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TrueBeauty Creations

141 St. Marks Pl 4B
Staten Island New York , 10301
United States

Love to bathe

I love rose coconut soap. It feels great on my skin and makes my skin feel so soft. I don't use lotion after I bathe because it's not needed. It feels smooth and silky on my body. Love it.

Facial Excellence

This lavender facial scrub is excellent. It cleans your face down to the pours. My face feels clean and smooth. I use it everyday. My face never felt so clean.


So serene is how I felt after soaking with this lavender bath bomb. Made me never want to get out. It left my skin feeling silky smooth.


My sensitive skin absolutely LOVES this  Vanilla Woods soap so much. The fragrance is so good, makes me want to eat it.


I used this body butter on my feet, elbows and knees over time and they are so smooth and soft. My heels are less cracked and healed. So good, I will use this forever.


What can i say about this, other than after using it on my face I felt brand new. I would recommend this to everyone.


This coffee scrub is amazing!!! It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and super soft. I used all of the time and never disappointed with the results. I recommend to all of my friends and thinks this will make the perfect gift for anyone.

Soft and Silky

I tired the lavender bath bomb and I love the way it fizzles down to nothing. I soaked for about 20 mins and my skin was soft and silky. Once again my skin was amazingly soft and I love that I don't need lotion for my skin. I definitely love it.