I'm doing with my life," especially because a bunch of my family was asking me about it recently and nothing we discussed aligned with me, especially the grad school path I had chosen. This reading was so affirming in relation to 1. My gut instinct to focus on self development and 2. Prioritize that as well as make it my main focus before trying to help others. That's one of the main reasons I stopped posting on my spiritual insta account, because I was trying to heal myself and others and was not prioritizing my spiritual health. This was all affirmed and expounded upon in my reading and I am so grateful for such clear and constructive guidance :)

She’s the best!

Everything she does is perfect!! I absolutely love my oils and the dusting powder!

Serious love coming towards me

Wowww. You are the best reader that I ever came across. Without much details or cards, you are strongly intuitive and psychic to see something which I didn't know or realise about my own reality. I'm clear now. And also, you are really sensible and matured in your way of expressing yourself and delivering the message. Also, a very helpful person that is available to listen and guide regardless of strangers or people you know. I love you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I would definitely recommend you as a great mentor ???????????? Keep doing more. May God bless youuu darling ????????????

Custom Oil

Victoria was super helpful in finding out exactly what type of oil I needed and made the prosperity oil specifically for me which was amazing. I been seeing results & her energy is amazing! The oil along with the rituals she suggested and the meditation helped so much! Love her work, would recommend.

Spirit Guided

All I can say is wow!!!!! Absolutely on point with everything that has been happening in my life. I was meditating the other day and had the same sensation you mentioned in my throat chakra!! Immediately after I finished reading (and I was crying a lot but in a good way, the best kind of cry!!!) I vocalized that music is one of the best ways to communicate guidance, and I had suspected before that I sometimes get divine guidance through music. Then, I put my biggest playlist on shuffle and the song that came up was one of my favorites from my favorite artist, Photosynthesis by Frank Turner, which means a lot to me for a lot of different reasons!! This time of pause in life has allowed me to get back into meditating, and I'm excited to know more about my guides now and will ultimately feel more comfortable receiving their divine guidance now that I have some reassurance about the signs I see from them. I cannot thank you enough!

Love & Lust oil

Since the day @the.mystical.mentor and I first crossed paths I immediately felt a connection with her! One day not too long ago I just felt it so much stronger. I let her know that and she happened to be making a new oil that day. So I told her that I had to have it when it was finished no matter what it was! As soon as she told me it was ready, i ordered it! Shipping was so fast and packaging was on point! With even an extra little something, that has been great as well. The oil was the Love & Lust. I first used it during my moon ritual on the night of this last Super Moon. It has such an Ahh-mazing smell that I have continued to dab a little on everyday since then. Especially having that added bonus of welcoming love into my life through it. Try it! You won't be disappointed!! 

SoulMate reading

Just read the reading and you hit some major points. I have been dreaming about someone, I don't even know who, but when you mentioned that, I was blown away! Not only have I been dreaming about him, but I have also been praying about a man to come into my life that is good, kind and nurturing, and he seems to be that and more! I I come across someone like that, I will be sure to let you know! love, love when you told me to focus on me and my career over anything else, because I do have the tendency to forget about it and give attention to things that aren't important! Overall, your reading was more than I could have asked for, especially for the price paid! Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it!! 

Love & Lust oil

The Mystical Mentor's Love & Lust oil is fantastic! It smells really pretty, I love to wear it and use it for dressing candles. Also, it works! I purchased with the intent of boosting self-love and reigniting passion. I feel like I've been much more mindful of practicing self-love and raising my loving vibration, as a result of this I've noticed an increase in passionate responses directed towards me, which is awesome! Thank you so much for such a fantastic oil! I haven't had someone grab me like they can't get enough in a long time lol!

Mediumship Reading

Let me say for one you were spot on. at some point I felt as if as though you were reading my mind. I was happy to get all those nice messages from my fiance. I am at peace knowing that he is always here with me. It started out as a small question.. and it continued for almost an hour which I truly and deeply appreciated. The fact that my fiance wanted to reach out really helped in the reading. I would high recommend Mediumship readings with you. Thank you so much! 

Dream Interpretation

Thank you so much! Everything you said was so true. I appreciate your time and energy. This is just want I needed to hear right now!

