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FINALLY Something That Works!

I have tried everything, spent thousands of dollars I am sure to try to lose my pregnancy weight. I have had 2 children and gained a large amount of weight during my pregnancy that did not leave after. I have tried eating programs, exercise, paid personal trainers, tried every pill I can find and although I lose a few pounds it just doesn't stay and is so hard. I started using your Thintonic tea about 7 months ago and I was first impressed with the amazing flavor. I didn't notice anything the first week but the scale showed I had lost 4 pounds, hmm I continued and by 30 days I had lost 12 lbs doing nothing really. So I bought your 3 packet deal and drank the tea everyday twice a day for the next 3 months, I started to notice that I was not eating as much as I normally would, I wasn't really hungry. I had a ton of energy and started going to the gym (have not been in years!) After the 3 months I had lost almost 30lbs !!!! I could not believe it! My goal is to lose a total of 60lbs. I purchased your new Ultra Tea and WOW this one works 3 times stronger than the original. I could not eat, pizza is my favorite food and on a cheat day I want pizza, I could eat 4 or 5 slices, with the Ultra I could barely finish one slice, I was too full and could not believe I could not eat more. There is something amazing with this Ultra, I seriously eat maybe a quarter of what I have always eaten and now just share plates with others because I cannot finish. Please keep this Ulta, I hope its not a seasonal thing. It is amazing! Thank you so much, I can say for a fact that your tea has helped me lose a total of 47 lbs in 7 months! thank you thank you for giving me my confidence back.

Taste Amazing & Really Works

I was so impressed with the amazing flavor of this tea, it makes me actually enjoy this diet! Other teas I have tried taste horrible and made it hard to stick to the detox. So What I did was I drank the tea for my breakfast everyday as I fasted for a Keto diet. I did this for the 30 days with some cardio 3 times a week and after my 30 days I lost 12 pounds! but even more I lost 3 inches around my stomach, 2 inches from each leg and an inch from my arms. In person that is a HUGE difference!!! I am so excited I am going to do this detox a couple times of year, I felt great on it. Thank you so much!!!!

Love your Tea lost 15 pounds

"I wanted to send in a before and after picture of my results for using your ThinTonic Tea for the past 3 months. I purchased your 3 pack and took a before picture before drinking your tea, I am glad I did. I am so happy with my results, I have lost 15 pounds in the past 3 months. I really feel the tea helped me with my cravings for unhealthy foods, it made me feel full faster so I didn't eat as much as normal. After losing 7 pounds the first month, I decided to add running to my routine since the tea gave me the energy to do so. I love the taste of your tea, it is sweet on its own and has a mix of great flavors. I started out drinking 3 cups of tea a day, I can handle caffeine well so I thought I'd jump into it. It has been great, easy and just in time for my tropical vacation, I'll be sporting a new bikini this year with confidence. My husband has enjoyed the results and started drinking the tea as well".


This detox tea is amazing! lost 12 pounds in the month I drank it. It taste incredible which makes it easy to drink. No sweetener necessary. I drank 3 cups of tea before each meal, which made me feel somewhat full prior to eating and really reduced the amount I would normally eat. I was full faster and at less which helped me lose the weight. I did try to stick to a healthy diet of high protein, healthy fat and low carbs as well. It made it easier for me because I didn't really crave the sugar and carbs like I normally do. This was the easiest and most tasty way to diet. I just bought their 3 pack! Going for another 8 pounds to lose.


"I am so Thankful for THINTonic Detox Tea! I started drinking it a year ago. The first time I did the detox I lost 12 pounds in that first month. I enjoyed drinking the tea, it taste amazing and I really felt it helped me with my cravings and controlled my hunger. I also had more energy, I started out drinking 3 cups a day because I like all women wanted the fastest results. I would drink it hot in the morning then make a big jug of ice tea for the day. After my fist 12 pounds I was so excited to find something that worked it motivated me to start making some real life changes. I hit the gym and started to eat healthier foods. I cut out all of my calorie drinks and replaced them with ThinTonic Tea and lemon water. I decided to do the detox every other month. Each time I do the Detox I lose from 7-12 pounds that month. I have lost a total of 62 pounds and feel like I have a new life! Although I changed my lifestyle and began going to the gym 5 times a week and eating healthier to lose that amount of weight, I give huge credit to ThinTonic Tea for the jumpstart and for helping me control my hunger and cravings. This has been a very positive experience and I would recommend ThinTonic Detox Tea to anyone. I am proud to provide you with my Before and After pictures! Thank you for helping change my life I will continue to drink ThinTonic Tea to help keep me my weight under control !"  Loyal Customer of 1 year

Met New Years GOAL ! First Time Ever

Ok, so every year I set myself a New Years Resolution goal to lose weight. This year I wanted to lose 10 pounds and intensify my workout. I really love that your site encourages being strong and not skinny. I am going for the strong look and weight training, eating a lot of protein. I bought your tea the end of December and started drinking it January 1st that was my goal. It is now January 20th and I have lost the 10 pounds! Seriously I did not expect to lose that fast! plus I know some of the weight is even added muscle so that is even more weight that I really lost. What I did was drink ThinTonic Tea every morning when I woke up and again at noon. This literally made me feel full all day. I forced myself to eat protein and healthy carbs. I hit the gym 5 days a week for some cardio and weight training. I can see such a huge difference. I stopped drinking the tea to see it I really needed it or if my weight loss was purely working out and I started to feel hungry and eat more and crave carbs and sugar. That is when I knew, ok, I need this tea. I went back to drinking it and continue to lose weight and reshape my body. Thank you.

