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Hot Desk

I recently used the Westhub hotdesks for a total of 4 weeks when working from home while visiting family in the area. From start to finish I received an excellent, high-quality service from John and his team. The internet speed was as good as my office in Dublin, the desks were clean, spacious and well-organised, the building was quiet and suitable for focused work and I was even provided with a private office when required for completing confidential zoom calls. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a work from some solution in the area - I'll be using it again myself in the future!

Hot Desks in Clonberne West Hub

On a recent visit to the Galway region I had to work remotely for 1 week. After carrying out some research I came across Clonberne West Hub and booked a desk there for 5 days.
The process was very simple - made direct contact, booked a desk, arrived and got my own key for the 5 days.
I had the use of my own Desk (Covid Friendly) 24 hours a day for the 5 days. The service included High Speed WiFi (which was brilliant), Wireless Printing, the use of Projector & screen if required.
I would recommend this facility to anybody visiting or living in the area. Thanks to the proprietors for providing this service.

Hot Desk Review

I recently used a hot desk at West Hub for a two week period. The facility was very well kitted out and provided a professional office space to work.
The internet speed enabled me to comfortably work and connect with colleagues around the world. I would definitely recommend the facility to anyone needing a professional workspace with fast wifi connectivity.