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From student to teacher.

If it wasn’t for Theatreworx I would not be where I am today.

Starting at the age of ten, little did I know how much of an influence TheatreworX would have on my life. It was very hard not to get lost in all the fun and excitement Theatreworx had to offer. There was nothing I loved more than attending my classes every week, learning new dances, singing all my favourite songs, having hilarious fun with all of my friends in drama and, of course, preparing for our end of year shows.

I particularly loved when we were given the chance to perform excerpts from shows such as Wicked, West Side Story, Hairspray, and Les Miserables. Working on these popular Broadway and West End musicals opened my eyes to the musical theatre world, learning from a young age the process of auditioning, taking direction, dancing within an ensemble, learning dialogue and acting through song.As my love for performance developed, Theatreworx provided many opportunities to pursue this passion (professional Pantomimes, Musicals, TV performances, Cabarets and LAMDA exams), nurturing and allowing me to find confidence in my craft and opening doors for me to become more involved in Ireland’s theatre industry. Claire has been such an influential and encouraging teacher. Her guidance in my pre-professional, as well as my professional career, has been extraordinary. Without a doubt, training under Claire, and alongside many wonderful teachers throughout my years in Theatreworx, provided me with required skills for a life in this industry, which I still use today. After Theatreworx, I went on to achieve my BA honours degree in Music and Performance in NUI Maynooth and furthered my studies in Musical Theatre at London’s Associated Studios. Performance credits include ; Orange Girl in Shout the Mod Musical, Laura in The Look of Love: Music of Burt Bacharach, Legends in Concert - The Vegas Show (Stacy Walker, Travis Payne), Ensemble in Elements (Patti Wilcox),  Lead Vocalist in Band on the Run, Soul Rockin Nights (Norwegian Creative Studios), backing vocalist for Josh Groban - All Echoes World Tour, Sharpay Evans in High School Musical (Midas Productions), Jewel in Aladdin (Theatreworx Productions), Let it Go Vocalist on the TV3 Toy Show (Theatreworx), Magician’s Assistant for Jorgos Magic in Times Square NYC, Singer/Dancer in Wilde Nights Cabaret (Dial M for Music). I am currently travelling the world as a Production Cast Principal Vocalist for Norwegian Cruise Line Entertainment in their headlining production shows. And now I'm delighted and proud to say that I am now the Director of Singing with TheatreworX from which I hope to encourage and nurture students to find the same love for everything TheatreworX has to offer, that I had. 

Loved every second of TheatreworX

I was a student with TheatreWorx for many years and I loved every second of my time there. The teachers were excellent and really addressed my needs as a performer. I was given help and guidance throughout my training and was lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to do Helix Chrsitmas panto. I would highly recommend this stage school to anyone who is considering it as a new hobby or if you are looking to pursue it farther, as a career just as I did.

Inpiration, encouragement & fun!

It's funny how as a child our parents throw us into various activities, praying something will eventually fit. I know my parents definitely did. I think I only survived about two weeks of karate. But I joined TheatreWorx when I was seven and something clicked. As cliché as it sounds I kind of found my calling. I became so in love with performing, being one of those children who constantly annoyed their parents by putting on silly voices and parading about the sitting room. I was instantly hooked on theatre. I'm now going into my third year at a Drama UK affiliated Drama School and loving every moment; every 40 hour week, tiring rehearsals and stressful show week. I am absolutely living my dream. But I would have never been able to achieve all that without TheatreWorx. It was there I got to perform on my first big stage, it was there I was introduced to The Stanislavsky acting methods and where I got the foundation of my acting knowledge from. At TheatreWorx the students get the opportunity to do LAMDA exams, giving them a taste for what an actual Drama School audition is like. I achieved distinction in my final Grade 8 LAMDA exam and I knew I had to pursue this career, work my butt off and get into Drama school. I got to tackle monologues from Shakespeare to O'Casey and I just knew this is what I'd be doing for the rest of my life. So I wanted to say a huge thank you to Claire and all the teachers and students at TheatreWorx for all the inspiration, encouragement and fun. And for starting me on my journey of becoming a professional actor. I only hope more kids can experience what I did, and catch that contagious bug for theatre.