Lost 18 Pounds in 10 weeks !

I cannot say enough about this tea. For one it is the best tasting tea ever! I am not sure what the flavor is, some cinnamon and other sweet tasting heaven. I love waking up and smelling my tea, it really is a mind body experience. But for the real reason I wanted to write this testimonial. I have tried so many diets, working out and diet pills to try to lose weight and I would lose, then gain back because I always felt hungry on my diets. I tried your tea and I could not believe how little I was eating, I rarely felt hungry and I had a ton of energy. I could also see when I used the little girls room that it was also really good at detoxing without that laxative affect. Overall I feel amazing and I have lost 18 pounds in the past 10 weeks drinking your tea. I felt it came off slowly but consistently but it is staying off, which is what really matters. I was drinking 2-3 cups of tea a day and now that I am happy with my weight I cut it down to just one cup in the morning. I also took your advise to hit the gym and do weight training and I just started the Keto diet after reading your blog, wow that Keto diet has given me way more energy and I am eating even less with all that fat in my diet because it is so filling. It has only been 2 weeks on the Keto diet and I love it! I will come back and do another testimonial after a couple months of the tea and keto. Thank you for your great content and product.

Thank You for such a great Tea!

I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for such an amazing tea. It tastes soo yummy it literally is the one thing that makes me want to wake up every morning. So the reason I bought your tea, was because I was finding it hard to lose my last 15 pounds or so. I am not that disciplined when it comes to food and when I diet, I always feel like I am starving, so then I overeat! I know its bad. So I read that your tea helps minimize food cravings and helps you feel full. I was interested and hoped it would work. WoW! I cannot believe after just the first cup of tea, I was not hungry and when my husband asked what I felt like for dinner, I couldn't answer because I literally had no craving! Now for me, that is a bit of a miracle. It continued to have that affect on me and even my favorite sweets did not sound good to me, it took away that craving. Amazing. So since I was eating less, craving less I am happy to say after 8 weeks of drinking your tea I have lost my 15 pounds and I feel better than ever !! Full of energy, detoxed and just healthy. So Thank you so much for providing this tea ! I have told all my friends about it! If you ever want a reseller, I would totally do it. Just putting it out there. 

Yummy Tea and lost 8 pounds first month

I agree with everyone who has posted that your tea taste amazing! I dont know what you do to make it smell and taste so heavenly! Seriously I have had a lot of detox teas and they all taste so bitter and gross. I can drink yours everyday with no problem because it taste so amazing. I have been drinking your tea now for a month and I cannot believe that I have lost 8 pounds. It's hard to believe because even though I meant to start exercising and eating better, I didnt really do all that good with that. All I did was drink 2 cups of tea a day and it seriously took away my hunger pangs and helped me eat less. I am so happy that I lost the 8 pounds and now for month two, I am going to add healthier eating and weight training to my regimen and look forward for even better results.


Thank You! I LOVE LOVE your tea! It taste soo good. As soon as it came in the mail, I could smell how wonderful it was going to be. I was so surprised how sweet it already is. I love drinking it both hot and cold. Since drinking this tea for the past 3 weeks, I have noticed a huge difference in my gut. I am less bloated and more regular with ease. I have more energy and am less hungry than normal, eating smaller portions then normal. I have lost 6 pounds doing nothing but drinking the tea. So I am going to start exercising and choosing some healthier foods to eat to get even better results. Thank you for such a great product. 

Easiest Weight Loss Ive Tried

I cant believe I was able to lose weight drinking tea. I was skeptical but with your black friday sale I figured I would give it a try. It has only been a few weeks and I have lost 8 pounds without doing anything but drinking the tea twice a day. I just dont feel as hungry and eat much less than normal. It is amazing. I am now going to add exercise to my routine for even greater weight loss. Thank you and I love the flavor. Please dont ever change a thing about your tea.

Best Tea and Losing Weight

I seriously am addicted to your tea! It taste amazing even without any sweetener. Not only do I drink it daily out of pure satisfaction of taste buds but I have noticed that it makes me not as hungry as normal. I am eating half of what I would normally eat and have lost 8 pounds after my first month doing nothing but adding the tea to my daily diet. That is pretty amazing. I am here to buy another bag and oh man this sale you have going is amazing, I'm going to buy 6 bags and stock up !!!! thank you, keep up the good work.

