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Wow, I’ve taken and listened to a lot of professional and personal development classes, podcasts, etc. but this was something different that I had never been taught before. What I learned from Karla was something new to me and it complimented all the other teachings I had applied in my life. It helps me to achieve my goals I set for myself and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from her. She also is very professional and personable, which makes talking to her so easy.

Business School Interview Prep

I met with Karla to prep for business school interviews. Everything we went over was not only helpful for my interviews but also immediately applicable and valuable for my day-to-day work interactions, particularly in leading a team. Karla is extremely knowledgeable about the narrative body and, as a researcher, I really appreciated her research-based approach to the subject matter. I highly recommend Karla for interview prep and more generally for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.

Even virtual, a powerful experience for rising team leaders

Karla was extremely flexible and gracious in scheduling and re-scheduling (and re-re-scheduling) an event for emerging leaders on the Operations team. When it became clear that the event would have to be held virtually, Karla worked with me to adapt the content to our needs and to remote delivery. The content was immensely helpful in elevating the participants' awareness of how their body language plays a critical role in coordinating productively with others, and most importantly, in leading effectively.

Knowledgeable and Inspiring Speaker!

I have had the opportunity to have been able to partner with Karla for two separate events. I am always impressed by her expertise in the subject as well as her ability to engage with an audience. If you haven't had the opportunity to have her come host a workshop, I highly recommend it!  

Interview preparation

Karla is incredibly knowledgeable about the non-verbal messages people send with their bodies when they are interacting with other people. I came to Karla improve my interview skills and business presentation skills as I have felt less confident recently when speaking about myself and my expertise. She is a gentle and thorough teacher who enlightened me to several issues I need to improve upon. I found myself having several "Aha!" moments as she explained the FASCINATING science behind human body language. I can't wait to talk to her again!!! Don't hesitate to book a session with her! Thanks, Karla!

Leadership presence

I began working with Karla from The Narrative Body to help me improve my leadership presence at work. She helped me build my confidence back and stand in my power as a woman in business. I was also able to use this information for my personal life! I would highly recommend setting up a session with her!

Technology Chief of Staff

Karla is a delight. She has a refreshing way of making research-based body language insights come alive. Karla is professional, charismatic, and knowledgeable. Her public speaking skills are fantastic, and she can quickly bring value to a company

Lunch and learn for women's group

We had such a lovely time having Karla in to lead a body language workshop for our affinity Women & Group. She did a great job of catering the workshop to meet our needs. The presentation was so engaging, Karla really knew her stuff! It was a lot of fun, and everyone was excited to participate in some lively discussions. We learned a lot of new information that we were able to apply at work and in life immediately! It was such an engaging and educational workshop, and we hope to have Karla back soon! 

Presentation skills sessions

It was a pleasure working with Karla and get some coaching on public speaking. She is skilled at figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. I was impressed with her preparation, attention to detail and mindfulness that she brings on the table.

Own the room!

When Karla enters the room, the energy is magical, and you know you are in the presence of someone very special and unique. Her skill set is like nothing I have experienced, and her authenticity in sharing her gifts are incredible to experience. The Narrative Body is a game changer, and is so effective in bringing out the best in those she is working with in her class. She is able to speak so beautifully without using words, and her message is so powerful and persuasive. Genuine connections and long term relationships are at the heart of any successful business, and The Narrative Body will take your team to the next level and forever be changed for the best. I would highly recommend this unique experience to so many different types of businesses.

Graphic Designer

Karla's energy and friendly personality made us feel at ease from the first class

Nonverbal Confidence

Karla's classes were exactly what I was looking for. My friends noticed the difference it made in my confidence. Karla is a complete professional at what she does, so I would highly recommend her to anyone!

PhD student in Neurology

Training with Karla was excellent! Loved the energy and it was so much fun. I highly recommend her.