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Three Brews Tea

Middlebury Connecticut
United States


After receiving my first order of "Three Brews Tea", I was impressed immediately... The reusable infuser is wonderful !!!.The instructions on each of the teas are an easy read for a perfectly steeped cup of tea. The lemongrass/Green Tea, is the highest quality of green tea, I've ever had. This tea "Sets the Bar" for all other green teas... The Cinnamon/Orange Peel, provides an unexpected "Pick Me Up" in the afternoon.. MORE PLEASE !!! The Lovely Night's Tea. How awesome! to finally wake-up to feeling relaxed and refreshed from the past endless/sleep less nights of tossing and turning. The value, l have received from these teas, far exceed the cost.


I didn't know what I was missing in terms of quality and authenticity by steeping store-bought tea bags for so long. These teas and tisanes are thoughtfully and artfully created to optimize the benefits of each ingredient and taste superior! Taking a sip of freshly brewed, steaming Three Brews Tea is like a bear hug from your favorite person! Thank you Three Brews Tea, for your commitment to quality and health :)