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Doctor recommended

My doctor recommended nutritional supplements before vaccinating because my immune system has always been on the weaker side. I did some research and found vacci prep and tried it before my first shot. I haven’t been sick and feel generally good. I feel like I’m doing something positive for myself.


Started taking unwind two weeks ago and have been sleeping better since. I’d say it started working after the first or second night.


Been taking Brain and it honestly makes me feel centered and less distracted. Not sure why but it does.


Does what it’s supposed to do.


Got my covid shot two weeks ago in Atlanta and started taking vacciprep a few days before. Just ran out a few days ago and wanted to share my experience. Overall, it was excellent. It made me feel ready and it tasted good. I looked forward to that drink every afternoon for whatever it’s worth. Highly recommended.


My daily routine is brain at noon. I take unwind a few times a week when I need it and already got vacciprep for when I get scheduled for my vaccine.


I’m a nurse at Mercy hospital and love the vacci prep. I recommended it to my colleagues because it’s the only brand with all of this ingredients in one place. I can get them individually but this makes it a lot more convenient. And it tastes great.


I like that Vacciprep has probiotics, selenium and quercetin. I take daily vitamins but never saw anything with this combo. I’d take it every day if I could afford to.


Vacciprep. Tastes good. Makes me feel energized.


I saw vacciprep in an article about how to prep for vaccines and gave it a shot. No pun intended.


I bought 2 vacciprep, one for myself and another for my mother who care for. I wanted us to be as healthy as possible for the vaccine and think this helped. I see it as a little insurance just in case our immunity is low for any reason.


I’m 72 and took vacciprep when I got my covid shot. I enjoyed the flavor of it and I feel good. I had a little pain in my arm from the injection but that’s normal. I think vacci prep helped.


I became an ambassador a few months ago and can't stop talking about self. My friends are loving it too. It comes down to how straightforward and simple it is. Just a few products that meet most people's daily needs. I like that I recognize all of the ingredients and know that they work for me.  


My friend Amelie recommended self to me and I started taking them a few weeks ago. Amazing. I actually mix them in plain yogurt every morning :)


Most supplements are too limited. I read about self and wanted to try it to see if I could consolidate my routine, and I did. I'm definitely saving some money with the subscription plan and enjoying the drinks. 


Saw this on instagram and had to try. Lindsey's story about how fed up she was with the BS of other supplements resonated with me. And she was right. Self meets all my needs and now I take these instead of 4 or 5 other things I was taking almost daily. Saves me money and I actually enjoy taking them now. 


My wife bought me unwind because I haven't slept well for years. It works better than anything I've tried over the years. I highly recommend it. 


Started with Self about 2 months ago with energy and brain. They're an amazing combo and taste great so I look forward to taking them daily. 

Easily best supplements

Swapped out at least 4 other supplements for these. Best decision i ever made. 


The supplements are excellent.
Good investment for your health .
A Pre and post vaccine preparation.
I’ll recommend it.


My health and wellness journey started two years ago. I’ve lost 35 pounds; I feel as good as I did when I was half this age.

Part of the journey has been finding the right supplements. In October last year, I started taking Self+. While I’ve tried Energy, Brain, and Unwind, I’ve settled into a combination of Energy and Brain. I take Energy on big workout days and Brain when I need to focus at work.

The thing I’m most impressed with about Self+ is how mild the couple colds I’ve had have been. Colds typically derail my diet and workout several times each year. During the Covid outbreak, immunity has been an especially high priority. With all the quality ingredients Self+ has, I’ve been able to cut more than half my supplement intake, which is a huge cost and calorie savings.

Since I’ve been taking Self+ every day, my health and fitness is better than it was 20 years ago.

Still standing thanks to Self Supplements

I've been sneezed on, coughed on, licked and slimed by my kids but I'm still standing healthy thanks to my Self Supplements. Thank you!!!!!

Right dosage

I’d drink this every morning w soda water. Also, the amounts of each ingredient are good (not too high or low) across the board. Some brands overload or under serve.

It works

I just started using immunity and energy and love it. It has everything that I was already taking separately in one product. The yerba was new to me but its amazing. Just like it says, energy without jitters of coffee. I put in pre-orders for Brain and Unwind. Please notify me when they ship.    

Beats anything I've taken

I'm a nurse in contact with sick people daily so I really need to support my immunity all the time. I found Self on Instagram and decided to try it because it had all of the ingredients that I know work and that I've been using for years but really wanted to try it with the yerba mate because I heard it was amazing but super bitter to drink pure. All I can say is that its amazing and I highly recommend it. 

Highly recommend

Highly recommend it. Taste great and most importantly it works.

My new favorite supp

This is my go-to mid morning drink for immunity and a perfect energy boost with no jitters. I absolutely love the taste and can still have my coffee when I want it! 

Definitely more focused and centered

I work from home and have many distractions around me. This helps me focus when I need it most. I feel sharper, more attentive on calls and focused on my tasks. My advice is to drink it with soda water to give it a fruity fizz! 

Helps me relax and sleep

This helps me disconnect, no matter how busy or wound up I feel. I've always been a huge believer in Ashwagandha and now I have it alongside my immunity support. I drink it in the evening as a spritzer with ice.  (pre-launch tester)

Prioritizes my immunity care

My favorite thing about self is that all the products support my immune system and that they only use ingredients I recognize. Its clean. 

Makes me feel good

Hard to tell with most supplements if they're actually making a difference but this one feels right from day 1. It tastes good so I enjoy taking it and it won't just go to waste like most of the others I've bought over the years. But I actually do feel more energetic too, so I think its doing what its supposed to. Don't want to get sick with the flu, especially this year which is the main reason I'm taking this now. 

Off to good start

I'm terrified of flu season and covid and saw this on facebook as a way to boost my immunity. Giving it a try. I love the berry flavor so I'm off to a great start!

This simplified my life

I pre-ordered immunity + energy because I loved that it contains yerba mate, which I have been drinking for year. It works. I can feel the energy boost and it feels better than coffee. I also like knowing that I'm helping my immunity on a daily basis.

Yerba Mate and energy

I started drinking yerba the traditional way after a trip to Uruguay, but it takes time to prepare. Having it infused in an immunity and energy supplement is amazing. Kudos to Self for figuring that out ahead of everyone else. This makes my day.  

Replaces three other supplements I was taking

This replaces three other supplements I was taking. It tastes great so I love taking it and it works. It has all of the immunity basics that I've been taking for years separately so combining them is actually cheaper and easier.