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A great Performance Check!

The agent Workout with Micaela Hicks was a great "check" on my performance. I think when we perceive that we've reached a certain level we get comfortable with our performance. Hearing the feedback from Micaela reminded me to watch for those comfort zones and keep my ear sharp. It was a rare opportunity to be in front of peers, encourage them and share feedback with each other in the chat. Reading live in front of a group brings a new dynamic that was just a lot of fun.

Anne brings the goods!

As always, Anne brings the goods! This was my first workshop with an agent, and it was such a positive experience. Micaela gave practical and honest feedback after every performance, which related to each actor's individual artistry as well as broader notes about the industry and it's various different genres. There was plenty of time for each participant to perform and get feedback on two different scripts as well as to ask questions at the end. Overall, it was a very valuable and informative workshop. I can't recommend VOPeeps enough.

Instructors who go the Extra Mile!

Jeff Howell's Promo Workshop with VO Peeps was outstanding. He is very generous with his time & information. It is very obvious that he is passionate about teaching. He even went out of his way to research every participant's background prior to the workshop; just so he knew what to expect from each actor. I don't know too many instructors who go that extra mile. His feedback is straight to the point; there is no sugarcoating. His training method provides motivation for actors to strive more toward their goals. Because Jeff is such a sought-after Director, he may not teach very often. So if you ever have the opportunity to train with Jeff, that will be a wise decision!

DO IT!!!

I'm SO glad I took a recent Promo workshop with Anne, with special guest speaker, Jeff Howell. This is the 2nd workshop I've done, led by Anne!

I'd always wondered if I had a knack for Promo work and taking the workshop was the PERFECT way to receive constructive feedback from a truly seasoned Promo professional to that end.

Whether you're looking to brush up on a particular genre or looking to explore a new one, Anne's workshop classes are the perfect environment for growth!

Performance Changing!

Over the years VO Peeps has provided one outstanding opportunity after another, and then what happens? They breach the clouds. I didn't know what to expect to comprise the time spent in Fred Melamed, 2 part, Master Class. As much as I always take away from VO Peeps workshops, I've come away from this encounter changed as a performer. I could not be more excited by what will come of applying Fred's direction and insight. In addition to being a 40 year veteran of VO & screen, he is clearly a beautiful human and that infectiously infuses all he does. Thank you Mr. Melamed and the VO Peeps.

An exceptional line of webinars!

I have been a member of VO Peeps for a few years now. This is because of the many marvelous offerings Anne puts forth. for instance, Anne curates an exceptional line of webinars on timely subjects that spark imagination and increase interest in different aspects of Voice Acting. An excellent example is the inspiring Audio Description webinar with Roy Samuelson and Colleen Connor on November 18, 2021. My curiosity about this genre has bloomed into determination to become part of the ever growing world of audio description. Thank you Roy, Colleen and of course Anne. What a remarkable evening!

One of the BEST webinars I have ever attended!

This was one of the best and most inspiring webinars I have ever taken. The feedback from Roy Samuelson and Colleen was revealing and ear opening. This is a new genre of interest for me, and I feel I know exactly what I need to do now in terms of future training if I want to add this critical genre to my offerings. Roy Samuelson and Colleen

A treasure!!!

Bob Bergen is a treasure.Giving, funny, excellent tell-it-like-it-is director and all around great human being. A couple of my favorite quotes from him ,""the choices you make do not have to be the writer's choices, they just have to be choices" and "perform the scene, don't read the lines". thank you Anne for bringing him to play with us!!

A truly inspirational experience!

Over the moon, I am, to be breathing the same virtual Zoom air with stellar talent, Bob Bergen! His professionally candid, real world, take-a-risk direction; insights into creative performance techniques for bookable auditions; & all-around clear communication with a sense-of-humor, made for a memorable learning experience that really stretched this “Ol’ Broad’s” voice acting performance. Thank you, Anne & Bob, for a truly inspirational experience.


You know VO Peeps Workouts are the best...when you can't wait to get that email announcing the next one. Anne, thank you for all you do for the voiceover community. And...Bob Bergen...WOW! So GOOD.

So much FUN!

Thank you Anne for this fun and informative workout with Liz Atherton! I loved learning about the alter ego that we should invent and bring to our auditions. Such great information that night. Thanks again!

An Eye Opener!

The VO Peeps workshop with Randall Ryan was an eye-opener. The information I received while watching Randall work with the other VO artists was perfect for what I was looking for. I also enjoyed how much time that was spent with each of us, one-on-one! I did not realize how important creating a character in your mind before an audition was. I will be using this for knowledge for all of my auditions here on out.

Laughing for Days!

the Vo Peeps workout with Liz Atherton was so fun, informative and a little wild! She is a wealth of knowledge and is obviously working hard for voice actors. she even helped me discover a hidden character deep within myself, "preacher Bill" (he's got a secret life) I have been laughing for days now just thinking about it.

Wonderful and Informative!

Had such a wonderful and informative workshop with VO Peeps guest D'Arcy Smith this week, on how to create and distinguish between #generalamericanengl #britishrp and the #midatlanticaccent.  Although I was already familiar with all of these accents he gave useful tips on how to make those distinctions even clearer. It was also nice to hear someone of his caliber reaffirm many of the approaches I use when coaching folks in the GAE speech.  Thank you Anne Ganguzza for hosting yet another meaningful workshop for the Voiceover Community!

Peer-to-Peer Workouts with Bonnie are THE BEST!

This is hands-down my favorite way to do a workout. Bonnie always has spot-on feedback and is great at encouraging everyone to give their OWN notes.

I was reluctant at first, but have found that giving & receiving constructive feedback to & from others has made me a better voice actor. It helps me give (literal) voice to the lessons I have learned in my VO education.

Bonnie also makes it a heckuva lot of fun and - dare I say - ZESTY! (you can quote me on that)

Great VIPeeps Workout!

Way to go, Bonnie! That (Find the Funny) was SO much fun! I LOVE doing partner reads! I don't see that option out in VO-Land very often and I didn't realize we were going to have the opportunity do them tonight, so it was a really nice surprise. Let's make this a regular offering. I KNOW it would be popular!!

Loved the Class!!!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the improv class. It was so fun and challenging at the same time. I actually had a couple of pages of copy that I need to read right after the class. And it was one of the best reads Ive done because I was in such a great headspace. Plus, really got to meet some great people. Thank you !!!

Kudos to VO Peeps!

It was wonderful getting the opportunity to work with JP Karliak. He brought a wealth of industry knowledge. There was plenty of time for Q&A, yet there was still ample room to receive feedback and work with copy. Kudos to VO Peeps for hosting a queer themed voice over event. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the calendar and looking at what other events pop up.

Great advice and insights!

Jam-packed, loaded with great advice and insights! One heck of a good time well-spent. This session was very much up to the high standards of the Peeps Outfit.

Access to Amazing Content!

What a great workout with Lisa and even though she very humbly informed us that she was not a VO coach she shared with us some amazing insights and feedback. If you are fortunate enough to sign up for one of the peeps workouts I highly recommend it. Anne is such a great coach. If you need a great demo Anne is an awesome director. Thanks again Anne and Lisa. Also if you become a VIPeeps member you have access to all the great meetups you might have missed.

Join VO Peeps - You won't be sorry!

If you want to expand the horizon of your career, you must consider being a part of the VO Peeps. The opportunities offered within the group will open new vistas that you never expected. Take the time to look into it. You won't be sorry.


Thank you Anne for offering Heather Dane’s animation workshop!! It was totally amazing and really helpful. I loved that Heather was so direct and insightful with everyone. She and you are just amazing. Thank you x’s 10,000.

Fun, Supportive and Informative!

Thank you Anne and Heather Dame for the opportunity to get the best training and performance tips in a safe and supportive environment! As an auditor of this animation workout, I was able to observe and glean skills to help me in approaching my own character development. The time and money spent is truly a wise investment in building ones VO skill-set.

Anne always Brings the Best!

I had so much fun and enjoyed participating in the VO Peeps workout with Atlas Talent's animation agent, Heather Dame! I appreciated her honesty, direction, and feedback on my read. I also learned so much listening to the other amazing talent in the work out!
Thank you, Anne for always getting the best people in the VO industry to give us the guidance we need. Thank you, Heather for taking the time from your busy schedule to work with us. Such a great evening!

Thank you VOPeeps for such a fun night!

I had such a blast in the Speed Round Auditions with Everett Oliver! His rapid fire nuggets of wisdom and easy going demeanor made the time fly by. Thank you VOPeeps for such a fun night!

You and your guests deliver!

Another great workout!! Thank you, Anne. Fabulous. This time with Tristan Gardner. He listened intently, made constructive comments and helped create a safe, fun atmosphere. I always know what I'm going to get. And you and your guests deliver. Bravo!

Stellar workout Anne & Team!

The workout with casting director, Tristan Gardner was absolutely stellar. This was my first VO Peeps workout and it won't be my last. I was impressed that there was enough time for Tristan to work one-on-one with everyone with a Q/A to wrap it up. Being able to watch other voice actors get directed was almost as helpful as being directed. Great work Anne and Team!

I learned so much!

Thank you Anne and Tristan Gardner for such an informative webinar from Triad Studios. I learned so much on what makes for a great read and working relationship between the recording studio and the voice actor. Will watch the replay and take notes this time!!


Last night's training with Tristan Gardner was AMAZING... he was able to connect super easily with each reader, and find details and actionable feedback that really make a difference. Even just the auditing was was worth every minute... looking forward to more of this!


Wow, the video game workout with Jessica Kent was unbelievable! I've never tried that genre before, and to watch her patiently and positively coax the subtle nuances from each participant was priceless.

Recommended for everyone!

Jessica Kent's work out was amazing! Kent is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and gives excellent instruction. I chose a script that was personally challenging and her insight helped me nail the character. I will continue to practice and improve upon this character based on her advice. I would reccomend a VO Peeps workshop to everyone.

Blown Away!

I was blown away. What a workout From Jessica Kent The lady has energy for days I tell you. But then i noticed something , i noticed what Jessica was doing... she was taking her time with each and every person and made it personal for the individual. Ridiculously awesome to be apart of. As for ANNE well yall know she dose every thing stellar and this was no exception. I am looking forward to more workouts, PEEPS go grab ya jazzersie gear and get ready to learn laugh and grow. Highly recommended.

AMAZING Workouts!

The workout with Jessica Kent was AMAZING! She took her time with each of us and gave super thorough direction. I wish I could work out with her every month! Thank you for bringing these classes and opportunities to the VO community, Anne!

A whole new level of opportunity

Are you kidding me with this? I spent a paltry $99 for hours with Jessica Kent that will drop my opportunities to work in MOBA games on an entirely new track. If knowledge is power, I'm now electric...okay, that was wicked cheesy, but you get the point! THANKS ANNE, JESSICA, and VOPEEPS!

Quality Education

After doing this for a good many years, you start to think that you know just about everything there is to know about a genre, a style, a technique, a direction... even the terminology. Well, I'm here to tell you - you don't! And I don't. And that's why having a resource like Anne Ganguzza and VO Peeps is a huge asset! Anne offers quality education from the very best peeps in the industry, and you just can't get any better than that, period.

You are such a generous mentor!

Love these workouts with industry pros! Their direction and insights into the V.O. are priceless! Great getting to see other Peeps in action too!
You are such a generous mentor, Anne!
Thank you
Sonja Mobley

Master Classes!

All of Anne’s workshops are so fabulous- with The great Pat Fraley and Dave Walsh and wonderful Jessica Kent . Master classes with the best teachers who are kind patient and incredibly knowledgeable. What a spectacular opportunity to learn from the best. Can’t believe I could be so fortunate. Thank you Anne for providing an unparalleled experience.

I had a Blast!

