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The Renew Center of Florida

299 W. Camino Gardens Blvd, Suite 100
Boca Raton FL , 33431

Dr. Palmer Changed My Life!

I Thought I Would Die Bulimic, But Now There's Real HOPE!

I thought I would die bulimic, but now I see a life of possibility.

I’ve been to many programs, but this program is the best that has happened to me. I just wish I knew about it sooner!!!!

This Program Really Works! Renew is the Best!

From the minute I began treatments at Renew, it was like a miracle happened, and I began to feel better. My anxiety and depression began to lift and now it’s completely disappeared. I can't say enough good things. I don’t even need to take medications anymore, and I feel great. The program really works. I reclaimed myself one session at a time. I feel the difference and it is amazing! Now I have the skills to bounce back when I feel negative. Stuff doesn’t get the best of me anymore! Dr. Palmer works face-to-face and at distance too so it really was easy even though I only visited Florida a few times!

Dr. Palmer Really Listens...

I feel we have done remarkable work. I am feeling very grateful for so many reasons…I am truly, truly blessed. You (Dr. Palmer) probably the first person I’ve worked with who listens to me…being worked with instead of being explained away or disregarded.

Dr. Palmer Can Truly Help You Turn Your Life Around.

Through some God given gift, Dr. Palmer came into my path after months of trial and error. I surrendered, listened and got to work. I have been very impressed with Dr. Palmer. She has helped me already more than you can imagine. We believe that Dr. Palmer can truly help you turn your life around in the direction it needs to go – and the direction we know you want it to go."

My Daughter is Motivated and Her Sparkle is Back!

My daughter has the sparkle back in her eyes. She’s laughing again, but most of all she is motivated to get her life back. I’m so grateful to Dr. Palmer and her dedicated team. It is evident these women are in this field because they truly care.

I Loved Everything You Gave to My Spirit and Renewal!

Dr. Palmer, I’m so grateful to have had the privilege to have had you as my therapist. Your unique techniques and skills have remained with me many years after our time. I was so impressed and inspired with the process of recovery that transformed me into the women I am today. You are like an artist, orchestrating therapy techniques designed intimately for those who are in the bondage of addictions, traumas, and disease to become present within, and at peace with their history. Today I embrace life just as is knowing my purpose. I love myself with RESPECT, honor my body with compassion and have dignity. That came out from working with you. It feels AMAZING to be me! I loved everything you gave to my spirit and renewal. Today I love the work of exploring inside one’s own soul…the outcome that lead me to freedom. The worst things I suffered have become a priceless treasure. They are my steppingstones not just to serve me, but to help others from a spirit of gratitude and love. I admire and will always cherish you. Thank you Dr. Lisa Palmer for touching my heart and soul to continue to help others grow with courage and faith. Recovery is possible.

The Trauma Reduction Treatment Was Amaaazzzzing!

Before my trauma reduction with Dr. Palmer for an ex-boyfriend, I still felt a little anxious at the thought of him. I would even avoid places I know he goes to regularly. I was a little nervous going into session, but during I was calm, and I remember feeling like I was really there with him again. But, what I remember most was how I felt after on the drive home. It was this strange feeling of weightlessness! Like everything is Light all around. The thought no longer really bothered me. Still today I don’t get anxious when I think about it. I’ve even gone to a couple of place I know he frequents and I am okay with the idea of running into him. I feel the weight is gone, and even when I bring it up there is nothing attached to it. I’ve been sleeping very well, and it was just so amazing and hard to believe. What Dr. Palmer did was like a miracle for me!

I'm Feeling So Much STRONGER!

Heartache, divorce, death, professional setbacks, pain, and lack of you….Nothing can or will prepare me for what I will have to face. But, I am still here. I am still standing! I am still me. Deep within me, a fire (strength) is burning. A fire filled with strength, determination, greatness! You are amazing, the things I accomplish when I am focused, filled with love and believe in yourself is un-calculable. I came to Therapy to find that fire. To sift through all the smoke and fog and doubt and pain to let the fire ignite...And I accomplished just that!…The voices that once told me I was weak have been silenced. The thoughts that have told me I was not enough have been eliminated. From this moment I vow to make myself first. I COME FIRST…I Stand for myself, and am creating the possibility of inventing the best me in my life and relationships! I am ENOUGH!”

Nothing Less Than a MIRACLE!

