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Awesome Product!

I only got 1 box and lost 6 pounds so far, I’m loving it!

So far I’m happy with the tea!

So far  I’m happy with the tea it gives me energy and stops my cravings  and on top of the tea I walk  for 30 minutes every day and in 2 weeks I’ve lost 5 pounds  getting ready to order my next box.

It works

I started last year and I lost 15 lbs in total. It really works!

Helps to curb cravings

Last year I did the tea. It helped to curb my cravings in the morning, especially since I was going vegetarian for Lent. Lost 20 pounds! Gained weight over Christmas, especially with family cooking heavy stews during the winter. So far lost 10 pounds! Yay!


I lost 6p


Sehr zufrieden mit der Wirkung, Appetit merklich gedämpft. Dadurch sachte Gewichtsreduktion.


Sehr zufrieden mit der Wirkung, Appetit merklich gedämpft. Dadurch sachte Gewichtsreduktion.

Lost 20 pounds

i am very happy with my progress. Have received a lot of compliments. Will be buying more and referring friends.

I gave the tea five stars

I gave the tea five stars.  It works wonderfully.  Thank you.

This is the best tea ever!

This is the best tea ever and vyteaaus is a great company I received my package sooner than I thought. I hope this tea never discontinue because it has not just helped me lose weight but I learned to eat right and kept the weight off it has been 3 years taking this tea and I never had no side effects.

It Works

I've noticed a huge difference just after 15 days. I'm now on my second box. I have definitely lost belly fat.


Love it lost 14 lbs

I’m amazed!!

I started a week before Christmas (2019) and we are in the 3th week of January 2020 and I’ve lost 15lb! I am so amazed! I feel good, I have energy, and I sleep better. I’ve always had problems with bloating in my stomach and the tea has helped me with that. It has not only help me but it’s have helped my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law just stared taking it. I recommend this tea to everyone. I love it!!

Great detoxifier

I love this tea. It does a great job of cleansing the body and keeping the toxins out. I suffer from water retention in my legs. With this tea, I no longer retain water around my legs, ankle, and feet!

Awesome cleanse

Since using my first box of Vytea I've lost 6lbs. It works really well with flushing out toxins from the body. I can't wait to see even more amazing results from this tea!


I love this tea, it works 100% and has no side effects , I feel great , love my body now and I am very happy with this product effectiveness

It works!!!

I started rake VY TEA in February. First month/ first box I lost 10 lbs. I have lost a total of 20lb so far and I am on to my 3rd box. In the beginning I drank the tea 4-5 a day and took a break on the weekends. I it still continues to suppress me appetite. My activity level has not increased since I started taking the tea but I still continue to loos weight. Now that I have achieved my weight loss goal I only drink the tea 2-3 a week. My weight loss is not as fast. I would say I loose 1 lbs a week. Which is ideal. I would highly recommend VY TEA because first it suppresses your appetite. Cleanse your body of bad toxins. My only complaint is the flavor.

I love this tea!

I so love this tea! Been taking it for almost 3 weeks and I lost 10 lbs! Very easy and convenient. Just take once daily with about 300ml of Hot water. Together with a sensible diet and exercise, this tea is very healthy. Great for both men and women.I post pics of my mid-section because this is where most people have the most trouble losing weight. As you can see, there’s already a change. I couldn’t even fit these shorts 2 weeks ago. And my tummy was hanging out and not able to stay under some of my clothes. Always been self-conscious about my abs. However I am also proud of them. They grew 2 babies. This is especially for all the Mama’s out there. You are all truly beautiful.Do not be afraid to show your Curves. Any young gal without children can look good. But it takes a real courageous woman that’s had kids and is over 40 to shape up, lose weight, and feel great again. You can do it!

This is the best weight tea!

This is the best weight tea. I have lost 18 pounds I have been watching what I have been eating and there is a drink that I’ve been drinking to help me lose my weight I still have a little bit more to go. I just want to share my story on Facebook with friends and family I know as a woman we go through some struggles we are wanting to lose that EXTRA 10 or 15 pounds and throughout my life I have worked out but I have not lost this much weight as I have done now!!!!!!


Really worked on me and my husband and my daughter. Do not just buy this product anywhere coz you might get the fake ones. There are people trying to copy this but they couldnt. From large size to small now.


have to have it before starting my 12 hour shift.


It helped me curb my appetite without restricting myself foods that I want to eat. Lost 25+ lbs so far on it. A tried-and-true weightloss tea !


it’s really effective and the result is awesome