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Great support for Residency Match!

I joined Sarthi late in my Residency journey, when I had already went through 3 unmatched cycles. Now I know if have joined earlier I would have done much better in my usmle exams and had a much easier path to residency . I started with an interview preparation course and it helped me a lot to prepare systematically.After Mock interviews I found myself more confident to appear for interviews. Pawan and the team has guided and supported me throughout. The telegram group discussion has inspired me to be persistent on my goals. My 2 years experience with Sarthi was awesome and I matched to an Internal Medicine residency program.

The Best Guidance One Can Have

A big thank you to USMLE sarthi team because they helped me match into Internal Medicine in my first application cycle itself. They give you advice and guidance right from taking ERAS token to post-match communication. There are a lot of positive things in their mentorship. Their mock interview sessions and their telegram group are a blessing. Though I had the most basic plan of theirs and is all praise for them, one can imagine the amount of help one might get from their personalized mentorship program. Needless to say that one is not spoon-fed and needs to be proactive. I feel the name USMLE sarthi is really apt as they are the best sarthi one can have. P.S- Sarthi means friend in the Hindi language


I worked with Sarthi team for 3 continuous Match cycles. It is an amazing team for foreign medical graduates who guides how to work for the application and prepare for the interviews. Pawan, Dr. Zin and other panel members are always available to solve your queries. They give moral support to become ready for the next cycle in case you are not matched. I want to thank whole team for their work.

Good Help for Un-Oriented Applicants

I was happy to be with the USMLE Sarthi Family. I did have good input from the panel with the classes and orientation as it got close to application season. What helped me the most was the Application review - which included the Letters and PS review. The editorial team was truly great and gave good feedback. I wasn't a fan of the panel responses in the Telegram group and felt it a bit overrated. I understood that some panelists are short temprered and try to involve their personal matters during advice, which seemed unprofessional. Other than that it was fine, and responsive, which was a good thing.

Great team! ☺️

Unable to match in the first cycle really shattered my hopes, but joining the sarthi team and getting guidance from these experienced people especially Pawan sir and my mentor Dr Sridevi really helped me a lot in improving my profile and go through the match the 2nd time successfully. The mock interviews were amazing and made me feel much confident and prepared during my actual interviews than I was the first time. I recommend them to anyone who feels lost in this long, tedious journey. They are definitely one of the best, could not have asked for anything better.

Thank you

Thank you very much to the Sarthi Team, they provided great support material for residency. The interview preparation material i believe is great. The classes were indepth and the mock interviews i think really made all the difference in my interview prep. I signed up for the dedicated mentor program, however my mentor was not so proactive and i barely had one meeting and the mentor never initiated contact after that which was a bummer. The other mentors in the chat group however were really helpful and forthcoming with just amazing information and help sessions. Overall if one is considering signing up, i think the greatest strength of the preparation program is the interview preparation resources which include online classes and mock interview. The mentors you get assigned to is a hit or miss, if you are one of the lucky ones who gets a great mentor, then you will benefit, otherwise its a hit or miss. Overall it was a great experience and i will definitely recommend the program.

Thank you Sarthi team :)

Applying for residency in the United States with limited guidance was a daunting task for me, but with advice from the Sarthi team, it became incredibly relaxed. I signed up for USMLESarthi, hoping to improve my interview performance and get feedback on the personal statement, but I left with vastly more! Dr. Htun’s input on my personal statement, ERAS application, program list, and interview performance was highly invaluable. Mock interviews with Dr. Htun were undoubtedly helpful in boosting my interview performance. Discussions in the telegram group were extremely helpful in understanding the match process and keeping track of the application timeline. The best part was that panelists are very knowledgeable, and I could completely trust the advice. Dr. Khera has been a fantastic mentor. He worked very closely with me at every step of the match process and provided personalized feedback based on my strengths and weaknesses. His encouraging words gave me the confidence to sail through this exhaustive process. I can’t speak highly enough about the support I received from the Sarthi team. I highly recommended it! I am grateful to Dr. Khera, Dr. Htun, Dr. Vilianilam, Arati, and the entire Sarthi team for their support.

Awesome team

USMLE SARTHI helped me a lot before, during and after the interviews. This was my second match cycle and with Dr. Pawan's help, I was able to streamline the match process. The mock interviews and the CV and Personal statement discussions were immensely helpful, They were there for us all throughout the way and every kind of question was answered properly.

Saviour in crucial times

Sarthi has been helpful in every step throughout the match cycle. The mentors have been sharing every possible step and the minute loopholes which should not be let loose. I appreciate each and every one of Sarthi group for being there every time.

Best decision in my USMLE journey

Firstly, I want to thank USMLEsarthi team heartfully. As a repeat applicant, I had almost lost hope about matching into US residency and thats when I joined sarthi, Best decision ever!. Sarthi guided me in every step, from submitting an impressive application, choosing programs to apply, interview preparation and motivating me at every step. They are always there to help you 24/7. The mock interviews I took with my mentor Dr.Nishanth, Dr.Pannala and Dr. Misra helped me immensely. In addition the Telegram group answered every single small question related to match process and beyond. Thankyou Sarthi Team!!

old IMG matched into Pathology in First Match cycle

I am an IMG with YOG 10 years. Did home country residency in Pathology and got matched into Pathology in my first cycle. Though my home country residency has been a strong part in my application, interview skills are equally important which makes or breaks the chance. In this aspect I can say sarthi group was really helpful. I got enrolled in silver plan for interview preparation. I had mock interviews with Dr. Anurag Sharma and Dr. Shailaja Pisipati which was immensely helpful in my actual interviews. I was confident enough before my interviews. Its very important to follow each and every tip sarthi team gives before, during and after submission of application which helps you get more number of interviews. I have joined very late in sarthi team and i advise others to join very early to make best use of the experts suggestions and best use of time. Its worth the price. I am thankful to all the sarthi team members for their valuable suggestions which prepares each student in a unique way towards the journey of residency. Good luck to all the future applicants!!

Matched into a University Program. Thank you Team Sarthi!

I am an IMG with decent USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores, 3 months USCE and no research background. I believe that it is absolutely important to have a well written and throughly evaluated CV before submitting your application. People with good scores can sometimes still struggle to get quality interviews. An exceptionally written CV can help you get interviews at quality programs. Even more important is to excel at those interviews to make an impression. I would definitely recommend the mock interviews. Good warm up before the actual interviews start. They can actually help relieve anxiety specially in the first couple interviews. My interview with Dr. Shaji and Dr. Pannala was particularly helpful and insightful. Also the group discussions are seriously helpful. During the daunting journey to residency, USMLE Sarthi has been like a guiding torch. The mentors were helpful at every step of the way and made sure that I was prepared for anything and everything that I would have to deal with, be it the application process or the interview season. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every team member, particularly Pawan, Arati, Dr. Shaji, Dr. Htun and Dr. Pannala. Recommend!

Great support system!

I joined USMLE sarthi right before the residency application. For me, they were a great source of support all throughout the process. Having them to guide me gave me confidence through every step of the way- the application, the interview process, and even the rank order list. Dr Pawan, Arati and the Sarthi team are very prompt with their responses. I recommend the Sarthi team to anyone who wants a helping hand through the process.


My experience with Sarthi team was amazing, they were really very helpful. They helped me through the entire match process. They have organized classes on every single topic like CV, PS preparation, interview preparation, ROL preparation. I had two mock interviews with Dr. Shaji and Dr. Pisipati which I found very helpful and their feedback helped to improvise myself and do better in my interviews. In addition they also have a telegram group where we can find answers to every single question related to USMLE. I would like to thank Dr. Pawan and Sarthi team for their help and support.

Thank you

I appreciate for advice the panelist during 2020 match year. The advice provided was constructive and helped in boosting my application. Be blessed

Thank you Sarthi team

I was enrolled in the Sarthi Silver plan for interview practice. The interview prep classes and the insights were very helpful in preparing for the real interview. Pawan and Arati have been very prompt in responding to my questions and concerns even with very short notice. Special thanks to Dr. Htun and all the panelists on the closed group chat for providing ongoing guidance for any questions any of us had throughout the match season whether it be about the application, interviews, or ranking. I highly recommend anyone applying for the match to enroll early on in the season to make the most of this service. Thank you for your help Sarthi team!

USMLE sarthi helped me match into my top choice

The journey to the residency match was very alien to me and USMLE sarathi group has been a constant support to me. From answering my every question even at untimely hours to providing constructive criticism on areas I should improve and sharpen my skills, USMLE sarathi helped me stay ahead of the game and present the best of myself.

Follow Sarthi advice seriously

Hi, I am Sai Charan from India. I am graduate of M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore. I joined USMLE Sarathi in 2018 in the diamond plan. From the time I joined, I very religiously followed the advice of various panelists when it came to working on your CV, doing well on rotations and how to stand out, making contacts ( contacts don't appear from thin air, you have to work hard to make them believe in you). I followed their telegram advice and made sure I did not miss out any advice. Special mention to Pawan, who has always answered every question, despite his busy schedule.
Grateful for all the help. I look forward to helping others.

Thank you

I found sarthi very helpful with preparing cv and interview practicing


They are very helpful and genuine with their advice and there for you through the match process.

My experience with Sarthi

Great experience. Sarthi helped to unleash our potential. Be it to write the CV personal statement. Or for interviews. Sarthi never spoonfed. But always helped to explore our own capabilities.


I am very happy with Sarthi. I was a repeat applicant and with their help and guidance I matched. They directed me to a specialty that fit my profile and provided a plan that would lead to an appealing application. My advice is to join early in the season. Thanks to everyone in the team!

Good experience

I really liked the interview preparation and the way we get feedbacks. Mock interviews were really helpful. My overall experience was good


Preparing for residency application should be taken as serious as Studying for usmle, or even more. Usmle sarthi helped me in every step regarding preparing my application, preparing for the interviews, truly evaluating my self as applicant, guiding me through the Dilemma of accepting prematch vs continuing in the match process hoping for better program. This is my 1st match cycle and thankfully I matched. Interview mocks are very cruical. I definitely recommend it for every IMG.


I highly recommend this company. Please don't hesitate like I did. With the help of Dr. Pawan, my mentor, and many others, I was able to fulfill a life long dream. I have matched and eternally grateful for their help. This process is not meant to be easy for IMGs, and you will be need help to get through this.

Mock interviews

This is my second match cycle and I am happy that I joined Sarthi for this journey. I was completely busy with my family life and I took only one mock interview with Dr. Nishanth Kodumuri. He understood my situation and guided me to ace my interview. I am very thankful to him, Pawan and the entire Sarthi team.

Must have companion for a IMG’s match journey!

Sarthi team’s Application prep advise and telegram group keeps you going in the right direction. Interview prep is awesome. And their loyalty towards us , the students until we match is something to cherish for.

Matched Internal Medicine - Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital

I am happy to share this news that with all the support of USMLE Sarathi, I am able to get match this season. It's a great confidence to be with Sarathi team for encountering the challenges in this journey. Thank you so much Sarathi team for all the support you have provided through out this journey!!

Interview preparation

Usmle Sarthi did help me to prepare for my interviews.

Online sessions were very helpful. They did explain everything to expect from A-Z.

Chase Your Dream Specialty

I have been with the Sarthi Team for 2 Match Cycles. I joined Sarthi just before the submission of the Application, so there was not much time to review my application but they made sure to review it and provided with insight to improve it. I was able to secure 2 Interviews for 2019 season but unfortunately was not able to match. It was saddening but looking back at it, I knew my application did not have much substance and I just recently graduated from medical school while also having an attempt on Step 2 CK. Not to long after the team offered offered solutions to all the unmatched students on how to improve for the next season. I knew it was going to be tough because there is not much time after match season to prepare your application when there is a lot to do. I went to work to gain new LORs, research, and complete Step 3. By being with the team and all the other students for another year allowed me to gain a lot more information about the Application Season which helped me further improve my own application. This time for 2020 Match I was able to secure 4 Interviews and successfully matched. I am grateful for everyone at the Sarthi Team. I want to also thank Pawan for always keeping in touch with me periodically and informing me of possible opportunities if I was interested. He never had to check up on me as I know he is busy running the business but none the less I truly appreciated him always staying in touch with not only me but every other student.

Awesome people!!!

Sarthi team has done a tremendous job in helping me prepare my application and ace my interviews.They were with me from the beginning till the end to go through this long process.They were always willing to help in whatever situation one is in.All the panelists in the team were working hard especially Dr.Zin to make sure their students go through the match.I recommend these services to those who are looking for guidance to navigate through the process and the rest they will make sure you get utmost guidance until you get match. Will always be thankful to the team.

Matched on my first cycle

The fear of not getting matched and having to reapply is something every IMG can relate to. The competition is rising and each speciality is getting more and more difficult to get into. I didn't have any contacts and didn't personally knew anyone who have done this before. My step 1 score was 232, CK 258, passed CS in first attempt. I was confused about my match strategy and that's when I came across USMLE Sarthi. The sarthi team is amazing and they gave me so many resources and feedback about how to approach the match season, beginning from the application, to interview preparation and preparing the RoL. There are lots of resources and well experienced professionals to guide you through the entire process. There were various discussion sessions about the interview day etiquette and how to approach each interview with confidence. The mock interviews were very useful and the feedback was very constructive. I was happy when I saw that I got matched into an IM program. USMLE Sarthi team did an amazing job and I am glad I chose them to guide me. I would definitely recommend this team to all my friends and I am truly greatful for all the help I recieved from the Sarthi team.

It is worth it!

