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Worth Every Penny!: Weight Loss

Marietta is wonderful to work with. Her meal
and exercise plans for me were easy to follow and we worked together to fit
them into my lifestyle. They are much easier to stick to than a regular diet!
During our sessions we also discussed nutrients, habits, emotions, and
lifestyle that have a negative effect on my health and progress. I really
appreciate her holistic approach and how easy she is to talk to. Great results!

Good beginning to end: Skin issues

I was having problems with my skin. I felt it
was most likely caused by my diet. I wanted to consult with a nutritionist
rather than a dermatologist…to heal from the inside out rather than just treat
the obvious signs.

From the first I was
at ease with Marietta. She has a wonderful way about her. She was easy to talk
with, has a sense of humor and she listens which is so important.

Marietta has a wealth of knowledge which she
is able to get across in everyday language. When I had questions she took the
time to explain and to be sure she had answered completely. She was in tune with my needs.  My service was good from beginning to end.  CD


Whole Person Approach

Marietta Amatangelo provided nutritional consultation to me for approximately two years. She employs a
very valuable, whole person approach to deal with health issues, and was very effective in addressing several
issues that I was experiencing. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutritional supplements, very
thorough, and creative in her approach, and supportive of her patients. She coordinated her work with
another practitioner to deal with a persistent gastrointestinal problem. In comparison, several prescription
medicines had been totally ineffective in addressing this problem. JB

Nursed me back to health: autoimmune/digestion

I had numerous chronic health issues,
one being an autoimmune condition.   I knew a registered dietitian
would be the best starting point. I looked on the internet for RD’s located
near my area. Marietta’s profile stood out because of her academic and
professional training, her experience with traditional and integrative medicine,
and high patient ratings. What moved me most was her personal experience facing
serious disease and her focus helping patients with similarly difficult
conditions.  Marietta uses a sound
scientific, yet integrative approach in her treatment plan. She makes sure that
she has a clear understanding of what is most beneficial to the individual and
continues to fine tune as she goes along.

So Glad I found you!-Fatigue

Can’t believe the improvement in my
mood and energy already! Placebo? Maybe – but no puffy eyes for the first time
in months seems to suggest otherwise. Can’t thank you enough – so glad I found

Very Knowledgeable with Digestion

My reason for seeking a nutritionist was because of Food Allergies and leaky Gut. I was given a LEAP test by
another nutritionist, but did not understand how to fully use the program. I went to Marietta because she has
had experience with the LEAP test. I found her very knowledgeable about food allergies and the LEAP test.
She knows her information. I am now on the road to healing my leaky gut and my food allergies. Long
standing symptoms have disappeared by following the program she has laid out for me. HV

Extremely Knowledgeable & Experienced: Autoimmune

Marietta is a brilliant nutritionist. She
really digs deeper into the client's health issues and takes a very holistic
approach. She is extremely caring and great individual to work with when you
need nutritional help. She will support you in your goals- at your pace. I
highly recommend Marietta to anyone who wants to change their health for the
better and for anyone that is frustrated with not being able to achieve the
health goals they desire. And if you are tired of feeling tired you need to
call Marietta!

Excellent Value: Autoimmune

Kind & Caring!  I have had Crohns disease for a while, and had continuous diarrhea. I had been to multiple GI specialists with
not much help. When I called, I was in despair. I also had migraines and was overweight. I was desperate
for better overall health, and to resolve my digestive issues. I chose her because of her website, the
testimonials, and I got a good vibe from it. Marietta is both caring and knowledgeable. She listens well, and is
easy to talk to. If I didn’t understand something the first time, she was willing to go over it until I understood
it. My diarrhea has stopped, I’ve lost weight and my migraines have reduced significantly. I’ve learned a better
way to eat for my overall health. I would recommend Marietta to anyone because of her professional
knowledge, and caring personality. I think that working with her is an excellent value for the price, and I loved
the flexibility where we could meet in person or work on the phone. PR

Digestive Wellness

Instantly personable, friendly, concerned, and completely focused on my issues. Profound Improvement in a short time!
I had digestive issues, fatigue, low energy, and depression. I saw her ad in Be Well. She has a very calming a presence. Getting almost instant results was the BEST thing. CM

Masterful, Heart-Centered

Marietta is a masterful,
heart-centered, holistic nutritionist and healer.  I recalled that Marietta had supported me
through a challenging time 10 years ago and I immediately called her.  When we reconnected, I was greeted with a
warm hug. We spoke in-depth and frankly about what I was experiencing, and we
laughed quite a bit. Marietta quickly synthesized the information and provided
me with a detailed list of short-term and longer-term action items. Through a
series of functional lab tests, a referral to a hormone specialist, a 30-day
nutritional detoxification, supplements, and Reiki sessions with Marietta, my
being is fully integrated and healthy. ES


It changed my life! I read an article that Marietta had written in a newsletter. I decided I wanted to explore the “antiinflammatory” diet (gluten free, dairy free) in order to help with the symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis I found that Marietta was very knowledgeable. MB