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A MUST have for golfers of all levels

Johns “Developing Golfers into Players” is a great guide for golfers of all levels who are trying to improve their golf games. Each chapter offers a new topic that had the most impact on each of his original junior students. I use mine as a constant reference and tool whenever I’m playing, and still pull out new things to use each and every time I read! This is a MUST buy for anyone who loves the game of golf and wants to improve

Truly a game changer

My son has been working with The Players Service for some time and the organization is extremely impressive and has helped improve his game exponentially. The progress he’s made has been significant and only keeps getting better. The Players Service is blessed with the best golf coach, John Perna. His book is a perfect summary of the TPS training system/ algorithm. It also explains the iconic stories of the first TPS students and how the system has played a role in their games. I had the opportunity to meet Brian Bullington, and he was a true professional on and off the golf course. The way he incorporated the system was a prime example of the TPS’s algorithm. I highly recommend this book for both the casual golfer and the professional alike. It covers all aspects of golf and how to turn from a golfer into a player.