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patient coach for kids

Mr. Mark is an experienced coach, and also very patient for a group of kids. He taught a lot of football skills to stimulate my son's interests. Because of the Virus, we have to stay at home, for several months, Mark made good training football videos for everyone to practise at home and gave the feedback quickly when we sent back. Thank you Mr. Mark!

Great appreciation to Mark

My daughter is 6 years old,she had a great time with Mark in the football club. Mark is really kind and patient to each kid and loves them.
My daughter loves to play football because of Mark‘s funny and professional coaching. Love you Mark hope you can continue your coaching career...

He knows the game!

I will always be extremely grateful to Mark and his knowledge of the game.
One particular memory that speaks of his skill and ability happened a few years ago.
I was coaching a good team but we were always 2nd best in the league. One team were beating most other teams by 5 goals a game and had already beaten us by 3 at their ground. We had the home game coming up and I asked Mark if he could watch the game and give me a few pointers as it was more than likely we would have to play them in play offs a couple of weeks later.
I'd also asked our clubs head coach to do the same. I didn't see Mark at the game so assumed he couldn't make it.
The game went well but we lost but only by one goal.
Our head coach came up after the game and spoke to our coaching team for a few minutes but basically gave generic feedback.
Two days after the game I received an email with a full dossier on our opponents highlighting the way they played their strengths and how best to ify them as well as their weakest points and how to take advantage.
He also did the same for my team, highlighting our weaknesses and how to fix them.
I was astounded. The detail was amazing and the more I read the more it made sense and explained some of our failings that season.
We worked on his points and did play the that again.
They were so confident they would win and qualify for nationals they had clothing already made. Well that was a waste of money as they didn't know our secret weapon was Mark.
We won the game 2-0 convincingly and I know beyond doubt that the result was down to one man.
Do yourself a favor and use his services I know you won't be disappointed!

Pathway to College Soccer

Throughout my time playing on youth club and provincial teams in New Brunswick, Canada, I really wanted to experience what it was like to play college soccer in the U.S. I was able to make some great connections through my coaches in NB and figure out the steps I needed to take care of in order to be seen by U.S. coaches. As an international, there was a strong emphasis on having good academics while also being able to compete at the next level. During my college career, I met many great people both academically and athletically that I was able to move onto complete my Masters and start coaching as a graduate assistant. I was then able to move on and earn a position working with a Division 1 soccer program doing operations. My pathway to college soccer in the U.S. has been amazing and I'm glad I took the right steps to pursue great opportunities here.


Mark is a complete coach. He teaches proper skill development, tactics and strategy, always setting proper expectations for both parent and player. He also help other coaches such as myself to improve. Fantastic coach!

Always committed to excellence!

Mark Elton was a coach for our Fundy Soccer Club in New Brunswick, Canada for many years. His commitment to providing the best to his players was obvious and constant. They could rely on him to be searching for the best ways to educate and engage teams. Never afraid to try new ideas we always appreciated Mark’s commitment to our players and ensuring they had the best possible experience. A coach who is committed to excellence in every facet of an athlete’s experience.

Top Man

Mark was the TD for Soccer Cape Breton when I was coaching with CBFC. Mark provides great leadership and coach education to help me become a better coach for my players. I valued Mark’s guidance and how he helped SCB players. He will be a great consultant for any organization trying to build their soccer experience.

Excellent coach, mentor, and friend

I had the pleasure of playing under coach Mark during the summer of 2012 in the USL Super 20 League. To add some context, we were a brand new team composed by a group of players who had largely never played together - this was also my first time playing with Mark.

From the onset of our time together what struck me with Mark’s coaching style was his constant passion for the game. Each training session was lively and he always sought to bring the best out of his players with motivation and honesty. Simply put, Mark communicated what we were excelling at while also focusing on our weaknesses. From here, he would build training sessions and development plans to utilise our group’s strengths while concurrently bolstering our areas of improvement. By the end of the season our team was more cohesive and I was personally playing with a newfound confidence which I attribute to Mark’s guidance.

Off the pitch, Mark and his family were always open for good conversations, laughs, and loving support. This helped immensely as I was playing away from home without the day-to-day support of my family.

Mark Elton - coaching experience

Natural ability to identify player qualities, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. Can then develop the gaps and increase strengths with timely explanations and specified drills.

Strong team understand as far as systems, formations, ideology and teamwork. The first of the season and end of the season were noticeably different in my many years playing under mark. Loves the game and the kids. Highly recommend.

Liam Chun’s

Mark Elton has been my coach for a very successful season. Although he was my coach for only one year, he helped me develop a strong passion for the game. His coaching tactics were very successful in helping me find my true skills, as I was able to score 16 goals in 12 games.
To me, Mark is not just a football coach, he is a mentor and someone I look up to as a person in general. His humble and strong personality allows the people around him more motivated to find success not just in soccer. He has never given up on my abilities and I do not know a better person to start a soccer business other than Mark Elton.


My son trained and played for Mark for 2 seasons. When Daniel , my son, 1st started he was just an average player. After 2 years with Mark as his coach and mentor he was the top goal scorer in our high school league last year. I can not say enough about Mark's skills and his ability to motivate young players to become the best they can.

Great Mentor for players

I have known Mark for many years and have worked with him closely as his team manager for several high performance teams. Mark is dedicated to the development of each player. He offers great one on one coaching as well as creates a great bond between team members. He is very dedicated and a hard worker. Very easy going and easy to work with.


In my 25 years as a professional coach I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on a number of fronts. Through my role as a provincial technical director, my role as head coach of UPEI men’s soccer and my 11 years as a staff coach with the Canadian National Women’s team.
In that time Mark has worked on coaching development with me, player indemnification, players development and performance analysis. His scouting of opposition during our 2014 University season was a big part of our success in finishing third in the country that year.
I have always found Mark to be knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic. He has a tremendous passion for the game and I would encourage anyone to take and advantage of his services.

Olivia Gauthier Soccer

I’m from Saint-John and grew up playing with Fundy Soccer. In the 11th grade I got the opportunity to go to Shattuck St-Mary’s to play soccer, a boarding school in Minnesota. I loved living there and getting to play in a competitive environment every day. I then got recruited to play college soccer at the University of Memphis where I played for four years. I loved the city of Memphis, the soccer program and getting to travel around the US with my team. I’m now playing professional soccer in Sweden for Lidköping FK.

Soccer has given me so much, but I am especially grateful for the opportunity to travel around the world while doing what I love.