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Gustavo Bello

Body by Bello-Thank you and your team!

My journey with GBMC- C.O.M.P began in March of 2020 in which I was 407 pounds, I searched different programs and looked at all the Doctors information. I appreciated his years of experience and his demeanor during our consultation. We choose a procedure and he set me up for education with NewTri this is the sauce with all the sugar and carbs it is packed with what you need to know about food and its effects on your body. I managed to loose approximately 103 pounds to have a surgury weight of 304 pounds. His team is the best in the world as far as I’m concerned. I experienced no issues after surgery and currently 4 days post-op looking forward to my future thanks Dr. Bello. I need a Body by Bello shirt!

Life Changing !!!!

I first contacted GBMC Comp program in May of 2015 . I had reached 290 pounds and I felt so unhappy . As soon as I started the 6 month program I knew that this was the right thing for me . I had sleeve surgery in Oct of 2015 , followed the plan , went to the gym on a regular basis , and completely turned my life around . I am happier for my family and my four children and I set a healthier standard for my family . This was best decision I have ever made for myself . Everyone in the program is always there to help and our doctors genuinely care about our success!

Best Decision EVER!!!

I have been overweight my entire life and have lost weight many times, only to gain it back again. I made the decision in June 2015 to change that roller coaster ride once and for all. I began my nutrition visits with GBMC June 2015 and was sleeved on September 30, 2015. I had many second thoughts along the way as I'm sure most do as this is a HUGE decision, but I can honestly tell you that since having my wls, there has not been a single day where I have regretted this decision. My sleeve has given me a new lease on life. I can now take longs walks with my son, slide with him on the playground & ride coasters!!! These are all things that were limited by my weight before! I will tell you that there is no finish line with this surgery...your sleeve is a tool and you will always have to work it, but if you do your part, you will be amazed at the things you are capable of. GBMC COMP was amazing from start to finish and I have gotten so much encouragement from the office as well as the Facebook support group. I cannot possibly say enough good things about Dr. Bello! He did an amazing job with my surgery, was patient and answered all of my questions and has always provided so much support. If you're considering wls, I strongly recommend GBMC COMP!!!

The New ME!!!

My decision to have weight loss surgery was one of the
biggest and hardest decisions I have ever had to make!!!  My long list of doctors ranging from my
Primary Care to ever Specialist you could image, telling me that I need to make
a change...dieting, and weight loss medications just was not working for me.  With being a person where your medications,
and medical issues are what is a major contributing factor to being overweight,
you start thinking that this is how your life is suppose to be.  The first time that I meant Dr. Bello and his
team, they made me and my family feel more comfortable than I could have ever
thought possible.  They welcomed my
husband to sit in on ever appointment, and nutrition class that I had.  I also found love and support through GBMC
Comp Weight Loss Support Group (my comp family), everyone is there no matter
what to help each other through the process. 
I went through so many emotions from excitement, being anxious,
nervous...mostly excited to start the next journey of my life!  This past year and a half has been a world of
different emotions for me, from the start of my first bariatric seminar to my 1
year surgaversary date of the new me!  When
my husband and I went to my first appointment with Dr. Bello, he explained that
it was going to be more of a detail surgery than normal, do to my health issues
and previous surgeries done on my esophagus. 
He also explained that this is a tool, not a fix!  With that said, he looked at us and said he
is willing to do the surgery, (with the understanding I could possible end up
with a major incision).  The next 4
months I went to every nutritionist appointment, and specialist I needed to for
the process, even quit smoking.  I
remember the big day finally getting here, my excitement was through the
roof.  Even though we knew that the
surgery was going to take at least 4 hours, his team still came out and let my
husband know what was going on and what process he was at that moment.  Just to show you how remarkable of a doctor
he is, I only ended up with 7 small 1 inch incision various 1 huge cut down my
abdomen.  5 months in I was not feeling
well, constipation, nausea and vomiting. 
So when I went for my normal 6 month check up I let him know what was
going on (he wanted to know why I didn't call him sooner) and scheduled me for
surgery to see what was going on (all related to slowing of the colon/not from
NSY surgery).  Dr. Bello is an
outstanding surgeon who genuinely cares about his patients.  Over the next year, weight was dropping off,
between my new tool (rebirth/tummy) and eating right (just being
healthier).  I am now able to start strengthening
my muscles.  I remember before my rebirth
not being able to take a ride with my husband on our motorcycle for more than
30 minutes before having to go home, now I can make it an hour or so (baby
steps).  Thank you Dr. Gustavo Bello for
this wonderful new life you have giving me, you are truly my miracle worker.  You & your staff have given me a second
chance at living life, and for that I will always be grateful.  This has truly been a world wind.  Starting this process at 263 Lbs. Size 26W
Pants & 3XL shirts to now 192 Lbs. Size 12 Pants & L//XL shirt and
still losing.  I am so looking for to the
next part of my journey and continued weight loss.