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VOI Consulting Group

7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas Nevada , 89128
United States

Thanks. Friendly, informational rep. 

I would like to thank Phillip Holguin for all the information about my timeshare.  I would recommend him as a consult in any timeshare business.  Thank you for the valuable information you gave me.

Huge Kudos to Mr. Balderas, he & his team are practically perfect, & we'll pay their kindness forward! Remember: read (wording is vital), listen (VOI doesn’t terminate/buy/sell/rent, but they do strategize), inquire (specific to your situation [ovations &/or retainer]), be patient (don’t leave their valuable seminar before informing why you might want to leave [they can help]), call back (they answer after-thoughts), & be kind (VOI’s humanitarians/teammates are truly priceless). We received every patience, answer, kindness, consideration, our feedback (for perfection within advertisement & process) was welcomed, & the meal nourished us (to be sharp[er]). God Bless, Protect, & Nourish Mr. Balderas, Commendable VOI Team!

Enlightening, an eye opener! Thank you VOI!

VOI gave us so much valuable information I learned so much on how to maximize my timeshare usage. Dion, thank you so much for your help, my timeshare now will be able to give me so much more benefits and be much more beneficial to me and my family. 

Very informative seminar, all of my questions were answered. Highly recommend VOI for all of your Timeshare consulting needs. 

The professional knowledge and expertise that Phillip and Carlos displayed was beyond reproach. This organization & personnel are most accommodating. I am delighted with this company and highly recommend them to any Timeshare owner. 

They provided all of the necessary information I needed in regards to my timeshare, that was never brought to my attention before. They were all very trustworthy, patient and genuinely willing to help with all of my concerns. Thank you for everything VOI!

Very informative regarding the cautions that need to be heeded in getting out of the timeshare.

We really appreciate the information we received from VOI and now feel confident that we will be able make informed decisions regarding our timeshare investments. 

Info very useful. Would call again if needed. Staff was very knowledgable & efficient! Very pleasant!

Just attended VOI'S informational program in Plymouth, MA. Extremely helpful information for my wife and I as long term time share owners. Exposed to new information to help us best manage our time shares in the future. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, I would rate this seminar as a 5, Excellent! 

VOI Consulting Group provided us with the guidance to have a more secure future. 

Dion, Senior Consultant at VOI, facilitated my needs in Timeshare Education with clarity, patience, understanding and professionalism. 

Very productive information. We enjoyed the professionalism of the staff and received loads of great information. 

So glad this was finally explained so I could move forward with my Timeshare knowledgeably. Thank you VOI. 

VOI Consulting Group was very informative, we did not know many of the updates & changes in the industry so we appreciated the education we received. 

This was the most exciting experience that we have ever had! Having been scammed before we came in to the seminar leery but came out so thankful for VOI's patience in ensuring we understood all the ins and outs of the industry.