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StrongMinds Education

Toronto Ontario , M6E 1G3
+1 (416) 702-7038

A Nice Company

I am keeping my name private, because I am a private person.  I did want to share a review though.  I recently started meeting with a tutor at StrongMinds Education, and it is a great company.  The people are real nice here.


I got a booking and I am happy!

Learning to Read

I am learning how to read.  I am ever grateful to this service.  Thanks Rosalind.  You are an angel.  A true blessing.  (Someone helped me to write for this review.  I can't write or spell yet.  I am still learning.)*I chose to keep my name private.  I don't want to be judged. 

Navigating Post-Secondary Studies?

If you need help navigating post-secondary studies, call them.  They know what they are doing.  It helps when someone has worked in the industry and is familiar with the processes both as a student and as an employee.  A great service.

A Great Service

I am a single parent, and I needed tutoring for my son.  This service really provided me with exactly what my son needed.  I was very pleased with the help they provided.  It's a great service and I really appreciated their honest way of doing business, their customer service focus, and the hard-work that they are doing for members of communities.  They are truly a passionate group.

Awesome Service

I came across this site by doing a google search for education services in Toronto.  I called and had an instant connection, primarily because of the passion to help with my educational needs.  I would highly recommend StrongMinds Education to others who need assistance.  I was very pleased with the service that I received.  

New Year, New Beginnings

I am writing this comment, because StrongMinds Education has helped me a lot and I am very grateful to them. 

I made the decision to start off my new year with getting a private tutor.  For too long, I went without being able to read.  I spent most of my life pretending like I knew how to, but one day I had a situation that caused me total embarrassment and shame.  After that, I told myself that I can not hide it any longer. 

I decided to get myself a private tutor, and I chose StrongMinds Education.  They are professional, relatable, easy to work with and affordable.  I look forward to my tutoring sessions and to seeing my tutor every week.

I have a long way to go, but I am not stopping and I truly am enjoying my new beginning.

Thanks for everything StrongMinds Education.  I appreciate what you are doing.

Right Decision

My tutor is great!  I was skeptical about getting a tutor at first, but after my first session, I realized that I made the right decision.  I was nervous, but she made me feel very comfortable.  My grades and my confidence have increased.  I recommend connecting with this company.

Great Tutor

Great tutor!  Passionate and engaging.

I got an A+!

Rosalind is a fantastic tutor!  She is patient, kind and very accommodating with her schedule.  She will work with you to the very end, even if the appointment goes over the scheduled end time.  This speaks to her dedication and care for her clients.  Because of her help, I received an A+ on my Humanities essay, which I have never received before, as I am a Mathematics/Sciences university student.  Thanks as always Rosalind, for your help!

Called and never looked back!

I called and never looked back!  Thanks StrongMinds Education!

Caring, Smart and a Very Passionate Tutor

Rosalind has been my tutor for quite a while now (over 5 years - I knew her before she officially launched StrongMinds Education).  She is caring, smart, and very passionate about ensuring that everyone gets equal access to education, particularly individuals from marginalized and racialized communities.  I have recommended her and StrongMinds Education to my friends, and everyone provided the same feedback - 'she's good, she's very resourceful', etc... .  Similar positive feedback, caring, and passionate - I have no regrets and I am glad I met her.  She's helped me a lot.