From start to finish, Anne makes sure everyone is ready to begin before she presses Start. I knew of and followed Anne after watching her VO Buzz interview in 2016. For years I'd been hearing of her sessions from other pros I'd been following.

For my first VO Peep Session, Anne had Pat Fraley on, whom I trained with in January just before Covid hit. I'd enjoyed his direction in Anne's session as well. Everyone was on and had a blast playing together including me! Anne was a delight to work with as I expected. J.E. likes this!

Can't wait for the next workout!

I Recently completed My 2nd Workout Offered by VO Peeps and can't say enough great things about the truly wonderful experience shared not only by me but I'm certain by all the other Voiceactors taking part.
The Comedy Genius and Legendary Pat Fraley was the Guest Artist for this particular class...focusing on Animation and Character Work..allowing class members to work together reading a variety of Great scripts alot written by Mr Fraley himself....some Great Knowledgeable feedback from Mr Fraley...was shared,as he says, not as a Director or a Coach but as a he strives to better his endearing and remarkable Talent...What a Fun 2 hours of playtime for all us students learning and doing what we Love!
Thanks Anne and VO Peeps! Can't wait for the next workout!

Thanks again Anne and Pat!

Pat Fraley. What an amazing teacher. What a kind man as well. So helpful and patient. I had such a great time and being able to read for Pat was a dream come true. When he gave notes he has such a gentle way about him and relating his own foibles to the read was fantastic. I felt so energized after that webinar. All the other VO artist as well with there amazing talents. I was so glad that JE finally got the tech working on his end. Anne worked with him through it all. She is such a giver. At the end I think that everyone had a great session. 

Thank you for pulling this together, Anne!

The Workout with Dave Walsh was amazing! It was great to watch the people who did their reads, took his coaching and then upped their performance on the next take. Thank you for pulling this together, Anne!

VO Peeps has made me a better voiceover!

I truly enjoy being a member of VOPeeps. Thank you so much Anne for creating such a fantastic group. The guests you have brought in are incredible and I am always learning so much in every one that I have attended and/or participated in. There's no doubt that being a member of VOPeeps has made me a better voiceover.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!

Thank you Anne for offering your amazing talent and skill as well providing workshops with the best in the field to help us grow AND book!! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!! So very grateful to be part of such an extraordinary group!!!

Thank you for providing a platform for us VO Peeps to massage and build on our VO careers.

First off, thank you Anne for providing a platform for us VO Peeps to massage and build on our VO careers. Especially in this Twilight Zone year! As a seasoned professional, I can never stop learning and honing my craft. Proof in point, a terrific workout with Dave Walsh and his True Tell Method. He reminded all of us that we must find the relatability of the story in order for the truth to shine through. The client is buying OWNERSHIP. Truth gets us there! These are Golden nuggets to add to our tool box. Thank you Dave!

Thanks to VO peeps for Offering top notch educational monthly resources to the VO community.

"....Translate the visual part of the text to the reader so clearly they can see it...."andi arndt "....Hitting certain parts of the words can bring to life an entirely different character....."- andi arndt Expressing myself through Copy is beautiful and challenging. Remembering to connect to the text without pauses is definitely something to hold on to when bringing a story to life....Thank You Andi Arndt for this quality workshop. A seasoned Professional, humble, kind and down to earth listening and offering invaluable critique and guidance to her fellow Voice Actor...

Thank you Anne & VO Peeps Team and looking forward to the next!

Andi Arndt is an empathetic, eloquent and great communicator with a fine sense of humor. The workshop was organized beautifully and it was informative and motivating in equal amounts.

VO Peeps has a knack for finding some of the biggest and most valuable names in the voiceover industry and providing us access to excellent coaching.

I attended the Tasia Valenza workout. Like previous ones, it was amazing and incredibly useful. VO Peeps has a knack for finding some of the biggest and most valuable names in the voiceover industry and providing us access to excellent coaching. I really appreciated both this and the other workouts I've had through them. They've been of tremendous value to my career.

I look forward to the next workout!

Anne organizes a very well knit virtual workshop for guest teachers to work with attendees interested in the bigger industry! It was an absolute blast getting to work under the direction of character VO veteran Tasia Valenza! I look forward to the next workout!

Thank you Anne! And thank you Kay!

The latest VO Peeps workout, with the extraordinary voice actor and coach Kay Bess, was another in a long string of highly informative and entertaining workout opportunities. Anne Ganguzza consistently brings the best of the best to share their knowledge and experience. I look forward to each and every one. Thank you Anne! And thank you Kay!

Anne, I'm grateful for these timely and affordable ways to constantly improve.

Anne and Kay!Last night's Zoom training was absolutely the BEST! even though I was only auditing, I came away with many gems of "commercial auditioning wisdom" . Especially when shooting for the national jobs. "...allow time for the visual moments to land ...and be mindful of that timing" Brilliant stuff.

Thanks to VO Peeps for offering such a solid learning opportunity!

I learned more than I could have imagined during just the first 20 minutes of our Promos & Trailers session with Brent Hagel - WOW. He was generous with the amount of time he spent with each of us, and was extra thoughtful in providing direction, information & insight to set us up for success. What a treat - thanks to VO Peeps for offering such a solid learning opportunity!

Thanks Anne, Dianna and all you awesome VO Peeps! Voice On!

Audiobook narration has been my nemesis for quite some time. It seems, for me, my acting and performance skills have only improved slightly over the years. But after attending VO Peeps Romance Audiobook workout with Dianna Conley, I have a new frame of mind. Following Dianna's simple and direct style of direction seemed to have energized a part of my brain that I haven't used before. I received the workout video the very next day and I was excited to listen to my reads. Pre and post Dianna's direction was night and day. I was amazed, I had to ask myself, is that me reading? I'm really excited to start auditioning again for the Audiobook genres according to Dianna's advice. I'm looking forward to the next workshop!

I very much enjoyed Anne’s workout meetup on May 21, 2020, centered on reading Erotica and Romance for Audiobooks.

Dianna Conley, the instructor, is very knowledgeable about the topic and very engaging as a teacher. She let us know that the market for Erotica and Romance is booming, and even more so thanks to the current pandemic. She had great information about how to find work narrating books in these genres, and not just through ACX. She gave us wonderful performance notes, such as ways to think about how to express the different roles in each story, as well as how to intensify the reading and when to pull back. Although there is always potential for embarrassment when reading such material, Dianna’s easy manner and open, accepting feedback made us all feel quite comfortable. 5 stars!

WOW! Just Wow!

What a great experience. I participated in the Romance Novel Workout with Dianna Conely. This was my first workout ever, so, talk about jumping into the deep end! I really enjoyed the experience. The Coaching was top notch, the participants were fantastic, helpful and fun. I really learned so much from listening to others read and being coached. I also became much more confident in my own read. Cant wait to do another workout!!!

I just experienced the Agent Workout with Vanessa Gilbert and just have to say, "WOW".

I learnt so so much about really analyzing a script. Vanessa really gets into the meat of the script. I learnt how important the first words are as well as literally analyzing every word and figuring out the phrasing. She worked step by step with each of us. I completely understand finding the melody more than ever now - I am eternally grateful to Vanessa!

Golden nuggets everywhere.

Thank you for organizing and hosting the workout with RSA Entertainment Agent Vanessa Gilbert. Vanessa provided immediate coaching that was respectful, exhilarating, educational, inspirational and well worth the $$. Wow. What a night to remember. Golden nuggets everywhere.

I thoroughly enjoyed Anne Ganguzza's VO workout with Vanessa Gilbert!

I have to say that Vanessa's skilled hands-on direction really got into the meat of the copy, help each of us explore every single possible inflection to effectively interpret the copy in way that I have not experienced before. As is with all of Anne's workouts, It was a very safe environment where we were all able to listen to one another and learn. Thank you!

Wonderful workshop with Bonnie re:Instagram tools.

Wonderful workshop with Bonnie re:Instagram tools. Excellent for those already familiar with basic use of Instagram. As Bonnie indicated - not for Instagram 101 users. Lots of great information for the already initiated.

Thank you Anne and Erik for a fun night of VO real talk. You guys rock!

During this time of uncertainty and anxiety with the state of the world, what a joy and pleasure it was to be part of the workout with Erik Sheppard. Thank you Anne and Erik for a fun night of VO real talk. You guys rock!

Thank you Portia Scott for your time, direction and wealth of knowledge.

Feb. 22, was another quality VO Peeps workout with excellent direction from Portia Scott. She met all my expectations! Portia was like a well trained surgeon as she diagnosed each performance and prescribed exactly what was needed to fulfill our potential as VO actors. It was up to us to take direction. By the end of the workout I had written four pages of notes. Several of my favorite take-aways are: to win is to get the audition; when you have an alternate take show your range; sad does not equate with slow and, lastly, do not sound different but act different. Thank you Anne Ganguzza for arranging this workout.

Portia Scott’s VO Peeps workout was fantastic!

She has such a wealth of knowledge and direction to share; I learned so much from her direction on my reads as well as the other participants’ reads. I appreciate that Portia has a background in acting, so she knows how to direct talent from the actor’s perspective. She has great tips to help us deliver range and variety in our performances. Animation is so FUN, and Portia is super FUN - a perfect combination! I’m very thankful that she took the time out of her Saturday to teach us, and a big thank you to Anne for making this workout possible! Thank you both so much!

Thanks to VO Peeps and Anne for the opportunity and I hope she comes back again!

I just completed a VO Peeps workout with Portia Scott from Coast to Coast agency. This was my first time working with Portia. I thought her direction was spot on and she obviously brings a ton of experience and knowledge to the table. I could have stuck around for several hours more to soak in everything she had to say! Thanks to VO Peeps and Anne for the opportunity and I hope she comes back again!

I recently had the pleasure of participating in another great VI Peeps workout with casting director, Mary Lynn Wissner.

Anne Ganguzza raised the bar with this one. It was, without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and helpful workouts I have participated in. Ms Wissner's notes were spot on and tailored to both the individual actor and the style of delivery asked for. She shared voice casting secrets that would move an audition from ok to outstanding.Anne Ganguzza continues to provide the voice acting community with the absolute best coaches for all voice acting genres.

Another fantastic VO Peeps workout.

This time with MaryLynn Wissner. I'm never disappointed with the top industry professionals that Anne Ganguzza lines up for the workouts. Definitely worth the money and time spent that I invest in my voiceover career. Thank you.

Thank you, Anne for having these workshop webinars and allowing us to work with such top-notch professionals in the VO industry.

I had such a wonderful time with the VO Peeps webinar workout with CD Mary Lynn Wissner! She had such invaluable insight on how things work, making your auditions stand out more, and all hertips and tools of the trade. Mary Lynn’s redirect on my copy was just what I needed to help me with those real reads I struggle with. It helped me tremendously on knowing the product, and adjust appropriately. I used what I learned on an audition I had the following day, and felt so much more confident and prepared!

Thank you for orchestrating the perfect session with Mary Lynn Wissner.

A good coach is meant to save an artist time, and with her direct critiques, and deceptively simple "hacks," Mary Lynn did just that for many of us. In isolation, I'm sure it would've taken me a couple of years to acknowledge how I had incrementally strayed, almost as if by stealth, into a voice and performance that was too precious by half and certainly misguided.

I had a fantastic experience last night participating in the Peeps monthly workout- animation with Everett Oliver!

Anne has so many incredibly talented guests, and the workouts are a fantastic opportunity to learn- and have fun doing it. Highly recommended!

VO Peeps is a wonderful, supportive place for voice actors to challenge themselves and grow.

I took the animation class with Everett Oliver, recently. His unique direction and insight helped me hone my character skills and to focus in on the characters I am best suited to perform.

Thank you Anne for making this available and to Everett for a providing great insight into character development.

