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Unlocking U

Philadelphia , 19140
United States

My Purpose & Destiny Was Greater

As a current mother of five beautiful daughters I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet such a genuine woman as Kisha Coston. I joined her ministry as a teenage girl who always felt like an outcast but Kisha never made me feel like I didn't belong. Whenever I would talk to her she would leave me gems of wisdom from her experience. After I left the ministry, I was broken, hurt and frustrated with my marriage. Kisha never stopped sending me text messages that encouraged me not to give up. I was shocked because usually after leaving a ministry, I wouldn't hear from anyone but she still reached out to see if I was okay. One day I felt so frustrated with life I reached back to talk to her and she sacrificed her time to listen, encourage and show me how to see the environment around me differently through exercises. The activity we did helped me to understand how people can look at the same situation and see something different. This helped me with understanding that people heal differently just like they see things differently. Overall, she made me feel like I had value at one of the lowest points in my life. When I thought that a failing marriage proved that I was a bad woman she helped me to realize that my purpose and destiny was greater than the bump in the road that I had gotten stuck at.
She is truly a gem and a woman of wisdom and love! 

Conversations Always Turn Into a Healing Sessions

Where would I be without Coach Kisha Coston? If you had asked me this question years ago, I would give you the same answer that I am giving right now-I honestly do not know. At 21 years old, my aunt Kisha has truly talked and prayed me through some of the roughest times in my life. A normal conversation always turns into a healing session with her. She has literally helped to groom me into the woman I am today. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to identify my self-worth. My aunt Kisha has taught me how to not only live my truth, but walk in it and in doing so, I have not only learned to love me, but to be thankful for the many challenges life has sent my way. 

Charity Starts at Home

"Charity starts at home and should not end there" that is the quote that comes to mind when I think of Coach Key. Coach key starts her coaching at home and remains completely unbiased. As my mother she never gives me motherly advise , instead she removes her emotions from the situation and tells it like it is. When I am going through things and I feel like I can't talk to anyone I can always turn to her to give me another perspective and a solution to those problems. She has helped me grow so much in all areas of my life beginning with my relationship with my boyfriend , relationships with my friends , and most of all my relationship with Christ . She's a natural at this ladies . I enjoy her services and I love watching the work she does in her family life , her life , and the lives of others.  Let's her be a blessing in your life trust me you don't want to miss out. 

Tailored for Me

Coach Key has helped me on many occasions.  To be specific, I was feeling very insignificant, feeling like If I disappeared no one would notice.  Kisha was able to give me tools that were specific as to assist me on a daily basis. I felt as if the tools she gave me were tailored specifically for me.  She was able to give me relief at a time when I could not figure things out  myself.  After meeting with her my perspective changed for the better. I began to see things in a different light.  Coach Key was able to get to the core of my thoughts and give me a number of ways I can view my thought process and think more positively. The coaching she gives is like no other.  Trust and me believe me when I tell you an encounter with Coach Key will give you hope and assurance knowing you're not alone.

Kishhh girl!!!

Queen is so befitting for a beauty such as Kisha M Coston aka Coach Key. But what I like to call her is Kishhh girlll!!! I met Kisha six years ago as a 19 year old young lost, confused, and broken girl trying to figure out where she fit in this big world. Kisha became my safe blanket when I felt like I could not hold on anymore. She was my shero when I was so deep in my darkness and I did not see anything but the hell that consumed me. Kisha was always a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and arms wide open to give you a big hug.I remember I was talking to Kisha about being afraid about bringing men around my son because I did not want him to be hurt. As I finished talking Kisha simply said "Eb, are you allowing your past hurt by men to hinder your son being around men?" Kisha always has a way of digging out the hidden truth. So as I pondered on that thought Kisha continued "You have a wall you have build from your own pain in which you hide your son behind. Which blocks him from having access to good men that are willing to take him under their wing. They do not have to be a man for you, but God can use any man to help your son in his growth as a young boy. But do not allow your hurt and pain to become your sons." All I could do was allow the tears to fall as Kisha gave me one of her infamous bear hugs.Meeting Kisha has been a blessing and such an honor. Kisha has helped evolve me into the women I am today. Her light helped me in my darkness. Her encouragement helped propel me in my purpose. Her open door policy as she would say "You know I am always here for you girl" is the door I could always used without being judged. Kisha has been my coach since day one and now she is stuck with me. She is not going anywhere but up the latter in greatness. Kisha is a life changer and to witness her life changing in front of my eyes makes me proud to call her not only Coach key but my sister queen! I love you Kish Girl!!!