I wish to thank the Sarthi team from the bottom of my heart for all the help during the interview season. I, like a lot of other people, was skeptical if I should spend that extra money for additional help. As I look at it retrospectively while on the other side of the match, I believe it is worth it. They don't just take your money in advance and forget you. They will support you wholeheartedly throughout your match season. Your interview answers will be much better and more polished. Also, their results speak for themselves. I would suggest joining the group even before you start your application as that is most productive. I joined in mid-October and it was still worth it. Thank you so much, Pawan, Dr. Htun, Arati and the rest of the Sarthi team. Cheers and God bless!

Best guidance

Sarthi team was there throughout my USMLE journey. I needed guidance at every step and sarthi team was there. Pawan is easily approachable and will be there even for a simple suggestion. I was always well informed at every step what to do next. I just followed and did what sarthi team told me to. Mentor sessions, Research, CV and PS editing, interview prep videos, mock interviews..... all came in help. I never felt I needed more help. I am happy that I registered with USMLE sarthi. Thank you for all the help.

Five Stars is not enough. I hereby award USMLE Sarthi a 6th star for their OUTSTANDING service.

Having matched successfully in my second match, the most common question I am asked is: What did you do different this time? My answer: USMLE Sarthi! I joined USMLE Sarthi last year after going unmatched in my first match cycle. I had average scores (by average, I mean exactly average on one Step and below national average on another Step.) I received only 2 interviews, partially due to a late application. As expected, I did not match. However, this time, I was determined to put my best foot forward. When I joined, Pawan spoke to me after carefully going through my profile and credentials. He gave me some superb advice on how to proceed forward and build on my application for the next match cycle. He assigned a mentor** to me for the specialty I was targeting. This was critical, as I was able to get the specific advice, I needed pertinent to that specialty. Throughout the season I was able to rely on my mentor and the other panalists (Dr. Htun, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Chintav) for match related advice. With the guidance of my mentor I was able to get more USCE, build my CV and find a research position at a prestigious institution. During the application I was able to get excellent input on my PS and my CV as well. All these factors helped me achieve an interview count exceeding 15 interviews this year. Most importantly, the Sarthi Team prepared me for the interviews. Through the IV classes, question discussion sessions and Mock interviews I was much more confident walking into my interviews. Knowing what to expect in the interviews helped me perform better and this resulted in me matching into a top university program. The best thing I can say about USMLE Sarthi is that they were integral in my success this year. Yes, I worked hard and there is no replacement for that but with their sound advice I always knew I was on the right path to achieve my goal of matching into my dream residency. In summary, It was THE BEST decision I have made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. **Mentor Appreciation Post: I realized the value of being a platinum student and having a mentor very early after joining Sarthi. My mentor George was a phenomenal resource. I cannot praise him enough. He was always approachable and always gave me unbiased, unfiltered and accurate advice throughout the season. Thank you USMLE Sarthi!

Great resource!

I joined the Usmlesarthi around July of last year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made through my match journey! They were helpful from the start, helping your figure out what you need and tailoring their resources to help you match. I think their guidance with personal statement and CV writing was their most helpful tool. It is worth every penny because they give you confidence that you can match and they cleared up so many confusing aspects of the long journey to residency. I also highly recommend their one-on-one mentor services and interview prep as this was vital in keeping me on the right track throughout. Thank you Usmlesarthi for all your help!

Thank you so much for the guidance throughout the journey

I am really grateful and thank you to Pawan sir and all the team of sarthi for guiding me throughout USMLE journey from applying to programs, Helping in PS and CV ,interview mocks and ROL. I am old graduate 2013 and followed by home country residency in surgery ... special credits to Sarthi team for guiding me how to make my home country residency as my strength and speak in application as well as PS. Also really thankful for team for being there whenever I had some query and guiding me through it. Strongly recommend to everyone for making things streamlined and guiding you to success . Thank you so much everyone again

Best matching service

As an old graduate, my experience with sarthi was amazing. I matched on 1st try. They give me honest opinion. My mentor Dr. Shaji helped me a lot on my application. He was always here for me. I can't imagine doing it without Dr.Shaji. Pawan also was always available whenever I have question. Dr. Htun answers all the questions on the group and give best advises ever. It's hard process that difficult to be done alone. Thank you Sarthi team.

USMLE sarathi helped me match into my top choice

The journey to the residency match was very alien to me and USMLE sarathi group has been a constant support to me. From answering my every question even at untimely hours to providing constructive criticism on areas I should improve and sharpen my skills, USMLE sarathi helped me stay ahead of the game and present the best of myself.

Matched at my top choice!

Given that the Match season is one of the toughest times of our careers we can tackle as IMGs, I found that having USMLE Sarthi reduced my stress levels a lot. As a member of the Diamond converted to Silver plan, what I needed most was reassurance and reminders for deadlines to ensure that I was not forgetting anything while applying. As a Silver plan student, I found the mock interviews and questions to be most helpful. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Sarthi again! One area of improvement would be to provide the option to have more ranking meetings with different panelists - it would have been beneficial to help hear different opinions.


The interview prep videos were useful in telling us what to expect in the interview and gave us some useful tips. Pavan was always prompt with his replies and it was very motivating, interacting with him.


Usmlesarthi gives you the guidance that i think most need in this journey. pawan and the entire team at sarthi have been very helpful and I'm grateful. Dr khera was very approachable with any and all doubts i had. thank you pawan and everyone else at Usmlesarthi.

IMG with low scores matched into top choice Internal Medicine program

I am really thankful to my friend who told me about sarthi at the beginning of the season. I was not sure like most of us but having low scores, I could not take any chance. I am really grateful for making that decision. The Sarthi team guided me through every step starting from preparing my application, CV, PS, choosing programs to apply for and provided me with a mentor Dr. Ravali who really took effort to improve my application alot. She took time to go through each and every word of my Cv and Ps and made corrections. Even after that the Sarthi team made further corrections through Journalist review. I believe that a strong application plays a great part in getting more interviews. After applying for match, Dr. Pawan took classes for interview preparation and listened to our answers. In addition to classes, they take mock interviews which are one on one. This fills you with confidence even on your first interview. I could not have performed so well without them. In addition to all this they have a telegram group where you can ask anything and the panelists answer the questions and explain everything in so much detail. They even help with ranking. I really want to thank Dr. Pawan who was available anytime to answer any questions we have and even call him anytime. He takes so much interest to make students successful for the match. Meeting him in person during an interview to a state, made me feel great. Even Dr. Htun and Dr. Vilanilam helps the students and gives students some tips which we cannot find anywhere. I really feel it was worth the money, I paid. I matched to my top choice Internal Medicine Residency program despite low chances.

Best decision of my life

So I cant describe in words how much this team has helped me throughout the match process. I think the only reason I got so many interviews and matched is because of this team. I want to thank Pawan sir, Dr. Htun, Aarti and the whole team of UsmleSarthi. So I made the decision of joining Usmle sarthi when I got an average score on my step 1 exam. This team then helped me with everything in the match process. They helped with my PS, my CV, my eras application. They taught us how to chase the programs, what to email and also when to do it. After seeing how good they are I decided to join the interview prep classes. These classes helped me prepare my answers and also how to perform well on the interview day. They conducted mock interviews in which they would ask tricky questions and all the common questions as well so that I was prepared well for my interviews. I would like to thank Pawan sir as he was available for all me and all the students 24/7. I also really liked that they helped in creating the ROL. I want to thank Dr. Htun for that. She spent close to two hours talking to me about what factors are imp to me and also explaining things that I had ignored earlier. She helped me create my final rank order list. I also wanted to thank her for always helping all the students on the telegram group every single day. I believe I wouldnt have matched without this team. Joining them was the best decision of my life. I never thought I would have matched into a university program with my profile. They made it possible.

Match 2020

Hi the sarthi team helped immensely during application season and before that in securing externships at clinics and hospitals which further helped me obtain good lors. Through the season mock interviews and interview prep sessions were amazing and helped me prepare for the tough questions that could be asked during interviews. The telegram group was always available with mentors and panelists who can answer any questions you may have. I was assigned my personal mentor who guided me how to rank programs and answered any questions I had. I also loved the fact that my CV and personal statement was reviewed many times before I submitted it, this was so helpful. I matched into my specialty of choice during my first cycle and the sarthi team played a huge role in it! Cant thank them enough, highly recommend them!

Great help

Thanks very much to whole Sarthi team for helping in this journey. Right from writing letters of intent to ROL i found every suggestion very helpful. It helped me in getting more interviews than I expected and also polished my interview skills. I strongly recommend it to every residency aspirant.

My best decision till date

Being an old graduate comes with its own set of perils. When you go into battle , a plan must be made. You must know everything about the other side else the consequences could be disastrous. This is where Sarthi comes it. They understand your situation and suggest specific measures that can be taken. They help you prepare and perfect your personal statement (which is of extreme importance), help make your CV look impressive, give you several tips and tricks ( a shout out to Dr Htun and Dr George- both are an epitome of patience who, inspite of having extremely busy schedules take time to answer our queries, however silly they may be) and also do a mock iv with you with awesome feedback which go a long way to prepare you for the real thing. Do go for their silver classes which go into the depths of interview preparation- you will be ready for anything and everything. From my experience with the Sarthi family I can say for sure, they can help you out even if you have any red flags since I now know of some people with major red flags who have matched with their guidance. Best of luck for your journey.

USMLESarthi- the best guide for the road to residency. Match 2020

I am sincerely grateful to Sarthi Whole Team, Dr. Pawan, Arati, and all of the Panelists who worked day and night for us. I matched into an Internal Medicine Residency Program, and this is my first cycle. I am a US-IMG and graduate from Holy Family Medical College Bangladesh in 2013. I have learned about Sarthi from Facebook and joined as a Platinum plan student in June. I have a phone call meeting with Dr. Pawan, and then I was assigned to my mentor Dr. Raja Chandra. After meeting with DR. Chandra, I started writing my PS and CV. The PS and CV were reviewed twice by the mentor, and then twice by the team journalist Max Dibble. Meanwhile, I have monthly meetings with DR. Pawan and DR. Cjhndra separately, who was monitoring my progression and emphasizing on improving CV by more clinical experience, research paper, and complete Step 3 exam. When we have submitted our application, Dr. Zin, Dr. Saji, Dr. Panala, and other panelists started to teach interview preparation by weekly Webinar sessions. As a platinum plan student, I have a chance to take 4 Mock Interview sessions to get an idea of how to present myself during the interview. I was taught and learned how to speak with confidence yet humble, how to represent myself professionally, all verbal and non-verbal impressions. We were taught- how to write a letter of Interest email and Thank You Cards, how to choose a program to apply according to credential, how to make a rank order list etc. The Sarthi team was with me on every step of my match journey. Joining Sarthi was the best decision both in terms of time and money. I have reached my dream goal because of the team members combined efforts. The USMLE Sarthi team will always have my gratitude along with my most definite recommendation.

Ranking meetings

Adding a side note to my review, I found the ranking meeting with Dr Htun extremely useful. We spent an hour making my rank order list. I quite liked the way she grouped them into three categories and went over each program individually taking my preferences into account to make a list that I was satisfied with. This was something new offered by Sarthi this year and I definitely think these meetings should be made a regular thing !

Matched !!

I am very thankful for USMLE sarthi. Especially to our senior mentors - Dr. Htun and Dr. Koshy who is always there to answer your questions on telegram group. Dr. Zin gave me very honest feedback on my mock interview and classes conducted on interview preparation was very helpful. which helped me ace my interview. Dr. Khera pushed me very hard for this season, Where i was so under-confident that i didn't even wanted to apply for Match. And here I am getting matched on my first attempt. Thank you once again USMLE sarthi and team.

Great Team

It has been a unique experience for me working with the Sarthi Team, and if could sum it up in one word I would call it - Success. The team has exceptional and experienced educators. From everything to checking your profile, proofing it, the mock interviews and prompt answers to minute details throughout the residency process, makes the entire process convenient and enjoyable. They acted as a great support system towards a nerve racking match cycle. I matched into a great program despite having a huge red flag on my profile and I would attribute that towards all the guidance I received. Thank you Pawan sir and the entire Sarthi team. Best of luck ahead everyone!

Road to Residency Match 2020

Thank you to the entire UsmleSarthi team for all their valuable advice and guidance. I would like to especially thank my mentor Dr. Shaji who has helped me every step of the way during this process. He took time out of his busy schedule to provide me with all the necessary information I needed during the application and match process. I will always remain grateful to him for his invaluable tips and constant encouragement. Thank you Dr. Shaji for helping me match into my number 1 choice for residency!

Matched into IM in my # 1 choice with my husband!!!

I and my husband realized we need help prepare our application really well, our scores were average and we both wanted Internal Medicine, also our major requirement was to be together. I heard about USMLE Sarthi from two of my seniors who previously took their help and matched successfully, I contacted Pawan and he assigned Dr. Zin as my mentor. From then on, they constantly gave us advice on how we should be improving our profiles to be competitive. We are first time applicants and with so much information on social media, we would have been completely lost in terms of keeping up with the timelines from buying ERAS token to preparing CV, PS, to making program lists and preparing for our most important interviews as well as rank them. They helped us keep track of everything and also took care of the minutest details. The telegram group is very helpful and you will find answers to almost all USMLE related questions here. I am personally very happy with their guidance and services and would highly recommend them to any first time applicants. Pawan and my mentor also suggested that it is best to not go into couples match and instead inform the programs where we received interviews about our significant other. I emailed one of the programs where my husband got invited and they gave me an interview as well. This was the best advice ever, it worked in our favor and we matched into the same program!

