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Lester Enterprises, Inc.

113 Main St.
Niantic Connecticut , 06357
United States


I used the dry foam cleaner on my couch arms and was very happy with the results. After cleaning my couch I was removing my stove and found the sticky grease down the side of the stove where I never clean. The insta-clean was on the counter behind me so I just grabbed it to see what it would do. I just sprayed the side of the stove and let it sit for 5 minutes and could not believe how easy it wiped clean. Excellent grease cutting cleaner. Oh, and my microwave has never been so clean. Do read the label as this product is very flammable.

Glass and Detailing Products


Walnut hand soap

We tried this product and decided to purchase a case after a trial. We have not found a better product and it helps our hands in the winter.

Lester "Boss" Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner and detailing products are the best I have ever used ! -S barens detailing