Dear Dr. Palmer: I can safely say that I walked into this experience without much faith in myself, life or the effects of therapeutic treatment. I can also safely say that this experience has changed me forever. I have grown as an individual, and I am exceedingly impressed with my experiences within the renew center as well as my life. as soon as I walked into your office, my life suddenly started to change and I started to grow. I kept growing into new territories with a firmer internal foundation within me. I think what’s great about this experience, is that I was never encouraged to do anything I didn’t want to do. I was never asked to change. I found myself wanting to grow and naturally doing so. my life was in ruins, and I was exhausting myself from my addictions and psychological cycles of self-defeat. when I came to the renew center, it was like pressing the “on” button out of the hopelessness and pain that consumed my life. there is truly a back door out of a destructive life. I now believe I was intended to open it. most of my life in therapy, I had dealt with reason and ended with reason. here, it has been one revelation after another. when I got over my illness and addictions I found myself at a heightened state of awareness and self-potential. it’s a beautiful thing, stepping into yourself. constant mind-numbing therapy that didn’t work was part of my defeating lifestyle, until I came here and everything changed in the most riveting natural way. I went from hopeless to eager to motivated to driven. I went from angry to questionable to accepting to loving. I am so grateful for this spiritual journey. I came so lost in the dark and what I saw from my experience was the most beautiful thing, I saw me. Who could ask for anything else? what happened here was nothing less than a miracle.

My Daughter Lost Over 100 Pounds!

Hi Dr. Palmer. You treated my daughter about 2 years ago. She was quite lost and over 100 pounds overweight. She is a mom now, and her son is 14 months. She is graduating from college in December with a degree in social work and has lost about 70 pounds since you treated her. I wanted you to know that she still utilizes the tools you provided her with and I wanted to share her successes with you. I am very proud of her

You Have Been More Helpful than Inpatient Treatments for Our Daughter!

Dr. Palmer, my wife and I were talking recently and nothing we have done during our daughter’s recovery (not even numerous inpatient treatments) has been more helpful than your services. We really appreciate you...

Dr. Palmer is Wonderful!

Dear Dr. Palmer, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for opening my eyes to new ways of dealing with my daughters. I feel amazingly strong, even though I know I will still face battles resisting the motherly urge to “do for” them. But tonight I was successful once again…. I now realize I can fix NOTHING for these two girls, thanks to you. So through my strength I am empowering THEM to make the change! Plus I really enjoy the laughs you and I have together. Thank you for sharing the fun with me! You are wonderful!

For Once I See Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Before seeing you I was irresponsible, unmotivated, and didn’t care about what I did or how it affected my friends and family. Now, NO MORE! I found someone who can help me help myself, Dr. Palmer. With a little bit of hard work and dedication I see the Light at the end of the tunnel coming closer and closer every day. I won’t allow anything toxic in my life anymore…I will be happy again and can already see the sun peeking through the clouds. I started to love myself, like truly love and take care of myself. I have been nurturing myself, feeding myself properly, setting boundaries, being honest with my feelings, and I have addressed some issues in therapy that had not been addressed before with my family. I felt like it was coming from such a pure place inside of me. It was almost like an exorcism had taken place, like that devil inside was leaving me, and I was becoming that loving and compassionate person that I know I am.”

The Pain In My Memory Disappeared!

I felt free. The weight was gone. It was weird. I tried to think about the painful memory, and it was like I couldn’t. It was weird, I can’t explain it. I could bring up the memory, but there was like nothing attached to it. There was this weird weightlessness when I talked about the memory. It was like there was no emotion attached to it.

For Once I Am Very Hopeful!

Thank you so much, Dr. Palmer. For once, I am very hopeful! I know you have and will continue to give me the tools I need to live a healthy, balanced life. I have recalled the memory that we worked on, and my pain no longer there. Instead, I am standing strong. There is very little emotion attached to the memory now – it’s mostly courage and strength! Thank you…

The Trauma Treatment Blows Your Mind!

I tried to go back to the (painful) memory, but this time it was very neutral. I had to really focus in. I didn’t see myself. I wasn’t there, it was just like remnants. Something was there but it wasn’t clear. It was very neutral. It was almost like someone took a sheer curtain, almost like a dream. I didn’t relive the memory and it like wasn’t clear. 

Dr. Palmer is Highly Recommended for Abusive Situations!

Dr. Palmer, I will refrain from such words as magician keeping it clinically but recommending you as a unique therapist for abusive situations for men and women, and people alive in a body anywhere! My highest and grandest appreciation…”

I Got More From Dr. Palmer Than All the Other Treatment Centers I Went To!

Dr. Palmer, I have gotten more out of working with you than I have from all the treatment centers and therapists I’ve worked with. It’s been so amazing to finally get my life back and be free again and live like a normal 20-year old. I came to therapy to accomplish was healthier ways of coping; a peace when it comes to my childhood traumas; healthier relationships especially with men; stop drug use; more balance in my day to day schedule; better communication with my family; dealing with my past traumas rather than continuing to run and escape with drugs; a better understanding of myself; and living a healthy lifestyle. What I’ve accomplished so far is—abstinence from drugs; better coping skills, more balance and better living schedule; peace with my childhood; a better understanding of myself; healthier relationships; living a healthier lifestyle and better lifestyle choices; and not relapsing even in the most triggering situations! I’m truly grateful for everything you have done for me and my life and for my newfound strength!

I Had An Amazing Retreat Experience!