I signed up for the Everett Oliver workout as an auditor in absentia as I had a prior commitment. Now I'm half-way through watching the replay and feel like I've already learned so much! I knew I wanted to take the class live and now I have mixed feelings. Mixed because Everett is a top director with great insight, (who I would have loved to have been directed by) yet on the other hand probably feel like he would have kicked my patootie, LOL!

Thank you Anne for making this available and to Everett for a providing great insight into character development. I look forward to the day when I can study with you in person!

Thanks Larry! Thanks Anne! :)

Larry Hudson's "Six Key Elements of Recording & Editing" was an awesome class! I got confirmation on some things I'm doing right and tips that will make my work easier (and a really successful audition strategy). One of the files I gave as a sample--I'd thought it was unsolvable, and he gave me great advice on how to fix studio problems too.

THANK YOU, LARRY. You are generous with your time and talents. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Once again, Anne Ganguzza (yea!) brings the professionals to us newer peeps in the VO world. Yesterday evening, Larry Hudson took what I think of as next a to impossible task to make it reasonably easy to understand the concepts he addressed. His diagrams and understandable language helped me to believe that I can do these things called editing and recording of Voice Over recordings.

This was one of the best sessions of the year, and it changed the way I think about my reads.

The June 2019 workout with Johnny Heller was amazing - I really appreciated the opportunity to not only get some amazing coaching from such a distinguished name, but to learn so much watching him coach my fellow Peeps. This was one of the best sessions of the year, and it changed the way I think about my reads.

I can't say enough great things about these VO Peeps workouts.

Anne gets tried and true industry pros, and you not only get the valued one-on-one time with them, exercising their advice in real-time, but you also get to be the fly-on-the-wall, listening to your peers' advice & direction. Tons of knowledge bombs dropped all throughout - these are great ways to break out of your booth & network with others - plus growing your skills with the guidance of experts. Why are you still reading this? You should be signing up for the next workout!! Join the VIPeeps club & those workouts are discounted too (plus some other secret perks I'm going to make you go look into to find out about). Thumbs enthusiastically up!

I'm looking forward to your next VO workout...

I genuinely enjoyed last night Broadcast Narration session, Anne. Thom Pinto dispensed so much useful information, so tirelessly during the 3 hour session, I need to review the video several more times to absorb it all! I'm looking forward to your next VO workout...

Highly recommended

I attended last night’s webinar workout with Thom Pinto. Exceptional! Not only was it informative and motivating, it confirmed for me that documentary narration is one of the areas of the VO industry I want to focus on. Thom was great working with all the live participants, giving them very clear, specific, actionable (and often, funny!) direction that helped them get to their best read. Anne is such a great resource and she brings the best people to the table.

...thank you to Anne Ganguzza for offering this and other video classes to us

I have just finished an amazing video class with Thom Pinto. So much good information he provided on the topic of in-show narration. “Never blow by a but." A huge thank you to Thom, for sharing with us his time and wisdom.

And, another thank you to Anne Ganguzza for offering this and other video classes to us. The opportunity to be heard by and learn from highly successful and talented people in the VO field
is an enormous, endless treasure to those of us who seek and cherish acceptance and frequent participation in the VO field!

Thank you, Anne!

The Video Vault of Previous Workouts: Is like having a month of X-Sessions... So by using my March AMX receipts and remembering to carry the 1 - the cost of a month of sessions should be around $6k (or Six Large)

Anne brings in the best of the best and you gain so much useful info! Thanks Anne!

Every single workout with the Peeps gets better and better. It is beyond beneficial for a talent to get an understand of what agents and casting directors are looking for.

If you’re not a VO Peeps member, I encourage you to join today, the value far outweighs the cost.

Thanks to Anne and VO Peeps I recently had the opportunity to not only read for LA talent agent Marci Polzin, but to hear other BO talent read as well. Why that was important to me is that I always learn from hearing others do reads. I can’t thank VO Peeps enough for these opportunities every month. If you’re not a VO Peeps member, I encourage you to join today, the value far outweighs the cost.

Loved the Johnny Heller Workshop last night.

He provided a good mix of teaching important aspects of the audio book world and great coaching sessions. Every attendee had at least 10 minutes of coaching. I learned a lot from hearing his comments to others as well.

Last nights workout was invaluable! I

haven't participated in that many, but I would encourage anyone to become a part of any of these workouts! The time that Jeffery spent with all of us was way above board than he would of had to do. It was so worth it, and I would encourage our group in the VOpeeps to become a part of these workouts because the information and the knowledge that you can gain is incredible! Thank you Anne, for getting such amazing guests!

Thank you very much to Anne Ganguzza and the VO Peeps for making it happen!

Though I had never done a VO Peeps workout and had only used Zoom a few times before, I couldn't resist the chance to learn and get feedback from Dean Panaro. Frankly I wasn't sure what to expect since this was someone who I had always assumed would forever be beyond my reach, but he was incredibly down to earth, and it turned out to be a very enlightening evening. I especially appreciated that fact that he came across as genuinely sincere in everything that he said, since truly sincere people aren't always an easy thing to find in our industry, and that he clearly came with a mission to educate--not to simply praise or criticize. I loved hearing from someone who is very much at the center of our current zeitgeist in voiceover. Thank you very much to Anne Ganguzza and the VO Peeps for making it happen!

I would definitely tune in again for another session.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workout session with Carol Rathe. I participated and her advice and suggestions were exactly what I needed. She was excellent with other participants as well, bringing out the best in all of us. She genuinely inspired me and I took notes that will be valuable to me moving forward. Thanks Anne for hosting and bringing Carol to us! I would definitely tune in again for another session.

More in my future!

Though separated by geography, I've been sitting in on the odd VO Peeps Event here and there - but mostly vicariously enjoying the video playback after the session. Have always wanted to be in the real time mix. Finally managed to snag a place in a recent agent workout and couldn't be happier! Why the heck did I wait so long? Great evening with incredibly welcoming and supportive talent - plus the bonus of getting to hang out with Anne herself! Exceptionally well run Q&A, crisp script workouts and a continual flow of excellent info throughout. Well worth attending. More in my future!

Love my VOPEEPS family ❤️

Hi Anne! The TAG workout was life and career changing! I am still blown away by the coaching and feedback I got from Liz and Jimmy! As always, I learn so much from every session I have with you. Thank you so much for your continued support and guidance!

Anne - Thank you so much for hosting the incredible one-on-one workout

Anne - Thank you so much for hosting the incredible one-on-one workout with Carol Rathe of GoVoices! It was inspiring, educational and so much fun! Carol had wonderful insights and a way to make all of us find reads that we didn't even know we had in us. It's always a pleasure to join your workout groups. Thanks again for being such a bright shining contributor to the VO Community!

Thanks for the speedy arrival of the playback recording as well!

The Carol Rathe workout was very valuable. I am so glad I decided to be a full participant instead of auditing. Her comments on our reads were spot on ,honest and delivered in a way that gave participants something uniquely theirs to work on and her energy and enthusiasm with each of us never waned. I appreciate that your webinars are well organized, content advertised is what is presented and tailored to the needs of the participants! Thanks for the speedy arrival of the playback recording as well!


As a winner of the VO Peeps scholarship, I cannot tell you or even put in to words how wonderful this week has been. It was wonderful to be able to network with so many great people and to receive a wealth of information and new ideas from the seminars at the same time. Thanks to VO Peeps and Penny and James and to all of the contributors, for one fantastic week of networking and one educational event after another!

The time I spent working with Dave was invaluable. 

The time I spent working with Dave was invaluable. He understood what I was looking for and what I am capable of, and guided me in a direction that I'm very happy with. I've come away with great new knowledge and techniques to help me as a voiceover professional. I learned a few things about myself in those 3 hours that will undoubtedly have a huge but positive impact on my voiceover career. Without the assistance of the VO Peeps/MCAI Scholarship Fund I would not have been able to take this training and I'm extremely grateful to the fund and the contributors for making this possible.

VOICE 2012 was amazing! 

I learned a lot and I have a much better action plan to further my voice over career.  I can't express well enough how much of an impact this event had on me. I am so thankful that I had the chance to attend!

You can count me in for next year!

If I was asked to summarize VOICE 2012 in one word I would say “motivational”.  It’s not every day that one is surrounded by hundreds of folks that share your passion.  And it’s not every day that one has access to such a wealth of information from the industry’s leading talents/ teachers.   Highlights for me include realizing that I didn't know nearly as much about social media marketing as I thought I did, testing out some very nice Sennheiser microphones, and of course, meeting other aspiring and professional voice talents.  

VO Peeps is my source of “momentum".

 Without having a group of people to relate with in the industry, to compare stories and notes with, to share ideas and “the latest” industry happenings with, I honestly don’t know where I’d be. I might have lost “momentum” long ago trying to move my vo career along with just my own resources. Networking has become the cornerstone to building my VO artistry business.

The group is a tremendous benefi

The group is a tremendous benefit...On a personal level, it’s a great opportunity to stay in touch with friends and have some fun. Professionally, it’s great because you can get all sorts of information, feedback and encouragement from your group, and it also gives you the chance to work through some copy together (and you can never have enough practice =D )


By its nature, the business can be somewhat solitary if one works from a home studio so I just want to let you know how helpful and enjoyable it is to have the opportunity to interact and share experiences with fellow VO artists and in such a lovely environment with all that good food!

VO Peeps Meet-Ups have been a great way to network

VO Peeps Meet-Ups have been a great way to network with all kinds of talented voiceover artists. In addition, I’ve actually been able to share first-hand my bilingual Spanish VO skills with a producer and look forward to many more opportunities to show what makes my voice skills unique!! If it wasn’t for our VO Meet-Ups I would not have acquired the arsenal of information I have today!

I can clearly see the potential in making a difference for all members of the group.

There is strength in unity and the group provides that. A place where vo artists can go to stay motivated and current and speak to their peers about strategies to secure paying gigs. As we continue to meet and bond, our group will be a force to be reckoned with within the vo industry. Everyone is committed and enthusiastic and willing to help others make it in the biz.

I believe that a professional meetup group such as this one can be beneficial for so many of us who are in this business.

As we all know, networking is about helping each other, and a group like this enables colleagues who are in the same profession to help each other to understand more about this specialized field, to answer each other’s questions and to be a support to one another.

I believe the VO peeps meet up group helps me professionally

I believe the VO peeps meet up group helps me professionally because I get a true sense of what the industry is all about from working professionals. That inside look is not fully appreciated or understood in classes. On the social side, you can’t beat great friendships and encouragement!


Anne Ganguzza’s Meet-Ups have been great for me to meet possible new voice resources for our studio’s clients and to talk about current trends impacting VO folks these days. It is great to network with other like-minded working pros and Anne is a great “connector.”


I just wanted to say "Thank You" for arranging all the VO Peeps meetings. You've arranged some really top notch talent to speak, which helps us all grow further in our VO careers! Your leadership has become an example and an inspiration to me, and to others I'm sure! Thanks again!

I LOVE the OC VO Peeps workouts with Anne Ganguzza.

She has the uncanny ability to take any performance, no matter how good it initially sounds, and with a few suggestions (which she explains in a way you can easily follow), take it to the next level. She is nothing short of AMAZING

Thank you so much for the workout!  

It was really a great, educational experience and I look forward to participating in more.  It was really great to hear the feedback for each one of us - so helpful. Thank you so much, Anne, for giving back to us aspiring VO artists. :)

Thanks VO Peeps

I joined last week's webinar, "Optimizing Your Profile." Learning the nuts and bolts of how Voice 123 actually works and how to design my profile to attract potential clients was very helpful. It made me realize that, when done properly, Voice 123 is a much more valuable tool than I gave it credit for. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks VO Peeps

Thanks for shortening my learning curve!

