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URGO Beauty

4918 Saint Elmo Avenue
Bethesda MD , 20814

I am so impressed with Urgo Beauty foundation. My face does not get oily throughout the day like it used to. Also, it’s looks so natural and blends in with my skin fabulously. I’m in love!

As a transplant Texan trying to learn how to handle the heat, Urgo has been an absolute lifesaver! My foundation lasts the entire day, despite the crazy heat, but feels incredibly lightweight on my skin — no caking, no melting, no clogging. Plus, my *very* sensitive skin has felt no irritation whatsoever (which is SO rare for me!). Try it, I promise you’ll love it!!

I'm a make-up minimalist. My skin is both very sensitive and acne-prone, so it's difficult for me to find products that work without making me itch or break-out. I LOVE Step 1! it gives excellent coverage for blemishes and helps control shine. Thank you for a great product!

This foundation is a GAME CHANGER for my makeup routine. By the end of the day, most of the time it looks like I'm not even wearing makeup anymore because my face gets so oily throughout the day. I could never find a foundation that catered to the dry and oil spots on my face until now. I feel such a difference using this product, I honestly don't think I could go back to using any other foundation!

I am OBSESSED with this foundation. I have acne prone skin and Urgo not only doesn’t make me breakout, but controls the oil on my skin and prevents breakouts. I put this on, wore it all day, didn’t even have to touch it up before going out, forgot to wash it off before bed (because it feels amazing on your skin even with layered coverage) and the next day my skin felt incredible. No clogged pores, no inflamation. This foundation is LIFE CHANGING. Thank you so much Urgo! Ps my shade is Demi!

I can't say enough about this foundation! I'm not a makeup person at all but started wearing it after a friend recommended it for my sensitive skin. I wear the color Jenna and not only is it a perfect match, but it looks and feels like I'm not wearing anything! I now can't leave the house without putting it on and tell everyone I know about it. I promise, you won't be disappointed!