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Easiest most powerful meditation technique I’ve ever done!!! And I have tried many. This one works!! Tracey is very skilled, good at explaining, and powerful to sit with. From the first session I went super deep into meditative space. I’ve committed to a daily practice which has allowed me to feel a much deeper connection to my inner self, gain confidence through uncertain times, sleep better, and feel more calm and patient during stressful situations. I highly recommend Tracey and this technique to anyone ready to take tame the mind and create powerful clarity for themselves, plus a million other benefits.

Trace brings such love, peace and kindness to her trainings. I have never felt more peaceful than I did when meditating with her. I’m so honored she was the teacher who gifted me my mantra!!

Trace truly sees each individual as pure Love and Light. The transfer of this energy, wisdom and guidance helped unlock my understanding of what meditation is. I can enjoy meditation for the sake of meditation now. My path has turned into simply being. Eternally grateful I found Trace and her angelic voice to help walk me HOME ❤️

What a cool course and what an even cooler Teacher! Tracey has infinite patience, flexibility and compassion which shows in her guidance and way of explaining abstract concepts. It’s surprisingly easy and gentle unlike other types of mediation courses I’ve done plus I’m noticing an awareness of my thoughts during the day even more acutely than before. Could’ve talked with Tracey for HOURS!!!

I am so thankful to have found Tracey and this beautiful meditation practice. Tracey has unique knowledge, insight, and depth beyond what I've ever witnessed before. I enthusiastically recommend her!

This meditation has been a blessing along with the wonderful Tracy. Its something that everyone need to practice. Though i struggle with consistent practice, i still experience its benefits. Its like having a recharge battery for your mind. I'm very excited to see what the benefits of long term daily practice will be.

I’m beyond speechless at the results of this amazing tool that I get to use in my every day life. I was guided every step of the way by trace to reach my truest and highest nature in meditation. With the practice I am now seeing everything in life so much clearer and everything seems to fall in line at the most divine moments. THIS is what true meditation is.✨

Thank you so much Trace you have impacted my meditation practice so profoundly! I highly recommend this course it is truly transcendental! I am super impressed! I have amazing visualizations while practicing these techniques! Trace is such an amazing teacher who is also very wise and knowledgeable in many different practices and shares these teachings with an open heart!

Thank you, Trace, for showing me this simple, yet powerful and life-transforming technique that has empowered me and has helped me to connect to myself and the environment on a deeper level. Your authenticity, compassion, and openness have made me feel calm and accepted. As I continue on this inward journey of self-exploration, I will forever be grateful for your support and guidance, and for introducing me to AM

Tracey is a wonderful teacher. Her guidance in this meditation is so skillful, compassionate and enlightening. I can’t say enough about her patience and her willingness to guide in every step of the way without judgement. I am beginner to this type of meditation and I can see how it truly can benefit anyone. There is so much health potential, I am excited to embark on this journey. And this is because of Tracey and her devotion to creating a life worth living for everyone.

Thank you Trace for sharing this wonderful practice. Your passion and love for transcendental consciousness via AtmaVedi meditation really shines through. A powerful technique to explore consciousness

Such a wonderful experience from the first session to the last. Sitting with Trace in meditation and her teachings brings you to such a level of infinite. Of peace. Strengthening your mind to the extent where even if you want to think in or of a lower vibration, your mind guides you to stay on the task at hand... enlightenment:) Levels were raised in my practice of life because of Trace and her beautiful teachings of breath awareness and truly being able to hear yourself, your aura and energy, what you need, what you can offer, and the spaces and peace you are able to ascend towards.... bliss :) Very grateful for you sistar and the vibrations I raise to with you.

This meditation is so simple yet so profound. I am so thankful of Tracey and her knowledge, she was so helpful the whole time and has continue to support me after I received the meditation. Thank you.

I have read about Atmavedi Meditation. I have meditated in the past and really enjoyed the results of instant peace and a calm feeling. However, when I had the honor of meeting Ms. Tracey I was immediately interested in trying this technique. In 4 days I discovered a new way to meditate but more than that I discovered a piece of myself that really needed healing. I am thankful and have so much gratitude for Wholly Yogini for teaching me the Atmavedi Meditation technique. Ms.. Tracey is very humbling, a peaceful soulful and a great and patient teacher. Tracey thank you I owe you for a new beginning. Peace and Love.

For years I had heard about transcendental meditation/Atmavedi Meditation and my curiosity aligned me with such a divine teacher. The simplicity and ease of the practice still amazes me. It has become easy to dedicate time every day for this meditation. I am grateful for the unfolding and the beauty, for this gift teaches me that all lessons can be learned with love. Thank you, Tracey for being such a loving, patient friend and teacher. Your talent for connecting and reflecting truly made this possible. I am grateful to you and myself for taking this sweet step towards knowing and loving myself even more.

Amazing tool for life, great preparation and deep experience highly recommended 🙏

Tracey humbly provides a pathway to expanded awareness of the perfect totality that we truly are. This pathway is personalized in it's delivery, effortless in it's practice, and incredibly profound in it's results. Atma Veda Meditation, has shown me the deepest levels of my heart; places filled with light that I am able to bring to the surface and manifest. This path has brought me deepened states of relaxation, releasing stress I wasn't even conciously aware of. I sit in the infinite present moment filled with never ending gratitude. Thank you, I love you.