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Thank you, Eric, and everyone for such a fantastic master class.
It has been a bit more than three months since the first time I have a session with you, Eric. Wow! "Unleashing Natural Humanity." I would say that Natural Humanity is the Buddha Nature and the Original Grace. This movement is so essential in this time and in a world that is highly mind controlled with "karmas " that is the twin brother of Original Sin. We shall all unleash together in our gentle grace — much love to you all.


I have been doing a lot of energy work over the past few years but was still having significant physical issues. Learning from Eric in the past few weeks I am finally making progress and able to move my body. He is a brilliant teacher and walks you through in a way that you actually get it. I’m feeling more and more empowered to heal my own body. You are a true gift Eric, THANK YOU


The soulstice (re)Calibration and Celebration was phenomenal!! Eric introduced me to new techniques that were expansive and so practical - anyone, no matter what stage of their journey, could benefit from them immensely. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a Candid Conversations with Eric event. The information Eric compassionately shared was insightful, inspired and divine to say the least. Everyone had ample opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. It was equally wonderful to share these experiences with like-minded people who attended the events. I can't wait to experience, learn and apply more of what Eric has to share.


I learned some amazing things from Eric about how to move energy inside my body (as well as some other things), which has been very helpful in daily life. Eric was also able to help me after I'd had a heart attack while on vacation - what he did for me was more than any doctor could have done with my situation, and I'm super grateful in being to get his assistance at that time. The things that Eric teaches can be learned by anyone - I firmly believe that, and it's actually information that needs to be spread far and wide because it's universal and so important!


Hello Siara and Eric!
The Solstice Celebration was an awakening. empowering and healing initiation. I want to share this information and techniques with all! Truly a way to heal ourselves and the world with breath and intention.
I am looking forward to January 4th's Foundation Class for my next quantum leap initiation.
In love and gratitude,


Soulstice (re)Calibration and Celebration: I really enjoyed the caliber and quality of all the participants who shared their experience on this journey. Everyone was willing to share their LARGE self, no one seemed to be playing at being 'SMALL'. What an amazing group!

As for me, many new abilities opened up for me during and directly following this event. I have been doing daily Qui Kung daily for nearly a year now. Since this event my practice has suddenly up-leveled. I am bringing my dragon DNA and intense spiritual dragon energy into my body with each breath and move now. No wonder the dragon societies in China use this practice. The meditations were so powerful that I intend to repeat them using the private link Eric posted for those of us who attended.


The sessions are not designed to change your environment or situation that surround you. They are designed to help you liberate yourself from your own thought, so that you can realise your true self and be able to live true to yourself.
When you regain your self-love and self-confidence, you will be surprised how easy and smooth your life becomes.


The sessions are not designed to change your environment or situation that surround you. They are designed to help you liberate yourself from your own thought, so that you can realise your true self and be able to live true to yourself.
When you regain your self-love and self-confidence, you will be surprised how easy and smooth your life becomes. True story :)


I was just answering a prompt in my journal - What was the best decision you made in 2018?
Deciding to work with Eric. Working with him allows me to trust in the Creator and have joy again in my world. My life is subtly and definitely changing. I feel blessed!


Amazing class. So much knowledge shared in a short period of time. Deep healing and empowerment to continue self healing. Magic lessons, and an awareness that magic is real.


Update after a couple of weeks since the last Metamorphosis session.
I was born in wartime while bombs were dropping and Eric removed a pocket of hidden fear that was multi-generational.
I just noticed that with all the political chaos going on right now, I am calm and peaceful and accepting of the movie playing out in the world. This is Huuuuuge!! Blessings! Pam


I've been on the path to become a healer for about 10 years now, learnt from many but it wasn't until I worked with Eric that I TRULY came out of my shell. Eric helped me recognise and toy with the energy I had always known I had, just never told what it was. This turned me from a pure hands on massage healer into an energy healer, and with my intention behind both combined body, mind and spirit to make me into an amazing healer. For all those that have come and had work done by me, this is the guy I was talking about. You're in the right place, it's not by coincidence, you were meant to find you and to do this work. Come join the crew. With love. So much love. Eric. I cannot thank you enough.


I just finished the Metamorphosis series and it was truly amazing! I am a hugely different person now!
The meditations I learned are quick and easy to do after a little practice and they can restore me to joy and laughter in a few moments.
I had lost the laughter in my life after I became awakened to the evil in the world and now, with Eric's help I am back to being able to step into that space at will.
Eric is a truly gifted person and I am so appreciative that I found him right now. It was a huge blessing! xoxo

Testimonial #8

I've been doing energy healing professionally for 18 years, so when I found that I was unable to heal myself when I became ill with a life-threatening disease, i looked everywhere for help. I tried pretty much everything out there, including massive amounts of self-work, but there was no change in my condition. I saw Eric on a video and immediately recognized him as one of my "posse," so I booked a session. Not only was he able to completely clear me, but his removal of a specific implant that was keeping me from downloads made it possible for me to completely change how I was doing healing work. All blocks to my intuitive abilities completely cleared as well. I've been blessed to meet, teach, and work with many healers over the years, and Eric is hands down one of best out there. He's the real deal, folks.

