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The only way back home is to forgive.

When I’m truly inspired, I write...
How powerful this way of thinking and LIVING IS! When we can overcome the natural human tendency of holding an ugly grudge, nothing is impossible. The chains we attach to ourselves when we allow our hearts to remain closed and consumed by anger, hurt and fear can be dangerously limiting. Bound by these heavy shackles, parts of our hearts and souls go dormant and if left in this state for long, the risk of permanent damage is real once a crack forms. As the crack deepens and widens, our exposed heart and soul start to die from the poison allowed in. We’re no longer whole-hearted nor freely floating in even the calmest of waters. The cracked vessel we’ve become is unaware when it starts to drift, going further and further off course. Before we know it, we’re circling in cold, black and unfamiliar water ~ which eventually starts to feel more and more familiar. Like birds with broken wings, we settle for flying low as our minds are unaware of the brokenness. Precious time keeps passing til it finally occurs to us that we’re no longer fully and freely soaring. But with complacency and acceptance, we stay within our new boundaries since we’ve forgotten how it feels to be way up high in the sky. We now live ~ exist ~ in a different habitat far from the one for which we were originally designed. And the only way out of this place of false happiness and security is to face the insecurities which placed us there. The only way back home is to forgive.