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Zuma Topicals, Inc.

California , 90265
United States

Amazing rub

I have for hip replacements badd badd back No matter what I do for pain it doesn't help Took every pain killer in the Book lots of them they cause me more pain ended up on suboxone To get off the drugs I went into a store one day asked for the best rub they had to check it out they gave me bills miracle rob 320 Oh my God best thing I ever had it works like a miracle they say the 515 or the 512 is even better I'm on my way now to get some of that no more drugs thank you guys

It’s is really a miracle!

I was in a terrible car accident last year and I suffer from chronic back pain. I’ve tried to continue on with my normal activities before the accident but sometimes the pain stops me. But once I found WB Miracle Rub, it was a game changer. I use it before I do any exercises and it takes a lot of the pain away. It worked so well, I got some for my 88 year old grandma. She loved it!

I Love It!!

“I started using Wild Bill’s Miracle Rub a few months ago due to leg and knee joint pain. It helped to relieve the constant pain I was experiencing. I ended up having surgery, but soon after my incision healed, I started using the ointment again. I massaged it into the knee and leg nightly to relax my muscles before going to sleep. In fact, since I have been happy with the results, when my husband was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, I have started using it on his hand and wrist. Wild Bill’s Miracle Rub has proven to help both of us. I really recommend trying this topical joint and muscle pain reliever. It is a soothing rub made with natural ingredients plus a little goes a long way.”