My journey

Please let me start with the end, I MATCHED into my first choice program and there is so much joy in these words that I cannot express. I know this path is different for each and every one of us, but there is something we all have in common, a big dream. I just thought I would share my journey with you, especially if you are like I once was, in a position of uncertainty of where and how to start. In august of 2019, I was thinking of applying for the 2020 match, but I soon realized that I have no idea what to do and how to do it. I was about to take my step 2 CK, but I did not take step 2 CS yet, nor did I have any US clinical experience. As one would expect I started to feel lost before I even started and I actually started thinking that I will just wait for 2021. Thankfully, in a moment of hopelessness I reached out to a Facebook friend who matched just the year before, in the hopes that she will be able to give me some guidance. She encouraged me and mentioned something about “USMLE Sarthi” and how these people can help me with my CV, give me guidance when it comes to interviews and answer general questions about the interviews and matching process. Without getting my hopes up, knowing no one else and following her recommendation, I went for it. Maybe this is my only chance I thought. So, as unprepared as I was, USMLE Sarthi received me in their family, because this is what USMLE Sarthi is, a family. I was received with support and got straight into preparing my application, I was already late, everybody else there had almost everything ready, but I was not left behind. After spending two whole days trying to write my CV it was basically empty. I was under the false impression that only what I did in the US mattered. After looking at my CV, Dr. Pawan with patience and kindness pointed out the things I did correct, but also used constructive criticism to guide me on how to write a proper CV. He also instructed me to watch the classes I missed because of my late subscription from which I learned so much. After spending a few more days on my CV I sent it over to Dr. Pawan, this time he approved of it. Then I started working on my personal statement, with all the discouragement and confusion I just could not make any sense of what I should write, until I read the Sarthi Google docs. With that information in mind I finally wrote it, I sent it to the panelists to review it. To my amazement, in a very short time, I received personalized correction and they gave me ideas on how to improve it, what to take out, what to add and my final PS was so much better than my first one. Slowly I could see a light at the end of this proverbial tunnel. My CV, my PS was a battle, but this team helped me conquer it. My application would have been a mess without their help. With my application ready, I was confident I can give it a try, even though I knew that it rarely happens that someone gets interviews without step 2 CS, but I had nothing to lose. In the meantime I took my step 2 CK, got a good score, God is great. To my amazement I received three interview invitations even before I took step 2 CS. With the interview dates looming and having no prior interview experience I again started to panic. I had no idea how an interview is like, or what would I be expected to answer. Everything changed when I started the interview preparation classes. USMLE Sarthi guided us through the whole interview process, what is asked, how to answer, what is expected of us, how to tackle the hard questions and I started working on it. To be honest the hardest question for me was the, tell me about yourself one, for which I probably wrote one hundred answer variants. Even though I watched all the videos where Dr. Pawan was talking with students, and listened to Dr. Htun’s guides, none of my answers seemed to make sense but I kept trying. After attending the interview classes myself, I again learned a lot of useful information. The patience Dr. Htun had while listening to my very imperfect answers is unbelievable and there was always some good advice to take home. Then I scheduled my mock interview, I applied to pediatrics, that was my dream, and I scheduled the mock interview with Dr. Sehar, I was so nervous, but the interview went well, again I received personalized feedback and that was such an encouragement. She guided me through the questions and I knew exactly what I could improve and how, giving me confidence for the real interviews. But the interviews were not where everything ended. I needed guidance with post-interview communication, ranking, deadlines and pretty much everything. I found all that on the Sarthi Telegram messaging group. I had a lot of questions, but I was not the only one. Students like me asked questions and I got all my answers from there, the panelists always had patience with us as we were learning. Then March 16th came and I matched, with only three interviews, isn’t that amazing? Also, it is worth mentioning, that my first interview was at the hospital where I actually matched. Well I am sure God did all this, but through Sarthi I had the guidance I needed for this result to be possible. Thank you Sarthi team, thank you all for your dedication, time and energy. I am forever thankful for this. The Match is a journey, every detail matters, to learn the process and to be on top of it you need guidance and USMLE Sarthi is what I recommend for that. Diana Malancea

Step 2 CS fail to matching in first choice out of 4 !!

I am grateful for what you guys do. Especially with the interview preparation and mock interviews. Probably a big contributing factor to my match in this year. please view the review I wrote attached as a picture.

Match residency

Thank you so much for all usmle sarthi group for the support!!! I matched!!!

Old Graduate-Matched

Being an old graduate (2003) with family and kids, people discouraged me from taking steps as they said its impossible with such an old year of graduation to match. I want to say nothing is impossible if you work hard and have the proper guidance. I had good scores, but the Sarthi team provided me with the right direction. Whether it was guidance regarding the personal statement, CV, applying to programs, letters of recommendation, and interview preparation. I am thankful to the entire Sarthi team for their guidance and support. My first cycle and matched in Pathology.

Usmle Saarthi- because everyone needs help

I matched in internal medicine this season, and I attribute a big part of my success to the Saarthi team. Dr. Khera with his team of experienced panelists were always available for any kind help, which was greatly instrumental in path towards success. The benchmarks set by them, and the webinars always kept me on track, enabling me to submit my application on time. This group provided me with the moral support that's vital during this arduous journey, and gave me the much needed confidence. Thank you for your support.

Thank you UsmleSarthi for the exceptional guidance.

UsmleSarthi offers ultimate guidance to match into your dream residency program. I would like to thank everyone in the Sarthi team, Dr. Khera, my mentor Dr. Sattar, Dr. Htun and Ms. Bandgar for helping me out in this journey. Dr. Khera was always available to guide me throughout the match season right from building my application to rank order discussions. He gave me a clear understanding of the process, identified my application gaps and suggested me ways to improve it. The classes on interview preparation and the mock interviews helped me tremendously to feel prepared and confident for the interview season. I am grateful to all the panelist who are available round the clock on the telegram group chat to help us clear any misconceptions and doubts we had regarding the process right from the first day of enrollment. I highly recommend UsmleSarthi for achieving your goal.

Residency Match 2020

Though I joined sarthi late in the session but it really boosted my morale and helped me with constant guidance. Round a clock advice from Dr. Zin and other panelist for Cv etc. and the suggestions to improve my presentation in the the interviews were life saving. Thanks alot Mr Pawan and team sarthi.


UsmleSarthi helped me tremendously in my journey to residency. You guys helped me set up a timeline and answered my billion questions along the way. It felt like having a support system who’s information I could blindly trust. From application prep, interview prep and constant encouragement and reassurance with the right amount of reality check- UsmleSarthi helped me a lot. I would easily recommend it to my juniors and friends in the future.


I joined the Sarthi class with a very poor profile but the team guided me, taught me on what I needed to do and were there for me anytime I needed more help in any step of the match process. They helped me turn my low scores, attempt, disorganized and anemic CV into interviews and finally a match!!! I’ll forever be grateful for their help and will always recommend anyone to trust in them. Thank you Pawan and the entire team!!!!

The best team

I am glad to be a part of this family called Usmle saarthi! I Matched in my first attempt and it was only because of this team! From giving personal suggestions to answering all my questions, I felt as if i had a family supporting me for the match. They tell it like it is and i believe i would have felt lost at every step without their guidance. They went above and beyond to make sure we are not committing any mistakes. All the panelists are experienced residents and fellows who are always ready to help! My special kind gratitude to Dr. Khera for always being there whenever I needed someone to ask for guidance! Thank you again Sir! I will forever be grateful

I matched! We matched!

Hello everyone, I matched into an Internal Medicine Residency Program. I am sincerely grateful to Sarthi Whole Team, Dr. Pawan, all of the Panelists, and Arati. This is my first year applying for the Match. My credentials are 239/238/CS first attempt/214, 2016 graduate, no need visa sponsorship. I knew the USMLE Sarthi team from Dr. Zin and joined the Sarthi group as a diamond plan student. First of all, I have monthly meetings with Dr. Pawan and discuss how to improve my CV. Then we have to write an ERAS CV and PS ourselves and then Dr. Zin and other panelists corrected grammar mistakes and gave us feedback for the better CV and PS and checked it multiple times. When we have submitted our application, Dr. Zin and other panelists started to teach interview preparation. As a diamond student, I have a chance to take 2 Mock Interview sessions with Dr. Sailaja Pisipati and Dr. Poorvanshi Alag and get an idea how to sell myself during the interview. Meanwhile, we have a Sarthi group on Telegram and get a lot of information about the programs. We get to know how to write Interest email, Note of Appreciation, Thank You Cards, Letter of Intent properly. Residency Interview Season is tough. I could not thank enough for all of Sarthi's whole team throughout this process. I would like to highly recommend future applicants to join the Sarthi team.

Thank you Sarthi

I am grateful to Pawan, the panelists and Ms Bandgar for their help in my usmle journey. I joined Sarthi as a silver plan student for interview preparation by the end of August 2019 for the match. Silver plan students do not have an official mentor assigned to them but I never felt the need for one. Pawan was always available. This is one thing about sarthi that's amazing is their promptness in getting back to you. I never had to wait for a long time to get my doubts solved. They are available 24×7. Also a special shoutout to Pawan. In September he released the interview prep videos meant for platinum plan members to all the members at no extra cost. That was a game changer. Coming to the panelists- they are residents and fellows belonging to different specialties. Everyone has a unique style of answering questions. There's a lot you can passively pick up from them. For example I quite liked the way Dr Zin Mar Htun presented her case. She answered most of the questions on the group and always gave a step by step guide to approaching the doubt/problem. Lastly thank you to Ms Bandgar for arranging meetings and classes.

NRMP Support: Congratulations, you have matched!

I am a fresh graduate from India and I matched in my 1st cycle! I want to thank the whole USMLE Sarthi team, with special mentions to Dr. Htun, Dr. Khera, Dr. George, Dr. Pannala and Dr. Hany. Without their constant mentorship, support and encouragement, the match would definitely have been much harder. The team’s commitment and passion towards their students is the highlight of USMLE Sarthi. I want to take this time to share some of the highlights of how the Sarthi team helped me match in my 1st cycle. As an IMG, I was fresh out of med school from India, had just finished my step exams and rotations in the US but had no knowledge of the match process. This was uncharted territory for me, something which no school has ever prepared me or any other IMG for. I found out about USMLE Sarthi in July 2019 through a mentor and today on March 16, 2020 with conviction I can say that joining their program was the best decision I have ever made. Back in July after I joined, I was immediately assigned a physician mentor (Dr. Htun in my case) and she scheduled an online session with me to discuss my profile, my interests, my strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve my overall profile – I feel that this session changed my outlook towards the match process completely. The intricacies and the minute details that I would have easily missed if I participated in the match by myself, were now known to me. I had started to learn to pick up on these details to improve my overall profile, I had developed a set game plan on how I should be doing things and how I can use my experiences both inside and outside to medicine to their full advantage for a successful match. Dr. Khera and Dr. Htun were always available to answer any question (even the silly ones :D) that I had at any time. Through the online Telegram platform, I was able to participate in a wide range of discussions with my colleagues. With the live classes and the recorded classes from the previous years, I was able to gauze at the overall match process, look at the criteria for the match and study extensively on how to prepare for the interviews. Dr. Htun held multiple sessions with me over the next month to go over my CV and PS and offer her valuable feedback. The team of Journalists at Sarthi were amazing. They made sure that my CV and PS were air-tight and had no errors. The pre-applying part of my Match journey ended with a session with Dr. Htun looking at the extensive list of programs which might be the best fit for me. After we applied, the team switched gears to focus on the interview process. There were live 1-hour interview practice session every week and you got the opportunity to schedule mock interviews with the faculty according to your schedule. I feel that this was instrumental in preparing me for the interview and ultimately acing each one moving me one step closer to my match. The Sarthi team was with me on every step of my match journey, playing a big role in my match. Joining Sarthi was the best investment, both in terms of time and money that I have ever made so far and because of our combined efforts, I have finally achieved my dream! The USMLE Sarthi team will always have my gratitude along with my strongest recommendation!

Matched into my Dream Residency!

USMLE Sarthi gave me the confidence to go out there and take command of my aspirations. I was a low scorer, my cv was building on me for many years till no avail. I joined Sarthi with low hopes but I gained ways to speak about myself, to challenge myself and bring out the best in me! The interview practices really help to create your actual reality! They bring you to the game floor before and really make you think of what you can expect which really makes Sarthi’s mentors like Dr. Lulua, Dr. Zin and along with Dr. Pawan the best residency match service ever! They work with you personally and they know who you are! Thank you for the work and facilitating my journey to a better future!


I had no one to guide me with the application process. I joined sarthi and they helped with each and every step they helped me write my personal statement and CV and checked it multiple times. The telegram group is really helpful. Usmle journey requires you to be updated and know the process and with sarthi the process becomes very easy.


I joined sarthi group around November and I think that was the best decision I took. In this competitive world of matching into residency, you will never know what is the right thing to do or say, and it's very common to get misguided because you are mostly surrounded by fellow competitors. Thank God for sarthi, they have been so much help in this matter, answering our questions everyday and as soon as possible, guiding us, most importantly understanding each student's circumstances and personalising the help they give. To be honest, I didn't use all their resources, and still had confidence that it's going to be okay. Thank you for being there and making it possible for us to survive the match season.

They say count your blessings. Here I do so.

Usmle Sarthi is a team of dedicated, and talented professionals, and I fall short of words when I have to express my gratitude for them. For someone like myself, with zero connections or guidance for this cumbersome residency process, the Sarthi team has taught me from A to Z of what it means to be a US-trained resident. From Pawan sir, Aarti maam, my mentor, to every team member constantly guiding us on the telegram group, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I have only the best things to say about this hardworking team. Thank you USarthi.