My VO coach Nancy Wolfson recommended the Steven Lowell webinars. They were fabulous — really informative. I think I took eight pages of notes! Thanks for shortening my learning curve!

Being a Peep is great!  

So happy that I found Anne and the rest of the VO Peeps! Just finished my first session with Beverly Bremers...that I won here. Great new techniques that I'll use...and another new VO friend! Great community supporting our craft and passion. Peeps!!

As usual, Anne somehow managed to exceed everyone's expectations

As usual, Anne somehow managed to exceed everyone's expectations by taking the VO Peeps meeting with Chuck Duran and Stacey Aswad to an entirely new level with a live 3-camera shoot streamed Internationally! Unheard of! I can hardly wait to see what she'll come up with next. Whatever it is, I'm certain it will be amazing. But, that's just Anne!

Saturday night with Chuck and Stacy ROCKED.  

It's hard to say what was better on Saturday night, watching and learning with Chuck and Stacy or the food Jerry was preparing. Both Chuck and Stacy had so much great information to pass along and Anne did a fantastic job interviewing, not to mention all of the set-up and preplanning she did. Thank you again Anne.

What an amazing night.

I was one of the Peeps lucky enough to secure a spot for the VO Peeps meet up with Chuck and Stacey. What an amazing night. It was fun, casual, informative and exciting. Chuck and Stacey are so warm and personable and I felt like I was sitting in my own living room having a personal conversation with them. Plus we got to watch Chuck in action as he directed a few of the Peeps on some copy. The respect that chuck and Stacey showed for each other as well as the VO community is just one more reason why I love what I do. Thank you Anne for putting this evening together. You pulled it off brilliantly. I can't wait for the next meet up.

What an electric night!

Watching Chuck and Stacey live and in action was such a treat! Anne was the consummate host, asking pertinent and relevant questions to our business.... AND watching Chuck Duran direct James Alburger was the giant icing on the cake. "Jerry, where's my drink?"

What an INCREDIBLE event and I was so lucky to be involved.

I was happy to do my part to make this a Global event and I invited several of my colleagues from around the world who I work and train with. It's such a good thing, a great group that it's a shame that it's limited to a house in the OC! ;)

I actually want to attend a meetup and told Anne as much, but CA is a long way from where I live in Spain... too far to travel. So Anne came up with the next best thing... Bringing the meeting to ME, 9 time zones away so I could participate.

My part was to monitor and take questions in the global chat room and pass those to Anne. But for the price of volunteering (for a super cool project) I got to spend 3 hours with George Whittam on a direct line! I also got to be on a segment with George and fellow cohort Dan Leonard... EWABS and me.

I know how much work it was, and the stress from pulling something off because I was helping Anne, mostly being a great cheerleader, but also watching her work her magic.
And as for the meeting, Oh my... It was almost JUST LIKE BEING THERE, albeit from about 5,700 miles away. Felt just like home. Only thing I missed was JERRYS COOKING! It was fabulous...Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

The VO Peeps/Meet-up Event with Chuck Duran & Stacy J Aswad was an extraordinary evening!

Anne Ganguzza continues to amaze, this time demonstrating her flawless on-camera interviewing skills. Chuck Duran directing James Alburger reading a commercial script was classic! Another highlight was when Karl Jaecke, with a camera crew in tow, followed Jerry Ganguzza as he explained to a worldwide audience exactly what he'd prepared in the kitchen (man, that guy can COOK!). Stacy J's story was inspiring, and she is even prettier in person than she is on VO Buzz Weekly. (Come to think of it, so is Chuck!).

I am proud to be a part of this group.

The VO work out group (and ADR workout) with the VO Peeps is money well invested. Ample mic time and recorded feedback make it a sound investment in my craft.  I fully endorse this to all who desire practice and to hone their skills,

Thank you Anne, and the VO Peeps group, for such an amazing opportunity to grow professionally, and to gain valuable insight into the world of Voice Over through meetups and webinars. I am proud to be a part of this group.

I knew I was in for a memorable evening as I walked across the VO Peeps Red Carpet and through the front door. 

As I entered I saw the control room, cameras, monitors, cables and I could feel the excitement and energy in the air.  As I entered the upstairs studio audience area I was greeted by the wonderful aroma of gourmet foods and many of the local VO peeps chatting about what was to come.

Soon after my arrival, the pre-show started.  Funny and very creative audio and video shout-outs from around the globe being shown on the large screen monitors, red carpet photos being taken as guests arrived and live on-camera interviews.  Shortly thereafter Anne greeted her two very special guests, Chuck Duran and Stacey J and the show began.

It doesn't get any better than being surrounded by such amazing talent while enjoying Jerry’s gourmet delicacies and drink. Anne’s hosting skills led to a fun, in-depth program.  Chuck and Stacey shared their life experiences and tips for success and longevity in the business. It was magical!

I believe each one present that night was blessed with a renewed joy to be involved in this business called voiceover.

While all the VO Peeps meetups are a good time, I just knew this one with Chuck Duran and
Stacey J. Aswad from VO Buzz Weekly would be the best one yet. From the moment Anne
announced the guests I made travel plans around making it back to town in time to be in
Irvine that night. I was not disappointed. Anne Ganguzza knows how to put together a
team: from her husband Jerry (who, by the way, is her greatest cheerleader) and his mad
kitchen skills, to the tech crew Anne assembled for this event, to the photographer and
gofers scurrying about, everyone was there because they believe in Anne and her VO Peeps
mission. Everything about the night was truly a joy – Chuck and Stacey were genuinely
happy to be there, and their interview with Anne showed a graciousness I didn’t quite
expect. I came away from the experience feeling like we could all be best friends. I believe
each one present that night was blessed with a renewed joy to be involved in this business
called voiceover.

Thank you for everything that you do.

Anne - First I want to thank you for creating the VO Peeps, your energy, vision and dedication
has created many opportunities for networking, information and education for those of us
pursuing our VO careers. Every meet up brings us yet another influential guest and it just
keeps getting better. You Rock!!

With that being said, the combined VO Peeps/VO Buzz meet up was awesome. Can you
say Mount Olympus!!!

Where else could we be in the same room at the same time with people like Chuck
Duran, Stacey J. Aswad, James Alburger, David Lawrence, George Whittam and of
course Anne & Jerry Ganguzza.

The highlight of the evening for myself was having the good fortune to be selected to
read for and be directed by Chuck Duran. How cool was that, and yes I got Buzzed.

Congratulations Anne for a job more than well done!

The VO Peeps meetups are always well done. The meetup on 4/27 was exceptionally so. I always leave with a renewed excitement. Anne Ganguzza has the most amazing way of putting together outstanding people with so much to share! The meetup with Chuck & Stacy from VO BUZZ WEEKLY has inspired me to do more to move forward in the voice over field.

YOU ALL ROCK!!! xoxo

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with so much excitement and support from EVERYONE!!! Anne Ganguzza assembled an amazing team of talented people to pull off an incredible global event we're honored to have been invited to attend. She crafted every single detail and it was awesome to watch it all unfold, seemingly effortlessly. All the attendees, in person and virtually, filled the space with insightful questions, curiosity, laughter and love. Anne asked great questions that gave us the chance to talk not only about VO Buzz Weekly but our personal journeys as well. Anne and Jerry opened their beautiful home and kind hearts to give back to the voice over community in a very big way, complete with divine homemade cuisine. No matter where you are in your VO career, everyone is treated like a superstar at the VO Peeps Meetups. Big love and gratitude to Anne, Jerry and all the Peeps!

The other night I had the privilege to attend yet another amazing get together with the VO Peeps.

This time Anne's guest was once again another amazing talent in the VO world.The hosts of VO Buzz Weekly, Chuck Duran and Stacey Aswad. Together they host a weekly internet show dedicated to helping others in the VO world by sharing tricks and interviewing some of the heavy hitters in the VO world. This meet up, as all meet ups was streamed live around the world to all of Anne's loyal VO Peeps. For the first time this meet up was a multi camera affair with Anne orchestrating the whole thing. Peeps down stairs being interviewed( on the red carpet one of Anne's touches) as they arrived. Peeps upstairs chatting and networking while Anne's husband Jerry was cooking up another epicurean delight.(you have to go just for the food!) I personally was allowed into Jerry's inner sanctum. (no one goes in Jerry's kitchen while the master creates) Anne communicating to the director downstairs in another room and thru all this chaos Anne remained her cheerful self. That is one of the great things about the Peeps, they all pitch in to help each other. The evening as always was very informative and entertaining. At each meet up there is a raffle to see who gets to work one on one with the guest talent. Anne pours her heart and soul into the Peeps and the talent and Peeps really appreciate it. When its all over there is always desert! If you haven't checked it out then as that song from the Beverly Hillbillies says "Come on by and have a heap'n help'n of there hospitality" See you at the next Peeps meet up. Who knows you might be able to coached by one of VO's legends.


Very successful, and majorly informative evening with outstanding hosts and guests make for incredible experience. Can't say enough about Anne Ganguzza's amazing contributions to the Orange County VO world as an artist and major facilitator of artists in the VO world.

Thank you, Anne and Kristian, for an educational and fun ADR experience!

The VO Peeps ADR Workshop that Anne put together with Kristian Penza, was an excellent introduction to the ADR process. Kristian gave us a lot of very helpful, detailed information, as well as ample mic time for everybody to experiment and work. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to future classes they have planned. I highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in ADR.


Anne and Kristian, talk about timing……. Yesterday I was invited to audition for a VO ADR (English replacement of Spanish text, 0:15) commercial. I kept thinking, “be me, remember the emotion, character, nuances” etc (all from class). Before recording, I watched the sample video multiple times and rehearsed how the Spanish actor delivered the lines in the scene.  I did 3 different takes and submitted. Will I get it? Who knows but I do feel I was better prepared for the audition because of the April 29 class. Thank you both.

Thanks again Anne, Kristian and the Peeps for once more a great opportunity - and I might add a great price.

The other night I had the privilege to take part in an ADR class that was offered by the VO Peeps group. It was conducted by a really cool sound engineer Kristian Penza in Tustin at an awesome studio. What can I say -  having never really done a voice dubbing project before. Kristian guided us through the process sharing his years of knowledge with us newbies to the ADR process. For me it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Kristian was very patient as he explained the finer points to the art of Automatic Dialogue Replacement. Once again showing how people in the industry really want you to succeed. Initially I thought that in a word, I sucked at it. But having just viewed the work that Kristian had engineered I didn't do that bad.


If any of my fellow VO Peeps get the chance, you owe it to yourself to experience this introductory class. Kristian Penza is awesome to work with, and Anne Ganguzza just continues to amaze!

Anne, Thank you so much for generously hosting last evening's webinar with Steven Lowell; I truly enjoyed it. 

I've already purchased Steven's previous two presentations, and I'm looking forward to attending future webinars.  I recently found the VO Peeps website through Nancy Wolfson--so glad I did!--it's inspiring and full of great stuff.

Oh yeah, and the good!

The Live Webcast featuring the extremely talented hosts of "VO Buzz Weekly", Chuck & Stacey were simply awesome. They were warm, funny, informative and fully engaged with all of the participants.

The live-site attendance was SRO, and the energy in the room was palpable and infectious.

As usual, Anne G. did an extraordinary job of hosting, directing traffic and entertaining. So much fun and met some terrific people. I can't wait to see the video of the event.


I feel I'm a better voice artist because of people like you and your contribution to the community! Thank You!

Cheers from Minnesota!

For a new voice talent, the VO peeps community and meetups are a great (and fun!) resource!  This week was my first exposure, and I have already absorbed lots of great info, and hope to continue!  Thanks Anne, and all who made this new talent's first experience a great one.

Looking forward to many more fun and fantastic VO Peeps Events! It just keeps getting better 'n better!

