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Earth's Natural Art and Jewelry

Brentford Drive
Rockville MD , 20852
United States

Real shell necklaces

I recently purchased real sea shell necklaces for my granddaughters. Although they are still under 10 years of age they enjoy wearing kids jewelry. I know that they will be thrilled by these beautiful sea shell necklaces. Jena helped me identify the perfect choice for them. Great personalized service. Thank you!

Sea glass necklace

I really love my custom made deep green sea glass necklace with 2 color hemp twined cord. Jena made it even more individualized and beautiful by carving sun rays at the back. It will be my favorite piece of jewelry ????

Beautiful & creative mask holders

I love the circle & oval abalone mask holders I ordered through Jena’s company! I have to wear a mask at work & am constantly taking it off & on so the mask holder makes it easier. She helped me create something customized to my liking. I will definitely order more products from her!

Attractive and Useful Mask Holders

As soon as I heard about these mask holders, I was thrilled because I kept forgetting my mask in the car when running errands. My first order arrived very quickly and once I saw the quality of Jena's product and tried it out, I immediately placed another order for two more. Then I realized they would make fantastic Christmas presents and placed another order. Jena worked with me each time to design a custom creation for unique individual items suited to the wearer. It was much more fun than going to the store, plus easier and safer! I just thought of another person to get one for- here we go again!

Staying Safe!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jena again! I recently purchased 3 decorative mask holders. She personally helped me design the mask holders by providing me with a great selection of beads, string, and clasp options. No more hunting for my mask! Thank you Jena!

Birthday Gift

I ordered two bracelets for my daughter's birthday. The are beautiful. My daughter loved them! Jena was exceptional to deal with!

Fantastic Custom Job

They did a fantastic custom job with an opaque ruby for a special gift. Designed and fabricated the perfect setting for a large stone. Had prompt photos of the setting, and secured the perfect chain. The work is BEAUTIFUL! She loves it! Her friends love it! My highest compliments You ROCK!!!

Perfect gifts!

I have purchased many Christmas gifts for coworkers from Jena and they have all loved them! Items such as dream catcher necklaces to angel ornaments have been a big hit! I have also purchased a couple of shell photo frames and a shadow box with shells which go perfectly with my bedroom decor. Jena makes many beautiful things and I highly recommend doing business with her company.

Delightful made-to-order suncatchers

I wanted to buy a suncatcher for a wedding gift--a small package to unwrap to accompany a check--and ran across Earth's Natural Art & Jewelry at Montgomery County's Green Fest at Brookside Gardens on April 28 and told Jena Basiliko I wanted one in shades of blue. In only two days, she emailed a photo of two suncatchers and told me to choose the one I liked best. I thought they were both great and bought the two. Then I ordered two more suncatchers as gifts for friends, and Jena made them quickly and emailed photos. I loved them, and she had four suncatchers in the mail to me, complete with good quality boxes and a business card to go with each gift. Jena's website is overflowing with photos of a huge variety of beautiful products.

Beautiful art from the beach

I purchased a shell flower at a craft fair I went to in Decemer. I liked it so much that I just bought another one to give to a friend. They are both very well-made, beautiful and unique. I can’t wait for the next craft show Jena participates in to see what else she had made. I am so glad I have found an artist that creates such lovely art from items found at the beach.

Gifts! Gifts! and more Gifts!

I'm amazed at the quality of the labradorite on my beautiful necklace, oops, I mean my daughter's beautiful necklace. And the wire work shows off the stone and has it's own beautiful design. The shell wall piece makes me smile when I see it. The earrings are perfect gifts, one of a kind. Thanks!

...absolutely, LOVE!

I met Jena at a Festival in Maryland during a trip with my husband. It was raining extremely hard and vendors started packing up and heading home. I walked by Jena's tent, she stepped outside of her tent and said, "Hi, come on in! I'm soooo glad she did! I am an avid lover of natural gemstone jewelry. I showed her pics of what I like and she pulled a few pieces for me. I purchased two wire-wrapped gemstone necklaces; she customized and resized the length of the chain to my liking... well, to my loving! I've received tons of comments on my new pieces;
and shared screenshots of her business cards with total strangers in North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. She's so sweet and personable. I probably asked her about 50 questions; she answered each with a detailed explanation while smiling. I'm so glad I decided to ignore the rain and visit the vendor tents. THANKS, JENA!! I've bookmarked this website, as I will be using it often - to place orders. I'm currently waiting for her to finish a few new pieces so I can place another order!

Blown away!

Not only did Jena measure my neck for a perfect custom job, but she let me try on so many different pendents before I found mine. I am a Pirate magician and needed a cool necklace to go with my outfit. Jena had the most awesome selection. I settled on a black polished stoned set in a beautiful silver overlay. With the custom necklace length, it looks perfect. Thanks Jena


Jena and Natural Art helped my sister have a wonderful birthday by delivering timely for her birthday. I will definitely shop here again and so should you!

Testimonial #10

Jena was beyond helpful and sweet after a pendant I purchased from her at a craft fair was lost in the mail on the way to my mom - when I contacted her asking if she had anything similar, she even showed me stones she had yet to work on and helped me decide on a new one for my mom! Her work is classic and beautiful, and her customer service just goes above and beyond. Thank you Jena!!

Testimonial #9

I received my Patuxent River Stone today....on time and as promised. I
am sending the official rocks, gemstones and/ or minerals of each of the
50 states to my 10 year old granddaughter. I thought I was stumped when
I came to the state of Maryland until I found your store. I am very
pleased with the design, size, and beauty of the stone. My granddaughter
has already received more than half of the official stones of the
states.(I'm sending them in alphabetical order). I bet the Patuxent
River stone will be her favorite. Thanks for your great customer
service. Best Wishes...Jim

I love them!!!

Love the earrings! They look great! Thank you!

Shell Flower

Purchased a shell paper weight. It is absolutely beautiful. Many compliments

Flower picture

This is a wonderful seller and artist. I was also asking for a different picture that I had in mind and the seller made it without any obligations. The picture also came faster than originally promised. I highly recommend Jena


This item not only got to my house on time, but it was also better than
expected. The shell was beautiful. I got it for a Christmas present
and I thought it was great for the price I paid.


Item was exactly as described and shipped quicker than I had hoped and
also with great care. It arrived completely in tact and ready to
showcase in my home. Guests immediately notice the artwork and comment
on its originality and unique design. Highly recommend seller.


I bought
matching artwork from this seller and love everything I have bought so
far. Quick shipping with care to ensure everything arrived safely.
Highly recommend seller.