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The Netri Institute

1553 North Parkway
Memphis TN , 38112

A Safe Place to Work Through Wounds

I’ve spent the better part of 50+ years erecting what I thought was an impenetrable, self-preservation, ugly yet (perceived) protective wall. Emotional walls are constructed with the mortar of fear, shame, lies and guilt to name a few. I’ve had dozens of masks; some so incredibly complicated in their construction and application that I literally had no idea who the real me was. 

When I was honest with myself, a rarity, I knew I needed help with no idea how to go about it.  So, over the years I’ve invested in my own mental health/illness: read best sellers, worked with ineffective therapists all over the country, participated in the new-age BS of the day, and hallucinogenic drugs replete with shaman. Frankly there’s not enough sage in the world to fix “crazy.”

Recently I was invited by a new friend to attend a Sunday morning “Wake Up” at the Netri Institute. I had no expectations. To my surprise, in less than two hours I had an epiphany that this woman gets me! It felt like she recognized my wall and masks for what they are, without judgement. I was stunned yet motivated.

I just attended Anastasia’s one day, Synergy Breakthrough Intensive.  My first observation of the small group was that we all had issues, while individual we were more alike than different. Anastasia is masterful at cutting through the quagmire of emotions and old wounds and the day felt safe and individual rather than a group. Without hesitation I can say the Synergy Breakthrough Intensive was the most difficult, but best eight-hours of my life. Anastasia has a rare ability in her no BS approach to see what’s real, what’s perceived, and to bring from the periphery what needs to be expunged – and how to achieve and heal.