I have to begin with telling you what an honor it is to be part of the VO Peeps. It was your very organization that I first found online when searching for like-minded folk, when I began my voice-acting career. I promised myself that I would make it a point to get down to the OC to join in the fun and here we are today.

I'm grateful for the camaraderie and for the feeling of community that is in evidence each time the Peeps get together, and I'm continually impressed by the caliber of talented folk you bring in for our monthly meet-ups (to say nothing of the deliciously fabulous spread Jerry always prepares for us - Thank you, Jerry!). The VO Peeps are one of the best things the VO community has to offer. There's that word community, again. It sure says a lot about you, Anne, and all the time and effort you've put into making this work, and work well. Kudos to you!

Last, but certainly not least, I'm so proud and grateful to be on the receiving end of the VO Peeps Scholarship Fund! The surprise came during the our recent EWABS Meet-up with George and Dan, when my "ticket" was pulled for free admission to "That's Voiceover!" later this month, thanks to the generous spirit of Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins. It's good to be a Peep!

Thank you, Anne, for conceptualizing and putting together VOPeeps.  

Though I do not live in California, at least the internet has allowed us VO artists to come together.  Though one day, I hope to find myself in Orange County/LA and make an effort to attend your monthly get together.

As for the class it was Awesome!  

Anne you are the nicest VO trainer imaginable. Patient, kind, informative, directive and an absolute Wiz at Pro-Tools...With each bit of information absorbed in the VO field like yesterday, I grow stronger and move closer (more confident) to pursue it.

First of all, thank you so much for having these workouts. 

As always, I had a great time last night.  It is so nice to be in a supportive, non-judgmental group, where we can learn from each others critiques.  Joe McNeil and Allison Moffet were AWESOME guest directors.  They made us all so comfortable, and directed us in such a positive manner.  I can't thank them enough for taking the time to meet with us and allow us to learn from them. Again, thanks for everything you do!

Thanks so much Anne for bringing in guests Joe and Allison into your VO Peeps Monthly Workout.

I found their "no-holds-barred" yet compassionate approach to assessing and directing the Copy reads extremely helpful. Sometimes we need to be made aware that what we think we hear coming out of our mouths is not always exactly the same as what the listener hears. Joe and Allison were able to show how to make those subtle adjustments in the read to remove the gap between the two.

Thank you with all my heart

How do I summarize an Event like "That's Voiceover!" for those who've never been?
I am still flying high from this past weekend's event at "That's Voiceover!" thanks in great part to you, Anne, and the Scholarship Fund! An amazing learning and networking  opportunity that you just can't find anywhere else, and only made possible by the VO Peeps/MCAI Scholarship Fund. For this, and so much more, I am so grateful.

This is a fun, energetic, supportive group to be a part of.

When my ticket was pulled as the lucky scholarship winner of "That's Voiceover" I was so excited. I had no idea what was in store for me but I knew I wanted to be at this event. I was not disappointed. It was one of the most exciting and amazing events I have ever attended. The hosts and talent that spoke were fantastic. They were full of energy,encouragement, humor and warmth. Also having been chosen for Speed Dating I was able to get some great feedback on my demo and voice. The professionals gave me useful advice and critique so that I know what I need to work on and improve as I further my career. This is an event not to be missed. I will definitely be there for the next one!

I have been a part of VO Peeps for about a year now and what a fabulous ride it's been. One aspect of this group that I can really appreciate is the Career Education Scholarship fund. At the last meet up I was able to contribute to this fund. Not only did it make me feel good to be able to do that but I also won one of the amazing prizes, a ticket to "That's Voiceover." Anne does a great job of getting donations and prizes for the Scholarship Fund.


Thank you Anne, and also, to all of the judges for honestly, what was the surprise of my life in receiving the VO Peeps scholarship for Voiceover Virtual! Words will never express the joy that I felt in my heart when my name was called at the Voiceover Virtual Open House!I almost started crying. I have such a passion for this field and such a passion to keep improving and growing, and this could not have come at a better time! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, and thank you Anne, for really caring from the bottom of your heart for all of us VO Peeps!

Thank you so much!

Anne - I am so thankful to VO Peeps and John Floridian for such an amazing opportunity. Voice Over Virtual has been full of helpful information and I've almost filled an entire notebook with notes from the presentations that I've listened to! Winning this scholarship was a wonderful surprise and gave me the confirmation that I may just be on the right track.

What an important opportunity for me! Thank you!

I am still amazed at the wonderful gift I received to be able participate in Voice Over Virtual this year. Many thanks to John Florian, Anne Ganguzza, and all the MCA-I and VO Peeps who made it possible for me to attend. The voiceover community is such a generous group of people; it is an honor to work and to learn with you all. I loved the three days of networking and live presentations and have already learned so much, and I am still looking forward to watching the many, many on-demand seminars through November.

Last evening was wonderful!

 I found Celia's presentation equal parts information, motivation and fun!  What a caring/sharing person. Thanks Anne!


Thank you again for another amazing night!! So inspiring - both Celia AND yourself.

Thank you so much for putting together another fabulous Meet Up with Celia Siegel. 

It is so wonderful to gather with such great, inspiring people.  Everyone is so nice and helpful.  It really is inspiring, a lift to the spirit, and a boost to move one forward toward their goals.  And the food!  I know I join the chorus of voices praising Jerry's amazing cooking!  A great big thank you to him as well.   I look forward to the next Meet Up!

Thanks Anne, Joan, Rudy, Vanessa, Tim, and Jerry for one of the best voiceover classes I've had the pleasure to attend!

Writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the Voice Over Immersion Class with Joan Baker, Rudy Gaskin, and Vanessa Gilbert! The class was filled with intelligent information, practical application, abundant booth time, and personal attention. All of this was offered with the thoughtfulness, insight, high energy, humor, and heart of these highly-skilled professionals.
Joan and Rudy are an amazing team and truly care about their students. Their guidance was clear, focused, and easily understood.
Special Guest, Vanessa Gilbert, was open and honest, sharing her experiences and expertise in the voiceover industry, and generously gave each of us her undivided attention for a private conversation and performance.
Anne Ganguzza once again brought the best of the best in voiceover together for the benefit and delight of her attendees.

Your students sipped a vintage brew of brilliance and emotional clarity from a crystal goblet of technique.

As far as “testimonial” for the Voiceover Master Immersion class is concerned, I would offer only the highest praise for the unique values you bring to your workshop and teaching.  As a pair, you and Rudy demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism, dissecting both art and business elements of Voice Over. The workshop bore your signature of genuine warmth and theatrical humor and the type of guidance only one who has toiled long and earnestly in the vineyard can offer.  Your students sipped a vintage brew of brilliance and emotional clarity from a crystal goblet of technique.

There were many “take aways.” I will remember to “listen” to find the “reason to communicate:” In the room, I will “soothe the space and go with the flow;” auditioning, I’ll seek to bring “spontaneity, nuance and subtlety” to my “conversational” readings, and if ever so lucky as to be booked, I will grasp “trigger words to open up images inside” and offer the unique presence of my own layered and effortless performance, honed by the “life practice” of this exquisite art form.  I will pursue it like a dance, because of you.

I am humble enough to realize that I have a period of training and preparation before me; yet, I am energized and determined to make the best use of my gifts.  How fortunate I am to have you and Rudy as standard bearers as I set foot on this journey.  You, Joan, are an artist to admire and, ever a “lamp unto my feet.”  I learn so much from you two and what you’ve already shared resonates as time goes on with many epiphanies, as applicable to life as to voice over as a career choice.  Thank you so much for opening this world of possibility to me and please let Rudy know that my admiration of your skills as artist, business folk and teachers is matched only by my appreciation of your good hearts.  As I seek a place to study, I will definitely benefit from your suggestions.  And thanks for offering, for I will always be seeking your guidance, with gratitude.

It was a joy  to have an opportunity to participate in the VO Peeps Voiceover Immersion workshop (with Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins) and to benefit from the wisdom and experience that you and Rudy shared with such enthusiasm and expertise.  As for the Immersion, it was just what the doctor ordered.  My agenda was to discover whether Voiceover is a realistic pursuit for me. And I made an important discovery: I can do this! Joan, it is so generous of you to share your philosophy and personal journey in ways that gave as much substance as spirit to my journey.

The VO Peeps workout was awesome!

I have to say I was overly happy with the direction given to all involved. There's always something to learn from everyone's reads. The time and detail in the direction was fantastic. It's been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I'm super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.


I’d like to thank you, Jerry and everyone else involved with making Saturday such a wonderful experience.  It was really nice connecting with others going through similar experiences.  Being there really motivated me to ramp up the Dorman marketing campaign. So, I have started to reach out to contacts that I have not spoken to in a while and they have all been very receptive. I was discussing with Chris what a helpful and welcoming profession in which we have gotten ourselves involved.  Saturday was the perfect example of this.  So, once again, I’d like to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful evening

…and yummy, delicious food, hospitality and downright fun! ...In the future I plan on trying to organize my schedule to be able to come to future get togethers and copy workouts.  I can’t wait to to play again!!  Thanks for everything,

What a wonderful VO Peeps meet up tonight!

Chris Fries was absolutely delightful and your husband outdid himself on dinner once again!  I can't wait to see all the pictures and follow-up with the other peeps.  Thanks again for hosting these meet ups.  They're delightful and I truly enjoy them whenever I can make them.  You and everyone on your team is amazing.  I'm very excited to come down again next month.  Thanks again!


Thank you for all your hard work and for having Chris Fries as your guest.  Even though I knew parts of his story I hadn't heard it all put together the way he told it last Saturday.  He gives the rest of us hope. Thanks again!


You may never fully understand how appreciative I am of our international community, and how invaluable the global opportunity mindset is to motivating me and driving things forward. I'm delighted that VO Peeps is a positive engine for development.


Thank you so much for a great workout!  You are a great director with a lot of valuable advice and tips.  Can't wait to see you at the next workout!


The VO work out group with the VO Peeps is money well invested. Ample mic time and recorded feedback make it a sound investment in my craft.  I fully endorse this to all who desire practice and to hone their skills.


Why do I love the VO Peeps? Networking and contacts. Because you never know where it might lead. I have been very fortunate to have meet many prominate people in the VO world at the VO Peeps Meet Ups. Most recently Chris Anthony and Katie Leigh and to get the opportunity for a private coaching session with Katie Leigh. So if you can be at the meet ups or watch on UStream, be in the chat room, you need to be here.


Great Workout!  Anne, thank you for setting up the first of many (I hope) guest director workouts, this one with with Cliff Zellman. Both you and Cliff gave great direction and at the end of a very long night, that seemed to fly by, I came away with a lot of great tips and direction for automotive. Thanks Cliff and thanks Anne.


The Monday night workout with Cliff Zellman was even better than expected!

I went in with the idea that it was to be live (don’t know now where  I got that idea) but was not disappointed to learn otherwise.  This was, in fact, my first remote workout ever.

Cliff’s presentation – and presence – were a delight.  In addition to being personable, he knows what he’s talking about and totally enjoys sharing his treasures.   His directing skills are formidable; he is a master at  constructive criticism and, ergo, developing/revealing talent in his  mentees.  During my 2 turns with him one-on-one, I had the feeling that it was just the two of us with no wiring in between; the same is true of watching the other participants engaging with him.  What a great evening – all 3.5 hours of it!

Since the  workout I have a more acute ear for the automotive ads when they occur (which is more often than I used to pay attention to!) and increasingly easily identify what the parts are (urgency, laundry list,  etc.) and listen to their execution.  Often I’ll do it the  way I would like to have heard it compared to the way they did it and using  the valuable  direction I/we got  from Cliff.  Great exercise!

All in all I came away from the workout STOKED, and am waiting eagerly for the next one.  VO Peeps ROCK!!

