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Weight Loss

Hey Everyone, I want to say thanks much to the EYS for helping me lose 42 pounds so far. Hurray!  I have not been able to lose weight and once they explained what was the issue and gave me a diet protocol with herbals due to my lymph and intestinal issues.  They put me on diet protocols, heal all tea and I need two GI Brooms and bingo the weight started coming off..

God bless you for coming into my life and thanks for helping me get this weight off. :)



I am Doug and I watched the video, had a chat to get more info about my weight issue.   I was 158 kg and I needed to lose weight with other health issues.   I started the program and lost 22kg in less than 8 weeks.  I feel great with good energy and its the best I have felt in 10 years.

This program works great and I look forward to losing more to meet my goal of 90kg.  This is the best I have felt in many years.  I want to thank Eating Yourself Skinny for your awesome program, herbals and support.



Inflammation (Tonsils)

My name is Mary and I am a dentist in Saint Louis, MO area.   My son was having extreme inflammation of his
tonsils and I did not want to have them removed.  I happened to find this website by accident
and had a chat with Stefan one of the Co-founders of Eating Yourself Skinny and
I was very curious because it aligned with some of the research I had being
doing to help my son’s inflammation he had every week with his Tonsils.   

We spent 30 mins on a phone call while he explained that the
diet I was feeding my son was the cause for health and weight issues.  
It made perfect sense so I decided to give it a try.  My son had no attacks (inflammation) the week
following and I did a follow up call with Stefan.  We did another week and again no inflammation
for my son’s tonsil’s.    This is
absolutely Amazing and I believe in what he is teaching.   I am very grateful I found you, thanks for helping
me stop the inflammation and god bless.

Weight Loss and More

I meet one of the co-founders while he was on a business trip and we began to chat about many things during our conversation diet came up.   I said I was having trouble with keeping weight off and he began to explain why most diets failed.  It was very similar conversation like the video and he offered to try protocol level 1.   I did it for 4 weeks and lost 25 pounds !   I felt great, energy was good and he had my full attention.    I have continued to detox and have added in Heal All Tea to help my detox.   I am so very glad I meet him and tried the protocols.   I recommend that you watch the video, ask them questions and get started ASAP.  It will change you !

Back issues - Improving

I am 86 years old and 9 months ago I could barely stand upright. I was having serious lower back issues, taking pain shots and I was using two canes to walk. I meet one of the co-founders and we had a chat. I decided to try the diet protocols and heal all tea. It has been 9 months later and I can walk much better, standing upright and using only one cane. I cannot believe It but I am 300% better from where I was 9 months ago. Thank You Thank You ! Frank

Losing Stubborn Weight - 24 pounds down *

I meet one of the co-founder a year ago and we spent 30 mins together discussing body chemistry.  I had been trying other programs but the results were mixed and not really working.   I decided to give it a try and it's going great and the weight is almost completely off.  I'm down 24 pounds and 10 to go and I feel wonderful.   I did The "Heal All tea" which I highly recommend in enhance the body chemistry change...

30lbs down and haven't had a cold in over a year!!! *

I started down this path because I was contently getting sick, had nightly heart burn, and could stand to lose a few pounds.  This isn't just about losing weight or a quick diet scam.  This is about changing your lifestyle to become a healthier person.  This really changed my view on what we put in our bodies.

42 pounds down and more to go... *

I was a skeptic but I listened and gave it a try.  I am down 42 pounds with more to go but the program is working very well.   One thing they told me to do was eat and not be hungry and still the weight came off.   It does not make sense to me totally but it is working and I feel really good....

10 weeks later - 80lbs gone *

I was almost 300lbs when I began the diet protocols given to me by Eating Yourself Skinny.  I didn't know what to expect and by the 2nd week I had lost almost 20lbs,  10 weeks later I was down by 80lbs feeling strong and eating myself skinny :)   Thanks Much...

The real deal. *

"I have been on this program at 90% for 12 months now. I was a muscular 198 lbs and am now a lean 172 lbs. The reason I started was for my health. I am now medication free. I was up to six different meds and I am only 46. I feel great. G*d provides what we need. Do this now."

21 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.. *

“ I decided to give this a try and did not expect to drop 21 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.   I was shocked and I feel great...”Chris in VA, 52

85 pounds down ! *

I was 300 pounds and not feeling very well.   I was given the information and decided to give it a try.    I am down 85lbs and doing awesome.  Wow, is all i can say....”Tony in MD, 38

Could not get anything to work *

“I'm on an oral chemotherapy and was gaining lots of weight.   I used the protocols and decided to give it a try.   I'm down 22lbs and can't believe this works so well..Becky in FL, 48

Started slow and feel great *

I started very slow but noticed that I began to lose weight even though I was not following the protocol exactly.   I'm down 35 pounds and have not felt this good in 20 years"Bob in MI, 50

This works... *

I was 50lbs overweight and could not lose.  I started the protocols and began to see steady weight loss and 32 pounds down I feel great.  This works...."Mary in OH, 34

25lbs are gone

I saw the site on meetup and I had tried many things.  I would lose but always gain back.  I learned from the video and then gave it a shot and it worked very well.   I lost the stubborn 25 lbs and now I'm maintaining and feel really good...

37 Pounds off and still losing *

I was on a business trip and I sat next to Stefan one of the co-founders.  I noticed he was eating and eating lots of food.  I mentioned to him that is great you can eat like that if I do I gain weight.   Well, we had a chat about body Chemistry and next thing you know he sends me a diet protocol.  I did it a month later just thought maybe see what happens.   I saw the weight beginning to drop off and I wasn't doing it exactly.    We had another chat and I followed the regiment and even more weight came off.   I have another 10lbs to lose and then I know I'll be able to maintain because as long as I keep my body chemistry in check the weight will just melt off.  I believe in this program and recommend you watch the video and order the protocols.