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The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers

My son loves his membership in the society!!

This was such a gift for my son when he was catching on that mom and dad were Santa. Bringing him into the fold of knowledge softened the blow and made him feel like such a good big brother -- he has taken the vows of being a secret-keeper so seriously for his little sister. He loved the medallion and the leather-bound journal. It's a fantastic value. The products are so high-quality and the idea is just fantastic. I highly highly recommend this for any child who is questioning.

Highly recommend this!!

The best way to keep the magic alive

When my nephew started to give me those judgy, squinty eyes when I talked about Santa, I knew that the truth about "seasonal magic" had somehow found its way into his young ears. Not wanting him to influence his younger sister–and while still waiting him to have joy and excitement about the holidays for himself–I got a copy of "Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers" for my sister-in-law to give to him. It's been wonderful to watch him find a new magic in Santa (and the other holiday friends) and to actually get more enjoyment in keeping the mystery alive for his sister than he felt when he was still worrying about being on Santa's nice list. I really can't recommend this book enough if you are looking for something to help transition a child in your life to a more mature understanding of "seasonal magic" while simultaneously encouraging reading, activity and a whole slew of good behaviors!