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Quick Solutions Staffing, INC

6790 Kitimat Rd. Unit 18
Mississauga Ontario , L5N 5L9


QSS Provides good earning opportunity. Recently made $1325 in a week. Hard works pays off. I polished my skills working with QSS as a team lead position. This is a platform for smart workers which give you detailed knowledge of warehousing and help you earn well at the same time. Honourable Thanks to Tracy and Jeff for providing all of us this well earning platform!

Ashima walia


Excellent option for individuals looking for Part-Time and Full-Time work!
Staff is really very helpful.
I was being hired from Ontario certified Recruiter Mr. Akhil. I am completely satisfied with the employment services provided by the agency.
I would definitely recommend you guys!

A professional organization with a strong culture

Quick Solution Staffing is a professional organization with a strong culture centered around family values! They are growing quickly in Calgary and will have many opportunities in the near future. They care about the employees they hire and go out of their way to help. I would recommend this organization to anyone seeking warehouse employment!


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A Wonderful Experience

A Big Shout Out to the Ontario recruitment team (office staff, management and floor supervisors). The flexible work schedules and the on-going communication is very effective and highly valued. Measures are taken to make sure employees adhere to Safety protocols. Their team is fantastic.

I love working with them

Qss is a great agency.. I love working with them..
The supervisors are amazing too.
Qss is a great agency to work with. Glad I chose them.

Wonderful environment

BC location - Great company, consistent work, wonderful environment.

Flexible time schedule

Joined QSS Ontario. Great place to work, amazing staffs, very friendly and always co-operative. I love that they give us flexible time schedule, which allows us to choose our workdays. I highly recommend QSS if seeking any agency.

A warm bunch of people

I am recruited by Ontario office thanks to them for giving me a opportunity working with them. I can guarantee these are a warm bunch of people who are always assistive and friendly, most importantly they have flexible time schedules that helps us a lot ,I am looking forward to continue my work with them

Professional Responsive and good management

Professional Responsive and good management ????I really like the team.If you are thinking of any agency,I recommend QSS the best ????????