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Sensory exploration through the medium of wine

I didn't know I could hear the difference between hot and cold water - I do now! Stimulating evening with a fascinating group of people exploring our senses through the medium of wine. Sophie's enthusiasm for her topic is infectious - you will be awed, surprised and challenged. And you will be sated by cheese.

So much fun!

The event was wonderful - exploring the psychological, physiological and neurological aspects of tasting wine. And Sophie the host was a true delight!

Such a fabulous night at Journey through the Senses with Sophie! I learned so much - a really great and interesting way to approach wine tasting. Can highly recommend!

Vignette Wine is a tour de force in the world of wine and inventive experiences. Sophie Griffiths has created something completely unique - a refreshingly fun and new approach to learning about wine that involves entertainment and the latest tech. A hard worker with a positive and creative approach, working with Sophie on our art and wine event was nothing but joy. What's more the compliments and excellent feedback just keep coming in from our guests. I couldn't recommend Vignette Wine and Sophie more! Tom Best, Auctioneer, Director The Auction Collective

I spent such an entertaining evening in Sophie’s company - she shifts effortlessly through the session and demonstrates an infectious understanding of the subject matter.   From Old Vines through to learning about taste and my own palate, the whole experience is magical!

I went to Sophie’s wine tasting for the first time back in 2015. It was a delightful evening of lots of knowledge, great wine and meeting lovely people; and also it was to raise money for a charity event Sophie was organising to help homeless teenagers. I enjoyed the experience so much that I came back the year after when Sophie ran the event again. I invited my boyfriend (we were only going out for a few months back then) as well and we developed a new interest in common since then, all thanks to Sophie’s great knowledge, wonderful delivery and delicious wine!

I had a really fascinating evening at a gallery event with Vignette wines. I loved the amount of interaction-the exhibits really got people talking. The way it was done added a whole different dimension to wine and has really made me think about taste and the senses in general. A different experience- would definitely recommend

Having been to a few wine tastings and courses, Sophie's was by far the most interactive, informative and most of all FUN! Viewing wine from the perspective of neuroscience puts a new spin on smelling, tasting and thinking about wine. Combined with a multi-sensory experience including scents, delicious cheeses, colour and even 3D painting, it was a truly mind-blowing night! Thanks Sophie and can't wait for more events!

Quite simply the best wine tasting event I have been to - and I've been to quite a few. Plenty of wine and food which is always critical - but also very informative and with a unique spin on the evening that made the evening as mentally stimulating as it was sensorially.

Brilliant evening with Sophie Griffiths and the Vignette team on Orange wines. The idea of deep copper coloured white wines, 'jaune' wines made like sherry and other white wine unknowns is fascinating. Vignette's unusual choice of wines stretches your experience to give a wide palate of tastes and senses that inspire more curiosity. It's a great way to appreciate a much wider range of tastes and wines than anyone would normally experience to find out what's the most enjoyable for each individual drinker.

Absolutely Brilliant

The first of The Colour Series focused on Red was absolutely brilliant, the evening was so informative, engaging and fun. Sophie is hugely knowledgeable about wine and is so keen to share her knowledge but makes it so approachable to easy to understand. The event was in an art gallery and the plates, tasting sheets were all designed around art which was such a clever touch. The beautiful selection of cheeses to match the wines was also amazing, it really all so well thought out. I would highly recommend these evenings to anyone who has an interest in learning more about wine in a relaxed and fun setting!

Transformed the way I think about wine!

Sophie transformed the way I think about wine. I learned a few simple things about taste, and about my own palette, that affect me every time I take a sip.  I'm more confident about why I like what I like, and more confident to go beyond my tried and tested.  Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and I'm confident that everyone will enjoy her imaginative sessions as much as I did.

A real treat

It was a real treat to spend the evening with Sophie and the rest of the group. I learnt such a lot; the content was not only engaging, but also creatively and expertly delivered. Sophie's passion and knowledge come across clearly and leave you wanting more, I'll be back again soon!