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Zuma Topicals, Inc.

California , 90265
United States

Helped tremendously

"Testimony: I had dental work on my right side yesterday, no pain but some soreness. I rubbed a tiny amount of the Miracle Balm [the size of a pumpkin seed] on the sore side of my face over my tooth. I am happy to report that the cream helped tremendously (within approximately 15 minutes). I was shocked but grateful to know first hand that WB works!!"


I Can Exercise Again !

In 1998 I broke my ankle and since then I have suffered pain, sometimes horrible pain, specially after exercising. No pain killers would work for me (only opioids and my doctor was smart enough to completely talked me out of staying on them back then). So, I tried many other over-the-counter stuff, nothing really worked that well; some worked for a little bit of time, some slightly worked, so I was really always looking for something better so I could continue to exercise. I tried pot and that really worked on my appetite as well as on the pain, I just couldn't do it (I was gaining weight, serious weight) . My daughter once told me, I'll ask around and see what will work best , so for my last birthday one of her gifts was Will Bill's Miracle Rub, Yeayyyy !!! She said she heard it was the best. It has been my savior. Now I walk 3 miles everyday and when I do get the "real pain" I use Wild Bill's and its gone within minutes. Thank Zuma and God for it !

Amazing rub

I have for hip replacements badd badd back No matter what I do for pain it doesn't help Took every pain killer in the Book lots of them they cause me more pain ended up on suboxone To get off the drugs I went into a store one day asked for the best rub they had to check it out they gave me bills miracle rob 320 Oh my God best thing I ever had it works like a miracle they say the 515 or the 512 is even better I'm on my way now to get some of that no more drugs thank you guys

It’s is really a miracle!

I was in a terrible car accident last year and I suffer from chronic back pain. I’ve tried to continue on with my normal activities before the accident but sometimes the pain stops me. But once I found WB Miracle Rub, it was a game changer. I use it before I do any exercises and it takes a lot of the pain away. It worked so well, I got some for my 88 year old grandma. She loved it!

I Love It!!

“I started using Wild Bill’s Miracle Rub a few months ago due to leg and knee joint pain. It helped to relieve the constant pain I was experiencing. I ended up having surgery, but soon after my incision healed, I started using the ointment again. I massaged it into the knee and leg nightly to relax my muscles before going to sleep. In fact, since I have been happy with the results, when my husband was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, I have started using it on his hand and wrist. Wild Bill’s Miracle Rub has proven to help both of us. I really recommend trying this topical joint and muscle pain reliever. It is a soothing rub made with natural ingredients plus a little goes a long way.”