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Sports Physio Online

15/1 Thew Parade Cromer
Sydney NSW , 2099

Best Triathlon Coach and Physio

1 year ago, I was looking for a coach to help me train for an Ironman as I was a total novice. I found Ian training program great and his approach with coaching amazing. I get great advices knowing that Ian is an Ironman triathlete and a also Physio. The online platform is great to be accountable for your training and Ian is regularly checking how I have progressed. Looking back and see what I have achieved with his help this year comfort me in keeping him by my side.

Great Coaching Plans

Great coaching plans. Ian set me a plan that matched my ability but pushed me to improve without getting injured. I was able to do a 40min PB for a half ironman triathlon. So thorough and takes interest in your progress. would recommend for athletes of all levels.

Exceptional. Knowledgeable. Precise.

As a "new triathlete" I saw Ian about a low grade ankle injury. He listened intently to my descriptions and immediately identified the issue and (aside from the area i identified) other areas that would likely be affected. When I arrived home i had a link to a physio app with a thoughtful daily program which increased and was adjusted after feedback. Within a week i was back running again to a structured incremental plan. Thanks Ian.

Miracle Worker

Ian had been my physiotherapist for years before moving to Singapore. During his absence, I developed a chronic hip problem, which hadn’t abated, despite seeing two different physios and a chiropractor and taking months off running. Once Sports Physio Online was up and running, I was the first to sign up. Ian’s thoroughness led to a hypothesis diagnosis which differed from every other expert I’d seen. (His diagnosis was confirmed, precisely, by a later MRI). Finally, I felt relief knowing that I was getting some answers and a plan of action that would lead me to my desired goal of completing the Queenstown Marathon in November 2017. Over the past few months, Ian has provided me with a rehab program, weekly check ins and has tweaked and coached me through my marathon training every step of the way. After not being able to run more than 3km for 9 months, this past weekend, I ran 30km, problem-free. I FINALLY fee that the marathon is within my sights, and it is all thanks to Ian.

While Ian is now back in Sydney, and I do check in with him intermittently in his practice, the best part of this service is being able to receive and check in for my various training sessions and rehab online, through my phone. It’s super convenient and holds me accountable, knowing that he’ll know whether I’ve done my sessions or not! And being able to see my stats through my Garmin and see how I’m tracking. I’ve found it extremely motivating and it’s probably the first time I’ve ever actually done all the exercises and rehab recommended by a physio! I’ve also benefited tremendously, not only from Ian’s experience as a sports physio, but as an endurance athlete. I have learned so much about endurance training, I have reprogrammed my running style with success and I am pain free. It’s a MIRACLE!!!!!

I cannot recommend Ian more wholeheartedly or more thoroughly. He is the best diagnostician you will find ANYWHERE in the world of sports physiotherapy and his knowledge on the latest clinical studies and research is second to none. I cannot possible scream loudly enough about his services, or how much he has helped me. Do not be put off by living interstate or in another country, the service you will receive will be second to none.

I spent months wondering if I would ever be able to run again, and now I’m a few weeks off running a marathon! Thanks so much Ian.

Seamless experience

Following my meniscus tear surgery, I had the pleasure of working with Ian on a series of physiotherapy in the first phase of recovery. When he first mentioned to me that he was exploring therapy/coaching via an online programme, I was initially apprehensive. I definitely felt more comfortable working with a physiotherapist who could watch me as I performed my exercise and, if need be, examine my knee physically.

As I appreciated the commitment and expertise of Ian, I decided to try the online programme. I was impressed to realize how seamlessly he was able to translate his physiotherapy skills from physical practice into his online program. I soon discovered that Ian's long years of experience has given him an advantage of being able to work well with my feedback over Skype and online messages - an in-person session turned out to be unnecessary.

Ian has a wealth of experience with all the commonly used apps, programmes and trainers for triathlon training. He has incorporated those into my recovery and workout plan. He also tracks my progress on a daily basis and he changes and fits into the programme whenever necessary.

More so, as I progressed in my recovery and workouts, Ian's experience in endurance sports like Ironman has helped me to progress to being physically fit. So I am now targeting to compete in my next Ironman 70.3 only 8 months post surgery and despite having suffered from a tough 3rd and 4th month recovery after the operation.

In short - Ian has been a great boon to my recovery. I believe that he can help other to recover from their injuries or even just to get fit in a controlled and sensible way.