Thank you “Matched”

Thank you a lot really appreciated the time you guys spending with us in classes , mock , helping us with out resume and personal statement . I have lots of red flags im an old IMG , with attempt in ck and passing ck with passing score i didnt get lots of interviews , everytime i reached out to Pawan or arati they tried to help me wether to ask me email or call programs , even when i got an interview and i needed a mock to practice they helped to reach out to one of the doctor to practice a day before my interview , and pawan told me whatever will happen just after ur interview and match season if u didnt get match you still our student and maybe we can do a plan for you whether hands on or research opportunity I couldn’t believe my eyes monday 16th i matched in my first cycle with all red flags , my advice to my colleague who are applying or didnt get match dont give up keep working you will get there one day , never give up , get away from all negative people , believe on ur dream even if you have lots of red flags. Trust me if i can do it for sure you can do it

The long journey of an IMG to residency

When I started on this journey, I had no idea the amount of hard work, patience and perseverance it would take to achieve my dream! You always need a gentle push forward in the right direction now and then along the way. The sarthi team does just that. They guide you in this tough journey and lead you to the final destination! I matched into psychiatry one of the toughest fields thanks to the wonderful team put together by USMLE sarthii ! Kudos to the entire team for their help! Excited to begin this new journey in my life!

Sarthi team is the best guide for USMLE residency match

A great platform for all residency applicants!

USMLE Sarthi provides great support throughout the application and interview process. They are very responsive. The mock Interviews help alleviate the anxiety prior to actual interviews. One on one interview preparation with Pawan was very helpful in refining the interview responses. The 24 hour ongoing discussion in the common sarthi group is also very helpful and applicants can ask any question related to the interview, application, ranking etc. I highly recommend their service.

Prematched! Caribbean graduate- Thanks to Sarthi team

I came in contact with Dr. Khera through USMLE Sarthi Facebook when I was searching for how to write an effective personal statement. Even though I was a FMG (Carribean), I was clueless regarding to structuring and writing an effective PS and packaging my application. I quickly enrolled with them and had access to lots of videos and live classes on how to write an excellent Personal statement and ERAS CV. My PS and CV were well reviewed by the journalists pointing out all the silly mistakes I had made.
The IV prep and mock interviews started early in September which helped me tremendously to be ready with my first interview, Dr. Khera and his team helped polished my interview skills that I got a prematch offer with my first interview in early October.
Dr. Khera was always available to answer any and all questions that I had. I also learned a lot from the USMLE Sarthi group on telegram. Thanks to Dr. Htun, Dr. Vilanilam, Dr. Englickel and the rest of the panelists for their immeasurable advice.
Overall, USMLE Sarthi was extremely helpful. They exceeded my expectation compare to the affordable price that I paid. I wouldn’t have gotten a load of interviews without their help.
I am happy to have already secured a residency in internal medicine early in the season and be done with the match process.
Thank You!!! Sarthi team for your altruistic services. I highly recommend Sarthi to anyone applying for US Residency.

Usmle Sarthi- Truly a Sarthi for the residency match!

I am a medical graduate from India with YOG of 6 years and average scores. After going unmatched in 2018, the first and best thing I did was joining USMLE Sarthi. Within the first few talks with Pawan, I could come to a conclusion of what my CV was lacking and how my plans should be. Most of us lack insight on what we are lacking, and we give more focus on what we feel is right and from opinions of a lot of people around us. This is where Sarthi is unique, they don’t just give opinions, they help us to formulate a plan after going through our CV in a detailed way. They point to us what exactly we lack and strategies to overcome those deficiencies. Dr. Shaji, had been an amazing mentor to me. He guided me on how to build a great CV based on my experiences and how to strengthen my clinical experiences within the limitations I had. He also motivated me to come up with case reports which I could present in different conferences. They also helped me in getting a detailed review of PS and CV. Because it is reviewed by both a physician and journalist, the chance of making a mistake almost reduces to nil. Mock interviews with Dr. Shaji, Dr. Pannala and Dr. Mansuri had been insightful. They helped me in coming up with strategies to tackle my weakness and at the same time, enhance my strengths during the interviews. These mock interviews gave me a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. I felt really comfortable and prepared before my interviews. Also, the whatsapp group is a resource where we get expert opinions on anything and everything regarding the residency match. All the panel members especially Dr. Zin Mar Htun, are helpful and responds to your questions in a prompt way.
My heart-felt thanks to Pawan, Dr. Shaji, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Mansuri and all the panel members for their help and support during this wonderful journey to residency.

Best guidance for Pathology Match

Supportive team and interview preparation is the best- Matched in Pediatrics fellowship.

Match at a prematch program

Great course. Learned to do the interview well. I prematched in my 3rd interview. They were also helpful in constructing my personal statement and cv

My journey with USMLEsarthi towards match

I am an old IMG with a gap of more than 10 years after graduation. I applied for the first time, applied a month late, got 15 interviews (internal medicine) and matched to my first choice. USMLESarthi helped me throughout the process and had a big role in helping me achieve my goal. USMLESarthi, through their videos and live sessions, gives you a set of tools. How successful one is during the match process depends upon how effectively one uses these tools. I have mentioned some points which made a difference.
# They set up a strategy session, help you identify and then improve upon your weaknesses, help you polish your personal statement, LORs and ERAS application.
# I derived the most benefit as far as my preparation for interviews is concerned. The thing about interviews is that one doesn’t realize what one is doing wrong until someone points it out. Once one realizes then everything seems very simple. Eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know. Simple things like what NOT to say, or how to say something in a way that highlights your strengths. The mock interviews help to lessen some of the anxiety. I had mine with Chintav Shah who helped out a lot. He was easily accessible to answer any questions that I had.
# Another big plus is that one gets to interact with candidates who have recently matched. They are not the competition and you can trust their advice. There is an opportunity to learn from what they did successfully. Learn from mistakes that others have made instead of making them yourselves.
Match is a difficult and stressful process and USMLESarthi made it easier and less stressful. One advice I can give to all the applicants is to know your profile and set realistic goals. Identify your strengths and highlight them in your personal statement, Eras application and during the interviews. Prepare well and don't leave anything to chance.

IMG with 10 year gap.

I am writing as a matched applicant with a 10-year gap after medical school graduation. From the beginning, I want to tell you that is possible to get matched with a big gap, and I am matched in Internal Medicine residency program. I am also 3 rd year match applicant, 2 years was not successful for me, but at the same time, it was needed to get experience and to build strong application during unmatched years. During the third year, I did not know what is the problem in my application. I did not have anybody who can guide me and edit my mistakes. In January 2018 I started to search for services to edit my PS and somehow I saw Sarthi videos on Youtube and did a deep research regarding team and services. I was really amazed that on Sarthi website was given phone number of Pawan who could help to answer any questions regarding the service. At the beginning of summer, I signed up for Sarthi and not even one day regret of my purchase. First of all the whole team is amazing and build by people who are actually in US residency or doctors who practising medicine in the US which is big PLUS. So they know the whole process and details how successfully match!!!
Big thank you for my mentor Zin, she is amazingly well equipped professional mentor, she helped me a lot to edit my PS, ERAS application. SARTHI Mentors always on chat with you and ready to answer any questions regarding your application.
Also, I would like to thank Dr.Sattar in mock interview preparation, preparation is one of the keys to match in residency. After an interview, I knew I did well and I answered all questions with a positive vibe and smile. I am an IMG who immigrated with 2 small kids and worked in different jobs related and not related to medicine, despite all problems, ups, and downs of immigration challenges I was able to match, so YOU will match also. BELIEVING in Yourself is Most Important than anything else!!!! If there is a WILL there is always a WAY. Thank you so much SARTHI !!! I would definitely suggest SARTHI!!!

A reliable and efficient mentorship service for residency match!

I highly recommend USMLE Sarthi match services. It is totally worth it! Pawan & team explains the match process in an excellent manner. Numerous questions were coming to my mind during the season & they answered them all. They have great videos & a very active messaging group. Dr. Mansuri was my mentor. He helped me greatly in CV & PS & gave precious advice. Being connected to the other Sarthi members was a huge comfort. The match process is complicated & one needs to have all the information. Sarthi steers one in the right direction & gives a lot of confidence. They counsel candidates from the start to the end of match cycle. They identify the weak areas in profile & guide how to strengthen those. I will suggest to join them early in the season (Feb/March) so that there is enough time to make progress. I would say a very special thanks to Katherine She has been on the group since the beginning & is an amazing panelist. I have learnt so much through her discussions. I wish my best to the wonderful Sarthi team. Thank you Pawan & team!

Big thanks to entire Sarthi team

I am very thankful to the entire Sarthi team for the help, support, counseling and guidance at every step. This is absolutely a must for international students in order to get structured inputs at every step. The live sessions with Q&A were very informative on different topics and Pawan Sir and the team used to encourage questions and clarify all the doubts. They provided valuable inputs for the CV, personal statement and the interview preparation. Pawan Sir was available any time to answer any doubts/query during the entire time, be it interview related or any other anxiety for that matter. I couldn’t have got a better mentor than Pawan sir. He is the best. A lot of imgs underestimate the criticality of cv and personal statement and the interview prep. Scores are an important factor but once you are in the interview room, your cv, personal statement and ur confidence in the interview is what they are looking at. So this is where the Sarthi team comes into play. I would strongly recommend usmle Sarthi to every img. They are knowledgeable, dependable, reliable, experienced and value for money.

Great USMLE match experience with USMLEsarthi team

My experience with USMLE Sarthi was great! Especially the mock interviews helped a lot in preparing for the actual interviews. The videos going over what possible questions could be asked and how to prepare for them helped so much in building my confidence for the interviews. The Sarthi community (especially the WhatsApp group) was where I gained the most knowledge on how to tackle my residency application. My mentor Ravali was awesome, she helped clean up my personal statement and provided great tips on how to tackle it. Pawan is helpful in so many ways from the beginning of the residency cycle up until match day he is there to provide any assistance you may need. Highly recommend joining this group for mentorship.

Highly recommend USMLESarthi team

The Residency application was a long drawn out process, which can be intimidating at times. Moreover, being an International Medical Graduate, it was paramount to stay one step ahead than the rest. This is where USMLESarthi came in and helped me sail through. I was provided with constant motivation and guidance in testing times. USMLESarthi helped me understand the nitty-gritties involved in drafting my Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement. It helped me realise my weaknesses and encouraged me to work on it. At the same time, I was made aware of my strengths, and taught to leverage its full potential. The mock interviews conducted were of immense value, and helped me understand the perspective of an interviewer. USMLESarthi mentors patiently listened to my queries, and were always available to give me constructive feedback. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Pawan and whole USMLESarthi team for all the help. I wholeheartedly recommend USMLESarthi to all future Residency applicants!

USMLESarthi mentorship, match tips and tricks helped me match

Great Support system and very helpful

I became a part of the Usmle Sarthi early in April. From teaching me how to write my CV and PS to how to give the residency interviews, they were with me throughout. Pawan was always available whenever I needed anything for which I am grateful. The classes were very informative and the mock interviews were especially helpful in giving me feedback on how to improve. I highly recommend to anyone planning to get into US residency. Thank you Sarthi team.

Kudos to the Sarthi team for helping me match!

"You just have to clear the steps, and the rest will be easy." is what most people say when one first dives into this process. However we soon realize that there's so much more to it! And honestly I don't think there's anyone better than the Sarthi team out there to help guide through all the preparation that has to be made in order to secure a US residency. No matter what your individual situation is, experts are available round the clock to provide their invaluable advice and provide a tailored solution to your issues. I believe steps like planning out my interview season, making my personal statement, CV, interview preparation etc. would have been multitudes tougher if not for the Sarthi team's support.
A big thank you to Pawan, Dr. Katherine, Dr. Alag and Mr. Dibble for all the help! Continue the good work!

Very useful tips

Hi future resident,

I can honestly recommend Sarthi guidance without a doubt. Maybe you don’t necessary need a full guidance to match like the one they offer (depends on your situation), but I can tell you I felt confident throughout my interviews because of them, they no only prepared you for the interviews per se but also, you can receive advices and guidance from experienced mentors before applying. Also, if you happen to have any questions regarding a special situation you are having in the moment, their team will answer you promptly, I really liked that. Also, even before submitting your Rank order list, you will have a one on one appointment with a panelist to hep you clear your mind and answer you any question you may have!!

The mock interviews were very useful, they gave me tips and after interviewing at different places, I noticed that sarthi’s panelist asked very similar questions and simulated the actual scenario very well.

Unfortunately, I discover this company just a couple of days before applying so I couldn’t take full advantage of it. I recommend you to enroll as early as possible. Money can be an issue but I can tell you is cheaper to pay for services like this than to go unmatched, think of it as an investment (at least that’s what I thought).

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Amazing Support and Guidance

The UsmleSarthi team provided an amazing amount of support and guidance throughout the whole interview process. They covered everything from sample questions and answers to the most efficient way to arrange travel and accommodation. The mock interviews are just like the real deal and with feedback given by those who are current residents, it gave me the confidence I needed to perform well on my interviews! They really know what they are doing and I am fortunate to have benefited from their expertise!

Matched into an IM University program!

As an IMG, I started out the USMLE journey with a lot of confusion and misconceptions. I believed scores were everything. While scores are important, the Sarthi team were the ones to impress upon me the importance of a well rounded CV. The sarthi team advises and pushes you to improve your deficient areas. My CV and PS improved immensely after the revisions and corrections they offered and the IV prep offered was also helpful. Basically, sarthi provides a lot of clarity into the whole process.


