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Liqui-Dirt LLC

PO Box 18652
Salt Lake City Utah , 84129

Amazing Customer Service

I was a bit leery about ordering an anthurium plant online. But after my experience with liquidirt, I have no regrets! I initially had issues with shipping, for some reason the post office returned my plant to liquidirt stating delivery to my address was unavailable. They went to the trouble of looking up my address, seeing that there was no fence and a perfectly deliverable address, they went out of their way and drove the 1 hour drive to Weber county to hand deliver my order directly to me!! They were perfectly pleasant and absolutely amazing! Answered any questions I had right there in person on my porch! HUGE thank you to them for amazing customer service! Very pleased customer!

Best plant and customer service

Very kind and knowledge. The plant I got I am In love with. I will be buying 3 more.

Best plant and customer service

Very kind and knowledge. The plant I got I am In love with. I will be buying 3 more.

Weather Damage

I reached out to Liqui-Dirt after my succulents received some weather damage. I was unsure what had caused the damage and if it would be treatable! After sending in some pictures and a little background info on the plants, I came to find out that they would be ok! I am a worrier about my plants. I like them to get the best care possible! Thank you so much for being available and answering my questions! I plan on contacting you again. Succulents are still pretty new to the nursery's and they can't always give the best feedback. I appreciate your time and effort.

Liquid Amazing

Cory and Ryan, you all have the most amazing product in Liqui-Dirt. It truly is amazing. All of my house plants have greened up so well and my Orchids are loving this stuff. Thank you both for your help and Knowledge of plants and proper care.


Cory is amazing!! Anytime I have had an issue with one of my plants he is always willing to get to the bottom of it whether that is him telling me how to fix it or replacing it. He even delivered it last time! If I have questions about anything he is always willing to take the time to answer them as well! Also Liqui-Dirt is amazing! I use it on all my plants not just my hanging ones and they all love it and bonus, it lasts forever. Definitely a forever customer over here!!


Cory and Ryan, thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion. Liqui-Dirt has made my plants so happy and beautiful...I’ve been using it for just over three months, and my plants are not only thriving, but have experienced tremendous growth. I am a forever customer!

Living Art

My daughter, daughter-in-law and myself were very excited to see Liqui-Dirt at the Kansas City Home and Garden show this past weekend. Their booth was one of the busiest booths in the show. They had so much to offer, living art, kits to put together your own living art, food for the plants, adhesive hooks to hang the art from the ceiling, and education for the plant's human caregivers. There was so much to see and chose from that it was difficult to make my final decision, but alas I did, and what a good choice it was. I bought these two lovely hanging pieces of living art which are exactly the right thing for the space I have. They look wonderful and will grow into this space perfectly. Cory was very attentive and informative to all of our questions and even responded quickly to my email questions. I would recommend you visit Liqui-Dirt booths if you have an opportunity, they have so much to offer! Cory also did a educational presentation regarding the state of our earth and soil. He was very informative and helpful with tips for how to improve your lawn and specific techniques to help soil become healthy so the grass and other plant life can also return to good health. I learned a great deal and walked away with more knowledge and two beautiful pieces of living art. What a great experience!! I plan to visit again when the return to Kansas City.

My little plant

Bought this beauty from the remodeling and garden show in Kansas City and I'm so happy

Succulents are also thriving.

This food is seriously amazing and all my other succulents are also thriving. You can use this on anything! Trying on my orchids now. Happy customer and green lover, Jan Silk

This food is seriously amazing

I received the aloe as a gift mailed to FL in August 2017 but because I was not home, it lay on it’s side in the box for 5 days and lost all spikes except 2. I was determined to save it and it recovered but while visiting Park City last fall, I bought the Liqui-Dirt food. WOW! Spikey loves it and is now over 3 feet wide from end to end. This food is seriously amazing and all my other succulents are also thriving. You can use this on anything! Trying on my orchids now. Happy customer and green lover, Jan Silk

Finally, a detergent that does EVERYTHING!!!

I often struggle with picking a detergent for a number of reasons. I of course want something that gets my clothes clean, but I also don't want a detergent that's not going to irritate my skin and it wouldn't hurt if it smelled good too. Not only does LD's Laundry Detergent get my clothes clean without having to overuse product, it doesn't break me out, and smells great (my favorite scent is Japan in Bloom). Not to mention it is organic and safe for our planet...literally everything anyone could want from their detergent!

Liqui-Dirt is Magic

Also your Liqui-Dirt is Magic! I use it on my other plants including this tree that I have and they always look so vibrant! I am going to need another bag of that shortly! I’ll send you pics tomorrow- thank you for always being so responsive and awesome to work with!

My plants love Liqui-dirt

I have poor gardening soil, mostly sand and low in nutrients. My tomatoes and hot peppers are big and loaded with fruit. The taste is even improved since I've been using Liqui-dirt. I just planted several fruit trees and have applied the Liqui-dirt. They are doing extremely better than I expected for newly transplanted trees. My bees love the wildflowers from the seeds I got too. I won't garden without Liqui-dirt.

My tomato plants!

My tomato plants doubled in size and are now healthier.  I use it throughout the season.

Fountain of life for plants

Liqui-Dirt This Product is amazing. Some plants were almost dead, after I applied it started thriving.

Natural Organic HUGE plus.

So excited to try it! Glad there is a natural safe option fro feeding my plants. Way to many chemicals being put into our foods. Liqui-Dirt Looks Amazing!!


The bloody stuff works!!! Smashing!!!


Yes! It is an amazing organic plant food that will make everything you grow flourish!!!