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Property Snagging London Ltd

London (and vicinity) England , EC2Y 9AE
United Kingdom

The Reviews Don't Lie!!!

I have recently moved into my first new build property in Brighton and had been told about snagging inspections by a friend. I did a bit of research as to be honest I wasn’t sure who to go for, but decided on Property Snagging London Ltd and I am so glad I did as the reviews didn’t disappoint! I was shocked to see the extensive and thorough report Colm and the team did on the property, things that once I had been made aware of would have been a huge miss on my part not to rectify! They really do pick up on absolutely everything to make sure you are getting the best service possible. I sent the report over to my developers prior to completion and they organised workmen to come and rectify the issues. I would highly recommend Colm and the team over at Property Snagging London Ltd to all who are moving into a new build! Thank you so much! Josh, Brighton, East Sussex.

Very Professional

Very easy to book Colm and everything went smoothly. Colm produced a very thorough report within 24 hours of the visit! Would recommend!

Great service

Inspecting newly bought property is a daunting task but Colm made it easy with his experience in the industry. He found snags that we couldn't notice. His professionalism is also top class. He arrived on-time at the property, the report is sent within the same day. Great service and highly recommended!

Excellent Professional Service

So pleased with what Colm did for us. Everything from start to finish was excellent. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The report was generated and sent the very next day! Friendly & professional.

Snagging company review London

Great expert and eye for detail. Very diligent work and high level of understanding which is rare in the construction industry. My father (an architect) was also impressed. Jan Even - London

Snagging review West Sussex

We recently moved into our first new build home in Haywards Heath, and I wasn’t sure whether to have a snagging inspection or not, but I’m really glad we did. Property Snagging London Ltd were extremely professional, efficient and thorough - checking every inch of my house with detail and precision. I couldn’t believe it when the report came back with how many things I hadn’t spotted before having it inspected! We sent the report to the developers who then organised their team of workmen to come in to fix the issues. I would recommend Colm and the property snagging team to friends and family who are moving into a new build for sure!
Thank you from Lauren and Damian Haywards Heath, West Sussex

New Build Property Snagging for Parents Retirement Apartment

I contacted Property Snagging Ltd, for a snagging inspection on behalf on my elderly parents, as they were due to move into a new build retirement apartment in Winchester, Hampshire. My parents were downsizing from their 3 bedroom house in Eastleigh to a new two bedroom apartment in between Kings Barton and Winchester, so we wanted peace of mind that the apartment would be finished to the correct standards and quality expected for the asking price, and didn’t want there to be any issues when my elderly parents moved in; they wouldn’t need any extra stresses on top of those we all feel when moving home, let alone at their time of life. Property Snagging Ltd were a delight to work with, they explained the process and confirmed that a thorough detailed report would be produced, with copies being sent to us as well as the Developer. Property Snagging Ltd attended the apartment a couple of days after our initial contact. They arrived promptly at 9 am, the snagging survey took about three hours and the following morning, as promised, I received the finished report. The report itself was incredibly detailed and thorough, with numerous pictures and annotations, clearly indicating the areas that required ‘snagging’. The level of accuracy was very impressive. It left no doubt, for all parties concerned, what needed to be rectified. We were able to discuss the report with the Developer and agree a timetable for the snagging to be completed. My parents are absolutely delighted with their new home, and can now relax knowing that everything is as it should be. We wouldn’t hesitate in using Property Snagging Ltd again, and can highly recommend them for the peace of mind that they have provided to all of us, through their comprehensive report and ongoing support. Thank you again on behalf of my parents. Kind Regards Nick Southampton, Hampshire.

Snagging review London

I used Colm from Property Snagging to undertake a snagging survey for a new build flat in London. I was very satisfied with the professional and efficiency snagging service provided by Colm. He was very friendly over the phone and was able to undertake the survey within short notice. Colm was able to liaise with the developer to get access to the apartment as well. We consulted through the phone throughout the time and was happy with Colm approach and the way he handled the task.

The report was ready within 24 hours. The snagging was very thorough and the report was prepared to a very high standard. It was easy for the developers to follow to carry out de-snagging. The report also made it easier for me to check against the de-snagging work carried out by the developer team.

I will highly recommend property snagging team for snagging work.

Kind regards Pradeep

Snagging reviews

Just thought I'd post a quick note to thank Colm and the Property Snagging team for the quick turnaround on an excellent snagging report! Kind regards James

Snagging inspection

Purchasing my first new build I was in two minds whether or not to have a snagging inspection, after all it is new and in my case off plan therefore I naively thought it should be snag free. I'm so glad that I contacted the property snagging team - they were very clear and precise of what defects and issues a snagging inspection normally picks up and crucially what was deemed acceptable and not acceptable. The report arrived the next day after the inspection and contained many snags that I don't think I would've picked up. Thanks Colm - due to move in at the end of the month hopefully all the issues will be sorted by then.
Best Regards

Snagging survey on London newbuild apartment

I contacted Colm to arrange a snag survey of a new build apartment in London in the run up to completion. He handled the process very efficiently and gave a thorough and accurate assessment of what needed attention. The report was ready within 24 hours of the visit and the photos give a useful record to pinpoint issues. Colm was helpful throughout and made the process very straightforward. Thank you

Property snagging review

Extremely professional and efficient snagging service carried out to a very high standard.
Colm and the property snagging team were really helpful throughout the whole process. When I contacted property snagging they instantly responded to my emails and queries. The inspection was arranged by Colm before my completion date, the snagging report arrived, as promised, the next day and was really thorough. The annotated pictures made it very clear what the
defects were and also where they were located making it easier for me to discuss the snagging defects with the developer who addressed the majority of the snags before the completion. Overall, excellent service so I'll be recommending property snagging London to my family and friends!

Snagging inspection review

I was provided with a very helpful and swift service, with many snags identified in my new property that I hadn't noticed. Any queries I had when getting the snags fixed by the developer (even after they survey was completed) were answered which was incredibly helpful for someone like me that doesn't know the industry too well.

Snagging testimonial

Thank you so much Colm, I really appreciate all your hard work in putting together such a comprehensive list - sorry there was so much to do! 
Best Georgie

Property snagging company review

If you’re looking for a friendly, professional snagging company then I would highly recommend property snagging London.

Snagging report for Viotta Heights Woolwich

Dated: 11/10/2017 21:33:10
Subject: Re: Snagging inspection report; TWD-1, Viotta Heights, Woolwich
Thanks for such a thorough and conscientious report. I appreciate it was
last minute and am grateful.  
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Kind regards 
Richard Sherburne