Animal Spirit

Holy crappola! This was amazing! Are you kidding with only pricing that at $12????!!!!! I should have given you even more than what I did for it bc it’s just THAT AMAZING! You are spectacular and it resonates soooooo much! Going to get animal figurines of them to always remind me of there powers and weakness! You are so freaking amazing! Can't wait for my other readings!!

Can't wait for another!

Aww! I truly adore you and think your gifts are incredible and so needed in this world bc you help heal and evolve and grow from the inside out!

Manifested my HOUSE!

Omg!!! Girl, I know you've been wanting to know how I felt about the oils and WOW. First of all: I used Sacred Storm during my healing journey for purifying and clearing energy, and it's amazing stuff. Helped keep me grounded also. I've used Mystic a few times, but I was called to this morning and it was amazing! I did a quick tarot reading, sat and manifested the new house I wanted that I looked at and applied for. I wasn't the only person who applied, and I wasn't supposed to find out until next week. And she called me this same morning to let me know I was approved! It was so amazing and so validating! Feeling centered and clear minded, with a heightened vibration really helped give me such a clear vision for my manifestation and with focused energy. Thank you sooo much for sharing such an amazing product with me! What a blessing.

This is why I always come back!

You nailed everything! Thank you! have no idea how grateful I am to you and your brilliant gifts. In such bliss right now! Thank you soooo much! Super hearts and love you!

Honest & Kind Reader

Thank you very much for my reading .I really appreciate the time and effort and you took into examining my shadow side and providing me with the insights I needed I hear. Many of what you said was true to me and I’m so glad to hear about the many gifts that I possess .

I Recommend!

Victoria's conjure oils have not only propelled me to my golden path, but it has also internally helped heal me, along with her readings to further navigate my souls path and purpose, she is a force to be reckoned with. Filled with truthfulness, love, and innate wisdom... All the ingredients needed to help advance the soul and mind onto a higher vibrational state that will lead you to your golden path. I would recommend her to anyone ready to receive tough love for the betterment of their inner being.  

You rock!

The energy associated with this is so magical and loving! I loved every last bit of it! I want to just print it out so I can read and stare at it every day! 

Truly the best!

You are truly the best! one of the most genuine and down to earth people I've met and we've never had a face to face interaction! Your reading was truly an eye opening experience and helping me realize I need to stop being so hard on myself and realize my maximum potential, your words have soothed me during a difficult time of self reflection and I am trying to heal. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a prompt, detailed and accurate reading! You have an amazing gift. 

You are such a kind spirit.

I'm not really sure how to put into words how amazing this experience has been! Not only was everything so spot on with my reading, but you are one of the kindest spirits I have ever met! Even though we have only met virtually I can still feel all of your positive energy and I appreciate it so so much!! This reading is exactly what I needed to end this decade and begin a new one! 

love your readings.

I always enjoy your readings, it is very informative and beautifully written. I appreciate your energy and time you put into it. 

5 out of 5 bees rating (bees being my stars)

SUCH a good reading, and you wrote everything absolutely amazingly. Cleared up a lot of my current situation and super encouraging. Thank you for the lovely reading and best wishes. 


You confirmed SO much of what I have been feeling lately. You are super talented, and I am so grateful. Your thoughtful and in depth guidance has been a gift to me. Thank you so much. 

Empowering Mentor!

Victoria not only clarified for me what may or may not happen in my future based upon my free will accurately. In her spare time, she was willing to answer any questions I had for her in regards to my reading or soul growth. She truly has a way of delivering her readings in a way which empowers the person being read. I highly recommend her! Thank you for everything you've done for me. Because of your guidance, I've grown a lot spiritually. I've even picked up oracles cards and have been learning a ton about the world of magick because I have less fear because of your guidance. 

I appreciate your amazing gift!

So although you think it wasn't much, it all makes sense to me. Amazing how some things were spot on, like me moving. I appreciate your amazing gift. Thank you for always taking the time for me, you are just a sweetheart. xoxo


I had my reading by Victoria which was a surprise message. And boy how I was surprised, not only by her accuracy but by her great detail and emotion behind the reading. I've had many readings in the past by others, and I've NEVER had one this detailed or intriguing. Not only did she read the cards but she read me. Certain messages that she gave me have been in some previous readings from different people. However, this time it was more detailed and more understanding for me to read. She got many things right that & for her pricing this is beyond the greatest ever. I plan on coming back to her for more readings! Most readers do not have the ability to heal their clients with messages that they need to hear however Victoria is different that THAT is what sets her apart. I HIGHLY recommend you getting any readings from her! Oh and buy her oil Sacred Storm, Which I also bought. 