Kick started my inner performer!

I am very proud to say that Theatreworx kick started my inner performer. It was with Claire and the rest of the crew I learned not only the basic skills required for on stage performances, but also performance analysis, how to recognise well written monologues and plays but most of all my confidence grew immensely. Theatreworx broadened my musical theatre knowledge by teaching us a new and wacky showtune almost every week. Along with the friendly and welcoming classes, the annual shows are what make it. Claire's ability to give each student a fair chance on stage, boosts the confidence of everyone on stage and she never slacks on the amount of effort and time that goes into preparing the shows. Thanks to Theatreworx and the experience I received I am now glad to say that I am currently studying Performing Arts in the home of Irish Theatre, Galway. Where after one year I have so far worked in the Galway theatre festival, the taibhearch theatre, the ISDA festival and I also do monthly performances with Theatre Rooms.

Can't recommend it enough!

My daughter absolutely loves Theatreworx - she used to be quite shy but has really come out of her shell since joining a few years ago.  She enjoys all aspects of it - the dancing, drama and singing.  She loves being on stage and gets a real buzz performing in the annual show in the Helix.  As a parent, I am in total awe of Claire and her team - they manage to bring out the best in everyone and every child gets a chance to shine.  Can't recommend Theatreworx enough for building your child's confidence and self-esteem and most of all a place for them to have fun and make friends.

Best for personal development!

I studied with TheatreWorx for 6 years and across that time I had the opportunity to learn from some of the top professionals in the theatre industry. TheatreWorx not only offers the highest quality class content but also an open and friendly environment where any child can develop creatively as well as socially. My time with TheatreWorx provided me with a springboard to go on to work professionally as an actor, producer and director across theatre, television and radio. Claire and the TheatreWorx team have continued to strive to offer the best opportunities for personal development for every one of their students, without them I would not be the happy, confident performer I am today! 

TheatreworX is FANTASTIC!

TheatreworX is a fantastic drama/dance school. For over ten years now, my four children have been students and it has helped their confidence and self-esteem grow so much. 

The work that the team give is 110% always, from the LAMADA exams to their yearly show in the Helix, the students are so well prepared for everything. 

Nothing is left to chance, their commitment to the students is paramount and never fallible. 

The team at Theatreworx is rock solid, they work incredibly well together and I am   constantly blown away by their consistent enthusiasm and non-stop energy! 

Having helped out back stage at the Helix shows, the amount of work that goes into each show, is phenomenal, so organised on every front! 

TheatreworX also is one of the most inclusive dramas schools I have certainly come across and their commitment to this is admirable! 

From a shy 12 year old to Performer

Theatreworx for me was the springboard to the life I have today. As a shy youngster 12 years ago, Claire and the team introduced me to experiences, opportunities, a great group of friends and instilled a confidence in me which has allowed me to pursue what makes me truly happy, performance. Being a student at theatreworx and being a part of some amazing productions opened doors to a great many things , both in my early development as a person and professional work as an actor including my favorite role to date as Reecey in Theatreworx own production of ''Our House: The Madness Musical'' at the Olympia Theatre. To this day Claire and everybody I've met through this theatre school have been the most down to earth, welcoming and fun people to work with and learn from.

Since leaving I have gone on to not only work for Claire in a professional capacity but was also fortunate enough to be accepted to train at the Drama Centre London, which I feel is a direct result of having spent so many years learning and gaining experience from the people and opportunities at Theatreworx. Most recently I have performed in the London Irish Rep's inaugural Season in Kilburn and am currently starring in Craig David's latest music video ,with a documentary web series in post production working with Replay Media in London. 

I owe a great deal to my time spent as a student at Theatreworx and am delighted it has continued to grow and provide more and more students with the same great times that I had growing up!