Best regards,


I was totally impressed with the skill that Anne exhibited in creating and managing the communications. I am very grateful to have been invited to such a extremely professional and valuable workshop by Cliff Zelllman.


I attended the "Revving up for Automotive" VO Workout hosted by Anne Ganguzza, VO Peeps with special guest instructor Cliff Zellman and I am so glad I did! Even though Cliff was in his home studio out of Dallas, Anne's use of technology to interact virtually with Cliff worked out beautifully! With Cliff coaching us via video on the HDTV screen, it was just as productive and effective as if he was right there in the room with us. Cliff is one of the most generous VO coaches I have worked with and I appreciated his honest feedback and valuable direction. It was more than apparent why Cliff is the "go to" guy for automotive voiceover. My confidence as a VO professional looking to add this niche to my portfolio has increased exponentially and I look forward to using the tips and skills I learned in this class! Thank you Anne and Cliff!


About a year and a half ago I suddenly found myself in a state of disbelief and panic having been forcibly retired from a job on the other side of the camera/mic; a job which didn't exist elsewhere. Thank goodness! Hindsight really is 20/20.

The 'picking myself up by my bootstraps and dusting off' came with much help from a community I had lost touch with. VO Peeps, EWABS, WOVO, That's Voiceover!, VO Buzz Weekly, and countless workshops and blogs helped me to reconnect and re-establish myself as a voice actor in my local L.A. market, markets across the country and around the world!

It was natural for me to put Anne Ganguzza and the VO Peeps at the top of that list. As an improviser I learn best through direct interaction with folks and Anne and Jerry provide that in a most wonderful setting! I've formed great working relationships and friendships through attending the meetups and have gleaned invaluable new information about the ever changing world of VO. I am inspired anew every time I take a road trip out to the OC. Long may the Peeps wave!

Sincerely, many thanks Anne,
Amy E. Fisher


The January 2015 VO Peeps Meetup was one of the best! Fun, informative and insightful, Certified "StrengthsFinder" Coach Betsy Flanagan guided us through identifying our strengths so that we can focus on what we CAN do, instead of what we can't. And...lo and behold, I won the opportunity to work with Betsy one-on-one! I'm surprised and so grateful! Thanks so much to Betsy for her time and knowledge, and always a huge thank-you to Anne and Jerry Ganguzza for another stellar VO Peeps production. This one will make it into the history books


I am so Thankful that I was one of the people who was selected for this years, VO Atlanta Scholarship!! I have never been to a conference before and still kind of new to VO. I am so Grateful that there are such kind and giving people like VO Peeps!! Anne Ganguzza is an Amazing person who has so much love and support to give. She truly cares about each person that she meets. I am honored that I was chosen and will use what I learn well and share with others. One day, I hope to be able to give to someone else.

This is going to change my life in a positive way, having been diagnosed 4 times with cancer, and currently having it, this was a blessing for me! Something nice to look forward to, and to forget for a while why I have to go to the oncologist.

Many Blessings, and Thanks from the bottom of my Heart,


"It's about passion. Helping you make a sound connection with your clients through the power of voice."

I won! I won! I really won???

Yes, I did question if I won the VO Peeps Scholarship.

This is an amazing opportunity that means a fresh start for my family. After the passing of my husband at 46 years old, we have struggled both financially and emotionally.

I’ve tried to get my career back on track but there have been challenges that prove how determination is necessary when pursuing a passion. VO Atlanta 2015 is going to be the catalyst to help me get my feet under me and start heading in the right direction. There is no way I would be able to go without the help from VO Peeps.

Putting others first and donating to a scholarship seems like a simple task, but what you may not realize is how far-reaching the waves of positive influence can be.

I am very grateful and humbled to represent this voiceover community in Atlanta. I promise to make you proud.


Found the Voice over world in spades this weekend @ VOAtlanta. Thank you Anne!


Anne Ganguzza and all of the VO Peeps are such a fun, friendly, and giving group. The monthly meetings are never short on great eats (thanks to Jerry Ganguzza), and educational beyond belief.

No matter if you are just starting out in VoiceOver, or a seasoned pro, you will always walk away from a Peeps Meetup with some golden nuggets of information.

Thank you Anne and Jerry for opening your house and hearts to all, and for sharing your knowledge.

Lee Pinney
Voice Around Town


The VoiceZam Webinar was excellent! I had heard about VoiceZam from a very well known VO here in Nashville and he had shown it to me when I was at his studio a while ago. Very impressive so I signed up a few days ago. Have my commercial demos on the Player on my website and am working on adding more categories. Looks very professional on a VO website. Jolly well done!


Can't believe I am the winner of the Dan Friedman Scholarship! During the VO Peep's VO Workout with Dan, he directed everyone in the group one at a time. This was great group of people and Dan brought out the best in everybody, giving amazing VO tips and lessons. These workouts by VO Peeps are a great opportunity to work with experienced professionals and Dan was easy to understand, knowledgeable and kind. Being able to attend the workout via the internet was very beneficial for me since I live in a rural part of Alaska. Winning the scholarship will be an opportunity to receive guidance and coaching from the very best in the VO industry. Thanks to VO Peeps and Dan Friedman for this amazing opportunity,


Thanks so much for organizing and leading last night's meetup with Rodney Saulsberry. It was a wonderful, uplifting event! Rodney had so many positive things to say, it was pure magic from start to finish. Your questions were just right, allowing everyone to hear a great message and to participate. Kudos to you and the VO Peeps for a delightful evening.


Anne Ganguzza you ROCK!! I had such a fantastic time! Much love to the VO Peeps family. Come out to Park City and visit me during Sundance! #voiceover #VOLIFE


Thank you so much for a wonderful VO PEEPS MEET UP EVENT!
I always learn so much listening to the guest director, VO artists and most importantly the critiques:))

It is heartwarming how focused you are in raising funds and sharing with others who need it:)  You are a wonderful example of how to leave no one left behind and to place honor where it belongs:))
I honor you!

Looking forward to the next time….
Lorene Mann


Back in May of this year, not only did I get to attend the always memorable VO Peeps meetup with Joe Loesch, I was also the winner of a coaching session with Joe. I was so impressed listening to Joe's story and background and when I found out I had won I couldn't have been more excited. Joe and I were finally able to connect today and what a powerful session for me. Not only did I get great information on marketing and branding but Joe also listened to a couple of reads and gave me great feedback. He is such a genuinely nice guy and I'm truly honored to have been able to spend the time with him. Thanks Anne so much for providing such a valuable service. Without the VO Peeps scholarships I would not have been able to have access to some of the best resources in the industry. I will definitely keep giving knowing that someone will always benefit from this great organization!


I learned so much from participating in Scott Brick's VO Peeps's workshop. I'm new to the voice over world and have only been working with my coach for a few weeks. This was an amazing experience for me for several reasons. First, I was able to get the feedback of an unbelievably talented voice over artist. I had to work way outside my comfort zone but it really helped me towards my goal of connecting with the copy. Next, I was able to learn from the techniques of the different actors in the group. Seeing how the other peeps responded to Scott's feedback was also incredibly helpful. Lastly, it was so meaningful to be a part of a community of people all really motivated to work towards the same goal: improving their craft. I loved and very much appreciated what Anne put together and can't wait for the next one! Anne, you totally rock!


I have followed the VO Peeps for about two years.  I followed their live streaming,video recordings of their meetup-workouts and facebook page for awhile Just recently I mustered up the courage to sign for their Zoom room group as an attendee.WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG LOL !!! It was fantastic..I've attended 5 since then, in a row.I've had the opportunity to meet,speak to,and be coached by some VO professionals who are at the top of the industry ladder.I've made contacts,met people,and made friends from all over the country and other countries, Japan, Spain,and Austraia Whether you are just curious about voice overs,training a new career,you are a newbie,intermediate,or seasoned professional, you need to check out the VO PEEPS !!! Anne, her friends, staff and family will make you feel at home.So come ready to play,learn,ask questions, and practice. No smoke or mirrors here, it's the real thing. Later Steve Latham


The Audiobook intensive workout with Scott Brick with VOPeeps Anne Ganguzza was golden. Signed 4 more audiobooks this week on ACX! Thanks Scott and Anne for the workout! VOPeeps use those skills taught by Scott! I have to say this workout with Scott Brick was fantastic. Everyone was able to perform and with Scott's input into each read, we were able to amp up our performances with a better understanding of the copy and what the author wanted and the listeners deserve. Great job Peeps! Thank You Scott!

Anne, you've done it again! This was one of the best VOPeep workouts I've had the pleasure of attending. Everyone, if you haven't done a workout, you need to do so quick, either in person or via the web. They're fantastic and will help you to advance your VO career. Thanks Anne!!


The TAG workout with Liz and Jimmy was invaluable! What a groovy night! Lots of talented folks to learn with and from, plus direction and insight from 2 top agents in our field! Couldn't ask for more!! Thanks Anne, for putting together such a wonderful experience!!>^,,^


OMG! Just finished the Dave Walsh workout you did. That recording ALONE and what I just learned was worth the cost of the monthly VIPEEPS membership fee! Thank you Anne!


Wow !!, What an honor to be able to participate in this workout, a first for me. To be able to simply sign in to a ZOOM session and be face to face with folks like Anne & J. Michael and get real time feedback to my reads was an amazing experience. Thank you VO PEEPS for making this opportunity available ! I encourage you to take the next step and jump in to your VO career with VO Peeps !Roy


Thanks Anne for bringing J. Michael Collins to VO Peeps for an amazing informative political webinar. I learned so much from J. Michael, he has a wealth of information that he shared with us.


"The VO Peeps has brought voice talent together from all over the globe, encouraging all of us to interact, reach out to one another, and helping us to grow our businesses. The networking through the meetups has been fabulous, and the educational opportunities presented through the speakers from meetups and the workout groups are amazing! The VO Peeps is a wonderful organization for beginning voice talents to be a part of as well as voice talents who have been in the business for years. I'm very proud and honored to be a part of this, and the learning has been phenomenal. It's truly been a blessing."

"Thank you for everything you do!"

"I'm so honored, humbled, and excited to have been selected as the Carol Joy Memorial Scholarship Winner for the VO Peeps VO Atlanta 2016 National Scholarship!

My first introduction to Ann and VO Peeps was watching her interview on VO Buzz Weekly. I immediately connected on Facebook and have enjoyed the constant stream of voice over knowledge that Annr delivers! I'm so impressed at how much is offered through the VO Peeps group, it's certainly a cornerstone in my education and a real treasure to the voice over community.

On top of all the education and training related opportunities Ann and VO Peeps makes available, they dedicate time and resources to offer scholarships to help voice talent trying to make their way in this business. I can't say thank you enough for the opportunity Ann, VO Peeps, and the donors have given me to attend VO Atlanta. I know this will be a huge benefit to my career and I can't wait to give back to this amazing organization!

Thank you for everything you do!"


"Anne of VO Peeps is awesome. She not only host some of the greatest webinars I have ever been to, but gets some of the best talent out their as well. The teachers are great, the peeps are amazing and welcoming, and Anne runs it all seamlessly behind the scenes. I just wish I could be there in person and try out some food for once! Looking forward to my 2017 move to LA to finally be there live! Priceless information for all Voice Over Artists!"

"...From Peeps, a Roar!"

"...From Peeps, a Roar! You are hard pressed to find this level of intensive, comprehensive and personal experience for the cost. I have had the opportunity to be part of a number of VO Peeps workshops and meet ups and as a result have had experiences completely unattainable without. There is more than education to be had in this incredible environment. Across the sofa or across the globe, we, as participants, are gathered with a common goal and that is to leave with more than we bring. It happens without fail. "Grateful" doesn't scratch the surface of what I am for the insurmountable resource of VO Peeps. They, not only, "bring 'it' to the table...they pull up a chair...and hand you a spoon. All you have to do it get it to your mouth. Don't miss the next feast"


"The Andrea Toyias Workout was incredible. Though I was only connecting in from online, I was made to feel very included. Listening to Andrea Toyias talk about the industry was mind-opening, and extremely helpful. Her coaching was really spot-on, and she had something to help everyone improve. It was definitely an experience I'm glad I didn't miss out on."