If you want residency, you should join Sarthi!
It is as simple as that.
USMLE Sarthi helped me in preparation of CV, ERAS application, Personal statement. Pawan and my mentor who is best Dr Mansuri always guided me in respect to how to make my application stronger like whether to go for observership or research, where to apply for it, how to make most of it when you go for rotation. Dr Zeeshan Mansuri helped me with interview preparation which is most important to get matched once you get interview invitation.


The match journey can be quite daunting with several aspects of the CV to build on and multiple deadlines to keep track of. The core mentor group along with the wider student community at Sarthi does a great job at effectively streamlining this process. Pawan and the other mentors including Dr. Katherine, Dr. Zeeshan, Dr. Pannala are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to all our queries and concerns. It is also very reassuring to feel part of a community where a lot of people are going through the same situation as you are. I hope all the future applicants find the match process to be as fulfilling as we did and I wish everyone good luck!

Usmle sarthi

I am a recent graduate and I matched into my top choice for IM. I joined Sarthi in July 2018, and it has helped me every step of the way. Guiding us through the applications, interview and post interview including the rank order list. I feel that having a group of people applying for the match helps us not to miss anything. And having a mentor like Dr. Sridevi Rajeevi is the best thing that I got out of this. She was an incredible support system during and after the interviews. I would highly recommend this service to everyone.

Thank you Sarthi team

Sarthi team guided me throughout the interview season. Interview sessions were informative and gave chance for everyone to speak up and ask questions regarding their CV.
The team was approachable and answered each and every question, especially Dr. Katherine was very active. The mock interviews were very helpful. Joining in Sarthi group helped me to improve my Interview skills and work on my weakness and it’s the best decision I made.
Thank you Sarthi team for the support through out the process.

Key to Match Success

They are very thorough in guiding applicants for a successful match. With the right approach and help from Sarthi team I was able to get 32 interviews and matched at a prestigious program. Overall, it was a good experience being part of it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

P.S Best part about Sarthi team is "PAWAN" .


Pawan and his group are extremely knowledgable and resourceful. They guide you along every step of the way. It is a daunting journey in itself, but the team made it much easier! I’d highly recommend their services. Every single doubt of yours will be answered. Thank you team Sarthi!!

"Sarthi" in my Journey

Usmlesarthi was (still is) literally the “Sarthi” in my journey. I got support for every component of residency application journey, starting from writing resume, personal statement, providing the conception about good LORs to complete preparation for the interview. They even provided suggestion on my interview attire (believe it or not, they will even bother to talk about your nail paint color, if you really want to wear one. Just to let you know the extent of help they provide). But the thing I am most grateful for, is the moral support and the constant guidance to improve myself as an applicant . This is a difficult journey, the mental toll is huge. At times you will feel depressed, lost. At least, this is what happened to me. I am an old grad of 10+ years, with 3 years gap. At the time of application, I was living in west coast, with no clinical exposure. So, I didn’t have access to informations or support that are available in IMG friendly places like New York. Usmlesarthi played the best role here. I was always connected with other applicants who were in the same boat, with seniors who went through the same process, with panelist who had extended experience, through a closed group chat app. So, I didn’t feel that alone or helpless! They answered every single questions, the serious ones and the dumb ones as well. I ended up needing immediate help few times where I needed to talk to an expert immediately. Everytime they responded within 30 mins. Thank you Pawan!
From my experience every panelist tried their best to help applicants in their own way. However, I can’t thank enough Dr. Chintav Shah and Dr. Zin. As for Pawan Khera, he would always be in a special place in my heart for his tremendous supporting role in my journey.

Just so you know, I don’t have any experience or idea about other support groups, so I am not in a position to compare usmlesarthi with others. Everything I have mentioned above is completely based on my personal experience.
Now, do I recommend it to you? Yes, I do! If you can afford enroll to Platinum, It would give you access to everything including the interview prep courses.
How can you be benefited most? Be proactive in the group. No one can help you unless you seek it.
Good luck to every applicant out there!

Your guide through all the anxiety.

So I joined the Sarthi team due to soaring anxiety of the match season in mid August. Despite the time crunch, they helped me polish my application in time. The video sessions gave a good insight in sharpening the CV and personal statement. Pawan is a call away to answer any questions. In this journey, one size does not fit all. Sarthi team encourages you to bring your strengths to the forefront and present them well. Mock interviews with Dr. Shaji and Dr Pannala were the highlights of my sarthi association. They were both very humble and gave a constructive feedback that helped me a lot. Dr. Katherine is very active and a great resource for all kinds of questions. Overall, a good experience and would definitely recommend it.

Thank you

What I gained out of sarthi? A fabulous mentor in Pawan - who helped me throughout the application and interview season. There were days that I wanted to discuss programs, after-interview thoughts and ranking. He always made time for my doubts in his schedule. Sarthi has a great panel of mentors. They helped me convey my interview answers in a much better and a more profound way. Amazing co-sarthi friends - that were in the same boat as me and helped me stay motivated and inspired.

Recent graduate USMLEsarthi guidance leading to Match

USMLE Sarthi- Key to a successful match!

When I joined usmle sarthi in 2017 I had taken my steps (1,2, CS) and passed them with good scores. I thought I had done enough and this coupled with a few US rotations I had done during my internship should be enough to ensure a successful match. Little did I know how hard and competitive the usmle journey was and how I needed to change my laid back attitude if I had to match. It was Pawan who gave me my first dose of medicine and the jolt I needed to get me working hard and fast to improve my CV and make my application competitive. Every time I spoke to Pawan he pushed me to work harder and he always left me feeling I wasn’t doing enough. I would be very disappointed initially but it kept me working continuously. The closed sarthi group was a big help as well and the constant discussions with people in the same boat also ensured I was constantly in the loop of what was going on and what needed to be done in order to ensure a successful match. I did research, hands on rotations and Observerships before I applied in September 2018. The IV prep also helped immensely to ensure the IV’s went well and I never felt lost during the IV season thanks to my preparation with sarthi. In hindsight, I think the sarthi team helped me reach my potential and bring out the best in me. Without their help I would not have matched or even if I did it would not have been in a really good IM residency program and without a doubt it is the constant push from sarthi that helped push my cv to a point where not only did I match but matched into one of my top choice IM residency programs in the USA. Cheers to Pawan and the sarthi team, you guys are amazing.

Best for interview practice

I joined Sarthi in the month of October for interview preparation. This helped me a lot with my interview practice as the sessions were really informative and I learned how to frame and present my answers. The whole sarthi team was very helpful and guided me through each and every aspect of my journey. I really did well with all my interviews and here I am matched into Internal Medicine program. Thank you Sarthi team🙂

Great support

I joined Sarthi for my CS prep and I knew I wanted to join them when it came time for matching. I joined right before applications were due but nonetheless my mentor, Sailaja and Pawan were very helpful in helping me get everything together with very limited time! Pawan was always accessible. I definitely felt more at ease with the support of Sarthi and knowing what to do at each step of the process! Thank you!

Sarthi - the bridge connecting two different worlds !!

I am a recent graduate and matched to my top choice in Internal Medicine residency.
I joined Sarthi in 2018 which is one of the good decisions I made. As for my understanding, USMLE is not a single factor victory. Apart from step scores (which are crucial but irreversible once we pass), resume/personal statement/LORs/interviews all these factors plays a big role in securing interviews and to match. This professional communication makes our application distinct from others. That's why I strongly believe, apart from my regular scores, I was able to get 18 interviews.
'USMLE Sarthi' is the platform to address professional communication skills and guiding to represent the best of each applicant. For most of the international students, US-health care system is different and Sarthi comes as the best companion to mentor and to make powerful connections. All the panelists are passionate in their job especially Pawan Khera and Dr. Zin-Katherine.
Thank you for your tireless work in this process and my best wishes to all the team members..!!

Best team to prepare you for interviews

Interview season is one the most exciting and anxious period of the Residency journey. In the beginning of the season I just had 6 interviews and I didn't want to take even a single interview as a mock. I wanted to be fully prepared. That's when I started looking out and came across USMLEsarthi. The team does a great job with the interview prep, all kinds of questions - behavioral scenarios , why this and why that, they prepare you for everything! I was so anxious during the two mock interviews but I did great at the first real interview. I was confident throughout the season and I matched at my top choice. Thank you Pawan and team!!

Matched at University program IM

I was recommended by my friend to join Sarthi and I think it was one of the best advice given. I believe everyone going through the USMLE journey is very hardworking and determined. The key difference Sarthi made in my journey was to provide a structured guidance and evaluation. I will explain this in 4 parts.

1) Before the application process:
I can't forget the first conversation I had with Pawan regarding my profile. At that time I had done 3 clinical rotations (1 in IM, 1 in radio, 1 in PMR), passed Step 2 CS and Step 1. I was very content that I have 3 US rotations and I am done with the LOR aspect of USMLE and my keen focus was to just get done with Step 2. But Pawan told me that it is very important to have at least 3 LOR in internal medicine (specialty I wanted). I listened to his advice, worked harder, finished Step 2 earlier and started looking for the rotations and managed to do 2 more IM rotations. Now, I had 3 IM US LORs. I kept scheduling appointments with Pawan to discuss what more I could do. He guided me that the only thing left is research so I started finding research position and I got it. So by the time of application in September, I was very content with my CV: passed all steps, had 3 US IM LORs, indulged in research (not much publications, only 1 case report), but a lot of content to discuss during interviews. Besides the personal conversations with Pawan, the most important thing which helped me was the Sarthi Whatsap group which included panel members (special emphasis on Katherine), so many applicants like me where we can discussed all our doubts, kept motivating each other, makde people aware of various observership and research opportunities. Being part of the group helped me a LOT!.

2) Application process:
So now the application process began, everything from filling the ERAS CV to uploading documents was very well discussed in the group. Here, the thing which helped me the most was the list of the IM programs ( it's requirements, eligibility criteria) which all the members of the group contributed to. Through the extensive list, I could customise programs according to my profile and desires.
Now came the CV and PS review: Katherine helped me a lot to improvise on my CV and PS. There were so many minute aspects which I was unaware of which could have had a HUGE impact on procuring interviews. She pointed out all the finest details which helped me create a very well written CV and PS. I was extremely happy about my CV and PS.

3) Interview process: applied 250+ IM programs, got 28 interview invites, attended all, ranked 25 (3 were prematch).

I started getting invites since I had a good CV, PS, 3 US IM LORs, decent scores: 248, 242, CS pass (1st attempt). Now the thing was acing the interviews. I took 2 mock interviews with the panel members. They gave me very good feedback and told me the points to work on. I was pretty confident after taking them. Besides this, there is a list of interview questions which Sarthi circulated, I went through it, thought of some answers in my mind. Here again I used to discuss some of these answers with Pawan which helped me a lot. There were so many aspects which I was not aware of, Pawan and other panelists made me aware of those aspects and it really helped.
My interview trail: every Interview was making me more mature to how to ace the next interview. Believe me, every interview (total 28) was different. I could feel the growing confidence in me. I started understanding what exactly is the purpose behind the interview: it's definitely not just to give a prepared answer. It's more of what your real thinking is. I started understanding PD point of aspect, what they are looking for. Believe me, BEING YOUR SELF is the key. They don't want everyone to be the leaders, they want a team where few are leaders, few are supporters, few are entertainers, few are more interested in management aspect (but yes all focussed on providing best care to patients). So I would highly recommend express your feelings, show them what kind of person you genuinely are, assess them : assess how supportive are the faculty members and PD, how happy and well residents are doing. Do assess them, we often miss out this during the interview because our main focus at that time is to impress them. But again, do assess them.

4) Finally, rank order list:
Again I had conversation with Pawan, so many times and also, in the group regarding my list, panelist discussion. It was not easy since I had the options to choose.
I listened to everyone, tried to understand everyone's point of view and then made my list based on my OWN GUT feeling. This is extremely important. Listen to everyone but do what you think is right.

This was my entire USMLE journey with a very happy ending: Macthed at University Program.

This was possible through all the guidance and evaluation I got from Pawan and whole Sarthi teams!!!

Highly Recommended if you want to match!

Had it not been for the Sarthi team, i would not have been able to match . They identified my weaknesses, helped me improve them, polished my CV and personal statement, helped me with my interview skills and were always there whenever I needed them. Pawan deserves a special credit here as he was always available to answer any queries I might have, he followed up with me constantly, and made sure I did everything to increase my match chances. I would recommend everyone who is applying for residency to utilize the services of USMLE Sarthi. I assure you, you will not regret it!

Sarthi team is the best!

I am a very old graduate. I matched in my first match! One of my friends suggested Sarthi to me. It was the best decision I made for myself. The Sarthi team has been very helpful in guiding me through the interview process. Pawan and Zin have always been very approachable and always answered my questions very promptly. All the more, even after matching, they are still helping the students through the post match procedures. I am very grateful to all the Sarthi team.

Completely worth it

I am a recent medical graduate and looking for guidance on interview season. At the end as an img i need one good interview performance so that program can rank me..heard about usmle sarthi and joining in it is the best decision i have made. Got complete guidance on interviewing with their classes. And not only that could get whatever info i needed from the team.
Thank you so much pawan and entire sarthi team for making my journey easy and guiding me throughout the season.

Great support for this difficult journey!

I joined the Sarthi team in May 2018. I felt that I needed some guidance through this entire process of applying for Residency. My aim was to get into FM residency and through the help of the Sarthi team I have matched! I would say the best part of having Sarthi for me was the personal mentor we were assigned to and the mock interviews. Having someone review and polish your personal statement and CV is always a good idea before you apply. Needless to say, any question be it small or big can be answered by the Sarthi team or by the WhatsApp group. I am glad to have joined and will definitely recommend Sarthi for anyone who is new to this process.

