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Virtual Essential Management, LLC

Huge asset to my businesses

This company is a huge asset to my businesses! And if you need organization for keeping computer programs and software in order

Fantastic Technical Support

Thank you for your technical expertise in helping to develop the invoices and documents to help expand my business. My business has increased and I am able to correspond with potential clients quickly and more efficiently utilizing the technical support you provided.
Sincerely and gratefully yours,


OMG, let me tell you, the worst
experience for me it to not be able to get into a presentation when you have
worked so hard to prepare it and then in front of the client...!!!  And
the client trying to HELP???!!!  I am so thankful for you!   Normally,
I email my presentations to me, have it backed up on a thumb drive in case I
can't get into the client network and then on the desktop on my computer. I had
left home at 4:30 to fly up to San Francisco for this crucial client meeting.
Had to take two shuttle buses to find the client's new office among 80
buildings. All the while, trying to look cool, BUT, I knew I was
prepared!  THen the one drive problem...I had never heard of that
before!!! So what do I Halima!!!!  My client was major impressed
that I HAD MY IT support and that you responded so quickly!!! Your
troubleshooting skills are amazing! 


I can't thank you