"VO Peeps ROCK! Can't begin to acknowledge the power and substance offered by Anne Ganguzza and her VO Peeps workshops. The last workshop offered by Andrea Toyias was above and beyond fabulous, informative, creative and just plain fun!!! Such inspiration and creativity in an atmosphere of safety appreciation, support, and positive direction. Powerful powerful powerful!! Thank you so much Anne and Andrea!!"


"Andrea Toyias rocks VO Peeps! Having taken an Andrea Toyias workshop in 2015 I treated myself to another early in this new year because she's that good!

Evident passion for gaming, Blizzard and voice actors makes all the information Andrea imparts easy to digest and her direction... oh so much fun to workout with.

I just booked my 5th video game voiceover and can definitely contribute that to all that I've learned with both Andrea, Marc Graue and VO Peeps.

I have always been thoroughly satisfied with the varied experiences with VO pros, casting directors, agents and technicians that Anne brings to her VO Peeps meetups and workouts.

Thanks Anne for all your hard work, talent and vision and here's to fantastic new year!"


"VO Peeps knocked this one out of the park! The gaming V/O workout was absolutely amazing. I learned so much, had a great time and honed my craft. All the while making new connections and more importantly new friends with similar interests. What more could I ask for. Anne Ganguzza runs a great workout group with a variety of disciplines. This workout with Head of Casting from Blizzard Games Andrea Toyias (Awesome! Hello!) could not have gone much better. Very informative and in such a warm giving atmosphere. we went long because we were having such a good time, but Andrea insisted on staying until absolutely everyone got their chance to read. How cool is that. Anne never rushed anyone either, giving her time until the event came to a natural conclusion. Like the Beatles lyric said "A splendid time is guaranteed for all."


"Anne and Andrea were absolutely spectacular. Phenomenal!

It was clear to me from the very beginning of the workout that Andrea has an absolute passion for the art and craft of voice over. It was a pleasure just to hear her talk about the industry and her experiences with a variety of actors as well as her own personal experience in the booth. She is a top notch director who is nurturing and understanding of the needs of actors and works to coax a splendid performance from each individual."


"Thank You Anne for providing the VO Peeps an OUTSTANDING opportunity to meet and work with the AMAZING Andrea Toyias from Blizzard Entertainment. She was pure inspiration to all of those in attendance both at your home and on the Zoom Room! The time, effort and attention that she gave not only in her attention to detail regarding the Video Game Business, but to each of the talents in attendance was remarkable. Her passion for the actor and her craft was undeniable! I highly recommend VO Peeps and one of your remarkable PRO guests to anyone SERIOUS about getting in the game of Voice Over!"

"Great learning opportunities!"

"Great learning opportunities! Quality people! After attending my first VO Peeps Workout...I'm hooked! The secret sauce is Anne Ganguzza's passion for people, VO, and seemingly effortless powers as a gracious hostess and technical wizard. I immediately felt welcome and was impressed with the friendliness and professional skills of the entire group. Andrea Toyias, casting director for Blizzard Entertainment, used amazing creativity and insight to bring out everyone's best performance! Watching all the other's sessions added immensely to my learning experience. Thank you, Anne, for your vision, skill, focus and passion to provide such a helpful resource to voice talent in Orange County!"


"What an amazing night full of insight, information, talent, and a few aliens and creatures here and there.

Truly the amount of knowledge we received during this intensive workout was worth its weight in gold. Andrea was so patient and thoughtful and her critiques were constructive and supportive. She really knows how to get you to Act, Live, and Breath the character.

I can't thank Andrea Toyias and Anne Ganguzza enough for this tremendous opportunity. I look forward to the day when I can work together with these ladies again.

VO Peeps - what an amazing resource!"

" If you're on the fence, just do it"

"I am truly blessed to have been chosen to be a recipient of the VO Peeps International Scholarship.  Winning the scholarship, and the conference itself was such a validating experience.  I know I’m on the right path, and I know so much more about the VO industry, and what steps to take to be successful in it.  I learned more in three days at VO Atlanta than almost three years of personal research."

"WoW! (Blizzard Pun!) Just finished an amazing session with Blizzard casting director Andrea Toyias! I can't thank Anne Ganguzza and the VO Peeps enough for the incredible workouts and opportunities they provide.  Living in Japan, I would never have had the chance to work with such an incredible variety of high quality coaches in the areas of animation, video games, promo, commercials, and so much more!  For the last year and a half, I have tried to make the VO peeps workouts a regular investment in my training and career advancement, and since they're so affordable, I can!  Each guest speaker provides a wealth of information in their area of expertise, and each participant is given ample mic time and direction to improve their read.  The sense of camaraderie and encouragement is palpable, even in the remote chatroom, and everyone leaves invigorated with a set of the warm fuzzies. If you're on the fence, just do it! Do it for the networking, do it for the mic time and feedback,  do it for the laughs!!  Do it now! I can't recommend the VO Peeps workouts enough, and YOU can't go wrong by joining one!"


“Vanessa’s VO Peeps workout was so insightful! Her unique and friendly way of teaching allowed me to pick up on more in a short amount of time. As I apply her (new to me) secrets to my auditions…I’m seeing an increase in not only work, but also the speed at which I do an audition. Thanks Vanessa, you have truly revolutionized my VO auditioning!”


"Thank you thank you thank you for the AWESOME workshop on Saturday. You were so kind to have it at your house, Honestly what a great day in my Voice Over career for my agency to get to know me. You are the best! Thanks again and I look forward to working again with you in the future!!!!"

"Thank you for making this happen Anne....VO Peeps and Vanessa Gilbert ROCK!!!!"

"Anne, I just wanted to tell you that the agent session with Vanessa Gilbert was  an experience like no other. She was so... "no BS" and didn't sugar-coat anything. She put me through such an intense workout, it demanded my full focus, and  strengthened my self confidence. When she said I had great pipes, I swooned, but instantly got back to the task at hand because it's all about the work. Thank you for making this happen Anne....VO Peeps and Vanessa Gilbert ROCK!!!!"


"VO Peeps Workouts are a great creative space to grow and learn!  I had so much fun and learned so much with Vanessa Gilbert at the last VO Peeps Workout, I loved every minute of it! I was really very nervous meeting her, but she turned out to be a total peach. And awesome to read for! Her directing style really makes giving the right read short work. I only got to spend a few brief moments reading for her, but I hope the future holds more opportunities to work more with Vanessa. Thank you, Vanessa! And thank you, Anne, for creating such a wonderful creative space for VO talent, new and pro alike, to convene and work out together!"

"The VO Peeps Workout with Andrea Toyias was so much fun and very educational! Andrea came prepared with so much material to teach us that 3 hours almost didn't seem like a fair time frame to go through it all. She gives such supportive and encouraging feedback, that I'm excited to someday work with her in a real VO setting.

Thank you, Anne, for bringing Andrea Toyias to the VO Peeps world and for continuing to build such a great network and community for both coaches and talent to convene and share knowledge!"


What a fun and informative session! Vanessa is an experienced veteran, and it shows. She really helped me understand what an agent is looking for from their talent, and her advice on how to interpret copy has already improved my reads. Thanks so much!


When Anne Ganguzza invited me to sit in on MaryLynn Wissner's VO Peeps workout on 4/23/16, I was hesitant. Both MaryLynn (my personal VO coach) and Anne are great, but I didn't want to take away at all from the experience of the students who had paid to be there. I chose to attend (as a fly on the wall), and I'm so glad that I did. My being there was a surprise to MaryLynn, so that was fun, and the students were so welcoming. I had a blast and it was great seeing their faces as they eagerly gathered up all of MaryLynn's pearls of wisdom. And Anne's technical setup was fascinating!

"VO Peeps Casting Director Secrets w/Mary Lynn Wissner - Best EVER!"

I virtually attended the VO Peeps meet up group -Casting Director Secrets w/Mary Lynn Wissner at the last minute. I had been pondering for days and weeks because I didn't think attended via webcam would be effective, but at the last minute I gave it a try, mainly because of Anne and the Casting Director, Mary Lynn. The experience for me was flawless, I felt inclusive at all times and I had no problems reading for Mary Lynn. I also got to meet & hear a great group of people. Everyone was so nice and no technical hiccups. It was a great group of VO actors to be in the company of, I learned so much and of course Mary Lynn was invaluable. I immediately downloaded her app, reviewed my notes and video playback and applied the concepts and directives to my very next audition, and guess what? I BOOKED MY 1st commercial audition!!! I was so grateful to have signed up for this VO Peeps session at the last minute, because I learned how to set myself apart. I can't wait to share the news with Mary Lynn next. Thanks Anne for always feeding, sharing, and growing the VO community. It is much appreciated. VO Peeps Casting Director Secrets w/Mary Lynn Wissner - Best EVER!


I recently attended the workshop with Sean Allen Pratt.It was amazing.So much valuable information if you are interested in Audio Book narration.It was a valuable workshop if you are a newbie,part time,full time,or seasoned veteran.It was 4 hours well worth the money with a star of the Audiobook world.My thanks to Anne for doing an amazing job of coordinating the program Looking forward to attending more,You meet and get an opportunity to work with the pro's,have fun,and make new friends. Please do yourself a favor - attend a workout with the VO PEEPS!

"this workout on non-fiction audiobook narration with Sean Pratt was over-the-top fabulous."

Everything Anne puts together is awesome, and this workout on non-fiction audiobook narration with Sean Pratt was over-the-top fabulous. Personal attention during the one-on-one workout time; intense coaching; and performance and technical tips were terrific. The Q&A about demos and the paying of one's dues brought it all together. Thanks so much to Anne for putting it together and to Sean for being a magical coach and teacher.


Tony the Tiger says it best.........VO Peeps MONTHLY SESSIONS ARE GGGGRRRRREEEEEAAAATTTTT !!!! I appreciate what you do!

"The Lori Allen workout was an amazing, rewarding experience."

The Lori Allen workout was an amazing, rewarding experience.
Lori was personable, funny, and took you out of your comfort zone to new levels of voice over. It was a fun, informative experience.
A workout with the VO Peeps is a definite must do, as the group is supportive, and helps you grow in your craft, all while having fun.
A peep for life!

"Thank you Anne for a truly amazing workshop experience..."

"Climbing New Heights with Lori Alan - This was my first workout with Lori Alan and after spending nearly 8 hours of exercising my creativity with her and all the terrific VO Peeps I was left with a desire to start applying what she taught us. Through Improv, coaching, VO techniques, and lots of laughter... she guided us through our barriers and opened up new avenues of expression.. Each one of us left with a wealth of new tools for our actors toolbox!

Maybe I'm dating myself, but do you remember that V-8 tomato juice commercial when folks who ate junk food for lunch return to work and they are lopsided until someone hits them in the head with a can of V-8 tomato juice and then they perk up and say 'I shoulda had a V-8!' Well, that's how I felt when I took Sean Allen Pratts Non Fiction Narration. He made it so clear as to what to do by providing us with specific techniques we could apply immediately to any VO work. It was as though something hit me in the head and woke me up to all the areas I could improve on in my craft. Plus, he was very generous with his time and information. Very encouraging person!  Anne Ganguzza knows how to pick the best in the business for her VO Peeps Workshops!"

