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"1-1 Client Progress Pics"

"WELL DONE to my client Claire who has achieved these FANTASTIC results in 10 weeks with just a pair of adjustable dumbbells, whilst juggling family commitments of two young children, home schooling and an evening job.

Claire was a complete beginner when it came to training and was daunted by the prospect of online coaching, however, she soon realised that having a PT in her pocket was a valuable resource to take advantage of and she was able to navigate both her training and fitness with ease, having me to draw on 24/7 whenever she needed support."

"Well done Claire!! You’ve smashed it. Your results show just what a collaborative partnership between Coach and Client can achieve."

1st Class Service

Main reason I joined Train Primal was lack of motivation with training and wanted to try something new, the programs that train primal have delivered haven’t disappointed at all. Variety of different workouts weekly, with 1 on 1 support and feedback given after each workout. The guys at primal are available 24/7 so if you need any help on any workout, at any time they are there to offer your support. Would recommend to any fitness beginners or fitness lovers who want to push themselves or try something new.

Exactly what I needed!

A great program if you’re looking to get fitter and stronger!

Been on the program for 2 months now, and I’ve seen gains in my day to day strength and fitness. Having the routine planned out for me already was everything I needed to get my fitness in order and it’s been awesome!

The program is easy to follow, allowing you to comment on your workouts and chat with your coach, so you’ve got easy access to advice.

Highly recommended!


Unparalleled service

These guys are extremely knowledge and experienced, so the programme is excellent. But what really sets train primal apart is the responsiveness of the trainers, they respond usually within 24 hours and are always there to push me harder and give praise and constructive criticism. Most importantly, these guys care about your fitness journey. Its like having a daily pt in your pocket. These guys are military so no b.s,
If you want to get fitter and stronger, join traiin primal now!

Top quality coaching

Progressive, fun and top quality coaching for an affordable price! Exactly what’s needed to get the results!

Coaching Is Brilliant

Primal assault has by far been the best thing I’ve ever purchased. It has made me the strongest and fittest I have ever been. The coaching is brilliant. The feedback and positive attitude is brilliant.Primal assault has by far been the best thing I’ve ever purchased. It has made me the strongest and fittest I have ever been. The coaching is brilliant. The feedback and positive attitude is brilliant.

I Can Always Get The Workouts In!

I've been doing Primal Life since it was first being built months ago. I've basically been testing all the workouts making sure they aren't impossible ready for general release! I was actually quite worried when I first got involved as I struggle with things like push ups but all the workouts can be scaled to ability. The YouTube channel has loads of demo videos so no problems with how to scale! Even with scaling I've still been getting a great workout.The fact I can swap between kit and no kit variations of the program and that a lot of the workouts are pretty short means that whatever the day gym or no gym I can always get the workouts in.

So Supportive!

Signing up for the free trial of Primal Assault was the best thing I did. I'm so unorganised towards workouts. The Train Primal team and Bill have been so supportive. This isn't like the usual program - it is all on your terms following the plan. I work shifts and now feel no stress about going off plan or even taking breaks to recharge. This is something I needed without being made to feel guilty like I found on other plans. These workouts test every strength of yourself and teach you new techniques and movements. The weights can be adjusted along with the equipment you have eg if you don't have an assault bike or ski erg then run a recommended distance - this has been incredibly useful in the home gym. I already notice changes in my frame and strength even within a month of doing the program. The monthly payments are a lot cheaper than a PT would be in a gym from the prices I've seen and been quoted. Whereas Bill is a PT in your back pocket answering any queries at any time on the True Coach App, Facebook or Instagram.