Amazing Tea dropped 26 pounds

I cannot believe how well drinking you tea worked for me. At first I did not exercise or really eat healthy, I just drank your tea and weight was coming off. I then decided to take your site's recommendation to make this a healthy lifestyle not a diet, so I started exercising and eating healthier in as little as 9 weeks now I have lost 26 pounds and feel amazing. I thought I just wanted to lose weight but once I started to change my diet and lifestyle I realized I was not just thinner, I was healther! Now I am obsessed with my new lifestyle of exercise and eating healthy and feel better than ever before. I started out drinking 3 cups of tea a day both hot and cold. Now I just drink one glass of ice tea in the afternoon and I have been able to maintain my new weight. Thank you not only for the tea but also for the diet plan and tips. You made changing my lifestyle easy and I feel healthy for the first time since being a teenager. Thank You. Oh also thank you for your generous offer of sending a free month supply of tea by providing you with this picture and testimonia. It is very generous of you.

Enjoying my 13 pound weight loss

I love Yoga and paddle boarding they both relax me and I enjoy the exercise from both of them. I have been trying to lose my last 10 pounds but have not been able to until I started drinking your tea almost 4 weeks ago, I have lost 13 pounds and feel amazing, I am able to do a lot more yoga poses and paddle much quicker now that I am more fit. I would recommend this tea to anyone. I am buying my second bag now. 

Thank You Lost 20 pounds

thank you for your great tea, it works amazing I have lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks and I look and feel amazing. I have taken back my life and look better than ever. Thank you Thin Tonic Tea

Beach Body for 4th of July

I worked very hard to be bikini ready for my 4th of July vacation at the beach. I was soo excited when I was told by my friend about your tea. I started using it first week of June and lost 12 pounds by forth of July with a goal of 15 pounds I was stoaked to miss it by only 3 pounds in such a short time. It was easy just adding 1-2 cups a tea a day. My only suggestion is to offer tea bags since the lose tea was new for me and took me some time to figure out how to use it. But it worked amazing, so really its not that big of a deal. Perhaps you can make a video how to make your own tea bags for those of us who never used lose tea. Thank you for my new beach body. 

Lost 28 pounds!

I am not one to write testimonials, I am a mother of 4 children and just dont have the time. But I wanted to quickly say Thank You. I started using Thin Tonic Detox Tea 2 months ago and I have lost 28 pounds. I am thinner than I have been in years and finally feel sexy again. Thank You for that.

Awesome Tea for weight loss

I live a healthy lifestyle already but have a hard time losing that stubborn last 10 pounds. I was really impressed with your site and how much you encourage not just losing weight but to actually make healthy lifestyle changes. Since I live by the same principles I decided to try out your thin tonic tea. I was very impressed with the flavor and how quickly it worked at stopping my hunger and cravings. It's been 3 weeks and I have lost 11 pounds. 1 more pound than I even planned. I am ready for the beach this year ! whoo hoo bikini shopping time!

Taste Good and I look Good

Ok I just have to say your tea taste soo good. I was expecting somewhat herbal bitter flavor compared to other slimming teas I have tried but I was surprised to find ThinTonic Tea to be a little sweet, hard to pinpoint the flavor but its yummy. I love it mostly as an ice tea. I have finished my first bag of thintonic tea and I have lost 12 pounds my first month. My goal was to lose 18 pounds so I am almost there. Im on your site today buying my second bag. I am so excited for my new body and to see how far your tea can take me. Thank You

Lost 22 pounds in 2 months

I am very excited that I have lost 22 pounds in 2 months thanks to drinking your ThinTonic tea. It taste great and is easy to brew. I drink a hot cup in the morning then ice tea through out the day. It keeps me from feeling hungry and really gives me energy to exercise without that feeling of jitters. I've tried other slimming teas and they had me running to the bathroom all day which made using it impossible at work. I loved that drinking your tea is like any other tea, no side effects just less hungry and weight loss. It is kind of hard to believe that just drinking an herbal tea could help this much but it did. I am so excited to go shopping for clothes now. Thank you for giving me my confidence back.

Amazing Taste and I've lost 15 pounds

I not only love the weight loss effects of your tea but the flavor is so yummy. I can drink it everyday and not get tired of it. I have been drinking ThinTonic Tea for a month now and I have lost 15 pounds. I am sorry I am too shy to send you any pictures but I wanted to at least leave a testimonial that this tea works. If anyone is thinking about it, I totally recommend it. I drank 1-2 glasses a day and it kept me from feeling hungry and actually stopped my cravings for sweets! which is a big deal. Great stuff keep it up. I hope you will have a sale soon, I need to stock up.

THANK YOU I lost 65 pounds!

I wanted to thank you for changing my life. I wasn't sure if a couple cups of tea could actually help me lose weight but I had tried everything so figured I would give it a shot. I could not believe the first day drinking your Thin Tonic Tea that I did not feel as hungry as normal and I ate about half my normal meals. After the first week I lost 6 pounds, 12 more the second week and by 5 months of drinking 2 cups of Thin Tonic Tea a day I had lost 65 pounds. I continue to drink it to maintain. I am now hitting the gym to tone up my body. I cannot believe how easy it really was. I did try to follow your suggestion of clean eating and exercise so with all of it together I could not be happier. Thank You. I was wondering if you can do a rewards program, since I buy so much of the tea. Please let me know.