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Tom Dheere

West 34th Street,408
New York New York , 10001
United States

Tom is the Master of VO marketing. His "How Do I Market My Demo?" webinar is a must take class for any voice artist. Tom's "tell it like it is" approach is refreshing and a reminder to us all that we can run a successful VO business if we set tangible, realistic goals, have a well thought out plan and pursue our profession with dedication and determination. Being a pragmatist at heart, I love Tom's pragmatic approach to the business of voice acting. Tom is also an excellent coach, patient, fun to work with and committed to getting the most out of his students. It was a pleasure working with him on a recent demo.

Tom is the go to guy for all things E-Learning. I’m refocusing on the VO world after a long break and Tom has been incredibly helpful both in clarifying the current markets and as an efficient and patient coach. He recently produced my E-Learning demo and I’m extremely happy with the results and feedback. Tom is also a respected expert on the business processes of VO, particularly direct marketing. If you’re new or struggling with the project management aspect of running your VO business, working with Tom is a must.

I attended Tom's webinar on "How Do I Market My Demo?" Finally there's someone who explains how to get yourself in front of the right people in a very comprehesive manner. I'm looking forward to putting his methods to work and to get an ROI on my demo! Thanks, Tom!

I took the "How Do I Market My Demo?" workshop with Tom yesterday and it was chock-full of great information. This is the second class I've taken with Tom, and he has the great ability to take the complex concepts of marketing and branding and make them approachable. I wish I could have him on speed dial to answer all of the VO related questions that come up every day. Looking forward to the next one!

'Can't say enough about working with Tom Dheere. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the VO business, I found him to be an excellent e-learning coach! He's insightful, communicative, efficient...and really fun! I learned a great deal from Tom, and was very happy with the e-learning demo he helped me create. Go ahead - book a session!!

Tom assessed my voiceover progress during each session. He strategically incorporated new growth and learning challenges into each session that led to an eLearning demo that I and others love! Tom provides an honest critique of your capabilities and helps you to make make the right adjustments (solid choices) that result on better, long-term voiceover skills overall. As a result, I continue to work with Tom to maintain and enhance my skills. His honesty along with his voiceover, acting and business knowledge are immeasurable in terms of the value he can provide to any voiceover artist's repertoire of voiceover skills. Thanks, Tom!

If you're feeling lost and discouraged, Tom is the perfect person to help guide you where you want to go. I always recommend a 1-on-1 session to people who ask me how to get into voiceover because Tom will take time to listen to your concerns and provide honest feedback on solutions you can use right now in your business. Plus he's ethical and a fabulous human. Book a strategy session with Tom today!

Tom presented a class on marketing for the Voice Actors of NYC group, and it was an amazing experience! Tom provided a great deal of helpful information for both beginning voice actors like myself, and more experienced voice actors. The class was both informative and interesting, and I would definitely be interested in future events presented by Tom!

Working with Tom is a smart thing to do for clarity and efficacy in your VO business — and your life. And it’s fun, too! With a series of pointed questions and a concentrated dose of business savvy, Tom helped me get right to the core of my VO business vision and set me up with clear strategies to help it unfold the way I want it to. He’s intelligent, kind, organized, supportive and delightfully enthusiastic, all of which feels really GOOD. And his website is a generous well of insightful posts that inspire, inform and entertain. I really appreciate Tom’s perspective and the specific recommendations he made for my VO trajectory.

Tom gets to the heart of the issue very precisely and logically. Within our diagnostic session, he was able to evaluate my demos, discuss my marketing plans, mission statement and the "business" behind my voiceover business. Tom is not only a great voiceover talent, he's a great business person.

Art. Science. Organization. Tom Dheere blends them all with clear thinking, enthusiasm, and know-how so that you're walking out of each session with energy and inspiration to spare. Time with Tom, supported by his resource-deep website, provides a foundation of solid information you can use to muscle up your abilities and get optimistic about your VO future. Tom is excited about what he does -- and a big part of what he does is to share that excitement with you.

Tom was great at zeroing in on the specific areas of my VO business that were not receiving the attention they needed. As a  result, I was empowered to create a much healthier and more balanced strategy to move forward with. Tom is great at using analogy, common sense and humour to get straight to the root of any challenges, and how to resolve them.  I am very grateful to Tom for my fresh direction and approach.

It is a privilege working with Tom Dheere. He really knows and understands the business. He has also helped many voice talent and is overall important to the Voice Over industry.

I had a very inspiring session with Tom. He's a very well organized thinker and doer; brilliant at communicating strategies and pulling original ideas out of you. I would highly recommend a session with him - had a very fruitful consultation with him - well worth the spondulix.

Already in my first VO Strategist session with Tom Dheere, Tom identified specific areas of my workflow, I could immediately work on.

Tom gave me tools to set more accurate goals, and most importantly, Tom helped me develop a 'scaffolding' to keep my business productive even in the day-to-day trenches of 'life happens'.

Thank you Tom Dheere for your insight, expertise and professionalism!

Tom is a great resource for ideas on organizing one's business. He's able to pinpoint where your day falls through the cracks and come up with ways to help keep you from constantly trying to “catch up with yourself”. And while his overall strategies are a great road map, he really shines at coming up with specific solutions to those individual quirks we all have that often keep us from making the most of our days. His advice has been spot on.

Tom knows a lot about the Voice industry and he knows a lot about People. In just one session he was able to analyze my business and pinpoint the weaknesses. He was spot on! I am putting into practice everything we discussed. My business will be better organized and more lucrative thanks to Tom.
His manner is relaxed and friendly and he is able to listen and evaluate quite effectively. I'm proud to recommend him wholeheartedly.

Tom has been an invaluable asset to my career. When I was first starting off, Tom sat with me and consulted me on everything in the business. He couldn't have been more personable and I learned so much from him. Whether a narrator or a teacher, I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants to learn more about the Voice Over World. I still go to him time to time for simple questions and he never hesitates to get back to me with the best advice.