Archonic Implant Removal

i would like to send some feedback about our session. First of all thank you so much. Thanks is not enough to express my gratitude. After what you did for me i m feeling a lot better. I m still trying to beleive it , that after so many years i feel so much better. The constant pain has left and for at least the first days there was a feeling of freedom and easyness i haven't felt in years. I was really worried because of the complicated case i was that the next day would be the same unbearable turmoil. but not. In fact something fundamental has changed. I can see and feel that there are attempts from these energies to grab me again but my reactions and symptoms from them are more soft. Eric i m humbled by this experience. I still cant beleive how much better i feel. Its amazing. Everything you said and did was exactly all the issues i was battling with for sooooo long. I understand i have a few more steps to take and i hope that you will be strong and healthy and there to help me if need be. You sir are the real deal and i (after the hundrends of shamans healers doctors therapists ) feel hope and relief for the first time in 17 years. thank you !!

Implant and Parasite removal

I knew before I even met Eric for a session that who he is and what he offers is a rare GIFT!! This was confirmed today when I experienced the Implant/Parasite Removal session. I could sense a very pure, clear resonance with no interference and was multidimensional. Experiencing this work with Eric was extremely efficient with direct KNOWING. I've experienced MANY different modalities over the years but this experience was well beyond anything I've yet experienced and I've seen ALOT!! I felt IMMEDIATE shifts and change while going through the session. Also I became clearer in my own ability to KNOW as these interferences were removed. The peak experience was focusing on activating the LIGHT from WITHIN. WOW!!! I can see Eric works beyond time and space thus ALOT was accomplished in a short time. I'm honoured and deeply appreciate this co-creation with Eric. I WILL focus on playing with this powerful tool/tools of self activating LIGHT and now FEEL a more direct connection to the Prime Creator!!! LOVE and gratitude to Eric. I HIGHLY recommend this outstanding contribution that Eric offers.

Implant and Parasite Removal

My acupuncturist had told me that remote healing was a real thing, and that people are really good at it. She told me this back in 2017, but I had no experience with it, and didn't quiet understand the mechanics of it.
I was aware that astral projection is very real, as I've had those experiences, so it wasn't a big stretch for me to assume that other people are capable of doing healing work, similar to acupuncture, while they're astral projecting.
Eric is one of those people!

When I scheduled an appointment with Eric, he setup some exercises for me to begin a month before the appointment. That makes it easier for him to move out stagnant energy with his chi.
The reason I setup an appointment was my lymphatic system and connective tissue was clogged so much that I had swollen lymph nodes. My liver and gal bladder were suffering because I had a parasitic entity attaching itself to a pocket of stagnant energy in my intestines.
Eric did his process where I had issue's, and then went on to the rest of my body.

When Eric was done with his process, I noticed I needed a lot of water, because my organs could now have, un-interrupted flow of fluids!
The purge that followed afterwards was gross, but I felt much better not having that in my body anymore.

Golden Frequency Immersion Retreat

"Wow, what a beautiful experience to be a part of the Golden Frequency Immersion group of 2018. Everything leading up to going was synchronicity at play. I knew this would be a magical trip. Eric’s generous sharing of his life’s work blew my mind and took me beyond the magic and the mystery and into a deep remembering of innate abilities I did not know I had. So much fun to discover more of who I really am, as well as to meet the community of people that gathered from all over the world, are truly amazing Beings that I am so happy to have met. I cannot help but feel so grateful and so blessed to have been a part of something like this. There are so many possibilities here to positively impact the world, where people gather from all over the world, coming together from a powerfully compassionate, cooperative, collaborative and loving heart space. Imagine a world where we know who we really are and easily share our gifts and abilities with others to make the world a better place to live a life of freedom. That is the world I want to create and be a part of. Thank you Eric and Siara for creating such a space.” Katherine Lia, An Evolutionary Artist of the Heart, Body, Mind and Soul, from Utah

Testimonial #3

At the Golden Frequency Immersion, 2018, Eric did an energy adjustment on my jaw where I had an old pattern of TMJ causing pain and a pinching off of energy flow to my neck, head, jaw and shoulders since 2012. What a relief, as you can well imagine to all of a sudden have all this blood flow to my brain. LOL! The old stuck emotions continues to unravel, allowing more chi flow. This has allowed me to transform in so many amazing ways. Thank you Eric for your generosity to humanity and helping me move forward to getting more clear on my purpose work that I came here to share.

The most incredible people!

Working with Eric when I took his coaching package was one of the biggest life changing experiences I have ever had. You can tell almost instantly his level of compassion and that he is selflessly there to guide us all to unlocking our true potential. The feeling of joy, empowerment and freedom I felt after the sessions can't be described by words. I thank you and Siara from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do here, in the facebook group's and on patreon

Amazing Work, Highly Recommend

I received an Implant Removal from Eric and it was an incredible experience. He helped me cut an energetic cord between myself and someone I was in a toxic relationship with— this helped immensely in my healing process. He also helped with an old injury that was bothering me and as he accessed my DNA, I felt the pain go away in real time. I’m very grateful for Eric’s work, leading the way for all of us to harness our inner power!