"Thank you Anne for a truly amazing workshop experience with Andrea Toyias on "Finding your Fantasy Voice:Primer for Recording Video Games"
Although I was there through remote access, I felt very included in the discussions and audition sections. The knowledge she shared was us was a plethora of priceless insight into the video game business and characterizations. My mind was making so many connections too! I realized that video games of that kind are today's Shakespeare drama and roles for contemporary artists. While the written style is vastly different, there were the Mid Atlantic accents, battle scenes, war cries, and larger than life characters and plots...influences from Shakespeare! So in the words of Willy himself...Once more into the BOOTH (Breach), dear friends, once more...or at least until you offer another great workshop."


I just attended a VO class with Anne Ganguzza "VO Peeps Commercial and Animation Improv with Lori Alan" this weekend. First off Anne and Jerry are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. What can I say about the rest of the peeps, they were amazing and so supportive of each other. And the peeps on the video feed were amazing as well. Lori was so giving of herself. She guided us all through our improv and commercial and Animation reads. Giving us insights and tools to use in our own self-directing sessions. For the time allotted this class was well worth the financial investment and we got to hang out with Lori a bonus in itself. Thanks, Anne, Lori, Jerry and the rest of the peeps for making my Saturday the most productive and fun in a while. If you ever get a chance take one of the classes that Anne offers. You will find it well worth it.Five Stars!


Hey everyone!

This was another FANTASTIC workout with Anne and her special guest J.V. Martin! Learning long form narration for television was amazing. JV provided the scripts and video references for the class which made it easier to understand how what you were reading went along with the audience's visual perception.
Once again, another GREAT seminar by Anne's VOPeeps!
Thanks Anne!

"Thank you, VOPeeps, for bringing in the rock stars of our industry to share their knowledge. Love ya!"

Amazing class! Thoroughly enjoyed the JV Martin In-Show Narration webinar! JV is so talented and so generous in sharing his skill and techniques, it's just remarkable. He asks you to prepare for this class, and you better do it! But it is sooooo worthwhile.

Thank you, VOPeeps, for bringing in the rock stars of our industry to share their knowledge. Love ya!


I've had many voice classes over the decades, and this one was honestly one of the best. Directing was succinct, kind, and spot-on - you don't get much better than that!
Thank you for the offering! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sit through a 4 hour webinar - but NOT SO! Sean kept the pace moving and the information was so incredibly useful that I was excited the whole time! Consider my game upped. And I've also been using the techniques for auditions!

"I decided to jump in on one of Marc's classes and I'm so glad I did."

I decided to jump in on one of Marc's classes and I'm so glad I did. Marc Graue's class is worth every penny! As I work a lot with character and video game projects, I had heard a lot about Marc, so I thought I'd see for myself.
I joined remotely from Baltimore, so don't think you have to be in LA to learn new skills! Working in a group is so beneficial if you struggle with confidence at times.
Fun, informative and I got to explore new skills and reads that I haven't had access to in the past. If you get a chance to work with Marc- DO IT!

"It was a wonderful and engaging experience with indispensable knowledge."

I'm so glad I was able to participate in a fantastic workout created by Anne Ganguzza with the every so talented Marc Graue for animation and creature creation. The smaller VO group setting was wonderful as each talent had an opportunity to work one on one with Marc on a script and have immediate feedback on the material. It was a wonderful and engaging experience with indispensable knowledge, I'm glad I did not miss out on.I would not hesitate to join another workout from VO Peeps. I would highly recommend signing up for one of these monthly workouts as its worth its weight in gold!
Thanks Anne and Marc!

"Most Fun U Can Have W/O A Prescription!"

Most Fun U Can Have W/O A Prescription!  I was fortunate - after the 1st VO Peeps Marc Graue Workout sold out in a day - that a 2nd workout was scheduled. Marc Graue is definitely a man whose finger's on the pulse of VO for characters, animation, videogames & much more, so he is a wealth of knowledge. And Marc's sharp wit just keeps the smiles going during the session. It was chock full o' great info, tips, and genuine feedback, with everyone - in LA & remotely - to have more than one chance at bat. The class materials were perfect for the workout, and everything was really worthwhile. It was the best 4 hours of my week! Recommended! Will repeat! Thanks VO Peeps! Thanks Anne!

"It was so much fun and I learned so much."

Amazing training!  Anne is a Pro in virtually everything she touches from Social Media to being an amazing VO talent to being a true advocate for our industry.
Having just attended one of her online training sessions,with Jeffrey Umberger, I can now testify she knows how to put on special, unique, and professional training sessions as well.
It was so much fun and I learned so much. Glad that I'm subscribed to your newsletter so I can see what's coming next.


"I've attended a lot of webinars, even some video game webinars, but the one today with Cissy Jones was the very best. Thank you so much for setting it up and for moderating."


"I recently completed a Corporate narration workout with Anne, wow was it packed with useful information. From a breathing technique to creating that conversational read with corporate copy, I have new tools for my voice over arsenal. Sorry I waited so long to participate in a VO Peeps workout."

"Lots of quality take-a-ways, with great content."

"The 4 hour web-workshop on Podcasting, conducted by Anne and Gabby was exceptional. Time flew by. Lots of quality take-a-ways, with great content. I took pages of notes of stuff they learned by doing and doing it over when some of it didn't work the first time or they found a better way of doing it. The best kind of advice."


"There are quite simply too many people to thank individually for making this unique experience so special for me, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the incredible Anne Ganguzza and VO Peeps for offering the scholarship in the first place and Gerald Griffith for supporting this great initiative. I am already looking forward to VO Atlanta 2018 to continue my VO journey and strengthen the relationships I have begun at this year’s conference. THANK YOU so much!"

"I would like to thank Anne Ganguzza, VO Peeps, & Gerald Griffith from the bottom of my heart!"

Getting the opportunity to go to VO Atlanta was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience. Winning the 2017 national scholarship feels life changing. My journey to get to this starting point was intense and uncomfortable. I doubted myself every step of the way but I wanted to keep moving forward.
Fast forward to this past weekend...I got to meet so many wonderful and incredible people. I was inspired and humbled by the amount of talent and experience all around me. I am so blessed to be part of a creative and loving community! I got to connect with my awesome coaches from the GVAA. I also got to make many new friends! This scholarship has opened up a whole new world for me. I went from the isolation of my home studio to forging new bonds in person. I learned so much about what it takes to run a successful VO business and tips to succeed in different genres. One day I want to pay it forward. That's my ultimate goal.
When the snow storm passes and I can finally get back home, I'm going to hit the ground running. Im ready to fill up my VO and entrepreneurial toolboxes with everything that I learned this weekend.
THANK YOU so so much for this opportunity!
I hope to see everyone again next year!"

"Thank you SO much Anne Ganguzza, VO Peeps, and Gerald Griffith!"

"When I learned that I won the 2017 Vo Peeps Youth Scholarship, I was shocked. I felt excited scared and most of all overwhelmed. Being that it was my first year attending the conference I was super nervous. Even getting on the plane to Atlanta was a big step for me. I tend to be a bit shy with people I don't know, or even just my friends, but at VO Atlanta, I wasn’t afraid to just go for it and be myself. From the first moments I walked into the hotel, people were coming up to me and hugging me and welcoming me. In the first day alone, I met so many people and made so many new friends. The best part was that nobody in the voiceover industry was afraid to be themselves. It was so inspiring to see people of all ages come together and make something beautiful. By day two, I completely broke out of my shell. I went to panels and saw some amazing and talented people who really impressed me, and motivated me to pursue my voice acting career. At the Youth Day conference I had the pleasure of meeting some insanely awesome, extremely talented, and truly inspiring people such as David Rosenthal, Katie Leigh, Lisa Biggs, and Bill Farmer the voice of Goofy from Mickey Mouse Club House. I also got to work with other kids who I could learn and share a lot with. By the end of the conference I was begging my mom to come back next year. It was an experience I will never forget. Thanks to VO Peeps and the Youth Scholarship, I was able to meet so many amazing people that I otherwise would have only seen online or heard on television. I learned so much about the industry, and I have a good idea of where I want to go in the future. This opportunity never would have be possible without the VO Peeps Youth Scholarship. Thank you SO much Anne Ganguzza, VO Peeps, and Gerald Griffith! I can’t wait to see you next year!!"


"I really enjoyed participating in this workout. It was a fun & positive environment. Dave Fennoy was very nice & shared a lot of great information. I feel that I came out of the workout better than when I went in. Thanks to Anne for hosting this!"

"Love the VO Peeps workouts!"

"Love the VO Peeps workouts! I've participated in workouts with JV Martin and Marc Cashman and love that I can join in these workouts remotely. I'm able to participate as if I'm in the room and have learned so much working with such great guests and watching other participants in the workout. There's no reason not to be part of these awesome opportunities! Thanks to Anne Ganguzza who sets up these workouts and opens her home to all of us!"


"These workshops are amazing! I am learning so much! I feel I am learning from the best of the best and having a ball doing it! Thank you so much for providing these workshops!"

"Whew! The Peeps workout with Marc Cashman was absolutely a game changer for me."

"Whew! The Peeps workout with Marc Cashman was absolutely a game changer for me. I must have scribbled down 10 pages of notes. Marc was generous with both time and advice for every person he directed, and he was also the best of mentors. Really kind. At the end of the session, Marc asked folks to let him know the one thing we'd learned that particularly spoke to us. My choice was when Marc said, "Keep it light with intention...that will imply "this is simple" to the listener." I used that in a session the next day, which helped dialed down my intensity/earnestness, and the director was clearly pleased with how the session went. I'm also sure I scored an audiobook contract using that advice the day after that! Anne, you have some great peeps, the meetings always work smoothly, and I come away feeling more confident and connected in the VO world...even from my little booth way at the other coastline. XO"


"Taking part in the VO Peeps "Promo with Jodi Gottleib" webinar was one of the BEST decisions I've made this year in my VO career! The information shared and opportunity to be directed by a promo pro like Jodi, was invaluable. I wanted MORE, so have now booked one-on-one coaching with Jodi! Thanks, Anne!"


I want to thank you thank you for allowing me to attend the Jodi Gottlieb workout. I so needed that. I was really at a crossroads in VO career, and this may have given me new life!


"I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality, and for organizing that excellent seminar. I am so glad I attended in person so I could have the chance to meet you and Jodi in person. Thank you again for making this happen."

"Oh my goodness! That’s amazing and so chuffed. Thank you SO MUCH lovely ladies!!!"

"Oh my goodness! That’s amazing and so chuffed. Thank you SO MUCH lovely ladies!!! Wow! This has come at the right time and would love to be there, so thank you. It will be a great start to the year and I get to see and meet many of the wonderful Voxy Ladies too. You can never stop learning and will find this very helpful."

"I highly recommend anyone interested in non-fiction narration to take this if it is offered again."

"I took the 4-hour live web workshop by Sean Allen Pratt on Non-Fiction narration, and I'm so glad I did! This was packed with incredibly detailed information from top to bottom. From this single course, I feel I have a very solid grip now on how to approach non-fiction audiobooks and have already put it into practice for my auditions. I know I will be returning again and again to my notes. Sean was an excellent teacher, presenting the information clearly and with humor. I highly recommend anyone interested in non-fiction narration to take this if it is offered again."


"...a life in voiceover went from 'Man, Whatever' to 'this might BE SOMETHING'..."


"I've attended a lot of webinars, even some video game webinars, but the one today with Cissy Jones was the best!"

Thank you so much

"Thank you so much to Anne Ganguzza and the VO Peeps for selecting me as the International Scholarship Winner..."


"It was my first VO Peeps workout and it won't be the last!"

WOW! Just Wow! What a great experience.

I participated in the Romance Novel Workout with Dianna Conely. This was my first workout ever, so, talk about jumping into the deep end! I really enjoyed the experience. The Coaching was top notch, the participants were fantastic, helpful and fun. I really learned so much from listening to others read and being coached. I also became much more confident in my own read. Cant wait to do another workout!!!