Thank you.

I don't think this whole experience from start to finish and beyond could be anymore perfect! You have been such a blessing even half a world away and your words have refueled the fire within me to do some big time healing and get back in touch with my spiritual self. I cannot thank you enough my friend, honestly thank you so so much!

Sacred Storm

I love the oil so much! The energy from it is comforting and gentle, and I will definitely be ordering more!!

Sacred Storm. Spiritual toolbox need!

I applied Sacred Storm oil directly to my skin (dabbed it on my wrists) once a day while I was undergoing a tough transitional period of my life. The oil helped keep me grounded and helped keep my intentions pure, and I highly recommend it for anyone's spiritual toolbox. 

Amazing reading, once again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my amazing readings! You are truly a gift. Everything you picked up on is so relevant to my current state/situation and addressed everything I need to work on to get what I want in life! The little signs and symbols you received during my read were so specific to me! I knew exactly who sent them. The rainbows, the owl, the Patriots, the song Under Pressure! Such a cool read. I can't wait to have more readings in the future!


Victoria! WOW this reading is amazing! I cannot believe how much detail you provided and you really are spot on with some of the deep seeded things that have been holding me back. Although it isn't easy to hear that challenges may be faced, knowing that there is stability and will continue to be is refreshing.I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!Sending so much love and thanks to you!!

Life Path Reading

What an amazing gift you are Victoria. Your method of reading is unique, elaborate, and very concise. You truly captured my deepest, darkest emotions and struggles in the life path reading. It was really accurate and revealed a lot of things I've been struggling with in the past and present. It has given me insight to what I must work on in order to achieve my highest potential and what will truly make me happy. My future looks bright! You have been such a godsend to me. Your guidance in my psychic development has been super helpful! You are so so kind. Thank you for the amazing advice and tarot reading. Also, I'm sorry my religious grandmother was giving you a hard time! LOL


Hi Victoria, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this reading! I have been feeling lost and anxiety-ridden about my relationships, questioning who was toxic and if I was creating healthy boundaries. This reading refilled with me peace and once again, reminded me of my personal power. This reading is filled with so much helpful information and uplifting/honest words that I will definitely be using to let go of the past, bettering myself and relationships, and manifesting a life I want. I can't put into words how much this has meant to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you once more!

Hello Victoria, thank you once more, very much for your reading!!! I am amazed by your accuracy and your healing guidance. 

Like a hug from the universe.

I wanted to give your message time to really sit with to understand and appreciate what came through. But to be frank, I was also struggling to find an articulate way of expressing my gratitude for your services as they have extended way beyond my expectations. I want to first express my gratitude for your spiritual wisdom, the work you do, and for being you. I can see that you put so much love into your work even if it sometimes feels like it's not given back just the same. I would like you to know that you are making such a positive impact in this world by giving people insight to heal & grow with your work. Your message has made a profound difference in me. Every word from your service was like a hug from the universe. Loving and honest. I see that you seek more than simply satisfying someone's ego, but you truly want to help people on their spiritual journey by delving deeper helping them see with more clarity of their own limitations that hides their true power within. I can't wait to use your services in the future and will definitely recommend you to all my friends!


Man you're fucking amazing! Wow! What a truly incredible reading! You are so very talented and it was so on point! It has helped me more than you can ever know! One of the most on point readings I have ever had! You are so honest, yet kind and profound! 

Day made!

I just wanted to let you know that today I went back (on a whim) and reread your first reading for me. Back on Oct.8th, today being March 8th. 5 months later I was still able to find serenity in your words, they made a low day one of stillness. Thank you again for your guidance! 

