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The Rescue Me Project

1300 (Suite E.) John R. St.
Muscle Shoals Al , 35661
(256) 661-0087

A great group of people who care about kids and is very interested in their future. If your child/children needs a mentor, I highly recommend these great group of people.

I would like to thank everyone that takes time to help the kids and make sure that they are on the right paths in life y’all are doing a great job with the kids and I want to thank y’all for everything y’all do

I cannot say enough positive things about The Rescue Me Project and each person affiliated with it. We are so thankful they take time out of their schedule to come speak to our youth each month.

RMP visits us often. The youth at Stones River Academy are privileged to a wide variety services that assist my staff with their treatment. RMP touches all topics, very diversified, and friendly with our students. Me, my team, and youth look forward to seeing you soon.