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Seema Prakash

Stauffenbergallee, 12 E
Dresden , 01099
+49 1717040351

Walking Tour through Dresden

The best way to get to know Dresden

Saxony by Seema deserves top honors! Seema is a fantastically knowledgeable and incredibly insightful tour guide. Though some guides may have spent more time living in Saxony, I consider it a bonus to view both the beauty and tragedy evident throughout Dresden, as filtered through the experience of someone who came to the city later in life.

Certainly she shows the key sights (the Zwinger, the castle, the opera, the Brühlsche Terrasse) and discusses what makes them special. But what sets Seema apart is her background in psychology. She can quickly read the mood and interests of her clients, and tailor the style and pace of her tour accordingly. For our group of international visitors, she provided a unique balance of humor, pathos, facts and trivia. She encouraged questions and answered them adeptly.

In short - Even as someone who has lived in Dresden for years, I learned new things, and enjoyed myself immensely. In fact, I'm excited to take another tour with her - and try one of her "Psychology writes History" walks soon!


Seema’s name was suggested to me by my colleagues at the Robert Bosch Foundation. They had a Dresden walk with her and were highly impressed.
I had planned the walk for a group of 8 visiting Indian journalists and had requested Seema to mix up the walk with not just information about touristic attractions but also with an extended insight into the history of Dresden during the second world war and also during the times of the German Democratic Republic.
She planned the walk exceptionally well. Being an Indian herself who moved to Germany only a few years ago, it was very interesting to see how she had come to call Dresden her home - a city which has been in the news of late usually for all the wrong reasons. She kept the group engaged with very interesting narratives, connecting the dots of Dresden's history with the larger historical context and left us asking for more. A walk which was planned for 3 hours went on for more than 5 hours. :)
For anyone interested in history and culture of Dresden, Seema is your person.
Pradnya Bivalkar
Program Director "Media Ambassadors India – Germany"
University of Tübingen
Center for Media Competence


We spent an amazing day with seema in Dresden. She is very interesting and intelligent woman. She has a lot of knowledge. Everybody who wants the best guide must take her. We spent 8 hours and we’ll do it again.

Wonderful tour!

This was our first tour of this type in Europe and we couldn’t be happier with this company and particularly with Seema! She was so welcoming to our family of 5 and was amazing with the kids - including them throughout the tour! She was patient and helpful - but her knowledge of both the history of Dresden and the Psychology of Hitler was beyond our expectations! Seema gave us an experience that we will remember forever! Thank you!!

Seema Parkash

Seema Parkash is intelligent, patient and makes your tour more than worth the money paid for. She really made us enjoy our walking tour. The whole group was satisfied. Have seen such a guide first time on so mantu trips. All the best to her .

Great tour - WW2

We were lucky enough to be able to book a 4 hour private tour with Seema to show us as much historical WW2 history in dresden as possible. Without Seemas excellent knowledge we would never have managed to see as many sights and learn so many facts. Every question that we asked was answered with great detail, Seema clearly loves and understands the German history. Highly recommended

A guide I can recommend you

Me and my Australian group was very impressed by Seema's commentaries and stories. She made our visit of Dresden very interesting. I work also as a licensed guide and would for sure recommend Seema to my friends or guests.

Best tour in Dresden

Did a really wonderful tour in Dresden a few days ago; one of the best tours I ever did! I combined two tours by guide Seema: ‘Psychology writes history’ part ! and part II. The tours are about the rise and fall of the Nazi regime (part I) and the rise/fall of the Communists (part II), two periods in Dresden’s recent history that are of critical importance. There are more tours offering information about this. But what makes the Seema tours special is the psychological perspective. She is a psychologist herself and knows a lot about e.g. what drives people, how people can be influenced, and personality disorders. So if you are wondering how Adolf Hitler grew up and became the person we all hate so much now, how it is possible that he got elected (in a free election) to lead the country, how the regime very systematically started to eliminate all opposition, how the regime suppressed and humiliated people who were different, what explains the hatred towards jews/Roma’s/communists/gays, how Hitler and Goebbels influenced in mass speeches various audiences in a highly sophisticated and successful way, then this tour is for you! The guide is highly knowledgeable, brings the right level of nuance, and puts things into perspective. She feels comfortable with interaction and discussion, which makes it even more interesting. I am not a novice on the subject, but must say that this tour tremendously increased my understanding for what happened here. My tour took 5.5 hours, and I did not get distracted or bored for one single second! The visit to the Stasi prison and interrogation rooms at the end of the tour is something that I will not easily forget either. Top marks for Seema! I can highly recommend her.

Magical History Tour

I have always believed that history is interesting and - what is more important - not something from the past but something relevant for today and tomorrow. When you look at history, it is not the "who" and "when" that matters but the "why". Seema's "Psychology writes History" tours just fit the bill. Don't get me wrong: She also knows her names and numbers but she is really great in digging much deeper and make you understand how things came into existence in the first place and what tools the key players applied to make them happen. I pride myself with a good knowledge of European history. But with Seema, I found answers to these questions I had always asked myself but also those I had known to even exist in my head. Truly magical!