I Am. So. Much. Better. I cannot believe how amazing my week was in Florida with my new treatment. For the first time in my life, I am free and at peace. I cannot believe where I am compared to where I’ve been. I get it. It clicked… it’s come together. I have a lot of work left to do, but FINALLY, it all makes sense. I am enough. Me. Just me. I can take care of my kids, my finances, my life, just me. I don’t feel like I have to “be” with anyone. I don’t need anyone to care for me ~ well, I do need support, but I don’t need anyone to carry me. I am good enough for me. I love me for me. I don’t have to fill my emptiness with anyone or anything… I am filling it with me. I have never felt this way before.

Dr. Palmer has a unique type of technique to rework and rewrite painful memories. It only took 15 minutes, and it worked. I am amazed. Truly amazed. When I recall that painful memory, I smile (where before I was crushed) because I have taken that small, lost piece of me, and put her back where she belongs; safe inside me. A weight has lifted. The cloud is gone. I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot because I’m out of the darkness and in the light. I have to thank you. I’m not angry, I’m not hurt anymore. I’m just grateful…

I'm So Happy With My Life Now!

Since working with Dr. Palmer, I now believe that everything that has happened to me was for a reason. Understanding the reason will always help me move forward. For example, all that I have acted out recently has led me to Dr. Palmer, and to a book that encapsulates what I have always believed, but never been able to articulate and grasp in entirety. In particular, my recent mess, had it not happened, would have never led me to all of where I am now. And without that, I would be plodding along in “no-man’s land.” Instead, I am now poised to launch towards a new level of happiness and success – something that I felt before 2001. And now, I can take those beliefs and feelings and can go even farther than where I was then, even better, with an even higher level of happiness.

In a crazy way, I am lucky that I crashed, because it allowed me to open new and even better doors to understanding myself, and to living an even better next forty years of my life. I now believe that I have an inner strength that is coupled with healthy emotions. These same feelings and emotions that allowed me to appear weak in my sometimes crippling actions, are also the feelings and emotions that, when harvested properly, will add strength to my life, my family and my happiness. I believe that I can work on and successfully understand the past and appreciate it for its positive, and then move forward to a more successful future.

I believe I will grow old successfully, happily, and with much love from my family. I believe I will not stumble ever again in the fashion I have these last years, because I will understand the underlying causes and reasons, and will be able to successfully move forward. I believe I am strong because I did not quit during these issues, but worked hard to find the right help and find my successful future. It all led me to where I am now, and this is reaching a new pinnacle, rather than an old low. Discovering Dr. Palmer and all the things that accompany her were part of the plan. I believe I have broken through. It is all part of a new lease on life. One that is based on what I have always believed, but was lost for years behind my pain. I believe pain is now only there if you are negative towards life and want to feel it. I believe that I want happiness, and will understand the past pain in a better way and be able to move forward productively, happily, and more successfully than ever. I believe I am a winner, I am married to a winner, and my children and families are winners. I believe I am a very lucky person, and that I am making decisions going forward and viewing all results in the way that will perpetuate my luck and happiness

Dr. Palmer is Very Insightful!

Unlike other therapists, Dr. Palmer is more active in sessions, and talks as much, if not more than me and my wife. Other therapists before Dr. Palmer just sat there and looked at us. I appreciate the input she gives and feel that other therapists didn’t offer the kind of insights that Dr. Palmer offers, which helps me to see everything more clearly. I’ve really grown and learned a lot

I'm So Grateful! I Have a NORMAL Life Again!

“Hi Dr. Palmer, Thank you for allowing me to come to awareness of myself and my life slowly as I could get it, accept it. Like most things and practices in life everything is “on-the-job” training….This is the goal for which I came to you initially: to create appropriate boundaries and release my co-dependencies. I have made wonderful strides with your help and guidance. I thank you. I am grateful to you for helping me keep myself together. I know that I can slowly engage in LIFE again and maintain balance and sanity…”


I Haven't Had a Drink in Over 50 Days and Everything is Improving!

Let me begin then by expressing my sincerest thanks for all the help you’ve provided this rocky year. That was about as far as I got with the thank you letter, because, like some of the things we discussed, I needed to wait a little to see if things would start to cave again. They have not! I’m feeling better then ever, have not had a drink in almost 50 days, have gotten some more lessons, live a very active life, only went through half of my last two Adderall scripts and I’m losing a good amount of weight. I’ve met some people my age through Ultimate Frisbee which I’ve started playing a few times a week. There were some other things I was going to catch you up on too, but I don’t remember what they were. I’ll keep in touch and write a list about what else I meant to mention. Oh, I’m still in that same place you helped me find. Liking it. Thanks again for everything

This is Healing My PTSD!

My last appointment with Dr. Palmer had a tremendous effect on my emotions and the way that I look back on the specific memory on which Dr. Palmer focused. The memory was very traumatic and had a larger impact on my life and behavior today than I thought.

I Finally Got Help and Feel Amazing!

“Hi Beautiful Doctor! I’ve been Rock Star healthy due to your help. I’ve raved about my very successful therapy to many people. I’ve mentioned you to some celebs also……”