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USMLEsarthi Clinical Rotations

Excellent telerotation with patient interaction

I am doing telerotation with Dr. Saad at Dearborn, MI and it doesn't feel like I am doing a telerotation. The direct interaction with patients and direct access to EMR is exceptional. Especial thanks to Dr. Edmond and Dr. Micheal for always being there for us. The whole team is excellent and easy to talk to. Dr. Saad is a wonderful physician. The credit goes to the USMLEsarthi for arranging this wonderful rotation for us.


"It was a great 4 weeks of learning, invigorating discussions, case presentation and just interacting with different people albeit we were a small group. I got to revise my medicine and read up a lot in the last 4 weeks. Dr. Lawler has a fantastic approach to medicine. His love for learning and keeping abreast with medicine was evidenced by the fact that he never hesitated in asking basic sciences questions and was open to listening to our ideas and understanding. He enjoyed teaching us and enjoyed us sharing our knowledge too. I appreciated his emphasis on documentation, and the importance of having an evidence based approach to medicine both for the benefit of the hospital and the patient. I learnt a lot on the importance of understanding costs, policies and insurance which is crucial for us doctors in order to be the best that we can be for our patients in addition to knowledge, ethics and clinical acumen.I wish those 4 weeks hadn't gone by so fast."


They provide us with sincere opinions and had one of the best rotation with very good experience


I enjoyed working with Dr.Saad. One month rotation at Dr Saad’s clinic gave me firsthand exposure to addiction medicine and primary care in USA. It’s a one of the kind of rotation where you’re not just observing, but gives an opportunity to be a part of caring team. This helped me strengthen my communication and clinical skills. This rotation solidified my desire to pursue internal medicine residency and practice as primary care physician for my community. I will be always grateful to Dr.Saad and USMLE for giving me this opportunity. Thank you 😊


Telerotation with Dr. Saad was a great learning experience. It was very interactive and it was no different than on-site rotation.


I had an excellent rotation with the Doctor and learnt a lot. However, the organization and communication with the person in charge of the rotation was very poor.


I really enjoyed this detroit rotation in beumont hospital! It was such a nice experience .They gave us access to EMR which is the best part.It was a telerotation but was even better than in person.I highly recommend this rotation to everyone.Along with that Thank you USMLEsarthi for helping me out! I wish I knew you guys before! Arati was really helpful in arranging the rotation she patiently answered all my queries,I really took her lots of time but she was always very nice. Highly recommend USMLEsarthi


Managed to see a variety of cases. Learned a lot about addiction medicine, a field that I had very little experience in. Dr. Saad let's you present cases to him and teaches you a few points with each case. The clinic is busy so had an opportunity to see ample number of patients. He is very approachable and will get to know you personally during your rotation. Office staff are very friendly and helpful.


Dr. Coleman is amazing, I wish I could have done my core IM rotation with him...

Wonderful learning experience

Tele rotation in this pandemic was the USCE that I could have had. The experience of getting one was very easy via sarthi. Toya was extremely cordial. Dr Joseph Thomas exposed us to a wide range of topics from obstetrics, robotics, nutrition and managerial skills. I will forever be thankful to Arati, Pawan, Toya and Dr Thomas for this wonderful experience of tele rotation.


I took telemedicine rotation. Dr. Coleman provides very different and effective way of teaching. I really enjoied this class.


My rotation with Dr. Coleman was indeed one of the best U.S clinical experiences I had. I learned more about the importance of evidence-based medicine and how to apply it in patient's treatment. I was glad to join this rotation. I totally recommended it.


Amazing service on the part of sarthi team for arranging the rotation at the peak time. Highly recommend their services. The experience in terms of telerotation was very unique and resourceful. I enjoyed every bit about it.


I took the internal medicine telerotation with Dr.Coleman for one month.It was very well planned with extensive case discussions.Dr.Coleman was very friendly and kind.Thanks to the Sarthi team for organising the rotation.

Great experience, affordable and helpful physicians

I have done 2 rotations with Usmlesarthi group. One in Chicago and the other in Detroit. I had a great experience with them for a less price. The doctors they are associated with are super friendly and helpful.

Wonderful rotation with good clinical knowledge and LOR

Had a wonderful rotation at Chicago which provided me with a good amount of clinical knowledge and also a letter of recommendation.

Lots of hands-on experience with patients and EMR

Hi, the Detroit rotations are busy and gain lot of experience with patient and with EMRs. Both locations hand handsful patients with variety of cases on day to day basis which was a great learning experience.

Good experience

Good experience.

Amazing experience with William Beaumont physician

I had the opportunity to rotate with Dr. Abdulhassan Saad MD, Addiction Medicine specialist based in Michigan. He is affiliated with William Beaumont Hospital. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, it was a telerotation. Nevertheless, the experience was amazing. It was well organised, and the Dr.Saad's team was very helpful with guiding me all through. Dr.Saad is a very friendly physician and a wonderful teacher. I got to learn so much from him virtually and also made us present cases to his interns online. He always asked us interesting and thought provoking questions. If given a chance, would want to rotate with him in person. Overall, a great experience

Structured. organized rotations with full hands-on

Chicago and Detroit rotations were really beneficial. They were structured and organized very well. They give a real opportunity to have a full hands on as promised.

Great experience with Sarthi rotations in Chicago

I had a great experience during my clinical rotation in Chicago through Sarthi. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the opportunity and experience.

One of a kind rotation- quite unique

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn from Dr. Coleman. He's such an amazing personality. His way of teaching new things is just extraordinary and he always makes sure not to leave anyone behind in the discussion part and more importantly does not put anyone down. This rotation is of its own type. I am hoping to do more such rotations.

Great Tele-rotation, excellent teachers!

I have been rotating since the whole year in Family Medicine and I have spent thousands in the rotation before I have joined with USMLEsarthi. I am telling you from the core of my heart that I never saw a physician teacher like Dr. Coleman. he is an Amazing Doctor, Kind Human and Excellent Teacher!- This is my first telerotation.