Thanks Sarthi Team

I joined in Sarthi group in September 2018 . Before I joined the group, I had no knowledge about ERAS application process ,residency interview pattern and overall match process. Sarthi team gave me a platform to build the network with co applicants and also guided me through out the entire process . The group helped me in choosing the programs for application and also assisted with Externship opportunity. The mock interviews and feedback by Sarthi mentors helped me to improve my interview skills. My overall experience with sarthi team was great and I really thank the entire sarthi team for their guidance and support.

Great team!

I had joined Sarthi real a bit late last year around October 2018. I was doubtful initially because it costed me. But guys, you don’t want any coin unturned. Pawan has always been there for any/every query I had. We as applicants have bunch of questions and you’ve got to ask the right person. I did not have a mentor but whatever queries I had would be answered in the group. The discussions in whatsapp group are worth it, we have panelist’s answer them asap. It’s legit and trustworthy. The interview classes have been amazing, not missing any point and making us, the students just ready to ace the interviews. Every red flag in the cv is addressed, which is the most important thing. Thank you Sarthi team.

The Right choice

I joined the Sarthi team early last year after a comprehensive discussion with Mr. Pawan. He evaluated my profile and helped me point out deficiencies in my application which I needed to focus on. Joining the Sarthi team was a blessing. Having continuous guidance by physicians and residents on every aspect of the match process was instrumental. The mock interviews helped boost my confidence and prepare for challenging aspects of the interview trail. Because of Sarthi, I could improve and perfect small factors of the application which we usually tend to ignore. Thank you so much for your time and efforts and I recommend anyone looking to ace the match to consider Usmle Sarthi.

Low step scores, matched in university program in Family Medicine

I matched in a university program. Thanks to Usmle Sarthi and their approach, i.e. step by step mentoring in the right direction, I was able to secure residency position in my first match cycle. Usmle Sarthi is honest about their opinions compared to other mentoring guide programs out there that over promise but under deliver. Usmle Sarthi reviewed my chances of matching with me and helped me improve my chances for securing a residency spot.

They have great mentors that worked with me to constantly improve myself. They also helped me improve my CV and personal statement and my letter of recommendations so they look much better. Usmle Sarthi also guided me with great tips to secure interviews and perform way better in my interviews.

USMLE journey with Sarthi team

I am an International medical graduate from India, joined USMLESarthi June 2018. I would like to thank the entire USMLESarthi team. They have guided me throughout the process, starting with how to improve my CV, then also fine-tuned the CV and personal statement. The WhatsApp group had a lot of valuable information shared and doubts clarified on a daily basis. Finally, the past interview experiences and the mock interviews prepared me for the real deal. I matched into Internal Medicine residency. Thank you very much for all the assistance.

IMG with CS attempt matched into Radiology residency in a University Program

Credentials: 23x, 24x, CS 2nd attempt, Step 3 not taken.

I am George Vilanilam, an International Medical Graduate from India. I was fortunate to match into my top choice Radiology residency program in a University hospital. Having gone unmatched last year with just two Neurology interviews, I took this year to concentrate on two specialties that was close to my heart - Neurology and Radiology. I found mentors in both Neurology and Neuroradiology with whom I was able to do continuous clinical research and clinical rotations throughout this past year, and ongoing. After going unmatched last year, I looked up the NRMP statistics for both specialties and looked at the factors I could change. Scores I couldn’t change, year of graduation - I couldn’t change, I didn’t have enough finances to pursue a graduate degree, going back home to pursue a home country residency was not an option, so I mapped out the things I needed to do: Research and Volunteer experiences.
Research: I analyzed my CV realized why I did not match, I had only few general medicine, and one neurology publications which meant nothing. Over the past one year I worked hard to put myself in projects, and take leadership and ownership of projects and contributed ideas to submit as many abstracts as possible to conferences. As soon as the conference was over, the abstract would be written top and sent for review. This became my daily routine. I spent days and nights in the hospital, often sleeping in various hospital couches. These things helped me, because my mentors, residents, and other faculty took note of my work and started valuing my work. I was given a paid fellowship soon, and this gave me more confidence to improve on my skills. I looked at the statistics for neurology and radiology - the average number publications/abstracts/presentations of matched candidates were 7.3 and 15.6 respectively. I knew I had to do much much more than that because of my CS failure. In short, I overcompensated, merely because I had no other option. At the time I certified my ERAS CV, I had about 40 publications/abstracts/presentations which only increased during the interview season.

Volunteering: I started taking projects and doing as many volunteer activities as possible. Remember that your volunteer actives do not have to be medical. They can be as simple as serving food at a homeless shelter, or helping with laundry in a cancer center, or taking care of animals at the nearest pet shelter - these are things that I did. While they may not help you get interviews, they served as interesting fodder for interview conversations.

The biggest strength and lesson I learned from USMLESarthi and particularly Pawan was the importance of looking at numbers. Looking at things objectively and in a systematic manner gives us a clear cut plan. That was the driving force this year, in addition to the interview preps I had with panel members, that was instrumental to my successful matching this year.

My advice:
Believe in yourself and believe great things can happen if you only believe and work for it.
Work like hell, be aggressive yet humble and respectful of everyone.
Make mistakes, admit them, and learn from them, or better yet, learn from others mistakes.
Be a sponge : Remember a dry sponge holds more water than one which is soaked. Exude an attitude of learning and of someone who is teachable - very attractive quality for residency programs.
Due your own due diligence. Numbers don’t lie. Look up statistics for everything you are looking at. While there are exceptions to everything, do not focus on the exceptions. Are you stuck at crossroads? - Break it down to simple decision trees.
Don’t be afraid to ask. There are no stupid questions. Show that you have made an effort prior to asking - that will exponentially improve the quality of advice you receive.
Make your priorities depending on where you are in your USMLE journey. Your friend’s path might not be the most appropriate path for you. Example: Dont sacrifice your steps to run around and pursue research.
I don’t have 10 points, but thank you for reading!


USMLE sarthi has been a great support throughout this stressful journey. The entire team is organized and ready to help at every single step in this journey. Dr. Pawan took time to answer all questions and cleared every confusion I had. Mock interviews helped me to polish my interview skills and gave me confidence to do well. Their feedback had a great impact in improving my profile. I managed to match in Internal Medicine in my first cycle of match and usmle sarthi has a great role in making me prepared and confident for this entire journey.

Informative and supportive

Saarthi team was informative on the entire interview process. The residents on the team gave a different perspective to the way we prepare for interviews. The team was supportive and responsible to all our queries.

Great Experience

All credits for how I performed in my interviews goes to the whole sarthi team. All the mock interview s I took and the classes, with feedbacks were really helpful. You are free to ask any questions on the whole match process and be confident with it. I would say it's a must for all IMGs which are new to the system.

A true “Sarthi(companion)” in the journey Residency

I joined Usmle Sarthi in September 2018 with a hope in my heart to match into a residency position in 2019. Here I am, matched! The Sarthi team like a true companion was always there for my slightest of doubts and the structure they have in place to be available personally for each and every student is commendable. They helped me with interview preparations, provided one-on-one session with the panelists to practise interview answers, and made sure each and every student gets equal attention. I will highly recommend joining Usmle Sarthi because it helped me change my perspective towards residency and how to approach everything in general. Communicating with so many students and panelists helped my knowledge to grow in the field.
Thank you Usmle Sarthi😃

A must for old graduates

Very informative sessions and most importantly you realize what to say and what not during interviews.

Good guidance makes life easier

Thank you to Sarthi for their help in detail with the application process and the excellent journalist team they have. I can't stress enough how important it is to have an error-free application and to apply with confidence. Greatly satisfied with PS editing services and some unique tips mentioned on how to tackle the different scenarios during interviews. A special mention for my mentor Dr. Nandhini Sehar for guiding me and helping me with my interview preparation and encouraging me throughout. I would say, Sarthi helps in showing a way but still it is upto the candidates to make efforts. It could have been better but satisfied.

Excellent Support from the Sarthi Team for Caribbean grads

I am a Caribbean graduate who faced a lot of unfortunate circumstances through medical school, graduation, and match. I honestly thought I had no chance of matching but I ended up matching at my number one choice. Pawan is so helpful and answers all your questions right away. The closed what’s app group was extremely helpful during these stressful times. The team conducts numerous classes geared towards helping every type of applicants. I especially loved their mock interviews. I knew exactly what to expect and they even helped phrase my answers. Honestly couldn’t have done without your support. Thank you so much.

Sarthi team is well organized

Hi I had joined Usmle sarthi in late June and they are very well organized especially when it comes to student timeline and also they provide great service in doing our cv and ps well structured and minimizing errors on it . The mock interviews they do are also a plus point as it reduces your anxiety when you take the real one . I would like to thank Dr. Anurag Sharma who has helped me through my application. Pawan is a really very quick at response and he really helps every individual based on the kind of help they need. Overall I would suggest Sarthi to upcoming students In terms or professional guidance one would need as the whole process is very draining and having people who know how to respond to certain situations eases our situation and helps us do better . Good luck to everyone.

Experienced mentors, consistent support throughout the match season. Wonderful team

As an old graduate more than 10 years with orthopedic background, this 2nd match attempt was very stressful and difficult for me but Sarthi team made it possible for me by guiding at each and every step of this match 2019. I found the suggestion and guidance on my PS and CV very usefu, hence I knew that why you need an experienced mentor in this journey. I got very valuable tips during my mock IV preparation by Dr. Sailaja and Sreedevi who I applied during my actual IVs. You don’t feel stressed out while you have good mentors by your side. Apart from this, the communication closed Sarthi groups are 24hour helpline who guide you at each and every aspect of match. I really thanks Pawan, Dr. Sailaja, Dr. Sreedevi and Dr. Rahul for guidance at each and every step of my success.
Wonderful job is being done by Sarthi. Keep going.

Great Guidance. Best decision I made.

I am a visa requiring IMG with average scores. I joined Sarthi at the start of the ERAS cycle for interview preparation and a mock interview session. It was the best decision I made. Here are few reasons why:

1. The Sarthi panelists are all well experienced having seen many match cycles and having mentored several students. This makes them very reliable.
2. They give great, and most importantly honest advice. They will not sugarcoat anything to you. They will tell you upfront on how and what you should do to improve. And they will provide you with ways to do so. This helps make you a stronger applicant.

3.They pay attention to detail. Be it your interview responses, your CV, pre and post interview communication, your ROL etc. All these small details makes a difference.

4. The interview classes and mock session helped me become more confident. They advise you on the best way to approach certain questions, and certain difficult scenarios. They also give feedback on your facial expressions and body language. As interviews are very important in ranking applicants, Sarthi helped me match into my #2 choice out of 12 programs I interviewed at. I matched at a University Program something I thought was impossible before.

5. The closed Sarthi WhatsApp group was a good platform to ask questions to panelists who would always respond promptly. They help you out on many non match aspects too like how to write a research proposal, and how to make the most out of residency.

6. What I liked the most here was the moral support I got here from all the panelists and other applicants too. It helped me view the process in a much more positive light. The match is a grueling process, and the support I got from mentors here helped me to overcome any anxiety I had before.
Thank you Sarthi Team !

Made a great difference to my match

I did not match in my first attempt and that is when i joined sarthi for my second attempt. They helped me improve my application in all ways possible. Pawan is very approachable and just a message or a call away for any kind of doubts i had over the last year. They have a great chat group where there are discussions almost everyday. The PS and CV review and also the interview preparation is excellent as well. All my mentors have been very helpful and they have an amazing team of panel members. They made a big difference in my journey and ill always be thankful to them!

Sarthi team is so cooperative and reliable in every way.

As I matched into Neonatology fellowship, I highly acknowledge the help and support of the entire Sarthi team during each and every step of residency/fellowship application process with special mention of the perfect editing of personal Statement, best guidance regarding application fill up process, extremely diligent preparation for the interview and compassionate attitude towards addressing each and every concern of the students. I would especially mention the names of Dr. Pawan Khera, Dr. Nandita Khera, Dr. Nandini Seher and Dr. Rahul Pannala who have been exceptionally supportive mentors. I give the entire Sarthi team my highest recommendation regarding complete guidance about the match process.Regards.

I could not have done it without USMLE Sarthi

I am an old graduate and had a below avg Step 1 score. I doubted if I could ever match. I had no interviews in my first match cycle and today I matched at my number 1 program. The difference was guidance and support by Pawan and the entire Usmle Sarthi team. They were there to help at every step esp during the interview season. Thank you once again!!

Sarthi Team is awesome

The whole application process was daunting. But USMLE sarthi was always there to help throughout the process. Pawan replied to each query promptly. The closed whats app group was a great resource. My plan had two mock interviews. I scheduled one with Dr. Zeeshan Mansuri. That was the best part of my experience with Sarthi. He was supposed to interview me for only 40 minutes. But he gave me around 3 hours. He went over all the questions. Polished all of my answers. Showed me how to change my facial expression with each response. He taught me everything that is needed to ace any interview. I am so so grateful to him. Pawan also helped me providing previous interview experience for each of my interviews. Sarthi’s comprehensive list of programs was of great help during the application process. In a word, sarthi was a great companion during the match cycle and made my journey smoother. Thank you team Sarthi.

Excellent support system, guidance and mentoring by the USMLE Sarthi team.

I'm an average medical student with average scores. I had almost given up hope because I had a drop in my ck score from step 1. But after speaking to Pawan I decided to continue. He helped and guided every step of the way. Gave me a structured plan of action to improve my CV. I want to thank Dr. Hany for his mentoring and guidance and belief in me. Also want to thank Dr. Nandini Sehar and Dr. Shaji for excellent interview tips. The interview sessions were the highlight of the sarthi team helped me polish my answers. Above all I want to thank Pawan from the bottom of my heart for being replying to every anxiety provoked message of mine and believe in me more than I believed in myself. Thank you guys so much!!

