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Actors Training Center

1120 Central Ave, 2nd Floor
Wilmette IL , 60091
United States


My daughter has attended this workshop for three years running now, & she learns something new every time.  Ms. Dion makes this an individual experience for each actor, providing extensive notes after each day that are specific to the participant's scenes.  This year, my daughter used Ms. Dion’s coaching to improve her slate at at unrelated audition the very same afternoon of the workshop.  It is wonderful that Carole Dibo brings in such professional training from a casting director based out of LA.  My daughter absolutely loves Ms. Dion, & feels lucky to have the opportunity to train with her once a year!

Golden Globe Winner, Rachel Brosnahan says: "I can say with 100% confidence..."

Acto​rs Training Center helps young artists turn a passion into a career. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not be where I am today without my time with Carole & the Actors Training Center​.​..
-Rachel Brosnahan is a Golden Globe Winner & Emmy Nominee for Best Actress in Amazon's, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 


Actors Training Center has helped me in every way improving my acting. They have such great teachers and great classes, workshops, Etc. they offer. I started back here a little over a year ago and can see the improvement in my acting.I feel blessed to have found them through a fellow actress . Carole, Becky and Rae are all so amazing and helpful and great people with such positive energy about them.


I love this place! My daughters and I have taken several classes, intensives and workshops at ATC over the past couple years. I love their fun, professional and no nonsense approach to the lessons. We will all be taking more classes there in the near future.


I could talk for hours about how great the staff at ATC is and how much I gained from them. However, what truly makes ATC great is that the staff has proven again and again how much they legitimately care about their craft and the people they share it with. Truly amazing.


This place is the place to be. You get the experience necessary to know exactly what your getting yourself into. This place is for dreamers. This is a place to begin the path of a career so few get the pleasure to be in. Both professional and loving, it doesn't get better then Carole Dibo's Actors Training Center.

Stewart Talent Agent, Jenny Wilson, says...

"ATC provides top-notch training."


Went to "Breaking into the Business". It was so incredible!!! My daughter and I learned so much more than we expected to. The presenters were all SO beyond knowledgeable and helpful. I'm so thrilled that we went. HIGHLY recommend this workshop for those who are interested in "Breaking into the Business". Thank you so much!

Managing Director @ Victory Gardens Theater, Erica Daniels, says...

"Carole Dibo at the Actors Training Center corners the market on teaching and training young people."


ATC is an amazing treasure and we are fortunate to have it in our community. My son has found his passion here and has been inspired, educated and supported by the wonderful people at ATC as he has pursued this path. Thank you!

L.A. Casting Director, Deb Dion, says...

"ATC is an amazing acting studio in Chicago! Better than most of what we have out here in Los Angeles."