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Kleio Kakarou

Komninon 20
Thessaloniki Kentriki Makedonia , 54624

Just got my new beautiful crystal jewelry today! The amazing quarts earrings are magical.The faceting in then catches the light in a way that makes when look like The light is coming from them. The anglelite, lava stone and magnet bracelet  is beautiful and has an amazing uplifting and yet grounding effect. I hold your recommendations in the highest regards. The tiny little rough quarts pendant that I receive is perfect. It is like a gift from the fae, magical, beautiful and mesmerizing. And I have to say the tealight you have ad I gift was a wonderful surprise

We just love love our Crystal beauty - lovingly wrapped and creatively hand made. Thank you.

Παρέλαβα το δέμα με τα διακοσμητικά κεριά και ήταν όλα άψογα! Παράδοση σε πόλη της επαρχίας μέσα στην ίδια βδομάδα!

Thank you for your quality and attention to detail in creating your jewelry. I absolutely love this set. I think it's my favorite (but I say that about all the jewelry I have from you!). It is a pleasure to wear and I always get compliments when I wear them!

Just received my beautiful smokey quartz scepter! It is just awesome... can't wait to wear it! 
The Thunder stone and pointed quartz are very awesome too Thank you very much for these awesome crystals

I received my package a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share. I sincerely feel that each piece of jewelry I get from you, Perma & Klio, is a remarkable & unique treasure! The care and quality is incomparable. Thank you always for your craftsmanship, love, wisdom, & care. I’m very grateful! Much love to you.

I love my scepter(s) that I got! They are so beautiful and have such a great energy. The quality, as always, is fabulous. The clarity and color of the base is mesmerising. The single earring is just about the cutest thing I've seen and I love wearing it. And thank you for the adorable quartz cluster. I love it and even though it's small it has BIG energy. I do believe it has become my favorite cluster. Thak you for all you do

Even dreamier in person! Thank you so much for the little gift of selenite and your sweet note. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from your store.

Just received my package  right on time a few days ago and love everything I got!! As usual TF grid, a magnet, and stones 

The wonderful lady who assisted me at the beautiful shop treated me with so much kindness.

Was ecstatic to receive a very special package yesterday! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to help us all let our light shine a bit brighter! I love my special meditation candle and beautiful moonstone ring! 

Thank you  for all the hard work you put into your crafts. This bracelet is truly  a work of art.

Your crystals and stones feel honest, clean and inviting.
I have bought from you many times and I am always pleased.
They are exactly what I need, at that particular moment in my life...which most often is a lot of light. 

This is an amazing store. You can feel the magic and the love in every piece. Thank you ladies for sharing with the rest of us