Prescription for the Soul

You are amazingly gifted! You were so accurate on my reading. What's more amazing is that yes your reading was accurate but your help and your intuition and care for who you are reading for is greater. You actually gave more than just a reading. You gave a prescription for the soul.It was like you gave me a prescription for my spiritual health. When you told me about how I can start recharging my energy & healing by going out and connecting with nature it really has helped me! I actually started to plant again and my flowers are growing faster than ever! Victoria I thank you for also the extra oracle card and the advice you gave me. I am definitely trying to focus on the light. I DEFINITELY recommend everyone to give Victoria a chance to read you and guide you with what you need insight on. Her readings are great but her advice is greater! 

Another awesome read!

This probably took you hours to do, and I am just completely grateful to you, you STRONGLY have a gift b/c EVERYTHING you said is accurate, this new method worked so well as everything you said was true.. Thank you so much and I will definitely start changing things up in my life! 


but like, in a good way lol! so spot on, I appreciate you!

Love your spirit and energy!

I wanted to thank you for this reading. You coined our personalities perfectly. Every bit of it made Sense and hit home, even the parts of my counterpart that I didn’t want to be true, is spot on. I’ve loved this person so long and so hard without any real satisfaction and this reading  put most of my why’s, how come, and when questions into perspective. I really thought We were destined to end up together because Of how much i willed it and  worked at loving him when in my past relationships I wasn’t really that devoted to the process. But, my understanding is a lot clearer and in that I will move forward heeding some of these advice and putting them into action to better myself, my circumstances and my choices. So thank you. 

You are appreciated

Thank you for your reading and for all the guidance you have been giving me! You have truly helped me see things from a different perspective! You do have such a strong intuition but most of all I noticed that your advice are pointing towards healing and identifying issues on how to improve myself and my life! I can recognize your strong healing gifts and thank you for that. I do resonate with every reading and again I would like to express my gratitude for you!!! God bless you for all the work you have been doing!!! You are truly amazing and super generous and diligent with all the work you´ve been doing! 

Custom Oil Update!

IT IS AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE it. One of the best investments I've ever made. It smells so nice and I'm starting to see positive changes with it. MY headaches have diminished, and I'm the type to oversleep from being drained from crowds, but this oil has helped me with that. I am definitely going to purchase more once it runs out! Thank you for this custom oil. 

Light & Dark

Light and Dark side is the third reading I have purchased from you and I am amazed!! You are super accurate and detailed! Every single information helped me realize things about myself. You can really offer guidance to those who need your help! I can see from your readings how much you are trying to give! Thank you my dear

Didn't believe in psychics before this.

The reading was wonderful! There were a few things I didn't want to hear, or that upset me, however I understand the necessity behind the info. It was thorough and addressed a lot of tangible experiences I'm having. I do feel a real perspective from reading this, that I did not know I was seeking. Thank you very much, I am very impressed, and if possible would like to do this again in a few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough and writing so clearly. 

Thanks again!

Thank you again for another detailed and amazing reading! You awed me once more with your talents! You are truly gifted and the details really have helped me take a clear look at my situation. Blessings.

eye opening

Your reading was eye opening for me! It really helped my realize where I am right now, what is coming and what I need to work on/focus. Your reading was also super detailed! You put a lot of work into it & it really helped me understand the message 100%. I will purchase more readings from you in the future!!!! You have a gift and I can see that you want to help and guide people! Thank you!!


Thank you so much for the reading!! Your words are giving me the guidance I've been seeking. I truly appreciate you and your craft. Love and light to you always. 


Hey this was pretty accurate to my current situation, but in a more positive light I feel. I do have a lot of opportunities in front of me. Thank you for helping me see that, and thank you for the free giveaway.

Super Clear

I was looking for an answer to a difficult question about what path to take, and Victoria laid out clear answers to the potential consequences of each path! She was super helpful and prompt! I'll definitely turn to her for dilemmas I may have in the future, probably soon too!

Thank you!

Victoria, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the advice and reasoning I received from you in a moment where I have felt so lost. Never have I ever felt such relief from someone's kind words and honesty. I have spent a few months feeling a low and unexplainable feeling along with the long for the ideal perfect situation to occur. In fact the want for something so badly has probably been the actual reason why it has not happened but consumed me. You truly are not someone driven by your own gain but someone who has a gift and wants to help. Thank you always, thank you for the freedom in my mind. -Charlotte