Excellent support by pawan khera and the entire sarthi team for residency match

Application for Residency has been an amazing journey! I have seen my son, Sameer going through this and all throughout Pawan khera was very supportive. Sameer followed everything that was told ,interview sessions , suggestions to the PS , CV , communication skills , mock interviews and the tips to a successful residency match. The Sarthi team and the family like atmosphere generated for all enrolled helped the students perform with confidence . Pawan sir and his mentors were all encouragement at all times and as a mother I would like to Thank Pawan Khera and the Sarthi group from the bottom of my heart .pawan sir your support and your prompt replies to my messages to all my basic questions was very appreciative . Deep felt thanks once again to all of you in the group.

Match Day 2019 USMLEsarthi students

Our students share their joy and excitement with their families, friends and USMLEsarthi team

Great Mentor

Thanks to Sarthi and Panel members. Specially I want to thank Dr. Zin and Dr. Anurag Sharma for the mock interviews. I worked according to their suggestions and nailed the interviews. Pawan is also very helpful with his prompt response to any calls,messages or emails.And obviously I want to mention if you have any concerns regarding your PS/CV or If you find out that you are not satisfied with the corrected CV or PS ,you can tell Pawan .He is there to help you .Overall, It was a great experience!!

Excellent guidance at each step from Pawan and the great Sarthi team

I can only say thank you for the excellent guidance that I received from the sarthi team which finally got me IM residency in New York in one of my dream hospitals. Sarthi team was a true companion on my USMLE journey. The interview preparation with my mentor and other faculty boosted my confidence. Sarthi team has an excellent database of previous candidates who interviewed at the programs which allows one to better prepare for the interviews. I even got help to schedule my exclusive hands on rotation in the US. The Whats app group was superb as I knew that whatever doubts I had would be solved by the panelists in no time. The weekly meetings with Pawan and my mentor enabled me to discuss my plan for the match and to optimize my strategies of making it to my dream residency in internal medicine. Throughout the year the Sarthi team was very active in making excellent webinars on various key elements of usmle journey. My cv and ps was very well reviewed along with minute points for improvement which made all these documents perfect. What I loved about USMLE Sarthi was the accessibility and the extensive group discussions. I would highly recommend Sarthi for all my friends and fellow colleagues on this USMLE journey. This journey is long but extremely beautiful with an effective strategy which Sarthi is great at helping for.

USMLEsarthi team helped me with clinical experience, ERAS CV. mentorship and interviews

Friend, Philosopher and Guide - Usmle Sarthi team !

The path to residency, in my opinion, has many roads and routes leading to one common destination. Along with immense dedication and perseverance, treading this journey requires timely professional support, guidance and feedback. I was lucky to get all of this after coming in contact with the USMLE sarthi team. How I wish I had contacted them way early in my journey, but nevertheless the entire team welcomed me even though I reached out to them at the near end - just before I gathered my final pieces together. While completing the USMLE steps is a feat in itself, putting together a well-structured ERAS Application and Personal Statement holds its own importance. I can confidently say that without the live interactive classes conducted by the experienced Sarthi team members which walk you through every step of this process, and the feedback given by professional journalists and physicians, this task would have been much more difficult to accomplish. The main highlight, according to me, is the USMLE sarthi closed WhatsApp group where current residents (who have recently been through the process) and experienced physicians provide their help and opinion 24/7. Every question of mine was answered and every concern, addressed. The fact that interview prep begins very early and even mock interviews are conducted much before the IV season is in full swing adds the advantage of being prepared even if an invite comes very early in the season. The Sarthi team, especially Pawan played a crucial role in helping me make the difficult decision of accepting a pre match offer vs proceeding for the match. I would like to thank the entire Sarthi team for their efforts I hope many more candidates would benefit from their expertise.

USMLESarthi journey

I have been witnessing how eagerly USMLESarthi helps out residency applicants, especially IMGs during the match season as well as during the preparation phase for USMLE Step exams. They have got abundant free resources like blogs, youtube videos as well as paid courses. I had this deep urge to work with them and help out my fellow students, which led to the start of my journey with USMLESarthi as a campus ambassador. I am learning a lot of new thing and strongly feel that USMLESarthi is a one-stop solution for every IMG's match related difficulties.

Extremely reliable team

I decided to get professional help from Sarthi. I realized the exam is all about the right information at the right time. If you don’t have any reliable source of information, you can lose valuable time in either experimenting yourself or may get misguided by a lot of useless information.

Ten year old graduate and one month USCE, Sarthi helped me Match!!!

The right guidance through this tedious USMLE journey

It was March 2017, I had just gone unmatched. I was contemplating an end to my USMLE journey and my desire of doing a residency in USA. It was then that Pawan and his Sarthi team came into picture. The team acted as a much needed reality check and a road map towards achieving my career goals. From drafting my application to polishing my interview skills. It was the right guidance, by the right people at the right time. My two cents, this is the perfect GPS for your residency goals. Thank you so much Pawan!

A true mirror

Pawan and team were efficiently able to bring out positive elements in my academic profile. They not only help me build my profile but also helped me make it presentable. One on one discussions with Pawan during which he provided a thorough objective assessment and plan, helped me stay right on track. Constructive criticism is an essential need in pulling through this rigorous journey. Sarthi team always had an honest feedback regardless. The best thing I liked about Team Sarthi is that they deliver what they promise. With them, what you are seeing is you what are getting.

Review of USMLESarthi Residency Match services

As I reflect back, last year was crazy. I was applying for the match again after not being successful the first time. Confused and in self-doubt of my abilities, I called up Pawan and asked for a candid review. He told me I had more than 90% chance of matching and he backed it up by statistics. It gave me a sudden bump of confidence to press on.
Sarthi plan guided me across the finish line and I truly realized how much I had been missing in my application in previous year. It's the small differences that matter. Not only did I land very high number of interviews, I was able to match at place of my choice.
The interviewing panel is a mix of youth and experience. Some are top gamers in the field and some have just started the residency and they really point out weakness and help you cover. My plan had the option to write my potential interview answers and get them reviewed. I was doing an observership at that time and had my actual interview and mock scheduled very close. Sarthi team reviewed my content which initially was very poor in terms of answers and even though they have alot of people enrolled, worked with me round the clock to really make it look unique and genuine so I have everything fixed before my first big interview.
I'm grateful to the team and it's totally worth it

Superb support through trying times

Everyone of us who has travelled the USMLE journey has tremendous patience and determination. We have all had our highs and lows but we continue to have hope and keep striving. USMLE Sarthi is about this hope. It’s about giving us the courage to better ourselves and overcome every challenge and grow from it.

My Personal Statement and CV received very constructive feedback from them. The best part was that they encourage you to retain your true essence while honing your writing skills and expression. Your essence reflects in the interviews. That honesty is maintained and at the same time they suggest good examples that you can draw out from your life experiences to make a thought provoking piece.

My mock interviews gave me the confidence to face the real interviews and ace them. Dr. Pannala boosted my confidence right at the beginning of the season. He also suggested some places I must improve and I made those changes accordingly. Dr. Shaji is very encouraging and gave me excellent points that I added into my interview matter. They care. They make you believe in yourself and polish your skills so that you can go out and achieve.

Dr. Khera is a wonderful mentor who is always present. I had multiple discussions with him where he gave me excellent advice that always worked for me. He and his entire team is very committed and I am really glad and grateful to them for supporting me through trying times to finally achieve our success.

Warm regards,

Thanks to the USMLESarthi team for Residency Match

I joined USMLE Sarthi around July last year.Thanks to Dr. Nandita and Matt for helping me effectively write my CV and PS. Pavan was always available to answer any doubts I had,the Whatsapp group was a tremendous support during the whole season.Overall thanks to the whole team for your guidance,timely tips and tricks.

Amazing CS Prep

I went through USMLE Sarthi for CS prep because I didnt really know what to expect. I did read through the format in first aid and on the USMLE website but because I am an IMG, I didnt want to make any mistakes on the format/protocol. All of the teachers were so hands on, and Ravali our mentor was constantly giving us feedback and helped us tremendously with our patient notes. I definitely felt more confident knowing that I had some practice under my belt and was sure of how everything was meant to go. There was nothing unexpected. Thank you USMLE sarthi!

Helping hands for dream residency in the US

The journey to residency is very difficult without a mentor, one who will guide you in every small or big decisions on the way. I am happy I took the big step of trusting Sarthi ( I was a bit skeptical at first) and in return I got ample amount of guidance in the form of interview prep, how to build my CV and PS. The WhatsApp group was also really helpful. Thank you Pawan and the team.

Worth it

Joining Sarthi was one of few good decisions I have made in my life . With low scores and not a great cv Pawan and his team gave us really good tips and advice on how to make CV and PS. We all think ours is good but in fact when you have professional people look at it you realize you need lot of changes and that’s where Pawan and his team come in frame . I am glad I joined them and ended up matching in university program with below average scores .
I would say it’s worth the investment as it might just save you another year application fee .

An exceptional guide for the road to Residency!!!

The Saarthi team and the panel of doctors and residents have been very helpful through my journey to residency, I've got to learn many things which I didn't know, without which it would've been difficult to get into residency!!

Usmle sarthi experience

As a foreign medical graduate, things are not always easy in terms of obtaining a residency position in the U.S. You don’t know what information to rely on. Everyone’s journey and experience is also unique and what might have worked for others might not work for you at all. That is why I wanted to resort to a proper mentorship and guidance. I got it in the form of usmle sarthi. From helping me edit my resume to navigating my thought process during my personal statement, I really liked how meticulous they were in delivering what they promised to the students. I had good scores, but I knew that was the not the only thing that would get me interviews. I had to work on my cv, make it worth the program director’s time and I can say without a doubt, taking sarthi’s guidance was actually worth it.
Sarthi won’t spoon feed you and I wasn’t looking for that either, but it would accentuate your own unique aspects of your profile. It would tell you how to put them to use, and that I believe is the best thing sarthi has to offer.
I got a very good number of interviews(even had to cancel a few).I even got a prematch offer from a hospital but declined it.My interview performance improved day by day with the mock interviews I gave. The individualized feedback by my mentor, Dr. Khera was very helpful. She immediately pointed out if my answers were unoriginal or too cliched. I was told during some of my interviews that my answers were original but at the same time very well thought out.Pawan also gave us the opportunity to schedule a one on one session with him so that he could monitor our progress. He patiently listened to all of my concerns I had before and after submission of my application.
In summary, whether you feel lost during this entire match journey or need a little bit of extra push to get yourself that additional edge in creating a stellar cv and impressing the program where you want to end up in, i highly recommend using sarthi’s services. The whatsapp group of sarthi was immensely helpful too, as I had the chance to interact with fellow sarthi members and discuss common questions pertaining to match. In addition, I made some really good friends during this match journey through this group. Match is a very stressful process and it was a relief to know there are other people sharing the same journey. We celebrated each other’s success and supported each other. Now, with the intern year approaching soon, I am incredibly excited to embark on this new journey, a significant portion of which is attributed to Sarthi!

Residency match

Joining USMLE Sarthi team for my residency application is all worth it. The team is always there to answer my queries and doubts. The CV prep and PS editing is excellent as it has helped me avoid some small mistakes that could have hurt my application. They have helped me tremendously and showed me how to strengthen my CV, leverage my gap and how to come out unique from other applicants based on my background. As a first time applicant and with a red flag in my CV, I was not very confident with my application but with USMLE Sarthi team's guidance, I matched. It was a great experienced throughout the season. Thank you USMLE Sarthi!

Residency Match Application

Joining the USMLE Sarthi team is all worth it. The team is always there to answer my queries and doubts. The CV prep and PS editing is excellent as it has helped me avoid some small mistakes that could have hurt my application. The team helped me strengthen my CV and showed me how to leverage my weakness and come out unique as an applicant. Thank you USMLE Sarthi for the guidance and support!

Sarthi experience

Joining Sarthi was the best thing I could have done in my journey. After not getting any interviews during the previous match season, I was clueless and depressed. A teacher suggested that I talk to Pawan. Discussions with him made me feel positive about my prospects. I realized I needed help with the nitty gritty things of the application process. It is a competitive process, so every detail matters and that is what Sarthi helped me with. I was assigned a mentor to review my CV and personal statement. She was extremely helpful and pushed me to bring out my positives through my CV and PS. Then the interview prep helped me relieve the anxiety of it and refined my performance. It is important to not feel overwhelmed during this process because it is very new to us IMGs. When I joined Sarthi I came across people who were going through the same thing as me and that gave me assurance. Come March 2018 I matched to Internal Medicine and that was all thanks to Pawan and his team. I couldn’t feel more grateful.

Great team!

usmle Sarthi has a great team. Pawan khera was very supportive at every step in this journey. Thanks to the team for all your help


I’ve matched for the 2018 Internal Medicine Residency Match. I am an IMG and I had the same set of apprehensions as any other IMG. I had good guidance from friends and mentors throughout my USMLE journey. I’ve appreciated a structured form of guidance and despite all the advice I found myself lost while preparing my Personal Statement (PS) and on how to prepare for interviews.

A friend had suggested USMLE Sarthi. Dr. Pawan Khera has been straightforward from the beginning and had advised me against joining since he felt I had good scores and would get into residency even without Sarthi.

I was constantly shifting places around the application submission deadline and I had a ton of queries regarding the PS, the ERAS application and entire interview process. I wasn’t confident and I went ahead with the platinum sessions offered by Sarthi.

