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Tiffany Freeman Studio

55 West Railroad Ave, Building 24 unit U
Garnerville NY , 10923

Blown away!

I have had not one but two mind blowing pieces created by Tiffany. Besides the beautiful pieces created the experience of working with Tiffany it’s self is mind blowing. I love how she took the time to learn the why both times I asked for a piece, learning about the person it was for. This time taken and questions asked helped bring the paintings to life with attention detail.

Bringing memories to life

There aren’t enough words to truly capture the essence of Tiffany’s work. She’s painted two amazing portraits for me that hang proudly in my home. The first one is of my grandmother. With a picture, Tiffany was able to capture my grandmother’s spirit on canvas honoring both my grandmother’s memory and her legacy beautifully. My mother smiles every time she looks at the portrait of her mother and that smile is priceless. The second portrait was of my soon to be husband and I on the day we got engaged and has become such an important part of our home. It truly is a piece of art we both treasure because it commemorates a day that’s special to both he and I. Throughout each commission Tiffany is wonderful, she walks you through the process of picking the canvas size, answering questions and shows you progress pictures so you can witness how the painting comes together. I will continue to commission paintings from Tiffany because there’s something magical in the way she’s able to capture memories with paint and canvas.

Live Drawing Sessions

Tiffany provided a beautiful and inclusive studio space for me to explore with my art on Saturdays. I enjoy the live figure study sessions because it provides a community of other artists to work with and the structure is nice as well. It is a calming experience and great way for me to spend my Saturday afternoon. Tiff gave really good tips to improve my drawing when I asked. She is an artist who seeks to do more than creating amazing work. The conversations we'll have in the studio regarding art also makes me look at myself and the world in deeper ways I wouldn't have thought of before.


Tiffany is absolutely superb, delivering high quality portraits that will last for lifetimes. I commissioned a wedding gift for my sister of her and her husband, and they cried when they saw it. Real tears!!!! The gift was so precious because of Tiffany’s impeccable eye and attention to detail. She worked with me to choose the best photo and updated me on the progress at every stage, sending gorgeous progress photos that were works of art in their own right. I have also worked with Tiffany for personal projects (prints, waist beads, dream catchers, and more) and can attest that she is incredibly versatile and an all-around stellar artist.

Living for the live portraits!

I sat for a live portrait with Tiffany and it was such a fun experience! She made sure I was comfortable in my pose and we took breaks as needed. Her ability to capture the moment in time right in front of me truly floored me. The portrait came out so beautiful! If you get the opportunity to be painted by her expert hand do not pass it up!!


Tiffany always captures a certain something, an essence of the subject. She painted my dog after he passed and it made me cry. I don't understand how she captures the soul of every person she paints but everyone always mentions it. Not only does it look identical but you can literally FEEL her paintings. It's truly an experience.


Tiffany's focus is unmatched and it's no wonder that her attention to the details that matter are so perfect. It's amazing how good she is it's sometimes scary how real her paintings look.

This painting >>>>>

My sister surprised me and my husband with a painting of one of our favorite engagement photo shots. I honestly was so stunned and overwhelmed. Tiffany is an INCREDIBLE artist, i can’t wait to get more of her art work in my house!!! Seriously, i can’t say enough incredible things about her and the job that she did