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Vampire Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon So Smooth, I love it. I bought it for Halloween but now it’s my favorite.

Testimonial #6

Beyond Amazing

The vampire merlot is one of the TASTIEST REDS i have had in my life  because i have always had a horrible experience with red wines. But this one pleasantly suprised me and got my dead heart bearing again. Si if you want to bring your part back to life make sure you get this wine by the case.  _VRS_ from L.A


I enjoy wine but I love all products frome the Vampire Family.The coffee and Chocolate are to Die for!I joined the wine club and are very satisfied with the wines they send.I recommend this wine to all my family and friends  (stranger's too).Thank you again Vampire Family for your fabulous products and service!

Amazing Wine!

We recently discovered Vampire Vinyards and have tried several of their wines. We've been very happy with all of them, but this is definitely our favorite. Vampire Merlot is incredibly smooth and rich and wonderful! We highly recommend this excellent wine.

Vampire Cab

This a really great wine for the the price.  When I tasted it I felt like an angel had landed on my tongue.

It was a great choice

love this wine!