Today, when I look back, a major reason for my confidence during the interview season was USMLE Sarthi.

They guided me through my personal statement, helped me make it original and personalised. They helped me highlight and stress on my positives on my application. I was provided inputs on how to look professional and handle interview questions with ease.

I had the support of Dr. Htun who continuously encouraged me to become a better version of myself for not only the interviews but for residency in the future. She had personally gone through the list of programs I had applied to and gave suggestions. She helped me build a realistic plan and work on my negatives/set backs. While preparing my rank order list towards the end of the season, she made me brainstorm and question myself as to why I wanted each of the programs on my rank order list.

The platinum sessions gave me the chance to have four mock interviews with faculty and current resident physicians. This gave me an opportunity to by assessed by physicians at different stages of medicine. Each mock session, added to my confidence and also helped improve myself further.

Lastly, Dr. Pawan Khera, who patiently dealt with my zillion (some nonsensical) questions at any time of the day and other odd hours. He helped me be sane during the anxiety attacks one goes through during this long and stressful period.

It has been a great experience, since I could interact with the experts in the field as well as other students like me. The Usmle Sarthi whatsapp group has been extremely helpful with the information being shared amongst the students, the encouragement offered to each other and the motivation from hearing stories of people from different backgrounds.

If you are looking for confidence, morale boost, structured guidance during the last and most important impressionable phase of your residency journey then USMLE Sarthi is the place to be. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Dr. Pawan Khera, Dr. Pannala, Dr. Nandita Khera, Dr. Htun, Dr. Pisipati and the entire team for their continuous motivation, guidance and support. My journey wouldn’t have been easy without this team!

Guidance at every step !!!!!

The road to residency in US is long and passing the Usmle exams is just the beginning.Observerships, Hands on, Application, CV, Personal statement, Interviews, Post interview communication , do’s and don’t s are so many....... It’s overwhelming!!! Thanks to USMLE Sarthi for being a torchbearer throughout this journey. The webinars, short videos and itty bitty tips Shared by them have been so helpful. I owe my success to them too.

Nailed the prematch interview

My counsellor told me about USMLE Sarthi. She had previously referred many students and they all had matched into residency. Thus, I was very confident of joining this group. I was very happy with the extensive feedback on my personal statement and CV. Dr Shaji was very helpful in discussing the PS in detail with me. Max and his team did a great job in bringing the PS and CV together in a presentable way. Mr Pawan is great guide and mentor who was there at every step of my application process. He is very involved with each student and always available to help. The WhatsApp group is very beneficial, as it connects students on a common platform. A lot of topics related to residency and interviews are discussed there. Dr Shaji helped me prepare for my interview and it made me very confident. With his help I nailed the interview and prematched. With all this I want to thank the entire team for their dedication and for making my story a success story.

Prematche! IMG from Egypt

My name is Hany Eskarous. I am an international medical graduate from Egypt. I got enrolled with Sarthi to help me during the match process as I had no idea how worked. I had amazing experience. My application and personal statement have been reviewed by my assigned physician and an expert journalist to get into the final format. Their training and tips to ace the interview helped me so much to get a prematch after my first interview. Their closed Sarthi group helps also to exchange experience with all other candidates. I was lucky to have Sarthi during my 2018 match season. Thanks to all professional people working in that great facility.

Great chat group

Awesome chat group. Although I was not a super active member I was able to get information from so many helpful people when needed as well as to provide info to others. It helped me stay sane through this long and exhausting process!


Sarthi suscription would be a perfect start for foreign medical graduates who are naive about residency and want guidance to match. It provides customise courses and PS/CV editing.

Match Day 2018 with USMLEsarthi students

Good preparation key to success- old YOG, attempts, still Sarthi helped me Match

"Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things"

"Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things"
I am that ordinary student with average scores whom sarthi polished, scrubbed and carved till i achieved the extraordinary" a residency in 1st attempt".
I still remember sitting tensed praying to God for guidance, for i was clueless. Usmle Sarthi came as a blessing. From Personal statement to applications to interview practice, Usmle Sarthi helped me from scratch.
Mr. Pawan has been like a lighthouse in turbulent waters. Always there to listen to my questions patiently and answer them promptly.
His team is no less. I had my interviews with Dr Rahul Pannala and Dr Nandita Khera, outstanding teachers undoubtedly, both of whom picked faults in me, that could've been, God forbid, detrimental had they been left unidentified and uncorrected.
I am very thankful to this team for everything they did. I would definitely recommend Sarthi.I wish the best of luck to everyone and the team Sarthi as well. All my prayers to them

Neurology Match!! Thanks to interview guidance from USMLEsarthi

I learnt about USMLE Sarthi from a common friend who had been through this uncertain and tiring journey of match process. I contacted them with only 1 week to go for my interview as I was not expecting interview calls. I was under the impression that I would be unable to prepare well in such a short time.
Mr Pawan motivated me and laid out a plan to follow. We started with me writing down all the answers for the common questions being asked and brainstorming all the possible answers. I must say Mr. Pawan laid out all the principles and guidelines for me in a very professional manner which enabled me to formulate my answers (In my personal opinion coming with good content for answers is the most important part of the match interview). I wrote down all the answers and sent them for a review. After going back and forth we finally agreed upon the answers and now it was time for me to practice. I practiced several times alone according to the advice and guidelines provided by Mr Pawan.

​ In the end, I held a mock interview with Dr Nandita Khera. After the interview, she gave me a detailed and comprehensive feedback about my interviews and her insights in to what I could further do to improve my interview skills. I found Mr. Pawan particularly very helpful throughout the process and in specific his 3-point tactic is something I will carry with me beyond this Match. I wish I had contacted and worked with them for my CV and personal statement as well to add a professional touch to it. I highly recommend USMLE Sarthi to anyone who is preparing for the interview and match keeping in mind their extraordinary service for a very reasonable price.
Best of Luck!

Repeat applicant successful match with usmlesarthi

Matched in 3rd attempt thanks to Sarthi guidance

This was my third match attempt. In the start of the season your free consultation changed my path and guided me well. I couldn't subscribe for full season consultation but what that 30 min session did to me was good enough. I focused on whatever you guys guided me about and prematched in internal medicine. Had 12 calls and season ended well for me .
Thanks for the help.

Awesome team helped me match! even as I joined them late

I got to know of Usmle Sarthi from WhatsApp Residency group and after hearing a lot of praises from some people I decided to join it.
and now I can say that it was a good decision. I attended a seminar regarding Residency Interviews and it was quite helpful.
My idea about what a Residency was quite vague before that but after the seminar I knew what is expected in a Residency Interview like how to present yourself and other important things. Mr.Pawan, Dr. Rahul Pannala and Mr. Max Dibble explained things very clearly. After the seminar I got channelized in my approach and concentrated on the important things. Usmle Sarthi also provided with common questions asked during the interview including medical and ethical questions.

Usmle Sarthi throughout the interview season were quite helping like they reviewed my answers to the common questions and helped me in my Rank Order List. Mr. Pawan is present 24 x 7 for any help or doubt. Any specific doubt or question was answered instantly. I joined them late in the Interview season during October and I felt if I had joined them earlier and used their help for CV and Personal Statement editing then it could have helped me immensely. All in all I felt that Usmle Sarthi is the most genuine forum helping students in their Usmle Journey. I am very thankful to Mr. Pawan and the whole team.

Perfected my personal statement and prepared me for interviews

As a part of the premium package, USMLE Sarthi helped me perfect my personal statement, brought out the best parts of my CV, and highlighted my strengths in the most brilliant way. But what I was most impressed with was their Interview preparation. They had a very comprehensive list of questions and they worked with each of their students individually to help us come up with unique answers. Mr. Pawan Khera always gave special tips that would give us an edge over the other applicants during interviews. Usmle Sarthi worked with me every step of the way, in which they patiently answered all my questions over unlimited phone calls, replied to each of my messages and emails, helped me to draft and re-draft answers, tirelessly gave feedback after feedback, and finally conducted a very effective mock interview after which I truly felt ready to face the real deal. Thank you, USMLE Sarthi, for your tremendous help and invaluable guidance in this journey. I was able to prematch, thanks to the team!!!

interview preparation was class apart

University Match! very helpful team- thanks!

3rd attempt successful match with Sarthi guidance

Prematched! thanks to Usmlesarthi

Great support and excellent group!

Sathi helped me- a repeat applicant with excellent preparation

End to end complete guidance for residency aspirants

Motivation for those with low scores- with Sarthi you can match

Third time matched in FM

Inspiring physician team gives you an edge

I had enrolled for the Interview preparation course with UsmleSarthi. My overall experience with the team was outstanding, and the personalized attention they give makes a remarkable impression on their commitment to help their students achieve their very best. The constant guidance and advice by Mr. Khera was very encouraging and it definitely helped to have a knowledgeable support system during the interview season. The mock interviews are extremely helpful and productive. I personally found it very inspiring to talk to such well-regarded physicians, who also started their journeys as IMGs. Their perspective and guidance gave me an edge in my interviews and I was delighted to have matched at my top choice. Apart from being a confidence booster, this experience also helped me realize my strengths and present them to my advantage. The feedback was valuable in helping me fine-tune my answers and also learn to tackle the difficult and not-so-straightforward questions. I would highly recommend this course to all US residency aspirants.

Excellent USMLE Residency Match services at affordable fee

USMLE Sarthi was very helpful during my interview preparation. I am glad that I opted Premium service and received many one-on-one incredibly helpful sessions to review interview questionnaire, ultimately resulting in improving my interview skills. The most desirable thing I was looking for and received is, the best way to present myself and answer during the interview with appropriate examples, instead of changing myself for the interview. I received great feedback to improve on after each mock interview; I was astonished by their meticulous vision. Overall I would say excellent service at affordable price.

Review from Venezuela- Much needed Residency Match service for us

All the hard work you have done until know, med school, USMLE exams, building your CV and personal statement are going to get you to the interviews but what it’s going to get you the match position is rocking those interviews. As IMG from Venezuela we are not used to this process and I was very anxious about all the interview season. All the members of USMLE Sarthi helped me a lot to go through this process. Before my first interviewed we went through the common questions in order to give me ideas. After this we practiced a mock interview. We also talked about how to behave during the interview and what to do before and after the interview. During all my interview process they were available for short sessions to answer any questions for a specific hospital. It was very nice to have someone with experience to get advice from during all the process.

Very responsive and helpful interview preparation

I came in contact with Mr. Pawan through USMLEsarthi Facebook profile when I saw him actively answering residency applicants' queries. He adjusted me in his busy schedule and he and Dr. Pannala took my mock interview on a short notice and gave me a sense of real time interview. This was helpful. He also inspired me, answered my various queries. I recommend reading his Facebook posts which highlights important points to keep in mind in the interview. Mr. Pawan also encouraged me to put in necessary hard work for interview preparation, which is an essence of any success in life!

Great support system for the USMLE residency match

USMLE sarthi was an excellent support system during my interviews during the 2016 season. I gained not just from the mock interviews but also from the numerous discussions with Mr. Khera. From personal statement to interview prep, he helped me through all. I am highly appreciative of how convenient they made it for me to schedule sessions.

Highest recommendation for interview preparation

I joined USMLE sarthi primarily to gain exposure to interviewing skills during the 2016 Match process. Pawan and his team worked relentlessly in helping me polish my skills in preparation. I had two mock interviews with Dr. Rahul Pannala and Dr. Nandita Khera and I must admit that they helped me see my application from a different viewpoint and gave me insights on my strengths which I hadn't thought of before. Pawan was available at all times to answer any and all questions I might have. He gave me several tips throughout the interview season on how best to get noticed from the thousands of applications they review in the selection process as well as reviewed complex interview questions with me periodically. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I matched this year to an Internal Medicine residency. I would recommend them to anyone looking to looking to polish their skills for the residency interview process.

great support and roadmap for residency match

My experience with Mr Khera and Dr Pannala was beyond excellent. Medical graduates sitting miles away are not aware of the trends in medicine and education that are prevalent in the US. I had no idea what the program directors are looking for in candidates while they shortlist for interviews.
My only sources of information were threads of posts online, but they had varied opinions on most topics (sometimes, contrasting), and most of them unvalidated. But, Dr Pannala gave me advice which was clear and precise. And I know that it is valid, because it is coming from someone who has done all of this himself, and has seen many more do it over the years.
I had a long discussion with Dr Pannala about how to go about things. He was helpful and answered all my queries with conviction.
For example, he told me about how to effectively present my CV, and how to highlight my strengths, and structure my CV with higher standards. Apart from that, he also told me about how to effectively utilize my time till the next match with research and observerships. As I progress further with my exams and my journey towards residency at US, I am sure he will be there to support me. Whether it is my personal statement, or my interview, I am sure I have someone to go for advice.

Great and helpful team- much needed service

Extremely helpful for Match

USMLE SARTHI was extremely helpful during my interviews. I had the opportunity to practice with several mock interviews before my real interviews began, and Mr. Pawan was always available to answer any kind of questions that I had and at ANY time. I learned a lot from the phone/email discussions and the mock interviews with Dr. Pannala and Dr. Kharbanda. I also gained a lot of confidence, which helped me a lot at the time of the real interviews and I was able to match at University of Miami. They offer an excellent, individualized service. Overall, I believe this is an excellent service for an affordable price and I highly recommend it.

Excellent ERAS CV guidance and review

Thanks a lot for that wonderful opportunity of helping me improve my CV by direct call from one of established doctors in Mayo Clinic , the feeling of getting suggestions directly over phone call can't be put into words . There were many valuable suggestions that cleared my misconceptions about what to write in CV and what not to( biggest hurdle we IMGs face while preparing CV )